Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Interesting Developments

Many new developments have taken place on CBNsat over this last weekend. Channel Number One which was named as "CBNsat" but used to carry promotional material has been renamed as "Dialog TV". Even though the channel name has been changed the promotional material still carries the promotions under the name "CBNsat". The promotions being held at Singer Mega outlets also go as "CBNsat". The rebranding may be gradually done over a period of time but as of now we are unable to confirm anything regarding a planned rebranding.

In addition several customers have received letters announcing the take over by Asset Media and instructions to make all payments to Asset Media.

It also seems that certain new customers of CBNsat are able to view an EPG of certain channels with programming information for seven days. According to reports that we are receiving this facility will be extended to all CBNsat customers by March. However we hear that at the moment EPG for existing customers works only for HBO, Cinemax, VH1 and Nick. The AXN, HBO Signature EPG is not working anymore. It is better if CBNsat is able to implement the EPG with current and next programme for all channels available until they are able to update the decoder software and give the detailed EPG which some new customers are getting. A newsletter is also in the pipeline and should be available in the near future.


bank_dude said...

This blog is now becoming a deserted place. No frequent updates like ealier. It seems to me now that our fellow bloggers are enjoying CBNsat or Dialog TV. Though the management changes the brand name to Dialog TV, for us it is CBNsat, the cable tv that we backed up for 6 months.

ravin said...

I have to agree that cbnsat will loose hundreds of prospective customers if it doesnt match the lbn channel line up.Though many thought that lbn was finacialy in a fix everbody should aplaud their ceo for obtaining premium channels such as neo,neo plus,al jazeera,and many more.With lbn being less quality,now on digital platform and unlimited channel capability,low rental,cbnsat should immedietly activate their third transponder and get these channels on air.

with the indian sereis comming up,lbn will be the only operator having neo and they will capitalise.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Off Topic:
2/6/2007 4:16:38 PM An accidental explosion at BMICH premises - Colombo
An accidental explosion took place at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) premises, in Colombo few minutes ago this afternoon, Tuesday the 06th of February.

National hospital sources said that 14 people received injuries due to the explosion and three of them are in critical condition.

It is also reported that security forces personnel were also among the injured.

hush said...

CBNsat is better off with the asian beam in cases like nick, animal planet and discovery, Nat geo cause these channels are now been tailor made to suit Indian audience and Pakistan. They understand the language.

we should highlight that in Sri Lanka we do not speak and understand Hindi even though our public love to watch hindi movies and songs and as such we should be given the asian beam especially on infoentertainment channels or at least the english feed.

It might be expensive option but what is more expensive is paying for channels that is dubbed in a language which we dont understand.

the trend is already started and it wont be long when at least 60% will be in hindi on the indian beam.

also look at the case of AXN india been banned for 2 months. If cbnsat had the indian beam we would be in shit shoes isnt it?

sanju1975 said...

I told you guys sometime back ! cbnsat's pricing is too high compared to the other operators. Now see they have put ESPN and POGO also to the premium 1400 package.

Even on Dish TV you get the same beam for INR 250 only. Apart from that I get Ten Sports, Star movies, TV 5 Monde, DW TV and a host of channels for INR 250.

So whats the big thing about Cbnsat ??? Their HBO is commercial free but HBO south asian beam also shows the same content may be few hours later with little ads. (They don't out ads like our local idiots) It's once in an half hour and a limited no: of ads.

Good to see LBN is also coming up with a better channel line up. Either Cbnsat need to match the channel lineup or the price or soon they will be left out. We thought Dialog would give add value into Cbnsat. But now that has only become a dream.

As i told you guys earlier i've disconnected cbnsat and kept the dish tv connection which is far more better for the price i pay.

if cbnsat put all the good english content on dish tv i would rather go for it. unless i'll stay with dish tv.

LBN is also a good choice for all the people live in the coverage areas because of their channel lineup. Don't fall prey to cbnsat. investigate on other options before you get a connection.

don said...

People will move to LBN for the simple reason of cost and Neo sports,If CBNsat doesnt understand that this is a cricket crazy country,They are fucked up.Neo Sports and Ten should be on the platform immedietly,And Shirantha Herath being an ardent sports fan has iplimented the plan to perfection,and all new subscribers who were in two minds will move to LBN with the launch of Neo,Al Jazeera etc.

Even the market penatration of TATA has increased due to the cost effectiveness and having NEO SPORTS in it.

Even comet cable is testing AL JAZEERA

kula said...

It’s true that LBN has a good Channel Line up now. But, it is not yet confirmed whether they will increase the prices or not. If not they will be more competitive.

But CBN sound quality is better than LBN. When do we get the new Channels? I hope it will be well before the Cricket World Cup!!!

MANIL said...

This shows that the marketing staff or whoever secures content for CBNsat doesnt know the subscriber taste or a damn about quality sports content.

If muhunthan was at the helm,We will be watching NEO,TEN,ALJAZEERA or whatever,a long way back.

Over to you,The subscriber unite

Yuktiya said...

New channel line up which LBN have.

Neo sports
Neo +
Al Jazeera
Arirang - Korea
TV 5 - France
DW - Germany

ONE - Dubai(English Entertainment)


Yuktiya said...

Ravin, what you say is absolute correct. For cbn getting the transponder is not the problem. But all channels when they uplink they have to pay a massive amount for the satellite operator. (Who ever may be?}. All local channels coming up with cbn also have some practical problems. In their programme line up they used to broadcast foreign programs. Due to the rights fact & legal contains they | local operators} might reluctant to sign up with cbn.

sanju1975 said...

If i posted a similar thing before on this blog you guys will blast at me saying i'm promoting dish tv here. But i hope most of you guys have realised the truth by now.

i've used both and cbnsat is no where closer to the content provided by dish tv for that price tag.

its an asset to a operator to be with cbnsat as their content is also getting promoted. so its a win-win situation. cbnsat (dialog tv) guys should realise that when dealing with the operatos and bring the cost down.

See what lbn is doing. they are very good at that. cbnsat we dont know where you are heading. if you dont get things arranged in a proper customer oriented way don't think people will just come to you and buy it because it's dialog.

hush said...

Definitely the below mentioned factors will add to the CBN cost.

1. lbn does not need transponder space which costs a lot but cbn needs the same.

2. uplink cost and equipment is higher for cbn than equipment needed for a cable line broadcast in lbn.

3.some content providers decide the rate on the geographical area covered which is massive in case of CBN over lbn line network.

4.local channels have some issues with cbn as far as some foreign programmes are concerned as they have broadcast rights for FTA but cable lines of lbn do not have a similar issue.

5. growth potential is enormous as footprint covers all of sub continent for CBN but is limited to colombo area as far as lbn is concerned.

6.piracy is also a factor as a possibility of hacker decoding CBN signal is a possibility and content providers stand to lose a lot thus they tend to examine DTH services much more closely and their encryption and is less of a issue with cable line as monitoring is much easier and piracy will be detected thus approval and agreements can be finalised much quickly and at a lesser cost. only exception been hbo which goes for no of customers in deciding price than area covered.

so in summary there are pros and cons for both. competition is good and healthy as it paves way for customers to get the best deal.

one mans poison is anothers meat and so the last launch for DTH transponders for indian region failed and satellite destroyed on sealaunch on 30th Jan which means there is no transponder availability for indian space organisation which regulate DTH operators. Thus dish tv and tatasky and the rest of the band wagon has to get special approval when they go for foreign owned satellites and especially american ones they are not happy.so no immediate expansion of either dish or tata due to this issue.

good time for cbn to capitalise through TM who has ventures in India to go for DTH or for CBN to directly do it anyway.

sanju1975 said...

All this rubbish is irrelevant for us. What matters for us the customers is a good service at a reasonable price. (not very cheap)

All these rules apply to dish tv and tata sky too. And being even newer than cbnsat tata sky is far ahead with the content and pricing.

how come tata sky can do it and cbnsat cant do it ?? I think cbnsat is fooling the sri lankans.

don said...

I have to agree with SANJU,CBNsat doesnt seem to think on the customer perseptive and neither are they knowledgble on the contenent providers,Mind you what we are enjoying at the moment is,what was secured by MUHUNTHAN,The new guys responsible for sigining up channels seem to be ill informed and doesnt seem to have any knowledge of the subject.

What hush said is applicable even to TATA SKY and just compare their pricing with CBNsat,and NEO gives the channel at per subscriber basis and you are talking about TATA with over 200,000 connections and CBN with less than 15000,

Dude said...

Interesting comments...

I thought everyone wanted premium channels on CBNSat not FTA stuff. Al Jazeera International, Arirang, NHK, DW TV are all FTA channels. Now everyone is clamouring for them too after LBN started showing them.

Anyway Neo is a crap channel. Even Indians are getting sick of the coverage provided by them for the West Indies - India series.

For informations sake. Please have a look at the programming guide of HBO East Asia (what we get on CBNsat, Comet & LBN) and HBO India. The movies are not telecast several hours apart they are usually months apart. A new movie shown on HBO East Asia is shown almost six months later on HBO India. There is a definite quality difference in the channels.

Also there is a rule in India saying that a percentage of programming per month should be of Indian origin. This is why there is an increase of Indian programmes in Discovery, Animal Planet, etc. An Indian friend told me that HBO India, Star Movies India are fighting the rule but eventually they will have to show Indian produced English Movies (there are no movies as such) or show Hindi Movies. So it is better to stay away from anything Indian specially Indian DTH providers.

Broadcasting rules in India dictate that all pay tv channels should be available on all providers so it is easier for Tata SKY and Dish to get channels and if they provide their channels they can always file action against the content provider but in Sri Lanka there is no rule like that. Anyway the subscriber base of Tata SKY and Dish is much larger than CBNsat so they can afford to give cheaper prices.

I still don't get it. Everyone wants the crap sports channel Neo. Which is targeted at Indian Sports mainly. Zee Sports is supposed to be much better than Neo and I simple hate Zee Sports since their quality is not as high as ESPN Star.

sanju1975 said...

Dude you should be nuts to call DWTV, NHK and TV 5 Monde crap channels. these are premium channels watced world over.

There is no rule in india to make all channels compulsory to available with all service providers. (Check the chanel lists of dish and tata) Both of them have exclusive content.

Most of these channel partners charge per subscriber. So it doesn't matter to the operator whether the base is big or small.

I think cbnsat have taken this lighly because they think people will just buy at any cost from them.

you are sadly mistaken. Lot of people in the LBN coverage areas will go for it. others will goto dish tv and tata sky.

bank_dude said...

I agree with Dude. As far as pricing is concerned, CBN has highest pay tv pricing structure. We all agree on that and we all want them to revise the channel allocation and pricing. Further, what we are enjoying right now is what Muhunthan secured. I think Dialog is not very much agressive on DTH. First they must realize that the strategies adopted for mobile phone industry is not align with DTH. People do buy mobile connections to send SMSes and take a call on and off. But whenever we buy DTH we do watch it more often. further unlike mobile, we have to pay a 17000 installation fee a higher fixed amount for DTH. Therefore we do want good quality channels to watch.

Yuktiya said...

It’s very interesting to have some meaning full comments about the cable television industry in our country. Whatever excuses shown in these matters is irrelevant when it comes to the services provided by the companies. In Srilanka pay television market penetration is less then .05 percent where comparing to certain developed areas in India where its reach 80 percent.

If the market develops (apart from the competitive activities these companies should get to gather & develop the market). There will be a definitely a growth & price reductions will be on the cards. We have to understand one main point here only way to cut down the cost in this segments the number of subscribers.

When its to the channels entire broadcasters were targeting the Indian segment, they are not interested in our market. In that scenario what ever they broadcast either we like it or not forced to watch the programs.

It’s CABLE or SATALITE or MMDS end of the day service & value for money is finally matters. Still in our country in fixed phone connection customers wait for the slt . That’s the loyalty towards the service provider. CBN / LBN/ COMET give a value service for the money.

bank_dude said...

Machan Kalu,

umba blog eka balanawanam me comments umbalage lokkanta pennapan. Machan umbala anaganna yanawa wage mata hithenne ikmanata pricing structure/ channel allocation wenas kale nathnam.

Vishkid said...

Well it does not really matter whether we get FTA content or premium content - as long as they are good entertainment.

However we do not want every bloody channel under the sun but would rather hv the quality few that we hv requested and that was promised (of sorts).

What is happening here is Dialog seems very slow in moving its ass or it does not care about customer/market requirements.

They hv always followed Celltel, Mobitel etc in launching campaigns and services (my5, reload etc are all copies from other networks) but when they launched they hv done so far in style and better than the competition (partly due to their size).

It seems that they might be following the same method with CBNSat. But this is not mobile networking and the dynamics are different.

The bottom line is they don't seem to be so intent on giving what the subscribers want until the competition forces them to do so.

I remain loyal to CBNSat till some one with a better deal comes along (not Dish with all the crap and I don't hv LBN in my area) then I'll ditch CBN and chose what's best for me.

We hv a fairly good DTH provider in CBN, but if it refuses to mve forwards - what can we do. But I'll give it some more time.

Dude said...


I did not call them crap channels. I called Neo a crap channel. I just pointed out that the others are FTA channels. And some time ago many in this blog were up in arms against showing FTA channels.

Oh yes there is a rule saying in India to make all pay channels compulsory to pay tv operators. I mean pay channels being uplinked from India like Discovery India, etc. That is why Dish filed action against Star when they refused to give channels to the platform. This rule does not apply to DW TV, NHK and the others from outside India. However content providers should be registered with the Indian government if their channel is to be shown on any network originating in India.

Anyway it is now only two months since CBNsat commercial operations restarted so lets give them time to get the next transponder and give the channels. I also feel that as the subscriber base increases there will be a revision of rates. Not only an increase in subscriber base but also increased competition. LBN operation is less complex when compared to CBNsat. Even Dish Tv got Discovery Channel, AXN, Ten Sports, etc only last year after 5 years in operation and several court cases. The Indian market is so huge that even without the Star and SET Alliance channels Dish has a subscriber base of over one million.

Many people who live in their own houses may go for LBN if they are within LBN coverage but rented house people will go for providers like CBNsat due to flexibility to take the connection whereever you go.

Dude said...

CBNsat Subscriber Unite - It is better if you can forward some of the subscriber sentiment to the management of CBNSat.

Hey by the way are any of you able to listen to TNL radio on CBNsat since I am not able to.

Why the hell are those 3 reserved channels still reserved. If Rupavahini, Eye and ITN do not want to come aboard then screw them. Put them to the next transponder and give us the Disney Channels or whatever. Remember CBNsat your first priority should be pay channels and not local channels. Transponder space is being wasted. And some tamil subscribers are feeling cheated since there are no tamil channels and the existing two Raj, Raj Digital have been removed. If not action is taken then they will disconnect. At least put one tamil channel on that reserved list.

Vishkid said...

One problem I see is that with the current (not-so-well-thought) packaging structure and pricing and content - CBN might NOT attract enough customers to achieve the scale of operation needed to lower prices and bring in more channels.

With the added possibility of existing customers leaving, it will be a BIG problem for remaining ones (like us). It's a catch 22 situation and I agree that is an extremely pessimistic view but it is also a a big possibility.

Is CBN attracting new customers like it used to in lat April? If so there is hope.

hush said...

guys and gals news for you from inner dialog.

corporate packages have been launched and they have started marketing at Rs.11500 and by the way as per info by next week or so we will have 48 channels as they have been secured as per insider and active by end next week.

so some good news afterall.Kalu you better spill out the beans as to what are these new channels now as news is already out in corporate market.

Crab said...

I think what CBN should focus more on is to get the Asian beam of any channel. As it was highlighted earlier in the blog if Animal Planet starts to show hindi dubbed programs thats not a good sign.

As for Neo sports take my word thats complete crap. As somebody said Zee sports is much better than that. Besides when you have three ( plus SET MAX during world cup) sports channels in the line up who would have time to watch a fourth one (lol).

I highly believe the existing channel line up would be un-matched by any other competitor if they offer asian content of the infotainment channels.

Aj Jazeera, DW Tv, Bloomberg and Channel News Asia are all FTA channels and they might complement the existing line up nicely. Miss FTV though :-( .

Simple equation is that lesser the load of Hindi Crap better the quality !! After all should our choice of TV entertainment be governed by Indian law ?

LoverlordStriker said...

""Also there is a rule in India saying that a percentage of programming per month should be of Indian origin. This is why there is an increase of Indian programmes in Discovery, Animal Planet, etc. An Indian friend told me that HBO India, Star Movies India are fighting the rule but eventually they will have to show Indian produced English Movies (there are no movies as such) or show Hindi Movies. So it is better to stay away from anything Indian specially Indian DTH providers.""

This is called the broadcast bill and is it not enforced yet (not even presented to parliment)

English only movie channels will be exculed from this rule.

The min percentage is 15% indian content. (this will apply to cbnsat indian feeds as well. But you wont see a difference as most indian beams already present 15% hindi content so it's not going to make any impact.

Bottom line is this law is not enforced yet and will have minimal impact if enforced. Last time when govt tried to implement, broadcasters appealed and govt had to withdraw and revise the bill . Revised bill in not enforced yet and it is not known when it will be implemented

kaluperuma said...

Hush,Umba hari machang,Dialog coporate customers lata,30% discount ekak denawa,Eka thamai 11500/-.Channels add wenakota machang Feb unthima ho March mula withara wei.Methana katha karana channels godak arang thiyanne,DISNEY,DW,AL JAZEERA,STAR PAKAGE wagema TEN,NEO th work out wenna puluwan.

Poddak ivasapan machang,mei okkoma dei,Ehema deela subscribers la wedi wenakota price reduction eka eiy

bank_dude said...

Kalu machan dan umbe waraya adahas prakash kireemata :)

JOKIYA said...



sanju1975 said...

what vishkid said is absolutely true. they might be planning to reduce the prices when more customers buy cbnsat connections but under the current pricing structure who will buy cbnsat. it's not attractive by any means.

and i saw someone telling that if you are on a rented house cbn is the best option. but in LBN areas your landlord gives a free cable connection form lbn.

because with lbn you do not need additional decoders for each tv. you'll need only a splitter and you can connect any number of tvs and watch different channels on each tv


GREAT !!!!!!! ISN'T IT ????

SLP said...

Guys around this a few things,

Dialog will officially goes to DIalogTV on this 10th and i suppose this new transponder things and other channels may be planning with that day onwards.

but i suggest one thing to whole CBN management, Subscriber unites and nessasary responsibles to rename the platform as DBNSat rather than DialogTV.

Since which inherits the nature of dialog and the existing system with also maintaining the mighty DIALOG BROADBAND

upto u guys, think b4 jump.

sanju1975 said...

Here's a chance for you to get hold of a Dish TV connection. My dealer friend from India is getting down some connections end of this month.

Receiver + Dish + LNB + Cabling with 1 years rental for the dish maxi package cost only Rs. 29,900/=

(A smilar thing with cbnsat will be more than Rs. 35,000/=)

This is a real bargain with more than 100 premium channles. Please reserve your connection by emailing:


with your name, address and contact telephone number.
( No need of advance payment )
( Payment only after delivery and installation)

Contact Mr. Thaha on :

Dude said...

So this is why Sanju was struggling and criticising CBNSat. The cat is now out of the bag.

Is Sanju related to Alf or is he Alf.

SLP I think Dialog will have problems renaming it to DBNsat since there is a seperate Dialog company called Dialog Broadband Networks that is to launch CDMA services and Wimax services.

Anyway I wonder why they could have named it to Dialog CBNsat instead of Dialog TV.

bank_dude said...

Guys can you remember that Neth had TV licenses and they were telling that they will launch that channel on Feb. May be Dialog may launch Neth TV as Dialog TV.

Yuktiya said...

Todays magistrate court hearing has taken a different stance, not going to give the details. Find it pretty bad news on the cards.

sanju1975 said...

Sorry Dude ! I'm not ALF ! I just gave an option to people here. As a person who experienced both dish tv and cbnsat dish tv is far ahead with content and pricing compared to cbnsat. even i though of going with a sl operator but now when you think how they act you will have second thoughts to buy cbnsat (dialog tv)

my cbnsat box is still lying there. if they increase their value one day i might find it's better than dish i'll switch to dialog tv. it's upto us to decide.

why do you think only about one conection when there are so many. if i stayed within a lbn coverage area i definitely go for it because of these advanges:

1. Content
2. Rental is reasonable
3. Initial cost is less
4. You van extend to any number of
tvs' without any additional cost

Just compare all the options and see. I've done so and here is my choices. According to the above criteria.

1. LBN

Crab said...

whats up with Magestrate court decision.. is it regarding CBN ?

hush said...

SC ruling cannot be questioned. it has never happened before and not will either.please speak with substance.

ravin said...

Guys,Nothing has happened at the magistrates court as you guys said there is no bearing on the cbnsat operation whatever the circumstances are.

Only Sonicnet and CBNsat (Not Asset media) are partners to this issue,Please dont mislead.

I can confirm that there is no issue whatsoever that transpired in relation to the cbnsat operation by asset media

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

wtf is the magistrate's hearing for? I dont think anyone can touch cbnsat as long as dialog owns it.

As for DishTV vs CBNsat, it's not justifiable to compare those two.

DishTV has been in operation for over 5 years, it has over 10 mil subscribers and has almost all of the channels available for south asian region.

CBNsat has been in operation for nearly 2 years (6 months offline), raped by the authorities, has over 20k subscribers but still has over 20 premium channels.

As of now Dishtv content is sperior to that of CBNsat (specially with the exclusive US beams) but given the time and transponders, who knows, cbnsat may do wonders.

Lisura said...

ITN is back on CBNSat from last evening !!!!

Dialog TV will be launched officialy on 10th Feb !!!!

Lisura said...


VISIT : www.cbnsat.com
or www.dialog.lk/en/tv/


Yuktiya said...

Hush, ravin, LST,

I mentioned yesterday what’s happened at magistrate courts, what will happen or what shout happen I am not concern. The reality is different guys. Let stick to our basics. Next hearing is on 14th of Feb.

Lisura said...


0777 679679

hush said...

more good news guys and gals!

there has been an informal consent by MBC networks to come on line on CBN flat form within the next 2 months especially to promote MTV channel 1 and shakthi TV whose coverage is limited.Sirasa will be part of it too and radio channels as well.

guys also there is a new media minister.(Minister. Luxman Yapa)

kula said...

They only interested when they need hepl(MBC), but when others need help??? they don't care!!!
Like the ministers

chunky said...

Dear sanju1975,
Can you please tell me how you are gonna make payments for your dishTV connection? There is a problem of payong with a local credit card right? Please inform!