Monday, October 30, 2006

Is this fresh hope?

There has been a comment posted on this blog by CBNsat Subscribers Unite about CBNsat which is copied below.
Good News Friends !

CBNSat says they are in the final stages of signing a deal with Rupavahini Corporation. They are very much hopeful that they can begin transmission very soon.

Most probably within this week or next week. They will keep the subscribers informed via SMS and public media.
There is exactly a week left for the CBNsat Supreme Court hearing which will be held next Monday (6th November). It is now indeed a long period of time since the sealing of Sri Lanka's leading pay tv provider and it will be a great relief for the over 20,000 customers if this is resolved soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is hardly a National Security Issue

Looks like authorities have not issued MoD clearance to CBNsat still. However it seems that even if they get MoD clearance the license, it will still take ages for the TRC license to be issued. For example MoD clearance was issued to LBN and after several delays the TRC have got the license to LBN ready but now it seems that they have to get a media license in order to operate. Please refer LBN Forum for further news on this new twist.

It is now very clear that this is not an issue of National Security. If there was a threat to National Security from CBNsat and if the alleged links with the terrorists are true then why have no charges been brought against them? Why were the seals removed if there were suspected links? The authorities could have used the Emergency Regulations to apprehend the management of CBNsat if they had the slightest hint of terrorist links? But none of this has happened, which means that CBNsat is being framed to fullfil the desires of the political henchmen. These henchmen wanted to see the downfall of CBNsat and LBN and that is the main reason why they started this drama. Unfortunately there are those who have started to believe in this.

One of the people behind this scenario is now busy sacking honest individuals in the Tea Board to consolidate his position at the Tea Board and the other is trying to sell off more of his cable tv connections but has no success.

Now CBNsat is attempting to link with another operator who has the license in order to resume operations, but has anyone else been issued the license. What relief are the authorities going to give to the subscribers? Will they refund the money using their monthly salary, they should since they are in power because of the public.

Are CBNsat subscribers not legitimate citizens? Are the political henchmen more favoured than the people of this country? Where is consumer rights? Has the Supreme Court become the lapdog of the politicians?

Due to this scenario in the cable tv industry, there is an increase in the sales of illegal pay tv connections from India. The GOSL is going to lose a lot from the tax revenue from cable tv but frankly they asked for it. The people of this country have had a taste of real entertainment and now they have been deprived of it. It is only natural that they will go to any lengths to get this quality entertainment back.

Mr. President you are Executive President of this country and these henchmen within your government are tarnishing your reputation, please resolve this crisis immediately. We know that there are other issues of National importance but remember that the government should resolve all issues of the citizens of this country.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress. We have about just over two weeks for the next CBNsat Supreme Court hearing.

Monday, October 09, 2006

From CBNsat Subscribers Unite

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

There seems to be a trend over the past few days with fake bloggers posting imposing as usual bloggers. We urge all the people who use this service to blog responsibly.

This is our sole source of information as all the other media is not reporting this grave injustice done to us as subscribers.

We believe the motive of these fake bloggers is that to divert us from the idea of getting our infotainment service provider back.

I need to state clearly i do not work at CBNSat or i'm not getting paid to blog here. And i'm not the blog admin. Blog is managed by a independant individual and the CBNSat Subscriber Unite have no link whatsoever with CBNSat other than being the subscribers to their service.

It's 4 months since the shutting down of CBNSat is and the time taken to resolve this issue has gone very far than we ever imagined.


"CBNSat Subscriber Unite" - Lisura

Clarification of issues - From CBNsat

Dear Admin,

We have noticed that certain questions have arisen over the operations of CBNSat and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify these issues.

Initially Asia Broadband Network was to be floated and used to enter into the agreements for and on behalf of CBN in the international arena, prior to the incorporation of CBN so as to move things quickly and avoid delays, however this was not necessary in the end as CBN entered into agreements in their own name.

The CID have done the necessary investigations and filed their reports in the Magistrate’s Court. All our financial records were made available to them and copies were given in order for them to conduct their investigations. The CID has given clearance on the CBNSat operations and so far not one single allegation that has been made against us has been substantiated in or out of Court.

We have received the generous support from the financial institutions that are involved with us for which we are extremely grateful, as they have stuck by us in our time of need. It is because of this that we have been able to meet our commitments to our stakeholders, and especially our employees to the best of our ability.

We have always endeavoured to maintain professionalism in everything we do and will continue to do so.

Best regards,

Dilani Nandasiri
Manageress Legal

Beware of Imposters

We have noticed some comments using id's similar to the ones that we are using. Please note that they are not posted by us and are done with the intention of breaking the focus of this blog.

User Stats

On Blogger Since July 2005
Profile Views 2322

For confirmation regarding the authencity of the post, please check the user statistics that can be checked by clicking on the username. When comparing, the no. of profile views might be different but remember that we are blogging here from July 2005.

We would like to request all of you not to be mislead by these crooked individuals posting using duplicated user names.

We also saw a post saying that the Blog Admin, CBNsat Subscriber Unite and a few other of our regular bloggers are on the payroll of CBNsat. We know that the true believers in this fight for justice are well aware that this allegation is not true. We deny these allegations and request those concerned not make baseless and unnecessary allegations such as these.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress. It is now five months since CBNsat was shutdown.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A request to all bloggers

You may have noticed earlier a post saying that "Comment Moderation" has been activated on this blog. Well we did decided to activate moderation but after a discussion with "CBNsat Subscribers Unite" we decided against it and removed the post.

The reason was not because of anti CBNsat comments, rather it was the posting of personal information of the CEO. We would like to request all of you not to post the personal information of anyone on this blog as it is not relevant to the discussion.

Please note that if personal information continues to appear we may be forced to close this blog. Whatever your point of view, it maybe supporting CBNsat or against CBNsat please do not post anyones personal information.

Please do not abuse this blog.



Hmmm... Looks like some of you are convinced that CBNsat is having connections with the LTTE including some claims made that the government has the proof. Our problem is why is the proof hidden from the public, they might as well spill the beans. Unless the bean can is empty of course.

CBNsat has made a big investment in Sri Lanka and according to the news that we get a large amount of this money came from HSBC. CBNsat has sister companies in the form of EPSI computers a long standing business in Sri Lanka. They also have connections with a company in Hong Kong and so coming up with this money is not a big thing.

Now let's not get hasty since the people such as Hulla and Abey wanted this to happen so that they can be the Kings. We are playing into their hands when we form opinions like this. Like several bloggers have mentioned before "CBNSat is innocent until proven guilty".

Unfortunately we have politicians who serve themselves and their friends more than the country. If CBNsat is guilty of any offense then the authorities have had ample time to prove it and since they have been unable to prove it, we can safely say that they are innocent. At the court cases there has been no proper allegation against CBNsat and the allegations keep changing. If CBNsat was guilty they will not keep fighting this case the way that they have done at the moment. They would have closed shop and fled the country.

There is no doubt that CBNsat is innocent and maybe Hulla and Abey are fabricating the so called required evidence. CBNsat has given connections to Tsunami affected schools, sponsored the Sri Lankan contigent to the Davis Cup and also the Chilles advertising awards. They have done things that the other cable operators have been unable to do and this is how Sri Lanka rewards them.

CBNsat will be able to start negotiations with prospective partners only when the licenses are issued and as per the information we are receiving no one has been granted this license. If you have any information about any granted licenses, please update us.

It would be great to see CBNsat resuming transmissions with the present management since they worked hard to introduce this technology to this country and they should be rewarded for their endeavour. If that is not possible CBNsat should explore possibilties to sell or tie up with another company and resume operations. However this should be done soon and Dialog seems to the best option at the moment since they are also looking at DTH.

On the 6th it will be five months since CBNsat was shutdown and we are still a month away from the next Supreme Court hearing. Please keep us updated on any news regarding CBNSat as the days progress.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Is Dialog eying CBNsat?

Dialog Telekom has purchased Asset Media the operators of Neth FM. Please refer the below link.

TV Radio Sri Lanka Forum : Dialog Picks up Asset Media

What is very interesting to note is that Asset Media has the license for a FTA and a Pay Tv License. Also the following statement by the Dialog CEO is also interesting, "The strategic diversification into the television broadcasting allows Dialog to move into digital terrestrial broadcasting, direct to home or DTH and mobile television services, its CEO Hans Wijayasuriya said."

Can anyone confirm whether Dialog applied for the recent pay tv license. If Dialog enters the DTH industry there is no doubt that it will be a great service. The fact that CBNsat is a complete setup together with customers, equipment and content providers will no doubt prove to be an attractive investment for Dialog.

Although there is no way of getting an exact picture of the plans Dialog has for its DTH service there is no doubt that they are eying DTH. Exactly when is the question now? If they are planning to takeover CBNsat, it is best done soon.

There is no doubt that the CBNsat Customers will welcome this move, if it takes place and will continue to support the new management as they did the present management. Let's look at the bright side, it is way better than someone else taking over and it is definitely better than a takeover by SATnet or TV Lanka. These guys will get totally disintegrated from this competition.

Please keep us updated on the latest developments regarding CBNsat.