Friday, June 08, 2007

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

One Year Commemoration on 6/6/2007

Exactly one year ago on June 6 2006, (6/6/6) CBNsat (now known as Dialog TV) was unfairly sealed and shutdown by authorities.

We have made a post commemorating this event on the successor forum to the CBNsat Forum known as Dialog TV Forum - One Year ago on a day like this (6/6/6).

This blog will be celebrating its one year anniversary on June 7th 2007 and as a result of all this we have enabled commenting on this blog for a period of 24 hours.

Please make comments only related to the commemoration of the closure and also anniversary of the blog, any general discussions can be carried out on the Dialog TV Forum.

The Dialog TV blog address is

Monday, February 12, 2007

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If you are here to learn about the CBNsat that was existing before Dialog TV we suggest that you sit back and start reading the posts from the very beginning.

CBNsat Forum - June 7th 2006 to Feb 12th 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye CBNsat

This is the last informative post on the CBNsat Forum. On Feb 10th CBNsat will be no more and Dialog TV will take its place. On certain FTA television stations teasers are being carried out in view of this launch.

Since its inception CBNsat has been making waves in the pay television industry and brought with it a certain dynamism to the market which has never existed before. All that was short lived when the authorities shut it down under controversial circumstances. After a long court battle which saw the company off air for 6 months, the company was taken over by dynamic mobile phone service provider Dialog Telekom. With the take over the founding chairman Mr. Muhunthan left the ranks and handed the company over to the new management.

This blog which was birthed on June 7th 2006 wishes to thank all the subscribers of CBNsat who were updating this site on a very regular basis and for the support given by all. The formation of CBNsat Subscribers Unite was a very notable feature during the months of the shutdown, since for the first time the subscribers of a service grouped around each other to fight for their rights.

This blog will continue to be online as long as possible and will cater to those who want to know what happened before "Dialog TV" came to being and then eventually we will be taking this blog off line.

The "Dialog TV Forum" is now online at

At the moment the new blog has no features like "commenting" turned on and has a single introductory post. However on Monday 12th Feb 2007 the blog will launched and made fully functional and we invite all our fellow bloggers to continue their interesting conversations on that blog. Till Feb 12th this blog will be fully functional and on Monday all commenting features will be disabled and as soon as the new blog is launched, we will make a post directing all traffic to the new address. We once again request all those who have linked to this blog and have subscribed to the feeds to update their links to the new URL.

Dialog aiming to have similar success in pay television

At the launch of Dialogs pay television "Dialog TV" service yesterday. The CEO of Dialog Telekom Hans Wijesuriya expressed his vision of making pay television accessible to the consumer like they did with the mobile phone industry.

They had also expressed their intention of expanding the service to 50 channels in the future and have more subscription plans in addition to their present Rs 500, Rs 900 & Rs 1400 plans.

Sri Lanka's largest mobile operator to widen access to satellite pay TV - LBO

Certain Zee Channels off air

Some Zee channels on the CBNsat platform are not in operation since yesterday in what looks like a technical failure.

Only Zee Music seems to be working out of all the channels that are available on the Zee package.

We would like our fellow bloggers to update us as soon as the Zee Channels are restored.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dialog TV Forum launching on Feb 12th

With the launch of Dialog TV scheduled on Feb 10th, we will be launching the Dialog TV Forum on Feb 12th. At the moment the commenting feature is turned off in that forum but it will be fully functional on Feb 12th.

The new URL is

All our fellow CBNsat bloggers are requested to update their feeds and bookmark the site and all those providing links to the site are requested to update the URL to point to the new address given above.

The below is from Subscribers Unite

Dear Fellow Subscribers,

With the launch of Dialog TV the CBNSat Subscribers Unite will also change its' identity to
Dialog TV Subscribers Unite
Our new email is with effect from today (8th Feb).
The new blog address will be
(Will be launched on 12th February 2006)
Please keep on sending your comments in any aspect, regarding Dialog TV.
Your suggesions will be very useful to Dialog TV to bring in a quality service to its' subscribers.
Thank you.
Dialog TV Subscribers Unite

February 10th CBNsat becomes Dialog Tv

On 10th February 2007 CBNsat will be officially rebranded to Dialog TV and will take on a whole new identity.

At the moment the new website is now up and running and can be accessed at or

The monthly programme guide for most of the channels can be downloaded at this website and we believe that they will add the other channels into the guide as time progresses.

In addition a brand new helpline is also available on 077-7679679. These are some of the major changes that will come into effect in light of the launch on Feb 10th.

We are also receiving unconfirmed reports about an informal consent given by MBC networks to put all their channels on the platform within the next two months.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog Tv and its launch as the days progress.

ITN is back on CBNsat

ITN which was the first local channel that was made available on CBNsat when it was launched has now come back as of last evening. They have thereby taken one of the three channels that was reserved. Now there are still two more reserved channels which have been allocated for Rupavahini and Channel Eye. Hopefully they hop aboard CBNsat very soon.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Interesting Developments

Many new developments have taken place on CBNsat over this last weekend. Channel Number One which was named as "CBNsat" but used to carry promotional material has been renamed as "Dialog TV". Even though the channel name has been changed the promotional material still carries the promotions under the name "CBNsat". The promotions being held at Singer Mega outlets also go as "CBNsat". The rebranding may be gradually done over a period of time but as of now we are unable to confirm anything regarding a planned rebranding.

In addition several customers have received letters announcing the take over by Asset Media and instructions to make all payments to Asset Media.

It also seems that certain new customers of CBNsat are able to view an EPG of certain channels with programming information for seven days. According to reports that we are receiving this facility will be extended to all CBNsat customers by March. However we hear that at the moment EPG for existing customers works only for HBO, Cinemax, VH1 and Nick. The AXN, HBO Signature EPG is not working anymore. It is better if CBNsat is able to implement the EPG with current and next programme for all channels available until they are able to update the decoder software and give the detailed EPG which some new customers are getting. A newsletter is also in the pipeline and should be available in the near future.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PAS 12 to become IS 12

The satellite on which CBNsat operates which is called PAS-12 (Panamsat-12) is to be renamed to IS-12 which stands for Intelsat-12 on February 1st 2007.

This is as a result of some mergers and acquisitions that have taken place over a period of several years.

The PAS-12 satellite was initially known as Europestar and after Panamsat took over in July 2005 from Alcatel Space the satellite was renamed to PAS-12. However as a result of a merger between satellite giants Panamsat and Intelsat on July 3rd 2006, PAS-12 will be renamed to IS-12.

There are several satellites that are owned by Panamsat that will undergo a name change.

The PAS-12 satellite is supposedly more reliable compared to the satellites used by some Indian DTH providers such as Tata Sky. A few weeks ago it was reported that due to solar flares the Tata SKY signal was disrupted for more than 30 minutes. This solar flare did not affect PAS-12. Tata SKY uses INSAT4A which is operated by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). Soon to be launched DTH providers in India such as those to be operated by Airtel, Sun Tv, Reliance are expecting to launch on Indian satellites. Dish Tv and DD Direct DTH services are the only Indian DTH providers using non Indian satellites at present.