Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PAS 12 to become IS 12

The satellite on which CBNsat operates which is called PAS-12 (Panamsat-12) is to be renamed to IS-12 which stands for Intelsat-12 on February 1st 2007.

This is as a result of some mergers and acquisitions that have taken place over a period of several years.

The PAS-12 satellite was initially known as Europestar and after Panamsat took over in July 2005 from Alcatel Space the satellite was renamed to PAS-12. However as a result of a merger between satellite giants Panamsat and Intelsat on July 3rd 2006, PAS-12 will be renamed to IS-12.

There are several satellites that are owned by Panamsat that will undergo a name change.

The PAS-12 satellite is supposedly more reliable compared to the satellites used by some Indian DTH providers such as Tata Sky. A few weeks ago it was reported that due to solar flares the Tata SKY signal was disrupted for more than 30 minutes. This solar flare did not affect PAS-12. Tata SKY uses INSAT4A which is operated by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). Soon to be launched DTH providers in India such as those to be operated by Airtel, Sun Tv, Reliance are expecting to launch on Indian satellites. Dish Tv and DD Direct DTH services are the only Indian DTH providers using non Indian satellites at present.


Dimu said...

Neo Sports plus is awailable in Tata Sky since today (31/01/2007)
They have added Neo Sports last Friday just before the 3rd ODI between India & West Indies.
Tata Sky also carry Sat Max which is the channel to be telecast the World Cup 2007 in West Indies.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Now online in test mode.

Thanks everyone for the support.

hush said...

epg info on AXN on feb 01 was all wrong and nick was not updated either. dont know about others but signature had the same issue.

hope these issues will be rectified as we want to forward not backward.

bank_dude said...

This EPG problem was there before 6/6/6. Whenever the month changes EPG continues to give wrong information until CBN tech guys re-adjust.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Whenever the month changes EPG continues to give wrong information""

this sometimes happens with DishTV but is usually fixed within a day. I guess it's a common problem to all DTH operators.
Is rupavahini and Eye back in CBNsat yet? I wonder whether ETV will be added. It would be great because ETV transmission is currently limited to colombo suburbs.

btw guys FILEnetworks Blog is now 'almost' back from the grave. domain is back online now.
All Microsoft 2007 series Products + Cracks are re posted. (See comments for cracks).
However there is still more to do, we sure as hell will be back with a formal announcement within next 2 weeks.

Looser said...

I don't think Neo Sports is a necessary channel for CBNSat. What I heard from the blog is this channel telecasts only Indian Cricket matches 24Hs.

I think it is better if CBNSat get only the selected programmes (SL plays in India) from Neo Sports and telecast in Channel 1 or something. I don't know whether it is possible. But as per Kalu it is very expensive so why do we pay for Indian Cricket Matches?

Dimu said...

Yes Neo channels mostly show Indian cricket including there club matches.

EPG thing at the start of the month is there even with Tata Sky. It gave me an headache to remember the movie times on Star Movies till yesterday evening as then only they corrected the EPG problem enabling users to set the reminders for their favourite programs.

yakuza said...

cbn is gone guys.
its now dialog tv
anyone checked the epg in channel 1

Praveen said...

Oh yeah, CBNsat is gone on the EPG channel 1 and came up Dialog TV. I believe we should prepare for some major changes. Also, hope all of you got the latter from Asset Media, officially informing CBNsat customers that CBNsat is taken over by them. Nice ah?

hush said...

yeah the letter came and expect the invoice to come anyday soon. dont know whether it is still possible to pay through the internet gateway.

anyhow even though they have changed the channel 1 name to dialog tv the coner display still is CBNsat.

looser suggested a great idea that we get selective content from neo sports or for that matter any channel that CBN does not have on a selective basis and broadcast on channel 1. This should be possible as local channels also get broadcast rights the same way. good idea to consider as rights will be cheaper than the FTA broadcast and similar issue was resolved with doordarshan and neo.

godaya said...

I went a new CBN subscriber's place who bought the connection after CBN started transmisions under DIALOG.

Though the Remote and the Decoder appear to be the same- there is a difference in the EPG (may be the software).

THE EPG screen is different and for HBO, Cinemax & VH1 the program lineup is there for the NEXT 7 days!!

however the software is not bugfree- theere is a slihjt delay when changing channels (whereas in our old setup its almost instantaneous).

Some times the EPG doesnt show anything at all- just blank (weven HBO&CINEMAX).(in the new thing)and also some of the channels which carried info (of next and current prog when you press info button) doesnt show anything at all (blank) when you press the EPG.

Kalu, machang, update us asto whether the extended EPG will be made available to us- (ofcourse-without the aforesaid bugs) and if so how and when (thru software upgrade etc)

kaluperuma said...


bank_dude said...

Kalu any news regarding about new channels and local channels

yakuza said...

does anyone know which season their airing of supernatural. is it season 1 or 2?
the other thing is why do we get series months/years after there original premier date, like they are showing 3rd season of lost and 3rd season of house in the us.

chunky said...

Hi Everyone,
Does anybody know where i can get DishTV ITZ cards? Or any method of making a payment for the DishTV? Its time for me to make my 1st payment so if there's anybody who knows how to do it please enlighten me. I'm Using both Dialog and DishTV.


hush said...


The reason is that few satellite broadcasters do pay high premium price to get the first rights but if its the same company like in the case of HBO,dicovery etc then they premiere at the same time with time delay but AXN is outstanding cause they pay a premium price to get some premium programming like the amazing race which was broadcast after 3 hour delay after going on air on CBS in the US.

Jesika said...

We dont have "code download" now!
So how do we upgrade the software?

Looser said...

Now Animal planet is also telecasting Hindi Dubbed programmes. It's not CBNSat's fault. Even in DishTV it was in Hindi and we can't change the language of it.

MANIL said...

I think CBNsat should get into action soon, and if not they are going to loose some of their subscribers to LBN as they have added channels such as


hush said...

who wants to listen to crap in Hindi.Even though its not CBN sat fault, they should highlight the issue to content providers and get a viable solution even though it might be a expensive one cause whats the use of watching a programme that you cant understand?

eventually people will lose interst in watching those channels that are dubbed.

dialog been a TM partner should be able to influence for asian beam to be given or another option as Sri Lanka been in the sub continent doesnt mean we speak the same language.