Monday, October 09, 2006

From CBNsat Subscribers Unite

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

There seems to be a trend over the past few days with fake bloggers posting imposing as usual bloggers. We urge all the people who use this service to blog responsibly.

This is our sole source of information as all the other media is not reporting this grave injustice done to us as subscribers.

We believe the motive of these fake bloggers is that to divert us from the idea of getting our infotainment service provider back.

I need to state clearly i do not work at CBNSat or i'm not getting paid to blog here. And i'm not the blog admin. Blog is managed by a independant individual and the CBNSat Subscriber Unite have no link whatsoever with CBNSat other than being the subscribers to their service.

It's 4 months since the shutting down of CBNSat is and the time taken to resolve this issue has gone very far than we ever imagined.


"CBNSat Subscriber Unite" - Lisura


lightning_struck_tower said...

To get a license MoM(Ministry of Media) and DoD(Department of Defence) has to give clearance. But unfortunately, when MoM and DoD says NO how the kid CBNsuck be alive?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

lol fake guy posted again. Compare profile info with this username and above.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Reminder to all,

Please do not believe any of the comments made by nickname "lightning_struck_tower" without checking profile information first.

Hover you mouse over the name in blue and you should see "" appearing on your browser status bar. (Usually bottom left corner of the screen)

And there will be an empty rectangle next to my name. (so far the fake hasnt imitated this :p) . Hover the mouse cursor over the rectangle and you should see "" on your status bar.

If you view my profile information by clicking on my name in blue, the letters L, S and T in my name are CAPITALS. The fake account has all simple letters.

And my profile information should look similar to the below:
Profile information:
On Blogger Since June 2006
(Click on my name in blue on top of the comment to view my profile.)

To clarify a few points made by me so far,

1. I have not seen (or heard) any evidence that lead to a possible LTTE-CBNsat connection. Therefore i do not believe CBNsat had any LTTE connection. Prove it or at least give solid facts, i'll believe it.

2. I believe CBNsat was shut down due to a conspiracy lead by Lakshman Hulugalle and BAC
Abeywardena. (if any of their agents are watching this blog, they can kiss my ass)

3. I have very little hope on CBNsat returning coz the vested interests are still at large. But this is srilanka and SL is unpredictable.

And my dear fake "lightning_struck_tower",
I know you have fallen in love with me. I love you too :D If you drop me a mail on, we can carry out relationship forward :p

Looser said...

Can anybody tell that why all the cable TV operators giving all the channels from India?

Discovery, NGO, Starspors, ESPN, BBC all from india and most of their programmes based on India.

Why can't our cable operators get Europe channels. Earlier BBC was showing some good documentaries now nothing but news and news related.

Can't we live without india?

I hope future cable operators do something about it and hope if CBNSat also do that if they get the licence! (CBNSat was the best so far)

If you know something about this please comment.

(I'm not a Hulla's or Balla's Bugger)

Sameera said...

I think the Indian channels are cheaper than europian...

Lisura said...

Yes Indian Channels are cheap. The best example is HBO. CBNSat has given HBO Asia and Dish TV and some other local cable operators are giving HBO India.

HBO Asia is 100 % commercial free whereas HBO India is full of commercials. This is where the price difference comes.

Premium, commercial-free content is expensive.

MIKE said...

Yes,CBNsat had some of these commercial free beams from Singapore like HBO,AXN etc,You can see the differance in dish TV india who uses the HBO southest Asia beam.

silent_warrior said...

aIndians feeds are cheaper then original feefs.And there is an another matter that is we are not receving original feeds for SL foot prints

cableguy said...

Hey LST(Original)

You are my hero. You are so popular and has become a superstar overnight, thanks to the wannabe LST out there. I think you should get together with this wannabe impersonator of yours and take pictures at the park and send it to us too. That way we can all see the face of this, insecure, sorry, spineless peice of shit.
They really think that with a little knowledge in web use that they can really fool us. Bring it on baby.
I am begging you to impersonate my nick name too. Its spelt CABLEGUY. Thats CABLEGUY in case you are not so good with spelling. Please make me famous too by impersonating me!!

As for the real bloggers, please follow the recommendations given by the real LST on how to identify a real blogger. When you pan over the fake LST name in blue you should see at the bottom left bar. Now this number could change as they try out other accounts. The real LST profile number is 26210630 and they will never be able to fake that. PLease use these cautions when identifying the fakes.
Lets have some fun with these guys. After all they have infiltrated here uninvited.

Lisura said...

Sri Lanka is in a better place geographically as we could receive signals from the asia beam and the indian beam. For example we get AXN Asia as well as AXN India.
HBO Asia and HBO India. MTV Asia and MTV India etc.

As I mentioned earlier premium ad-free content is expensive and most channels available in US and Europe is not covering our South East Asia region.

Getting the asian beam is the best ! Quality wise and Content wise.

Looser said...

Thanks for comments guys, I had only CBNSat and I was planning to get Dish TV from India (not from Hulla) but it looks like I may not get what I got from CBNSat from Dish TV.

Hope CBNSat get the clearance soon.

sirinimal said...

looser don't be negative. u cud get the dish tv from india at a very low price. you cud c it on the web

ull have to bring in only the receiver. u can buy da dish frm here or u can use da cbn dish also!

if u cud get it from india ull get everything what cbnsat had in their package plus more like ten sports, zee sports, star package, set max (where they show all the icc cricket matches, champions trophy, wc 2007 etc)

indian package has more than 100 pay channels. our boss have said better to go for it as the gov of sl has no control over it. what happens if the gov says to stop bbc or history channel or ftv ???? even in future. since dish tv in uplinking from india if u get a indian package u r safe by all means.

Looser said...

Can you tell me the price and how to get Dish TV from india?

Alf said...

Looser - Send me your contact details via blog admin.

don said...

Its difficult to get it direct from India and you have to get it through some dealer(illegal) down here and it realy looks worthwhile as you get premium sports like TEN,ESPN,STAR,ZEE and movie channels like HBO,ZEE STUDIO,STAR MOVIES,PIX,MGM and the entire star package and just think of any channel you have it.

SRILAKVAHINI i heard are giving this package(A friend gave me a leaflet) and you can call a guy named Kithsiri on 4941735 clarifications there.

By the way as srinimal said their coverage of the champions trophy is outstanding .

So looser try this SRILAKVAHINI guy and see whether you can get a immediate connection.

By the way SHITNET gives the shittest of channels in this package at double the price offered by the indian company.

Looser said...

Thanks Alf

Admin please tell me how to give my contact details to Alf through you.

And thanks for your info too Don

Palitha Galappaththi said...

Mr. Newton Gunaratne to join SRILAKVAHINI or MaxTV soon.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

Future Satcom Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
70, D.R. Wijewardana Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 114941735
Fax: +94112438343

JOKIYA said...

Hope Newton doesnt join SRILAKVAHINI as they are going to fix the uplinking equipment at the garbage dump at the old SATHOSA SPORTS building at D.R.Wijewardena Mawtha,I think the CMC guys working in the garbage truck will handle the technical aspects.

I visited this office sometime back and the guy DON mentioned was drunk and he said that they do not have a pay TV package at present,(The real story seems to be that Huluballa has got the news and has threatned them).

Any how all you guys should visit the SRILAKVAHINI office to see the state of a sattelite channel and a shop at the manning market is more orgernized.

sirinimal said...

With dish Maxi offer, you can get dishtv at just LKR 9000/= along with 3 months subscription of 125 exciting channels.

The channel package along with Maxi offer includes - dish Welcome, dish Bioscope, dish Plus and dish News.

After 3 months you are required to pay monthly subscription of LKR 850/= plus taxes.

its not that difficult to get it from india. u hav to buy only the decoder. cbnsat dish cud be used by changing the angle or u cud buy a new dish for LKR 2500/=


Alf said...

After long time i am posting in this blog. I have given up on CBNSat and i don't care anymore whether they start operation again or not.

Customer perspective, it is very unethical that they(cbn) have locked the CBNSat decorder for only CBNSat channels.There are lot of FTA channels available to watch if CBNSat does not operate. If it was not locked the Customers would have atleast enjoyed the FTA channels on the same Sat or re-alligned the Dish to a different Sat to get other FTA channels.

We the Customers have paid for the Decorder, Dish and the LNB. And we should be able to use it for other purposes as per our wish.

Does the agreement of the CBNSat states that the Decorder, Dish & LNB are their property and that Customers cannot use it for other purposes except to recieve CBNSat signals??

don said...

With CBNsat heading nowhere in the legal battle our only option is the Dish TV package of India.The government itself should understand that when people are denied legaly available things people will resort to this kind of illegal tactics.To be true some of these dealers are extremely reasonable and they keep only a marginal profit when compared to SHITNET who earn 200% profit by giving the shittest channels.

The only movie channel SHITNET has is TCM (Turner classic movies) which only shows films that are over 50 years old and they have only 16 ENGLISH pay channels out of over 100 available in the original package.(No wonder people are not buying shitnet)

sirinimal said...






MIKE said...

ALF - they blocked it for a reason,If they had activated the FTV on the CBNsat decorder the operation would have been sealed the next day,Because the LTTE channel would have been available to all subscribers as they were also using the same SATTELITE.

That is also one of the reasons for the closure as it has been transpired that the block on some of the identified decorders were removed to facilitate the LTTE channel and the space in the PANAMSAT for LTTE were secured by CBNsat.

Looser said...

Admin please give my email address to Alf

kaluperuma said...

how is the dish tv connection alf,do they use same equipment as cbnsat?and how is the quality of the transmission,is there a rain
effect on the transmission?.

I hear that the original dish of the dish tv is slightly bigger than the cbnsat,so if we put the cbnsat dish is it a problem,how are the functions in the decorder is it same as cbn.

please inform as i am also in the verge of buying a connection

Alf said...

That is my point. If CBNSat is not going to come into operation they better remove the restriction on the decorders so that Custoerms can use the paid equipment to atleast watch FTA.

An also if they(CBN) new this they should have got MOD clearance or atleast keep them informed about it. Then this would have not happened.

Or did they deliberatly kept their mouth shut so that some decorders can recieve the LTTE channel?? You never no..!!!

Alf said...

much better that CBNSat and has lot of functions available. Did CBNSat have any functions available such as MOD, EPG, etc..??

There is no quality drop or any issue if u use the CBNSat dish. Just a matter of fw centimeters differ but not a prob.

Rain effect..if it affected CBNSat then the same applies to DishTV as well. It's the same technology.

don said...

The Dish TV decorder has more functions and it is compact.Its better if you could use a slightly bigger dish(3 feet) as the signal sometimes get stuck.There is a slight quality differance on some channels as they have tucked in a higher number of channels into some transponders.

The rain effect is there,but its not serious as in CBNsat and the signals are quikly back on track.

The channel content is unmatched and there is everything you want.Alf the EPG was there in the CBNsat decorder but i cant remember MOD.You get some superior facilities like sports and News active where you can choose the camera angle you want to watch etc.

The only problem i have is selecting the channel from a list of 166,but still its worthwhile.

lightning_struck_tower said...

Good news folks

Prez MR has given permission for CBN to operate. They have already started transmission. Please check your receivers.

Alf said...

Hi Don - You have given a good explanation on the available functions. I also had the difficulty of choosing channels from a list of 166. But what i did was to create favorite lists. So now i have catogerised Movies, Info, Sports and hindi so that i can select channels easily.

Also if you align the Dish to the Sat using a sat tracking meter there would'nt be any prob and you need not buy another dish.(Line of sight should not be disturbed by anything).

Alf said...

Get a life LST(Bogus).

You can't fool the ppl here all the time.

Crab said...

Alf, Im also interested in getting a DishTv connection. Blog admin , could you please pass my contact information to Alf ?

Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the network lock of CBN Dish btw ?

don said...

Alf the signal strength is around 65% and the quality around 75%,but still there is an occasional distruption.

I have also created the favourite list and even that is a bit complicated.

The other trouble is you cannot lock all channels(You have to do it individualy for each channel)and my children are mad over the issue NICK,POGO,ANIMAX,CARTTON NETWORK,BOOMERANG,TOON DISNEY,DISNEY CHANNEL,HUNGAMA they sure should be.

lightning_struck_tower said...

CBN is back people.

kaluperuma said...

I have decided to buy a original Dish TV connection whatever happens to CBNsat,as they would not be able to give the contenet available in that for even 10years,and as basicaly some guys said there want be any censoring of BBC or CNN or FASHION TV as the government does not have any control of the content beamed from India.

godaya said...

Admin please forward my contact details to Alf
Must think of other avenues if "OUR" network is not allowed to survive.
Alf, can I use my existing CBN dish, on the DISHTV or whatever network you have got. pklease send me details of how to get the new conectin etc.

lightning_struck_tower said...

1. What is the address, phone number and the website of Asian Broadband Networks(ABN?

2. Who are the owners of ABN and what is their background?

3. When was ABN incorporated?

4. What is ABN's business?

5. Who are the customers of ABN?


lightning_struck_tower said...

Please click on these links



Arnold said...


Aimee said...

I have heard from sources (close to the government) that CBN Sat will never be allowed back. If this is indeed the case, then please let us honestly know, even though we believe you are making an attempt. I'd sooner get my money back, than have false hope.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

i have to agree with alf. Dish maxi enabled (FULL channel package) dishTV connection is far better than CBNsat in all aspects including channel quality, content and decoder technology. DishTV is better than TataSKY as it has a lot more English channels. I haven't got one yet but i may get one soon.

BUT BE WARNED THE SATNET VERSION OF DISHTV IS ABSOLUTE SHIT. If you can get full dishtv package from a local dealer or maybe buy directly from India, that would be really cool.

But for me, nothing rivals the power of the internet. I download the DVD rips of latest movies. (if anyone wants to know the method, email us @ I posted it here previously)
And I barely have time to watch those these days. That’s why I delayed buying the dishtV connection or I'd have bought it already.
Oh and forgot to tell you guys, the cracking arm of filenetworks has just gone online. If you want a serial number for a game, software, want to remove trial expiration of software or if you would like to download FULL VERSION of software FREE of charge just email We're proud to form the first ever sri lankan underground software security group.

By the way, anyone know what the Dialog Cable operation technology is gonna be? Is it DTH or cable or the crappy tech comet uses? I wish they'd have island wide coverage. And one more thing, hulla might have shaken CBNsat, but he wont do shit to dialog. They got licenses of all types that TRC issues under their belt as they acquired some powerful entities in telecom sector such as MTT (now dialog broadband) and Asset Media. I saw on MinuIT on ETV yesterday and it said something about direct to home and I just wish they'd use DTH as their technology.

Aimee said...

In fact, it is someone from SATnet who told me about CBN never being allowed back by the government. I guess it's time to change, with the change.

yakuza said...

considering dish tv
to whom are we paying the bills a indian company or a local dealer.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""considering dish tv
to whom are we paying the bills a indian company or a local dealer.""

if you get it via SATnet you'll hav to pay a shitload amount of rs 1200 for shittiest of all channels in the world. But i hear you can pay through credit card if you buy it directly from DishTV dealer other than SATnet. (legal or illegal whatever)

krandor said...

The constant posting of the personal details of the CBNSat SEO shows just the type of people who are involved in this whole issue from SatNet etc. They can't compete with the truth or as a legitimate business so they will use any underhanded tactics. Not only are they wasting the time of government agencies when the nation is at conflict, now they are personally trying to attack people at CBNSat.

Satnet people - have you ever thought of this idea - come up with a business plan that is better than CBNSat and compete on that basis? I guess people like you aren't clever enough to do that - only to make friends with politicians and spread lies.

Vijaya said...

Why can’t cbnsat get signed an agreement with dish tv in India to give their dishtv package in cbnsat decoder. If encryption problem arrives (cbnsat use irdeto encryption and dishtv uses conax encryption) use of CAM (Conditional Aceess Module) is possible. Can anyone confirm availability of cam slot in cbnsat decoder?
In dialog dth case I think they are going to use DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) technology in pay mode. Asset Media is the first dtt license holder in Sri Lanka. They has the license to operate 3 dtt multiplexes island wide. In general one dtt multiplex with mpeg-2/dvb compression provides capacity 6 tv channels and few audio channels. Three multiplexes means at least 18 tv channels. In early stages I think dialog will use only one transmitter site covering Colombo and suburbs.

MIKE said...

No Wijeya, no way they are going to do it as they have already invested a fortune on the uplinking equipment,channel partners,transponder space and to be exact they are not even looking at that option and its fair enough.

There is aauthorised dealer in SL for Dish TV (SHITnet) and who gives the sittest channels available in the package for double the price.

One of the new licence holders has the option of tying up with TATA SKY who has the same content and who hasnt a dealer in SL at present.Whoever grabs this business opportunity should ensure that they give all the channels available in the package for a reasonable price and if not the same fate as SHITNET will befall on the new dealer. on the

dee.panadura said...

Bogus LST,

Why dont you get your father to go make an announcement through the MCNS about ABN .

sanju1975 said...

yeah ! i hope getting a indian sat connection is the best. even if cbn comes it will take ages for them to get the premium channels which dish tv has.

and for any local dth operator the SL gov can shut them at any time. and if news censoring comes in they will censor the broadcasts of bbc, cnn also. (i remember this had happened to comet few years back. they were blocking sl news on bbc)

if we get hold of a dish tv package from india it will have all the channels. i really don't know why satnet is not giving those channels. i think they have got the cheapest package which costs about LKR 300 and reselling at a higher price.


dish tv LKR 850 pckage has lot of channels and some exclusive content. so even if cbn comes back this has value for money.

sattvsl said...

If anyone intrested in DishTV pls drop a mail to;

Only genuine CBNSat customers will be contacted.

kaluperuma said...

Yes,Sanju has a point there,for example we could not have watched the champions trophy if we even had CBNsat as it is shown on SETMAX.The channel line up in the dish tv package is amazing and unmatched and they keep on adding.A local operator will always have restrictions and we know what realy happened to CBN.

I have already written off my 17K as CBNsat will never be on air and how much we blog here that is a reality.When the defence ministry bans remote controlled toys we should understand this issue is far bigger than we know or anticipate and the entire operation has been carried so professionaly to mislead the authrities and the CID,JUST THINK OVER THE ISSUES.

1.Asia broadband Networks?
2.Funds from nowhere?
3.LTTE using PANAMSAT and who secured the slot for them?
4.some decorders activated to watch FTA?
5.How many employees are realy there.

Its a fact that even the opposition parties are not porking their finger into this as they may have been apraised of the conections.

Looser said...

Alf did you get my contact details from admin?

don said...

I also have some contacts where you can get dish tv at very reasonable price,Please mail if interested to,

jesika said...

Dear Alf & sirinimal

Please tell me how to get Dish TV from india? & How to pay the monthly subscription ?

Pls Bolg admin send my contact in to Alf & sirinimal


MIKE said...

How jessie nice to see you after a long break,GOD TV is there in the Dish TV package and if i can remember right you wanted the channel on CBNsat and you get some other Indian religious channels too.

You can call Kithsiri at SRILAKVAHINI ON 4941735

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

If any of you want your details sent to Alf. Please send an email with your contact details and CBNsat Account Number.

Max Payne said...

Dear all Please identify CBNSat customers and give the details about other SAT Tv connections only for them.

Also be careful when giving your details to those people also. I know there are trustworthy people who are trying to help CBNsat customers. But there may be hench men also. So be careful.

I just wanted to remind... this is Sri Lanka where hulu and balu are still living....

don said...


krandor said...

I hope Hulu and Bala feel proud of wasting the nations resources to further their business aims, while young boys are dying in the frontline against the LTTE.

1.Asia broadband Networks?
2.Funds from nowhere?
3.LTTE using PANAMSAT and who secured the slot for them?
4.some decorders activated to watch FTA?
5.How many employees are realy there.

Not one single issue of which is currently been used in open court against CBNSat. The only people talking about these issues are the henchmen of hulu and co. For example, the CID went through the financial statements of CBNSat - so if they could not show where they got the money from why not close them down? Seems a simple enough issue. The tax authorities etc. could all get involved in this matter at once - yet no one has acted on these so-called mysterious funds.

jesika said...

Dear Admin
where can i find my CBNsat Account Number ?

jesika said...

Hi Mike

How are you doing. I feel crazy without cbnsat

What is SRILAKVAHINI ? is it like cbnsat?

dee.panadura said...

SriLakvahini is another one of those 'foundation stone & fancy plaque and no progress for ages' project.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Since August, many cellular companies have stopped their monthly payments allegedly to the LTTE which they paid in order to maintain their telecoms services. Aftermath of the LTTE attacks on Muhamalai Forward Defence Line, these telecoms companies were requested by the Army to temporarily switch off their connections for security reasons. The phone companies too disconnected their services in Jaffna.

This closed an allegedly major income source to the LTTE, drying up the terrorists’ fund generations.Though the amount of money collected by the LTTE is not yet calculated, it is reported that one of the cellular companies had to allegedly pay Rs. 25 million only for starting their services in the Jaffna peninsula. Additionally the LTTE had carried out these illegal exactions even for allegedly putting up telecoms towers, bringing in other related accessories and on prepaid cards sold in Jaffna.

Crab said...

In order to get your CBN Sat customer number just call the customer care and give your national ID number . Then they should be able to tell you the customer number. Or else refer to one of your bills.

Btw I called Srilakvahini and they will undertake intallations for C Band and Ku band recieving of FTA channels. They have a different set top box which costs 6000+ /- and installtion cost will be 3000/-. This is a one time payment/installation and no monthly rentals included.

channa said...


cbnsatcustomer said...

Dishtv's Maxi package's got so many good channels and it's cheaper than any sl cable tv.

channa said...

The other thing we should resort to DISH TV is to teach a lesson to HULUBALLA and make SHITNET bankrupt.Whatever said and done he is one person who was jelous of the sucess of CBNsat and made a major role in getting it closed.

He is on fire now as these illegal dealers are selling hundreds of connections when he cannot sell even one,serves right for criminals as this.

They cannot do anything as even they do not have a licence and a case is pending

sanju1975 said...

friends u hav to visit slvahini and meet in person and get the connection. please do not call these places and bug them. as huluballa will get hold of these places and shut them so that we will loose again.

i went and met this guy and got a dish tv full system for 20,000. he said two months is free and after that i have to pay 1200 which i think is damn cheap even compared to cbnsat.

they will fix the thing tomorrow and i can watch the icc champions trophy in dvd quality on set max.

sattvsl said...

Rs.1200-/ is too much. It cost only Rs1050/-. By the way, where do you have to it via internet or in cash to a person here??

channa said...

Yes SANJU is right the package offered by KITHSIRI of SRILAKVAHINI is the cheapest in the market,The best all you guys who are interested could do is to meet him at the SRILAKVAHINI office as he doesnt wnt to give any details over the phone due to HULUBALLA factor.

You can learn about the SRILAKVAHINI operation from him and the DISH fixed by him(eurostar) is slightly bigger than the CBN dish and i recommend you guys to get it disregarding the cost involved as it will increase the signal strength and minimise the rain effect.

The SRILAKVAHINI office is at D R Wijewardena mawatha,and housed at the former Sathosa Sports building.

I think the best option is this as if we wait for even 100 years CBNsat want come,unless sold to someone else.

channa said...

You cannot pay through the internet at present and you can make the payment to him at the SRILAKVAHINI office and he will give a receipt.

The 150/- extra must be the administrative cost and that is acceptable.

sattvsl said...

why can't you pay via Credit card. Any reason??

And also how do you get your pkg upgraded if you get new channels??

jeramy said...

Yes the connection i got from Kithsiri at Srilakvahini is very good and i brought a seperate dish from him (Eurostar as channa said and the signal strength is very good 74% but there is a slight rain effect,but defeneitly its bigger than the CBNsat dish.

Kithsiri gives a very good service and installs the next day and the easiest thing is we can pay the renatl to him at the srilakvahini office.

I can reccomend to buy from him as he is a Manager at Srilakvahini.

Alf said...

I use the CBNSat Dish and i get a signal strenght of 72% and quality strenght of 95%.

Rain effect is always there even if you get a bigger dish.

I pay my subscription via Internet using credit card. Its very convinient. Why don't you'll try and its cheaper. Also if you get web access then you can upgrade the pkg online. Does this guy gets you web access??

dee.panadura said...

Seems like now srilakvahni guys are now running a campaign in the blog.
anyways how could you trust someone who runs a shop from a shack like joint when a boi company cannot be relied on?

Mahela said...

Hey , dont buy dish TV from srilakvahini( they dont sell and they dont have the rights ) Also if you pay by credit card this connection will be blocked from the provider as they will get to know that your wathing thos from Sri Lanka.Only CBNsat is the licence provider for the content which is 100% legal.Dont get caught to these fake M F.

Alf said...

CBNSat 100% legal?? I doubt it. Why are they not operating then???

don said...

MAHELA -Dont talk bullshit,Non of these DISH TV dealers are authorised to sell other than SHITNET and there is no way that we are going to buy SHITNET.

ALF is right and if you get access and pay through internet that is the best option.

Yes there is no problem about the lagality of channels offered by CBNsat,But there is a huge cloud over their operation here and the government knows that.

sanju1975 said...

friends look what had happened to the "so-called" legal operator cbnsat !!!!!!!!!!

shut down overnight by cid !!!!!

at least we are sure with the indian connection someway we cud pay the subscription to the local dealer or through internet and we are safe as no one in sl can shut down dish tv india !

this is the safest i guess !!!!

the guys who are selling give a full 1 year warranty and you have the option of paying annually or monthly whichever way convenient for you !!!!!!!

Radikal Zee said... can we use the CBN SAT dish to air EuroSat channels ?
do contact me with info

cableguy said...


You seems to have had no problem using the CBNSat dish to get DishTV connection. Does this mean that you paid less than Rs20,000 just for the decorder and the MAXI package? I am comparing a few options before buying with different dealers, and the prices seems to vary a lot. I have asked the blog admin to give you my details. Can you please contact me with your recommendations please?

cableguy said...

Dear CBNSat

As you can see from this blog, your subscribers are slowly moving away to DISHTV and other alternatives. Even using your own dish.
So please tell us if we are to wait for something good to happen(like you selling CBNSat to another licencee) or any other action. As much as I hate to agree, it looks like under the current management you may not be able to get back on. PLease prove me wrong.
It will be a matter of time before people in the outstaions too start moving to DishTV. By then, you would have lost a lot of customers, and selling the business would be much more difficult.

Bottom Line: There is a huge shortage of quality TV programs with the current TV stations, and people will go to great lengths to get what they want. You observed this by the large number of connections you sold in just one year. Once the people have tasted what quality TV programming is, they will not go back to boring, crappy content. They will find ways to get it, legally or illegally. Its just the way we humuns behave.

Very soon there will be an increased amount of small robberies taking place all over the country, so that people can steal the Rs 20,000 plus that is needed to get a DISHTV. After all many were robbed of their Rs17K by the authorities by closing CBN. So these robers would not hesitate to steal it from anyone, to get their entertaintment.

Funny place we live in!!

jesika said...
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jesika said...

Dear CBNSat or SleepySAT

can't you unlock your decoders to watch us even FTA channels ?

MIKE said...

JESSIE, No they wont unlock the decorders to watch FTA channels,If they do they will be charged and punished for broadcasting the LTTE channel,which they seem to have done for some selected parties in the past.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

All CBNsat customers
you can use your CBN Dish and LNBF to get DishTV Indian packages. Of course there is an initial investment, which includes one year upfront charges for the packages you choose.

Looser said...

Yes, I'm waiting only till next hearing and then I'll go for Dish TV but it is expensive, we already lost 17000.

I think the best thing is to get it from India then it will cost only around 9000 otherwise these people charge 20000+ that means they include the airfare for each package.

MIKE said...

Cableguy is right and its better to look at all options as these guys quote differant prices.

LOOSER-Its not easy to buy from India as you need to be an Indian to buy it or have a direct contact with a dealer there,but worth trying,but still when the tax is included the package will cost you around 15000/- and fixing a further 2000/-

Alf said...

Looser - Get it from a local dealer.

Cableguy - I did'nt recieve your email. Send it via blog admin and i will give you info you want.

You can use the CBN dish to recieve signal but you need to get DishTV decorder.

Alf said...

Guys another advice - Do not buy any connections that do not give an option to pay via internet or bank. If these guys vanish you will be lost.

Also this Srilakvahini guy has been too much exposed and he might not survive for a long. (You know this Country).

And also do not post any contact you get here in the blog.


If you want connections of the original package i can give that too at 17500 and monthly rental of 1495/-(3 months together)

call me 2596800

Looser said...

Any news from CBNSat Management!

Are they sleeping?

Anyway I'm checking the prices from all and don't like to loose my money again.

Yes we should have the facility to pay via internet and it is must.

Looser said...

Dear Lisura / L_S_T / Admin

Do we have any hopes on CBNSat?

Alf said...

Looser - Even if CBNSat comes back on i would prefer to stick with DishTV. It has a great lineup of channels and the Subscription is getting cheaper by the day.

We just need to pay Rs.1050/- per month for more than 150 channels. And we get a great selection of channels including Ten sports + star + hbo. CBNSat charge us 1500 + vat = 1700 odd. So in the long run its cheap. Also Dish TV has more functions and discounts.

More than everthing no one can interfere. Thats the greatest thing.

ozzie said...

hey hi
guys i am trying to get a dishtv connection and srilakvahini is saying they dont give it..god pls guys help me get a connection.. i spoke to satnet and they only have 10 paychannels and all others r shit!

pls guys email me the details on how to get one, i spoke to another guy and he wants 28,000 for the equipment and rentals for 3 months.. i think thats too expensive

anyway guys my email is if u can forward me the details it will be great,.. thanks a lot!

sanju1975 said...

i got it fixed thru slvahini chaps. slv looks like a crappy place but who cares when i get all the channels i want. i used cbnsat dish and turned it to the other angle to get dish tv. this is free for 2 months and i will keep it even if cbnsat comes in. cbnsat had only 28 pay channels and we were paying them rs. 1500/= ++

with this i get more than 100 premium pay channels for rs. 1200/= all things they had on cbn is here except raj tv. and there are more channels like ten sports, zee sports, star movies, fashion tv and more news channels, movie channels and music channels. and specially for kids there are disney channels which show very good content.

i think even if cbn comes it will take a long time for them to add these channels and the price will also go up.

BYE BYE CBNSAT !!!!!!!!!!

friends please dont scold me as i have waited 4 looooooong months and we all live in a corrupt country. so we also have to get what we want by hook or by crook. we have been paying the gov of sl for cbn services as taxes. with dish tv india u don't pay a cent to these rascals. how does that sound ????

i knew that cbn is not coming back for sure with the present management and even they don't seem like entering into a partnership so we can't wait like this for ever.

i wish i got it sometime back without waiting even this long. act fast guys because huballa might close the import of these too. better get yourselves at least the reciever.

NEOMAL said...

I also got a DISHTV connection fixed because i got the most reliable information that cbnsat is history.No point waiting further as we need our entertainment.We all agree that cbnsat gave us very good content and quality dth,but this is even better and cheaper on your purse.

It is a fact now that there has been some shady dealings behind the whole cbnsat issue and i just have written off my 17K in the interest of my motherland.

cableguy said...

Latest from a CBNSat Rep at customer service.

"We have to wait until Nov 6th for a decision, or if allowed to transmit before that, will let the customers know"

When asked if other ways are being explored, he said definitely yes. But cannot comment. If any of the other agreements succeed, they will potentially transmit even before Nov 6th.

Now keep in mind guys. This was told to me from a "well-informed CBNSat customer service rep" !!!!

You be the judge. I am just the messenger.

ANd the saga continues.

Actually, I am just going to take this reps word and wait until Nov 6th before I decide on getting DISHTV. I know DISHTV is far superior, but I dont want to throw away another 20K if I dont have to.

sanju1975 said...

ozzie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

did u visit sl vahini ????????

please do so and meet kithsiri !!!

he will help you for definite !!!!

please do not call and check. visit and get your connection instantly !!!!!!!!!!! i paid him yesterday and he installed it today !!!!!!!!!!!

kaluperuma said...

Its reliable when you buy from Kithsiri as he is manager of a licenced sattelite operator who will commence broadcasting from the 15th and he is reputed manager their.

Yes as some guys told its better to visit him and speak personaly to him.Even i get a signal strength of 75% with the exsisting CBN dish and he gave me a reduction of as i used it.

bank_dude said...

Risking of another 20000!!!! We must think twice. We never expected this will happen to us when we got our CBN connections. I have a question. We all know DishTv connections provided by people other than SHITNET is illegal. So why do people openly come forward and giving it. Guys be careful. I don't know whether you will succeed or not but you all are risking another 20000. Most of us are affraid to make another investment on a sat connection because what we are going through now. The way that Alf handling this is OK. but others????

bank_dude said...

Blog admin.... Any news regarding about CBN??

Alf said...

Guys be careful. You'll have already lost 17K. So take into consideration everything prior to deciding on the dealer you are going to get the connection.

Too much exposed dealers are prone for legal action and will just dissapear.(Do you think Hulla will allow them to operate!!!)

And also if they do not provide methods for you to pay directly then its risky.

I am talking through experiance. And i have evaluated all the possible avenues. Now i am happily enjoying infotainment without any problem.

Thats why i do not give the info to all. Only those who are genuine will be contacted.

MIKE said...

Risking 20,000/- and enjoying the quality contentent is far better than dreaming of CBNsat which is never going to come.

I am suprised that few people still cant understand that CBNsat will never be back and we are well aware of the risk when we buy DISH TV

Looser said...

You must be very rich but others are not like you.

MIKE said...

I am very poor,But its worthless going behind miracles

Its a pity that some people are not inteligent enough to understand that CBNsat is History.

jesika said...

Dear alf

Please tell me where you bought your Dishdv connection with internet payment facility?
I met a guy who gives dishtv maxi package for 33,000 with one year subscription. after that 1000 per month. but he still doesn't have internet payment facility.
Dear alf please send my the contact detail

Dear blog admin
Please send my contact details to Alf


jesika said...

Please send me those details to


jesika said...

thanks Alf !

Alf said...

Your welcome Jesika.

I replied to your mail. Check it out.

Richard said...

Dear alf,

Have you made online payment (subscription) with your Sri Lankan addressed credit card to DishTV? Are they accepting Sri Lankan credit cards? Please tell.

cableguy said...


Have you got my contact info from the blog admin yet?

I have sent it a many times now. If not can you please suggest some other way we can communicate out of this blog.


Lisura said...

Dear Alf,

Send the details to

So mant genuine CBNSat subscribers are inquiring about it !

Alf said...

My email address is available with Blog admin and Lisura. Anyone can contact me via them.

All queries pls send to my email.I will not answer in the blog becuase there are bad ppl here.

I am online almost 24Hrs and will reply ASAP.

CableGuy - I have got so many contacts and have contacted few genuine ppl. Therefore, when you send emails pls mention your Blog name, CBNSat A/C number and actual name. I gurantee 100% confidentiality and expect the same from ppl whom i respond.

Richard - First you need to understand how credit cards work. If you need more info pls contact me in the way others do.

terry said...

IF anyone intereted in TATASKY at bargain prices email to,

Alf said...

Intresting post terry.

But pls check this out.

Seems like the Sat used by Tatasky(Insat -4 made in India) do not have enough coverage for Sri Lanka.

terry said...

You will have to fix and see alf,Because this guy is the first one to bring this down here and has only limited boxes but he assures much better quality than Dish TV

MAHENDRA said...

I got some info through a friend that huluballa has instructed dishtv to give him the numbers of credit cards that payments have been made throgh a srilankan link(can they identify this)

Guys paying through web please be careful "the dog has been let out"by balla

Alf said...

Mahendra - DishTV is not Hulluballas.

These are misleading info..guys.

Crab said...


I aksed the blog admin to send my information to you. Did you get them ( with the mobile number as well ).

Or else can you please drop a mail to

MAHENDRA said...

Dish TV is not Huluballas, Correct,but he is the only authorized distributor in SL and he officialy has the right to make a complaint disregarding his status.

You seem to be misinformed ALF,If you want proof go to the dish tv web site ( and go to the customer care,and then select billing,there is a bill taken as an example,and see the bill to whom it has been issued (L HULUGALLA) and for Dish Tv to take his bill as a example,he has to have a serious connection and talk with proof without jabbering at everything

Alf said...

So you are just jabbering because Hulluballa's name is on the Bill that is displayed in the DishTV web site.

Thats no big deal.

And i agree that he is the official dealer..thats why others are not marketing in public.

bank_dude said...

Blog admin, please pass my details to Alf. Thanks

Dase said...

please email the information to have asked blog admin to forward my email to you but it seems that they have not done it

Looser said...

Tatasky doesn't have much channels as Dish TV, anyway can you tell us the price of it.

Thanks for your advices and you seem to know much about these services and how it works. Keep up the good work

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""I got some info through a friend that huluballa has instructed dishtv to give him the numbers of credit cards that payments have been made throgh a
srilankan link(can they identify this)

If DishTV does that they can be sued for billions for violating privacy
policy. DishTV has millions of subscribers in india. And it has many
dealers. Hulla is the dealer for SL so thats why his name is on the bill.

But hulla aint big enought to receive transaction information from all Sri
Lankan links.

And there are programs and web sites on the web that support anonynmous
browsing. All you have to do is to log on to one of those sites and then
browse. DishTV wont be detecting any srilankan links if you use that.

Use or

Download ad-muncher and enable IP scramble. Browse to dishtv site and pay. After doing that disable IP scramble. Thats how you fuck dishtv.

Looser said...

Wow very interesting LST,
Thanks a lot

Now we used to get to know a lot about intenet also through this blog.

Thank you Admin for maintaing this blog, these information are very useful to our daily life with latest technology.

Any news about our CBNSat? All of us now forgetting about it because of DishTV conversations. (I'm also going to buy one)

bank_dude said...

Dear Alf, I gave my details to blog admin. Please drop a mail.

Dase said...

Dear Alf
Please send me requested informatin .I have asked blg admin t pass my email address to you and since there is no respnse yesterday i have mentioned my alternative email address in this blog .

yakuza said...

sadly it looks like cbn customers are falling apart.cant blame them for sure. but please keep posting on the blog, it is the least we can do for cbnst and justice for customers who paid 17,000 nonrefundable amout for the equipment.

i am also willing to buy a connection from dishtv.maybe in the near future since i heard it also cost abt 20,000.
cant spend 37,000 in one year for the cost of entertainment.

these are some questions i think you should ask yourself before goin for another connection.

is srilankavahini a authorized dealer of dishtv. is srilankavahini a goverment owned company.did anyone had a background check of the company.

heard that no one could stop subscribing dishtv since it is broadcast from india.
but there is a chance local MF authorities could get hold of subscribers and take action against them.

please consider all aspects.

Alf said...

Hi Guys,

I have repled to all the mails i got. I think there are some more with the blog admin. Once he send me i will reply.

Pls mention your blog name when you write cos then i know whether i have repled or not.

LST - good explanation.

DishTv said...

Hi Alf,
I,m a CBNSat customer .Can you send me the details about dishtv to

Arnold said...

Your CBNsat subscription Rupees at work

see here

dee.panadura said...


why dont you get your ass up there and fight instead of browsing the net?

NotBloodyFooled said...

Guys Gals,

Here is a very important issue. We or some of us paid in full (not on installments)the asking price for the CBN sat connection.i.e the antena the decoder ect.... When I at that time inquired if these equipment became my property they said it was and when I contacted CBN sat bout 2 weeks ago they confirmed that the Decoder and the antena were my property. How ever they refuse to unlock the decoder. If it my property should I not be allowed to what the fuck I please with it. We got fucked up big time and CBNSat is still trying to fuck us, Customers. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO UNLOCK THE DECODER. i WILL TELL YOU WHAT MY INTENTIONS ARE....UNLOCK THE DAM THING...POINT IT TOWARDS AN INDIAN DTH BROADCASTER PAY THEM THROUGH MY CREDIT CARD... AND WHALAAAA...I HAVE TV. SOOOOOOO ANY ONE WITH A TECHNICAL KNOW HOW WHO CAN HELP US. SINCE CBN HAS NO INTENTION OF DOING SO.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


why dont you get your ass up there and fight instead of browsing the net?""

Well said. But the son of a bitch doesnt have the balls to post with his real blogger account. Thats why he made a shitload of fakes.

So arnold you fucking asshole, just dont try to discredit the SL army by posting links of pro rebel motherfucking web sites.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


Son of a bitch. Is that the best you can do faggot? Post a link with mutiliated bodies of fallen heroes? I think you can do better. Why dont you bend over to the LTTE and join them cocksuckers so that we can send a Kfir up your ass.

If you didnt know, the soldiers you just humilated didnt die a begging death. They took 196 rebel motherfuckers with them and cut the balls off another 312 LTTE faggots.

Why dont you just post with ur old blogger account?

don said...

That cant be done,They will never unlock it and even if they do you cannot get the service of a Indian provider.

Technicaly that cannot be done

sanju1975 said...

i think asking cbnsat to unloch our decoders is a good idea. at least people could turm the dish onto nss 6 and watch about 50 fta channels.

cbnsat uses irdeto encryption and dish tv uses conax encryption. i doubt that cbnsat receiver work for conax. anyone with technical knowlegde please confirm whether we could watch conax encrypted channels through this stb.

btw i enjoyed sl vs wi on sat and end vs ind yesterday on set max dvd quality.

even if we had cbnsat we havn't had ten sports, zee aports, star movies, set max etc...........

don said...

Sanju- Where can we buy this as KITHSIRI of SRILAKVAHINI has switched off the phone?

sanju1975 said...

dear don and friends, as i told u earlier don't just call kithsiri and bug him. visit slvahini office and u cud c a demo and then u cud buy it.

the address is :

Future Satcom Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
70, D.R. Wijewardana Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.

this is at the old sathosa buildings.

jesika said...

Does anyone knows at what time the srilakvahini office close?

don said...

JESIKA - I went there just now and they said theyll be around till 6.00PM.

You will have to speak to Mr.Kithsiri Gunasekara - Manager Productions (Talk to him tacticaly and tell him that you want the Dish TV connection).He is going to fix tommorow.

Since he is a employee of Srilakvahini and gives a guarantee we can be assured of an uninteruppted service.

Bye Bye CBN

jesika said...

Thanks Don

Is there any connection with srilakvahini & Dishtv or Mr. Kithsiri do it personally?

Dear Guys I'd want to know , is there any way to ban, trace or get any action against our Dishtv connections by our govenment?

don said...

I dont think there is any agreement between SRILAKVAHINI and DISHTV but the management of SRILAKVAHINI are well aware and must be involved.

DishTv said...

Hi Sanju,

I went to Srilakvahini but kithsiri said he dosen't give connections.How can I get a connction?

Arnold said...


Mind your language. Don't twist what I wrote in my previous post. I have great respect for our brave soldiers. The are our Guardians.
If I had offended anybody I will apologise.

Looser said...

Any body know anything about CBNSat?

Even the blog admin doesn't say anything regarding anything. All the people are giving up hopes now and getting Dish TV. CBNSat must do something fast otherwise if they get a clearence there won't be any customers for them.

Yes they won't be getting the clearance soon but they should inform us about there plans or should refund our money

channa said...

No clearance,No refunds and No plans either,CBNSAT is history and forget about it

sat_bird said...

I got DishTV from Shitnet b4 CBN came to market and cancelled DishTV when I got CBN. But now CBN is not there.. Does anybody know whether I could get connected to DishTV from India..? B'cos Shitnet is charching too much for their shit package....

ozman said...

hey guys

i got dishtv from another wendor and he charged me around 25k, i guess its ok cuz he came and fixed it immediately, so far so good, the quality is around 75% and signal strength of 65%, all seems ok, is it bad that i get ONLY this much of quality, quality is ok on tv tho, im enjoying the movie channels as well as the other channels. i have to pay 300INR after 3 months, thats about 700LKR, the guy said i can pay it via the internet.. good huh

don said...

OZZI- Can we have your DISH TV contact too?

jesika said...

Dear ozman

Please let me know where did u buy your connection with internet payments
I'm genuene cbnsat customer and willing to buy Dishtv connection

please mail to


SLP said...

Dear Blog Admin, Lisura,

I have sent u an e-mail and please respond on such,

I do have a Captured Video of CBNSat on Early april with DVD Quality but without sound,

It can be transferred in future with the participation of either blog admin or Subscribers unite to a interested individuals...

Meanwhile, what we are hearing is jst DISHtv an Vice Versa, so if anyone have a clear idea of wtz the drama is, then post about that..

As for now, still i'm seeing Dishes all around the country (Im a one who travel to the centre of the island) and we needs to manage to unlock the decorders for atleast to watching the FTA's.

Someone pls confirm about buying of CBNsat through Dialog and friend of mine said me that(not confirmed) it has been finalized and is in order.

As for CBNSat, well a dimming light, but still we are waiting from you to have a response which may OIL the lamp.

As for DishTv there are plenty of guys who sell the connection to 26k and better having such on if the last step.

pls update the status.

BAC said...


Looser said...

Yes Slp, please use simple english.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""I do have a Captured Video of CBNSat on Early april with DVD Quality but without sound,""

How can this be any help/use? plz elaborate.

sirinimal said...

Cbnsat will not survive any long dear friends. That is confirmed. We wonder how they operated for so long without any income. Paying salaries, rents, loans etc........

Soon Cbnsat will officially announce its' death !

It may be a bitter news for you !

But that's the bitter truth !

This is Sri Lanka !


jesika said...

Hay Guys
I'd want to know , is there any way to ban, trace or get any action against our Dishtv connections by our govenment?

Looser said...

Our government can do anything? This is Sri Lanka any dirty can happen.

Mahinda chinthanaya can change a woman into man and a Man into a woman what JR couldn't do.

Looser said...

Very soon they will ask all TV stations and cable operators to stop telecasting programmes which is not according to Chinthanaya.

It has already started with our film industry.

ozzie said...

hey guys please contact i will forward the details for you guys, the quality is same as cbnsat, but whats good is that when it rains (these days it rains) it doesnt fall or the signal doesnt go out but there is some slight interfearence

Pls email me and PLS NO HOKES pls i will not share the information with ppl who wish to play around if interested email me

I will email you the infor of whos giving the connections and the ability to pay via the net.

Enjoy dishtv to the Max