Thursday, February 08, 2007

February 10th CBNsat becomes Dialog Tv

On 10th February 2007 CBNsat will be officially rebranded to Dialog TV and will take on a whole new identity.

At the moment the new website is now up and running and can be accessed at or

The monthly programme guide for most of the channels can be downloaded at this website and we believe that they will add the other channels into the guide as time progresses.

In addition a brand new helpline is also available on 077-7679679. These are some of the major changes that will come into effect in light of the launch on Feb 10th.

We are also receiving unconfirmed reports about an informal consent given by MBC networks to put all their channels on the platform within the next two months.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog Tv and its launch as the days progress.


bank_dude said...

It's really greate that MTV channel 1 comes to CBNsat quickly because we cannot watch this clearly.

channa said...

BANK DUDE- if you are refering to cricket matches,I am afraid there are restrictions and Dialog TV will not be allowed to UPLINK,If they dont have the rights,For example if MTV was in the platform at present,CBN wont be able to uplink the live cricket feed of MTV as they dont have an agreement with NEO.It may be that it would be applicable even to movies and i am not 100% sure about that.

kula said...

Broader Access
08 February 2007 16:42:56
Sri Lanka's largest mobile operator to widen access to satellite pay TV

Feb 08, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's largest mobile operator, Dialog Telekom which helped make mobile phones a ubiquitous device in the country, says it wants to do the same to the digital pay TV industry.

"If I were to trace back ten years, we took that device that was considered a luxury - a digital cellular phone - and we took it to every corner of the country," Dialog Telekom CEO, Has Wijesuriya said at the launch of Dialog's pay television service.

"Digital or anything new is really created in order make to make things more affordable and available."

Sri Lanka, which has a population of under 20 million, now has more than five million mobile phones, and the industry is growing close to 50 percent a year.

A prepaid mobile connection can now be bought for as little as three dollars, and a phone for about 50 dollars compared 1750 US dollars when analogue mobile phones were launched in Sri Lanka.

Last year Dialog bought CBN Sat, for 523 million after it was closed by authorities under amidst controversy last year. It also bought a terrestrial TV firm Asset Media.

CBN sat had about 20,000 customers when Dialog bought the firm, and Dialog is planning to use its own distribution network to push the TV service to customers.

“The subscription that is 17,900 rupees can be applied for, through the dialog centres in the island,” Nushad Perera General Manager Sales and Marketing at Dialog said.

The satellite based service now has 30 local and foreign tv and radio channels.

Dialog hopes to increase the channels to 50 in the future and introduce new subscription plans apart from the available 500, 900 and 1,400 rupee plans.

The biggest capitalized stock on the Colombo bourse, Dialog reported a 7.55 billion rupee group net profit for the nine months to September 2006, while revenues climbed 47 percent to 18.89 billion rupees, over the same period 2005.


MANIL said...

This talk about MBC comming into the platform is utter rubbish and there is no verbal confirmation as such.To simplify the whole story,They are not comming and they dont have an idea.

Forget about it.

hush said...

some things said in the boardrooms are privy to few. when things become public everyone will know. same was in the case of dialog takeover of cbn.

let time speak for itself as divulging anymore would result in insider been identified which I dont want to do.

ravin said...

Manil is right on the dot,And Hushes inside boy seems to be misinformed or he must be a blue eyed boy of Rajah Mahendran.

The thruth is that MBC is not even accepting to broadcast any advertisments of the relaunch of dialog tv.Dont talk bullshit and this is confirmed news.