Monday, October 09, 2006

Clarification of issues - From CBNsat

Dear Admin,

We have noticed that certain questions have arisen over the operations of CBNSat and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify these issues.

Initially Asia Broadband Network was to be floated and used to enter into the agreements for and on behalf of CBN in the international arena, prior to the incorporation of CBN so as to move things quickly and avoid delays, however this was not necessary in the end as CBN entered into agreements in their own name.

The CID have done the necessary investigations and filed their reports in the Magistrate’s Court. All our financial records were made available to them and copies were given in order for them to conduct their investigations. The CID has given clearance on the CBNSat operations and so far not one single allegation that has been made against us has been substantiated in or out of Court.

We have received the generous support from the financial institutions that are involved with us for which we are extremely grateful, as they have stuck by us in our time of need. It is because of this that we have been able to meet our commitments to our stakeholders, and especially our employees to the best of our ability.

We have always endeavoured to maintain professionalism in everything we do and will continue to do so.

Best regards,

Dilani Nandasiri
Manageress Legal


Lisura said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

There seems to be a trend over the past few days with fake bloggers posting imposing as usual bloggers. We urge all the people who use this service to blog responsibly.

This is our sole source of information as all the other media is not reporting this grave injustice done to us as subscribers.

We believe the motive of these fake bloggers is that to divert us from the idea of getting our infotainment service provider back.

I need to state clearly i do not work at CBNSat or i'm not getting paid to blog here. And i'm not the blog admin. Blog is managed by a independant individual and the CBNSat Subscriber Unite have no link whatsoever with CBNSat other than being the subscribers to their service.

It's 4 months since the shutting down of CBNSat is and the time taken to resolve this issue has gone very far than we ever imagined.


"CBNSat Subscriber Unite"

bank_dude said...

At last we heard something from CBN. Now we know where we are standing at. We saw that there were few fake bloggers who were trying to destroy our unite. As admin and lisura mentioned we must be aware of this crooks.

MIKE said...


Palitha Galappaththi said...

So its the usual wait and see, following the footsteps of current opposition leader!!

cableguy said...

To The real bloggers with a purpose!

Please pay extra attention to the blogger profile and names when you reply to any comments. As we have been warned, there are many who are scam artists trying to divert the main focus of this blog with screwed up ideas.
It maybe a revenge for all the nuisance calls that Shitnet got from CBNsat subscribers. Hmmm... you think they are going to get our business by these kinds of stupid acts. Think twice.

So please be smart when replying. Dont fall prey to instigators. ALways look at the blogger history. Most of you know the original bloggers of this site anyway.

ALways use CAUTION!

lightning_struck_tower said...


Can you please reveal these information on this blog?

1. How much of the capital came from TRO?

2. What is the address, phone number and the website of Asian Broadband Networks?

3. What are the names of the owners of Asian Broadband Networks? Are those Tamilselvam and Balraj?

cableguy said...


Thank You very much for that voluntary clarification. It makes us feel good that you are actually monitoring this blog and paying attention and showing your concern to the REAL subscribers.

Please continue to do so and provide us with whatever facts you are permitted to divulge, as this blog has been heavily infiltrated with a bunch of loosers who have no purpose in life other than to kiss up to their bosses. They are the ones who are trying to mess up this only discussion related to CBNSat. But we will not give up until you are proven guilty. As of now, you are legally innocent, and we are with you all the way in the name of proper justice. No matter what happens to CBN at the end, there are some of us who respect principles and uphold justice, unlike some of the lowly dogs that you see on this blog.

Thank You

cableguy said...

Dilani or any real CBNSat subscriber

DO NOT answer any of the questions from the fake "lightning_struck_tower" posted on Monday, October 09, 2006 4:28:27 PM.

He(or she) is a mindless puppet on a string who is being paid a very low wage to do someone elses dirty work. In fact there are quite a few like that on this blog.

Let the fun begin!!!

MIKE said...

This LST maybe a fake,But the questions he has put forward are with a substantial weight in them and its better if Ms.Dilani Nandasiri could answer them to clear the doubts.

Further,we would like to know whether they have even spoken to DIALOG of a likely sellover

Rob said...


In order to overcome Imposter issue can you please apply some kind of "Comment Moderation". After cross-checking user profile you can allow or not allow. Comment just before was a 'Lightning_struk_Tower' duplicate. Since LST has become famous with his intelligent comments, others are trying to impose him. We should aviod this at any cost to maintain the quality of this BLOG.

dee.panadura said...

to the jobbless looser pretending to be the real LST (Monday, October 09, 2006 4:28:27 PM)

If you need some decent work there is an immediate vacancy for 3 wheeler driver(if no licence willing to fund same), who can understand a bit of english (for deleveries and courier etc)

since you won't be for long with satnet might as well consider.

MIKE said...

We can see the professionalisam of CBNsat as said by Dilani Nandasiri as they have created a fake company by the name of "Asian Broadband Networks' and also making mokery of the CID and getting away after doing all this.

dee.panadura said...

hi Mike,
one cant really call unproffessional or making mockery of the law since there are some companies formed by major groups with a issued capital of LKR 20/-

True these are companies formed for namesake, but not 'Fake'

hush said...

lets hold together like we have been for the past few months, its obvious that there are a few rotten apples within the blog and lets weed them out.

They are trying to destabilize the unity within CBNsat group and with less than a month to go before the next SC, its crucial that we be united on the day of hearing.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

The above post "lightning_struck_tower" is posted by a fake account.

Watch for the empty rectangle next to username before believing comments with my name.

Profile information:
On Blogger Since June 2006
Click on my name in blue on top of the comment to view my profile.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Reminder to all,

Please do not believe any of the comments made by nickname "lightning_struck_tower" without checking profile information first.

Hover you mouse over the name in blue and you should see "" appearing on your browser status bar. (Usually bottom left corner of the screen)

And there will be an empty rectangle next to my name. (so far the fake hasnt imitated this :p) . Hover the mouse cursor over the rectangle and you should see "" on your status bar.

If you view my profile information by clicking on my name in blue, the letters L, S and T in my name are CAPITALS. The fake account has all simple letters.

And my profile information should look similar to the below:
Profile information:
On Blogger Since June 2006
(Click on my name in blue on top of the comment to view my profile.)

To clarify a few points made by me so far,

1. I have not seen (or heard) any evidence that lead to a possible LTTE-CBNsat connection. Therefore i do not believe CBNsat had any LTTE connection. Prove it or at least give solid facts, i'll believe it.

2. I believe CBNsat was shut down due to a conspiracy lead by Lakshman Hulugalle and BAC
Abeywardena. (if any of their agents are watching this blog, they can kiss my ass)

3. I have very little hope on CBNsat returning coz the vested interests are still at large. But this is srilanka and SL is unpredictable.

And my dear fake "lightning_struck_tower",
I know you have fallen in love with me. I love you too :D If you drop me a mail on, we can carry out relationship forward :p

Palitha Galappaththi said...

LST may be imposter, paid employee of SHITNET, however, his/her questions are valid. I wonder if CBN has the *konda* to respond those Q's. I don't think entertaining only CBN favored comments in this blog is correct. If that happens, we can be sure of blog admin and creator paid employee of CBN.

Arnold said...

STRONG {color:red}

1. What is the address, phone number and the website of Asian Broadband Networks(ABN?

2. Who are the owners of ABN and what is their background?

3. When was ABN incorporated?

4. What is ABN's business?

5. Who are the customers of ABN?