Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is hardly a National Security Issue

Looks like authorities have not issued MoD clearance to CBNsat still. However it seems that even if they get MoD clearance the license, it will still take ages for the TRC license to be issued. For example MoD clearance was issued to LBN and after several delays the TRC have got the license to LBN ready but now it seems that they have to get a media license in order to operate. Please refer LBN Forum for further news on this new twist.

It is now very clear that this is not an issue of National Security. If there was a threat to National Security from CBNsat and if the alleged links with the terrorists are true then why have no charges been brought against them? Why were the seals removed if there were suspected links? The authorities could have used the Emergency Regulations to apprehend the management of CBNsat if they had the slightest hint of terrorist links? But none of this has happened, which means that CBNsat is being framed to fullfil the desires of the political henchmen. These henchmen wanted to see the downfall of CBNsat and LBN and that is the main reason why they started this drama. Unfortunately there are those who have started to believe in this.

One of the people behind this scenario is now busy sacking honest individuals in the Tea Board to consolidate his position at the Tea Board and the other is trying to sell off more of his cable tv connections but has no success.

Now CBNsat is attempting to link with another operator who has the license in order to resume operations, but has anyone else been issued the license. What relief are the authorities going to give to the subscribers? Will they refund the money using their monthly salary, they should since they are in power because of the public.

Are CBNsat subscribers not legitimate citizens? Are the political henchmen more favoured than the people of this country? Where is consumer rights? Has the Supreme Court become the lapdog of the politicians?

Due to this scenario in the cable tv industry, there is an increase in the sales of illegal pay tv connections from India. The GOSL is going to lose a lot from the tax revenue from cable tv but frankly they asked for it. The people of this country have had a taste of real entertainment and now they have been deprived of it. It is only natural that they will go to any lengths to get this quality entertainment back.

Mr. President you are Executive President of this country and these henchmen within your government are tarnishing your reputation, please resolve this crisis immediately. We know that there are other issues of National importance but remember that the government should resolve all issues of the citizens of this country.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress. We have about just over two weeks for the next CBNsat Supreme Court hearing.


Dase said...

There is no point of publishing requests to the president in this blog because i am sure he is not going through this blog.Try to find a way to send it directly to him.As i mentioned earlier about 200 fellows or even less than that are reading this blog and do you think it will have any impact?

BAC said...

Its no use ADMIN,when the supreme court could issues a verdict on the north east de merger,for him to take a stuff stance on this issue there must something big.

There is no way CBNsat is going to come back and it is a fact

Crab said...

I think publishing this letter in a newspapaer full page would help (with some editting of course ). I think CBNSat look into this.

yakuza said...

true you are.
as cbnsat said earlier last month they should have already signed a aggrement with a satalite. has there been any progress since.

sirinimal said...

Cbnsat will not survive any long dear friends. That is confirmed. We wonder how they operated for so long without any income. Paying salaries, rents, loans etc........

Soon Cbnsat will officially announce its' death !

It may be a bitter news for you !

But that's the bitter truth !

This is Sri Lanka !


Palitha Galappaththi said...

A Land Like No Other - a copied slogal from Israel's Toursims promotion ministry. What a coincidence!!! Of course there President is on trail for RAPE. I wonder if any of our Presidents will be tried if they a commit murders openly. President is too busy these days with his mistress. No time even to think about the security situation.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Soon this taleban government will ask us to obtain licences to watch tv listen to radio, play with toys, use mobile phones, use the Internet,use a computer and etc.

dee.panadura said...

'National security' ???

Will some one (at least the satnet cachers) publicly announce these allegations so that we can make up our minds?, surely the govt at this moment would go all out using all media if such allegations are true. unless ofcourse the real cats would fall out the bag and many top notches might have to pack up.

One thing for sure , a country full of rougues, governed by rougues, we need to follow suit, othervise there is no go. cheers to all guys with baggage sat connections.

Dont let that satnet rougue survive. he and his company should rot.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

CBN in death bed. LBN may survive. Shitnet will survive, but not from CBN customers. There are enough and more Satellite operators in this country, who don't even pay a cent to the goverment as tax, some even publicly advertise porn channels. H. E. MR will surive another 11 years, So will his mistresses and henchmen. if Mr. VP from Kilinochchi doesn't succeed in his missions. So we better find our own way of getting entertainment. Of course, somewhere down the line, Sri Lankan Taleban Authorities who will impose their TV programs down our throats. we may have to conceal our dish's else we will be put in jail.
Long Live Mother Lanka

Palitha Galappaththi said...

India govt okays $139m INSAT-4G bird

(The Economic Times (India) via NewsEdge) The government has cleared a 6.1-billion rupee ($139-million) plan to launch a new communication satellite that will augment India’s capacity to handle direct-to-home (DTH) transmission and broadband connectivity.

The new satellite would also ease the pressure on the government to lease more foreign satellites to handle DTH transmission, sources said. A significant portion of the high-powered Ku-band capacity of the proposed GSAT-8/INSAT-4G would be committed to DTH and telecom service providers.

The communication satellite will provide 18 Ku-band transponders to the industry and will be ready for operation in two years, with a mission life of 12 years. The spacecraft is estimated to cost 3 billion rupees ($66 million), with the launch expected to cost 2.5 billion rupees ($55 million).

As Ku-band transponders help in digital communication, the Planning Commission has prepared a plan to convert Indian communication to digital in the next 10 years, starting with metropolitan cities. Its weather-proof transmission has made Ku-band extremely popular worldwide.

A number of players, including the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Doordarshan and various DTH operators have urged the government to provide them with new Ku-band transponders. A number of VSAT operators and digital satellite news gathering companies are also seeking such transponders.

According to sources, the increasing demand has made it necessary to provide at least 50 Ku-band transponders in the next five years. While the DoT wants to use them for village telephony, Doordarshan wants these transponders for DD Direct and HDTV projects.

The government had been flooded with requests for Ku-band transponders, the sources said.

As of now, the Ku-band capacity in the INSAT system consists of a dozen high-powered transponders and 22 medium to low-powered transponders.

Due to growing demand from DTH operators and VSAT service providers, 16 high-powered transponders have been leased from foreign satellites as a stop-gap arrangement. The government currently leases out its Ku-band transponders to companies providing DTH services and broadband internet.

For instance, Bharat Sanchar Nigam leases its transponders for 44 million rupees ($967,247) a year to companies, with a charge of 11 million rupees ($241,81) for every quarter thereafter.

© 2006 The Economic Times of India, Coleman & Co Ltd

dee.panadura said...


that is india!,

As for us lankans from villages??

We will be watching TV from an VHF antennae fitted on to a mango tree.

what a place to be!

sanju1975 said...

well said palitha !!!!!

yes this govt is quickly becoming a taleban regime and it will last long.

no video footage was shown on the local channels about the tragedy that unfolded last afternoon at digampathana.

only bbc world showed a video last night. it was a nightmare for me friends. you got to see it in your eyes to see the devstation. then only at least you tend to support the forces to combat terrorism.

if we had our dth operator i think the govt would ban news on sri lanka on bbc, cnn etc. i suspect that may be the move behind all this. these crooks want to stop news to reach the masses.

so as palitha suggested it's always better to have a indian sat connection then we could watch anything we want without sl govt censorship.

when you are in rome you act like a roman ! when in sri lanka you act like a .....................
no words to explain.

off to watch sl vs pakistan on set max on dish tv !

c'mon guys !

BAC said...

Well said Palitha and these people have shut CBNsat down for security reasons,Isnt the vehicle locator promoted by a leading insurance company threat to the security than banning remote controlled toys,

dee.panadura said...

latest findings have revealed that this mornings attack was planned while having a meal served on CBN sat dishes. they had used the decoders to sit on.

how stupid us sri lankans can get.

kula said...

We should not mix up the security issues with dirty politics at this momemnt

Dude said...

Hi Kula!

These so called security issues have been fabricated by the Dirty Politics. So it gets mixed since they are inter related.

Alf said...

The sad part of the story is that CBNSat do not want or do not try to find an alternate for this problem. They are in deep trouble and now i feel that they infact was hidding something.

Dude said...

Alf. I hope you get your bearings right. The fact that you are running down CBNsat is because you are getting a commission out of the Dish Tv connections that you are introducing to CBNsat Customers.

The more connections you sell, the more you earn.

Go ahead sell your connections, I know that you are giving an alternative. You are doing a good job of selling connections to the frustrated CBN customers.

But because you want business please do not run down CBNsat.

You know that all this nonsense about CBNsat is false and cannot be proven. Like Bog Admin said they have been framed to fullfil political henchmens wishes.

ubh said...

I have asked blog admin to give my email address to you. Please respond to my mail

Alf said...

Dude - Wish you all the best for waiting for CBNSat to operate. I hope your dreams will come true atleast in your next life.

If i am receiving any commission i would have openly marketing here. By the way even if i recieve any commission it is none of your business and many whom got connections are now enjoying the infotainment they have been deprived of and only loosers like you are still awaiting the ressurection of a
Company that has no plan of getting out of the well they have fallen into.

Your words mean a lot - FRUSTRATION!!

MIKE said...

Take it easy ALF,Its a pity that some of our own cant understand the severeness of the issue and the involvement of CBNsat,When the CJ gives a verdit on the de mergere of the northern provinces,This case is peanuts for him and for him to act like this there is something extremely big behind the whole issue,How much you shout CBNsat is not going to come back and when the government puts out the finding hope the CID GETS behind the people who are trying to protect the terrorist.

People like ALF right and they are the real inteligent people who know what is behind this and its no wonder some are making false accusations when he is trying to help wholeheartedly.

kaluperuma said...

This is pure jelousy from some people,ALF has done a great job to get some kind of infortainment back,Yes its not worth day dreaming and CBNsat is not going to come back and that is a fact that we can confirm.

What mike said is 100% correct and there is no way that CBNsat is going to come back unless they sell th whole operation to someone else,Even then the government could step in as there is a huge scandal.

Alf said...

No hard feelings. Just felt sorry for myself going all this way to help ppl.

However, my helping hand is still with guys who wish to get genuine info.

MANIL said...





sanju1975 said...

yes alf is doing a great job bringing in a great relief for people deprived of infotainment. if not for these dish tv connections people may end up with huluballas shitnet connections.

so keep it up alf. don't give up because of this hideous comments. we have understood the bitter truth THAT CBNSAT WILL NEVER EVER COME ALIVE WITH THE PRESENT MANAGEMENT.

even if they come up there will be lot of gov regulations. they will not be able to air ftv, bbc etc.

as mike have mentioned cj have given landmark decisions in the recent past and this case is peanuts for him. i beleive he has taken the right path as there is a big scandal behind cbnsat.

only few of us at least come out and shouted for cbnsat. the blog, cbnsat subscriber union only. and from the media sunday leader and times only. even they are silent now. i hope they have also got to know the scandal behind cbnsat.

where are the others ??? the free media movement, other private media like sirasa ? at least the channels who were on cbnsat like derana and swarnavahini ??? why everyone is silent ???? there got to be something. otherwise sunday leader and sirasa will definitely make a big issue about this to put the gov into trouble.

they have come to know the real story behind. that's why everybody is silent now !!!!

please relise this guys !

Dude said...

Sirasa - Does not want CBNsat to return due to their loss in viewship.

Swarnavahini - Does not have a back bone

Derana - GOSL connection due to a director being Sarath Amunugama's Daughter.

Sunday Leader - When they put their head in. Abey Balla tried to screw them.

The fact is there is no scandal behind CBNSat but these shit politicians will find something false to bring them down.

CJ should step down since he gave a crazy decision about NE merger.

I hope he has the balls to take a gun and kill a tiger.

Max Payne said...

Hi alf, keep up the good work. Be extra careful when dealing. Cos u might find dogs also. Take care of urself.

This is Sri Lanka, so don't even think about what dogs say.

Max Payne said...

huluballa and balu might try other ways of selling their shit. I suspect that srilakvahini guy and other dealers who came lightning-fast are selling shitnet with baluballa behind it. Otherwise they will no longer be able to do it and my second argument is, they asked to pay to a sri lankan office, which means, money will ultimately go to baluballa.

Guys please forgive me if I'am wrong, this is just a thought. Posting such a thought wont be a big deal in Sri lanka where huluballa and baluballa are living.

So what I'm trying to say is, if u want to go for Dish tv (only CBNsat customers) contact ALF. That way you can make sure that you haven't bought balushit. Moreover ALF's way is the only way to keep the entertainment forever.
This is only for CBNsat customers. So dogs, don't try to be smart and fire-up ur tail.

Max Payne said...

balla huluballa, hulla baluballa, baluballa huluballa balla. balla huluhulla, hullahuluhulla baluhulla huluhulla balla

Max Payne said...

Guys, r u tired? sing along with me! :)

Max Payne said...

I made the lyrics similar to a sinhala song. guess wat?

silent_warrior said...

be patient my fellow bloggers.you will see the green light in CBN decoder very soon.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I also plan to get a connection through Alf. He hasnt asked me for ANY SORT OF COMMISION and i believe he is genuine.

krandor said...

"they have come to know the real story behind. that's why everybody is silent now !!!!"

Since when have people in this country being quiet when they know the real story?!!?!?!??! If there was an LTTE connection, then everyone would be talking about it!

dee.panadura said...

where is arnie?


channa said...

I spoke to a CBNsat rep and after all CBNsat seem to have struck a deal with Rupavahini or some licenced provider to carry out the transmission and they hope to be on air by 2 weeks,

Can anyone confirm this

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

yep, thats the same info i got as we.. i hope we will have the green light "On" soon, getting pretty annoyed looking at a blank screen..

MIKE said...

I called a rep (around 2.00) and he said that will have to wait for the outcome on the court case (06.11.2006)

So its just a rumor

silent_warrior said...

No as they ask permission from sc to join with license party they have to get approval from sc to resume the transmission.Any time when they ready they can go to sc.All the arrangements done by CBNsat.they will come with bigbank.that is conformed

MANIL said...



Lankikaya said...

I checked with CBN 15 mts. ago. They confirmed that within two weeks they will start transmission as they have made an arrangement with a licenced party.

kaluperuma said...

What is the big BANG,are they going to blow a bomb or light fire crackers.

Even i called the customer care and they said they do not have any arrangement at present and have to work on after the outcome of the court hearing.

kaluperuma said...

Lankikaya - Dont talk absolute rubish,There is no single licenced operator who has been issued with an licence to operate satettlite TV.

Dont mislead the innocent subscribers who are waiting for the green light on the decorder.

Lankikaya said...

No need to believe me :)

Any interested subscriber can just give a call to CBNSat.

Over to the non-believers.

shamil said...

I agree with kaluperuma and no one has been issued with the new licence at present and cbn sigining a greement in this scenario is total fabrication.

So as there customer care executives say will have to wait till the court ruling and which is highly unlikely will go in fvour of cbnsat.

better to forget than dreaming

shamil said...

Where are our usual bloggers like rabithole,cbnsatvictim,rob

cableguy said...

Hmmmm... This is interesting.
I got an email from the SUbscriber Unite to call CBNSat. I did at about 2.30pm. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying. He was mumbling the whole time.

From what I understood, he said they will come back partnering with a different company. Not as CBNSat but some other name. He said they are finlaizing matters and it may happen within the next two weeks. I guess it wouldnt hurt to keep my fingers crossed for 2 more weeks before I jump on a DISHTV conection from ALF.

JOKIYA said...

i just called and they are talking about the SC hearing.Are they telling differant stories to differant subscribers.

We have to agree that their comming back is realy bleak and out of the equation.

Crab said...

The negotiations witha third party is still on the way. Apparanlty they expect the negotiations to finish within two weeks.

I beleive they could form an agreement for an uplink in any country if Sri Lankans dont have license.

shamil said...

Maybe there is something in the air and CBNsat is playing it safe.

Better not have big hopes

silent_warrior said...

cbn reps are not allowed to tell and are not informed.i got this info from other party(but i can not tell who are them).they will come within two weeks.

MANIL said...

SILENT_WARRIOR may have got the information from the owners of CBNsat,as these WARRIORS are after a miracle inteligent people like alf and his friends are enjoying a revolution in infortainment.

silent_warrior said...

manil .. you have a choice as you wish.you may see the miracle.

MANIL said...

No hard feelings SILENT_WARRIOR,because everything mentioned here is conflicting and it is more than 4 months after the closure,We have heard stroies,were given hope and nothing realy materilized,So it is fare enough to think that this whole issue of two weeks is fabricated,untill we see it in reality and the decorder light is green

silent_warrior said...

manil what you thougth is correct.but im so crazy to see the green light.

MANIL said...

Where is LISURA and the SUBSCRIBER UNITE as they may be aware if anything of this sort is taking place

Rob said...


We are very much alive. Just watching the situation.


RabbitHole said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RabbitHole said...

Hi Shamil!

Yes, we are still here and closely watching the situation.

Some one said somewhere "patience grasshopper...." and i have tons of it.

Keep your fingers crossed until the 1st of next month.

Dase said...

Anybody listened to ITN news yesterday?.It seems that something related to this has mentioned but unfortunately i couldnot listen.

dee.panadura said...

Recently a driver fellow asked me-

" mahattaya ara chandrika 'system' ekata koti havul lu nedha?"

I told the fellow off, nothing personal though-

" Oya kattiya oya thathwe hemadama inne, oya wage puhu adhahas maththe nehena hinda thamai. Kawudha kiyanne?, Nithiyen oppu karala thiyenawadha?"

Well the guy was silent, till i next spoke to him.

The thing is our society is full of such persons, sorry to say, very high leteracy level, but no one to find for a job.

Lets wait and see. Afterall this is Sri Lanka.

Dase said...

Just now i gave a call to CBN sat and they told me that they received MOD clearance and hope to resume transmission in 2 to 3 weeks time.What a great surprise!

ravin said...

Ado DASE dont lie and discourage the innocent CBNSAT subscribers,The customer care said nothing like that and they only tell that they are discussing with certain companies.

DASE you are a real DASAYA or DASA KERIYA

silent_warrior said...

can some one conform what dase told.i mean MOD clearance

chunky said...

Hello ALF/ Everyone, i'm a CBNSAT customer who was deprived of the infotertainment i was promised whils only using for a few days.

Please give me details on hoe to get a connection from Indian DishTV from sri lanka, ALF if u have details can you send me.Thanks

shamil said...

No silent_warrior CBN has not got the MOD clearance yet and i called them just now and they told me the exact story what ravin has said.

Alf said...

Well..Well I have been following these discussions very closely and it seems there is some sort of strategy followed by CBNSat to keep the existing customers.

With some personnel investigation into this situation i recommend to my fellow blogger the following:

All those who want to buy DishTV connections to wait till next court hearing and see the outcome because it will be the judgement day for CBNsat. They will have to disclose their stand to the Courts and the subscribers.

All those who evaluated DishTV and want to go ahead (due to many advantages) irrespective of CBNsat decision can contact me.

At this point i do not want to disclose any more info.

Chunky - I do not know your email address. Pls send it via subscriber unite or blog admin.

Dase said...

Yesterday i received an email from cbnsat@gmail.com asking to contact 4606060 saying there is a good news. I called 4606060 this morning and this girl who answered to my call told me that they have received Mod clearance and in 2to 3weeks time they will resume transmission . Please note that i donot want to make any false statemants here and if somebody says this is a lie please check with this numberthat is 4606060.Ravin please note that we know how and when to use filthy language .I am not going to send any posts in this blog hereafter .

ROSHAN said...

i spoke 2 customer care just now they say negotiating with rupavahini is fail now they are negotiating with SLT please call them and claryfy some time customercare officers give fauls promises also he said that MOD will be given sooon .some one call customercare now and verify

MIKE said...

Yes dase ravin is very bad to use filthy language but please dont isolate the blog.What ravin said about the mod clearnce is true and they have not got it and i was confirmed to that effect by 4606060.

alf is right on what he said and its your choice,but the real fact is cbnsat has to do something as they cannot survive anymore without any income.So there is a slight possibility that something is brewing up.

ravin said...

The customer care guys doesnt know a shit and dont take what they tell for granted.


sanju1975 said...

i also feel this is a lie to retain the losing cbnsat customers. during the past few days lot of people have turned to dish tv using cbnsat dishes and lnbs.

these people will not return back to cbnsat. because dish tv is damn cheap compared to the no of channels we had in cbnsat. for 1000 rupees cbnsat has given only 26 channels. you get more than 100 premium channels on dish tv as well as about 60 rubbish channels. (gujarati, marati, kannada etc)

even if cbn comes they do not have ten sports, zee aports, dd sports, star movies, star world, disney channels and a lot of good channels.

i will stick to dish tv. hope the others also converted to dish tv will do the same...........

it's upto individuals to decide as alf said.

JOKIYA said...

cbnsat has to do something,If they dont come quikly enough there wont many customers left other than the people who are day dreaming.

So the 25000 subscribers will end up being 2500 if they do not act fast and they must be well aware of it.

Now people like sanju,alf and others have already forgotten about cbn because of the superior content offered by dish tv.

sanju1975 said...

definitely yes ! i'm not going to switch back to cbn. because i have used the cbn dish to get dish tv and i have paid for 6 months in advance too. why should i pay for 2 connections ???

everything i wanted is there on dish package and i'm going to discontinue cbn services.

cbnsat is damn too expensive fellas !!!!!!!!!!

JOKIYA said...

sanju,alf - can you you see the ltte channel in the dish tv connection?

gafoor said...


Rob said...

Dear Bloggers

It is unfair to take Dase for a task that he is spreading rumors’. In fact Friend of mine who called CBN customer care early this morning got the response that 'MOD clearance' was given. Believe CBN helpdesk staff was not properly briefed to update customers. Therefore responses we get from 2 agents are entirely different.
May I kindly request Dase to continue with his Blogging.

ravin said...

Ok Dase,You can continue to blog as we should respect the views of senior bloggers like Rob.

So its not Dase but the differant reps of cbnsat who are making up stories

cableguy said...

I love the way fellow bloggers argue and then make up on this blog. PEACE MAN! PEACE!!

Jaya wevaa!!!

sanju1975 said...

ntt ( national tele of tamil eelam) uses pas 12. therefore ltte channel could not be seen on dish tv. dish uses nss 6 satellite.

if u hook up an fta receiver to pas 12 dish u cud watch ntt. all rubbish !!!! hu want to watch that crap ????

dish tv stb is also blocked now only for certain frequencies. it mat be fta or pay but whatever transponders they update will only be received.

bank_dude said...

Blog admin,

Could you please confirm what our bloggers mentioned here.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

We are unable to confirm anything. Things are still sketchy at the moment.

We believe something is happening towards the positive side of things but like we said earlier we cannot confirm anything.

It is better the information is kept that way, due to the fact that vested interests are also monitoring this blog. But we are unable to clarify anything.

As soon as we receive confirmed info we will post it on the blog.

MANIL said...

How is the one day match on SETMAX guys and i hear even the 2007 world cup will be broadcast through SETMAX.

So has this SRILAKVAHINI guys commenced their transmission? I spoke to them once and the guy was talking of some YAMAL,Is it a channel or a sattelite?

Looser said...

Yamal 202 is a satellite. I think you need a C band Antenna to receive to Srilakvahini. Don't know weather they have started yet?

It will be like our local channels for sure

MANIL said...

Thanks looser,The way they talk this must be some shit like TVLANKA,Even a friend who visited the place told me that it resembles a government department and you can imagine what the content is going to be.

Hope for the best.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

CBNsat reps once (few months back) told me they got temporary licence. I came down here and posted it not to spread lies but to share the joy (later i found i was misinformed about licence, point is that reps are known to misinform ppl). I am sure what some bloggers did was the same. They have been blogging here for quite a long time.

User Profile ravin
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October 2006
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""Ok Dase,You can continue to blog as we should respect the views of senior bloggers like Rob.""

Are you the god of this blog and do we need to ask you for permission to post? No offence but couldnt stop asking this as i detected a touch of 'assholyness' in ur comment.

About CBNsat scenario, is it true that no operator is still given a licence for cable TV/DTH? Or was a licence given to SLT and rupavahini? What sort of licence does Dialog possess?

yakuza said...

so many different comments. and all of them are different from each other. i havn't call cbn. but from experience calling cbn, i think there is a chance all this could be a fluke.
Hope i am wrong

Alf said...

Nobody knows what license should be used for what since thre are so many licenses such as media licenses, MOD clearance, RLRC licence.....only thing missing is driving license's. LOL

ravin said...

LST the licence must be in your arshole and motherfuckers like you are the people who mislead and gives false ideas to the innocent cbnsat subscribers and who the fuck are you?

yakuza said...

looks like you are frustrated as all of us cbn customers.
but mind your language, and dont blame any bloggers without eviedence.
looks like you join the blog recently.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


Read my comment again before acting like a fucking asshole. My point was that the reps are the one who is responsible for misleading info most of the time , not the bloggers who repeat what the reps say.

You tried to shoot the messenger.

And where the hell have i said about a licence being issued? I said i was TOLD by the reps. Read slowly if you are fucking retarded.

ravin said...

LST Yous seem to have sucking mouth and tries to be the spokesmen from somebody,You fucker is asking for dhal and you retarded fucker pluck your CBNsat dish in your arshole and i am not going to sit around and listn to jobless fuckers like you who doesnt know a damn.

I just bought a dishtv connection and i am going to enjoy like sanju,alf and the rest.



Disney said...

Dear Alf
This is the first time I am using this blog.I was a CBNSAT customer for 6 months.Now I have given up the idea of cbnsat coming back.I went to the Srilakvahini office to get dishtv. But they said they don't have it.

Can you please give me details on how to get a DishTv connection. Can I use my cbnsat antenna ?Do tell me the cost of it.Please help

To whom should I send my details.
email address,cbnsat customer no....etc

rsp said...

Dear Alf

Can I please have your contact info. or could u pls contact me through rushan_p@hotmail.com.

I need to get a dish TV connection, if I can use the CBN Sat hardware!

Alf said...

Anyone contact me via Blog Admin or Subscriber unite. Pls send a mail to them requesting them to forward it to me.

chunky said...

Dear ALF/Sanju 1975,
Please dear fellow i've posted on this before, and i need help in getting a dish TV connection on my already existing cbnstat equipment. Please send me details on how much it cost me, who i can contact ..etc.
Since i dont know how to contact you guys from "blog admin" or "subscriber unite group" can you send these information to my personal email address which is chanakacgw@gmail.com appreciate ur quick responce.

chunky said...

Dear ALF/Sanju 1975,
Please dear fellow i've posted on this before, and i need help in getting a dish TV connection on my already existing cbnstat equipment. Please send me details on how much it cost me, who i can contact ..etc.
Since i dont know how to contact you guys from "blog admin" or "subscriber unite group" can you send these information to my personal email address which is chanakacgw@gmail.com appreciate ur quick responce.

ravin said...

Hi Dase i need to see your voice on the blog and it was a total misunderstanding as we got info that balla was trying to spread rumors to halt any alternative action by cbn.

So it was just a misunderstanding and i have been informed that you are a true force of cbn.

I am very very sorry dase.

ranga said...

hi alf,

need dishtv via CBN hardware

pls contact me munic_ranga@yahoo.com

Dase said...

I have recived a letter from Shit net local agent asking to get shitnet connection .I think they have got our addresses from this blog?. As i mentioned earlier like to mention to shitnet that i will not get your connection even it is free .Worst is they got only ESPN,Star sports,Zee sports,and CNN as major channels.Anybody else recived this?

ravin said...

Hi Dase,No we have not received it,How come they have got the address from the blog?

Yes,I think no one is going to the level of buying shitnet,whatever the circumstances are.

Who has given this idea that dish tv could be watched through cbn hardware? No way,because the dish tv sim and the decorder issued by them should match,or only the specified vc card can be used on a specified decorder issued by them and it will not work on any other.

guys like alf & sanju who are familiar with dish can you please explain.

Alf said...

Ravin is correct. Cannot use the CBNSat decorder to watch DishTV. The VC card number and the STB Number(Decorder No) should match.

Today morning i have recieved from Blog admin a list of ppl who wanted to contact me . I will reply to them during the course of the day.

ranga said...

hi alf,

this means anyway we need to buy the decorder for dish Tv.i think its about Rs.14000.00

as far as i know sri lankan dish tv provider does not have ten sports.but dishtv itself has tensports.

do we have to go through sri lankan provider

sanju1975 said...

when we get the indian package we get ten sports as well as zee sports and dd sports.

and all the icc matches will be shown on set max.

u can't use the cbnsat receiver to watch dish tv. but u cud make use of the cbnsat dish.

alf please be careful in giving your details to these people. please verify whether they are genuine subscribers. there are so many interested parties are reading this blog.

we cannot risk our only infotainment provider

dish tv from india !!!!!

shamil said...

Sanju is right as Huluballa is sending letters to cbn customers to buy Shitnet(As DASE said),and he may be blogging here and he is very much capable of doing that as he is interested in only money,I dont know why they are keeping him in the defence ministry,with his past record he could sell all the defence secrets to the LTTE for a huge sum and he is well cabple of that.

Baluwardena has put the tea board in a chaos as he has interdicted the most compentent officer in the tea board Mr.Hemarathne and he is sre to get his balls cracked for this as the entire tea trade is raising a voice for this including Merri J of Dilmah.

There is something brewing up at CBNsat and it all looks a bit positive though they dont want to divulge any info due to the same persons mentioned above,We sincerely hope that it becomes a reality whoever is going to partner CBNsat.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Pay-TV piracy on the rise in Asia: study

HONG KONG, Oct 24, 2006 (AFP) - Pay-TV piracy in Asia is estimated to cost the industry 1.13 billion US dollars in 2006, up 6.6 percent from 2005, a survey said Friday.

The annual report by the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA), that studied TV markets across 11 Asian countries, said the number of illegal connections is expected to have risen 20 percent to 5.2 million in 2006.

India remains to be the region's biggest loser to pay-TV piracy which is expected to cost the industry 685 million dollars, while Thailand will record the region's second-highest loss at 160 million dollars.

Hong Kong will see a 29 percent increase in the loss of revenues to piracy at 32.4 million dollars as the number of illegal connections by individuals and rogue cable operators remains the biggest problem.

Illegal connections is estimated to have grown 16 percent year-on-year to 1.382 million in 2006.

If only we could find a way to crack sat tv connections just like we do to software....

ravin said...

People buying Dish TV connections doesnt come under this catergory as they pay the connection fee and the monthly rental,This relates to hacking.

So people who are buying Dish Tv dont be discouraged by these interested parties.

sanju1975 said...

yes ravin this relates to hacking the receivers and cloning of viewing cards. we actually pay the monthly rentals as the legal subscribers to dish tv india.

the only thing is we do not buy it from the local dealer shitnet. because we do not like to do any business with such a rogue.

kaluperuma said...

Yes i pay a renatal of 900/- and paid a connection fee of 20000/-,I didnt buy from the dealer is beacause the owner is a notorious character and someone who will do anything for money.

So by what LST said there are such a large figure who can crack encryptions such as conax,iderto etc?

I feel it will be easy for someone to crack an analog decorder like comet and it is interesting to note such figures have actualy pirated digital technology.

Any news about CBNsat and with whom they are going to partner with?

jesika said...

A Good Discussion

check this out


ranga said...

can any body using dish tv india package tell whether dish tv india can identify the receiing point of each customer.

what is the legal implication of using dishtv India.

jesika said...

WAiting till Nov 9 !

CBN or Dish TV ???????????

sanju1975 said...

ranga ! there is no way that anyone can trace where we have receiveing equipment.

legal implications ?????

huluballa will file action against you ??????????//

he he he he !!!!!!!!!!!!!11

hu cares ??????????/

ranga said...

Thanks Sanju

I think its Nov 6?

am i right Jesika?

kula said...

God knows the outcome of CBN hearing on 06th Nov.

LBN case has been postponed till 28th Nov even with MoD claeraence and TRC verbal approval

bank_dude said...

Most probably CBN case will postpone till first week of January because judges will go on leave because of christmas season. LOL

jesika said...

Hay guy
Where is the cheapest place to buy Dishtv connection

online payment facility

anyone knows another cheap place ?
Please let me know

I hope to by it after nov 6 th

jesika said...

Sorry my mail is jesikadjjd@yahoo.com

sanju1975 said...

i think it's ok jesika. but our one gave 1 year subscription free !!!!!!!!! how does that sounds ?????

since this is with web access and 1050 per month it seems like a better deal. go for it jesika. think even if cbnsat comes do you get all these channels for this price ????? NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

so this is damn cheap fellas !!!!

sanju1975 said...

v r getting news about lbn case being postponed till nov 28th. cbnsat case will be postponed too. unless they sell the business they will not be able to come back !

if they come back i'll sell mine and keep the dish package !!!!

dish tv is worth the money !

100 + premium channels for Rs. 1000

jesika said...


If your guy give 1 year subscription then its worth than mine. does he gives web access & howmuch is the package?

sanju1975 said...

he doesnt give web access. annualy you will hav to pay. the package is rs. 27000.

i think dish tv initially comes with 2 month free subscription. check their web site.

i think having web access is great as then we have the full control of our account. and we will hav the option of upgrading, subscribing to movie on demand etc is there.

sanju1975 said...

i cudnt mention. there are so many gr8 features on dish tv receiver. such as games and dish active. with dish news active u cud watch upto 8 live news feeds on one screen. with sports active you can choose the camera angle you want to watch in a match and you can see the highlights and scoreboard any time you wish.

and for almost every channel there is electronic programme guide for 2 days.

even if cbn comes how long will they take to add the channels dish tv has and to develop into that stage ??????????????

and the best id jesika i can recall you asked for god tv from cbnsat. am i correct ???? god tv is there on dish tv. under the present scenario cbnsat do not want more troubles. so they will not add channels like god tv ever to their lineup.

ranga said...

Sanju its not clear

is 27000 is for full packge with 1yr subscription?

what woud be the annual fee for the next year?

jesika said...

Thanks for your information.

but how do u upgrade new channels without web access ?

sanju1975 said...

mine was 27000 with 1 year full subscription. monthly rental is INR 374 + Indian taxes. will come to around INR 412. (LKR 950~1000)

jesika new channels will be upgraded automatically. or else manually u can add them from the receiver. more details are given on their interactive channel.

after i got the dish tv connection bbc, ibn, cnn ibn & voyages channels were added automatically without me doing anything.

jesika said...


but i saw they ask us to send sms to upgrade for new channels?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""So people who are buying Dish Tv dont be discouraged by these interested parties.""

dude ravin,
it was me who posted the story. What do you mean by interested parties? Was that an accusation? If so dont talk bullshit. PLEASE DO NOT BE MISTAKEN; I AM NOT TRYING TO DISCOURAGE ANYONE OF BUYING DISHTV INDIA. I merely quoted the article from LBO. Of course a connection you pay a monthly retal to dishtv of India doesnt fall under "pirated" category. you gotta be retarded to think of such as piracy.I never accused any dish connection holders of piracy or any other shit. btw i also plan to buy one through alf once i get back home.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Anyone saw last Sunday's Divaina newspaper? On 2nd page there is an article saying that the media ministry got 10 applications from satellite channel operators. Mr Ganegale has commented saying that no decision is made yet on any of the applications. He has also mentioned the need for a set of laws regulating the industry before granting approval for license applications. So looks like CBNsat has very limited set of options. In fact there seems to be only one practical solution. That will be up linking from a different country. It would take forever for the govt arses to implement new laws and approve a shitload number of licenses.

Btw the new version of Internet Explorer was released few days back. (Internet Explorer 7.0) This version is far more secure and has a rich feature set such as RSS feeds which will enhance blogging and web surfing experience. Its essential to upgrade to this version coz soon it will become the standard web browser used by majority on net plus you will be less prone security threats. If you are an Internet Explorer hater, you can just try Mozilla Firefox 2.0 which was released yesterday and is a good (if not superior) alternative to Internet Explorer.

However, to install Internet Explorer 7.0 you need a genuine version of windows. That means u need an original windows XP CD purchased from Microsoft which will cost around 30000 LKR (insane!!! Regulate this if you can GoSL!!!). Internet Explorer setup will validate your copy of windows and in most srilankan PCs you will get the message "Your copy of windows is not genuine. You are a victim of software counterfeiting. Please purchase original bla bla bla" Genuine validation is going to be required for all UPCOMING Microsoft software such as Office 2007, Media player 11, Windows Defender, etc. , Future doesn’t look good for countries like SL who cant afford hefty prices for software.

Nah that aint going to be the case.


jesika said...


You are the man !!
What a information you have!

Please send me the methos to crack WINDOWS GENUINE ADVANTAGE

Thanks LST

Looser said...

Who ever you are LST you are genius

Many thanks for posting those information and please do continue to post these kind of information which is very helpful for us.

Can you send me the method to crack Windows to ishans@sinhalaya.com

sanju1975 said...

jesika !

that is to change your package. they have 3 packages. normally our dealers get the dish maxi package. that is the most expensive one which has all the channels for INR 374.

Any new channels will be visible to all subscribers for 2~4 weeks. Most of the channels will get added to dish maxi. still they are not charging for star package. I think the price of dish maxi will increase by INR 25 in december.


why don't you share your success with ms windows with us ? post it here man !

keep up the good work bloggers !!!

ravin said...

LST CBNsat has already decided to fix the uplinking equipment in your arse,Are you trying to be the lord here.

You are all fart no shit and DONT TRY TO FART GAINST THUNDER.

Dase said...

please send this information to dasanayaka16@yahoo.com

yakuza said...

any one called cbn recently

any news

Disney said...

Dear Friends
I was a CBNSAT customer for 6 months.Now I have given up the idea of cbnsat coming back.I went to the Srilakvahini office to get dishtv. But they said they don't have it.

Can anyone please give me details on how to get a DishTv connection. Can I use my cbnsat antenna ?Do tell me the cost of it.Please help

To whom should I send my details.
email address,cbnsat customer no....etc

my e-mail- mihimd@yahoo.com

Disney said...

Dear Alf
I sent my details to blog admin.Did you get that.If so please e-mail me.

sanju1975 said...

disney !!!!!!!

you can watch your channels "disney channel" & "toon disney" on dish tv


dilu said...

For legal Dish TV connections with 5000/- rs discount when using CBNsat dish -dilrukshi@satnet.lk

or call 2596800

ROSHAN said...

I just spoke 2 CBN rep says thatthey are negotiating with RUPAVAHINI 75% success -

sanju1975 said...



cableguy said...

"For legal Dish TV connections with 5000/- rs discount when using CBNsat dish -dilrukshi@satnet.lk
Or call 2596800"

Hey Guys
Huluballa's people are desperate! Posting on this blog to sell their shitnet.
Why dont we start our little fun game again. Call the number(also ask all your friends to call too) and talk to them about their Sat Connection for hours and waste their time, while you have fun.

On principle, Please dont fall for the above ad. If any of you are really, really hungry for infotainment, please contact one of the guys who sell DishTV directly from India. No hassel, surefire way of continuous and much better entertaintment, immuned from any GOSL control.

Pau aney. Balla trying everything to make money.

Who is having the last laugh now???

dee.panadura said...

"Legal dish tv connection from satnet"

what a statement to make, it is like going to a robber to make a complaint against a robbery.

satnet, why do you bother?

seriously, us srilankans are not that desparate to buy off a rougue.

ranga said...

Dont buy dish tv from Dilu's contact.

all these issues are due to this

SATNET or we called as SHITNET

this is the time to send as many inquiries to dishtv india regrding this shitnet people to influnce to change their Sri Lankan agent

classicguyz said...

Can you send me the details on the disk tv connection pls?


Razor6972 said...

hey alf
man u are doing a great job in providing some relief to ppl like us who have no proper entertainment. I am genuinely interested in buying a new dish tv connec. pls email me wit details at razor6972@yahoo.com cheers..

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""LST CBNsat has already decided to fix the uplinking equipment in your arse,Are you trying to be the lord here.""

Lol ok. Does that mean you are interested in my arse and you check on my arse from time to time? Sorry dude I aint gay. Don’t worry you'll find some other ponz like you one of these days. Btw no one is trying to be the lord here except you. I'm just sharing information i know (that’s what blogging is about) if you have a problem with that fuck off.

""You are all fart no shit and DONT TRY TO FART GAINST THUNDER.""
Lol. We fucked Microsoft. That’s got to count as some serious "shit".

How to crack Genuine Advantage:
(Dear admin, forgive me for posting off topic stuff in your blog)

Note to Laptop users: Most windows installations that come with laptops are genuine. So there will be no need to apply the crack if you are a laptop user.

Method 1: Works on 90% of the cases.

1.Download the "FILEnetworks Windows Reactivator" (204KB .ZIP file) from http://www.uploading.com/files/7YH6LJMS/Fnets.zip.html. Choose "FREE" and continue. If it says "All download slots allocated to ur country is in use, click on the back button on your browser and click on 'free' button again. Keep trying it should be ok in few mins.
Save the file to your hard disk (any folder). Locate the saved file (file name is Fnets.zip) on hard disk and unzip it.
2.Locate 'PID Changer.exe' file in the unzipped directory and run it.
3.Click on the reactivate button. (you might get an error message at this stage. Simply click ok and ignore it.)
4.An Activate Windows dialog box titled "Let's reactivate windows" will open.
5.Under "Do you want to activate windows now", choose the 2nd option " I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate windows" and click next.
6. Once you click next, the window will momentarily display "Generating new installation ID" and load a new form. Locate the "Change product key" Button at the bottom of the window. Click that button.
7.In the 'New Key' Field type V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J. Warning: Type the key exactly as displayed here.
8. Click on the 'Update" button at the bottom.
9. The window will change to the previous state. Close the window without clicking any buttons.
10. Close "FILEnetworks Window Reactivator" program as well. If you get any error messages while closing, simply click ok and ignore them. (these are minor bugs of Filenetworks PID, not faults of ur PC). Restart your computer.

Now your computer contains a genuine windows installation. What really happened was that the blacklisted serial number of your pirated copy of windows was changed to a new Volume License Key which is invulnerable to WGA copy protection. To obtain this invincible key from MS servers, brilliant hacking skills of FILEnetworks members were put into action :p

This method works on most cases. In case this didn’t work, or if you run into any problems with this method, just drop a mail to filenetworks@gmail.com. Coz there are 3 more ways of cracking WGA. These include methods to unblock already blacklisted systems as well. So if you have trouble drop us a mail and we'll email you one of the remaining fixes. The above mentioned method is the easiest.

-TEAM FILEnetworks-
- 2401 Penitent Tangent
- 343 Guilty Spark
- Lightning_Struck_Tower
- CodeHammer
- Raz0r
- BSS--
FILEnetworks- 100% Srilankan ass kicking.

P.S.--There is no way to trace a DishTV connection purchased from india. Dont buy from Shitnet. Buy directly from india/via underground dealers. That isnt piracy or any vialotion of DishTV agreements. SHITnet robs customers by offering the shittiest package for rs 1200 (Which is more than twice the original dishtv charge for basic package)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Alternate Download Link for "FILEnetworks Windows Reactivator":

Download and continue to step 2 of above post.


bank_dude said...

Nice work LST. Keep it up.

Dase said...

I was contacted by a local guy and his rental for MAXi package is Rs1300.I think this is too much and normal rate is Rs1050.

RabbitHole said...

Dear LST!

If you dont download the WGA tool via windows update by setting WU as notify instead of automatic. then all you have to worry about is microsoft download center when you download any other patches/files from MS. in that case all you have to do is to scroll down in any download page to find alternative download links which doesnt check for WGA :). no need to muck with any serial numbers :)
(no offence! ;) )

Looser said...

Thanks LST

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""If you dont download the WGA tool via windows update by setting WU as notify instead of automatic. then all you have to worry about is microsoft download center when you download any other patches/files from MS. in that case all you have to do is to scroll down in any download page to find alternative download links which doesnt check for WGA :). no need to muck with any serial numbers :)""

Thanks 4 the comment.
You are partially correct. But your method is effective for downloading Security and critical updates only. You could just download the update from alternate download location. (There are software which contain all post SP2 security updates packaged such as AutoPatcher)

But with the newer generation of MS software such as IE7, WMP11, OneCare, Defender, Office 2007 etc., Microsoft has made Genuine validation compulsory. Even if you download the full setup program from alternate location WGA validation is still required and built into the setup program. However, security and critical updates from Microsoft still do not require genuine validation. But the new generation of MS application software requires (and will require) the system to be validated before installation. They are spreading it step by step. Slowly but surely, validation will become compulsory for MS products. It's their main weapon against piracy.

MS hinted that Windows Vista will have stronger anti piracy measures. Some parts of the OS may actually get disabled or locked down once Vista detects a counterfeit installation. MS has also said Vista is un-crackable (bullshit :p). My personal feeling is that Vista will be cracked within 24 hours after release (maybe before release). Someone somewhere will find a way!

If it's makable, its crackable.

Lycon said...

Thanks ! LST. Your a da man. Keep up the good work. Before I tried your method to install ie7, I used lot of pathces, some guy in a blog advised to delete a .dll file...
Oh... man that's when I got fucked for good. I had to reinstall windows.

Any way Thanks again.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Few days a ago I got an email from CBNSat Subscriber Unite asking me to contact CBNSat customer support to hear a good news. I couldn't phone them and what's this good news?

Lycon said...

I got an C band satellite reciever from a friend. Pls some body help me how to tune this to view fta channels. I've already have a CBN connection. So I think I can use the same disk to get fta channels. Pls help. Thanks.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hey does anyone know what a Sat tracking meter is?

And can anyone who got a FTA receiver let me know weather the LTTE channel is still visible?
Kfirs blasted the shit out of LTTE uplinking facility (rightly so)and i heard their europe transmission came to a standstill.

Well done SLAF anyways.

Alf said...


Sat tracker meter is a device used to fix to the LNB and align the Dish to the Satalite. To get the best line of site.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Thanks 4 da info.

machang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Those who got DishTV but didnt get web access, send an email to filenetworks@gmail.com We have a simple workaround which we think will alow you gain access to the web interface. It has been tested with one connection so far.

Send a mail if you are interested as i do not think publishing the method (thought its a simple method) in public will help :p

When you send mail, metion your blogger ID as well.

bank_dude said...

Guys now it is almost one week away from next SC hearing. Does anyone know about latest developments? If so please tell us.

sanju1975 said...


LTTE channnel is still visible. there were some problems on the day of the attack. the transmission was coming on and off on that day and for sometime the visuals were not available and only audio was available. Around 9 p.m. everything came back online.

SLAF have done a great job by attacking the voice of tigers but i think they only damaged the transmission tower. no damage was done to the transmitting equipment. LTTE TV showed their radio and tv back in operation.

next time bomb their shit out bravo !!!!

Lisura said...

Good News Friends !

CBNSat says they are in the final stages of signing a deal with Rupavahini Corporation. They are very much hopefull that they can begin transmission very soon.

Most probably within this week or next week. They will keep the subscribers informed via SMS and public media.

Lisura said...

Good News Friends !

CBNSat says they are in the final stages of signing a deal with Rupavahini Corporation. They are very much hopefull that they can begin transmission very soon.

Most probably within this week or next week. They will keep the subscribers informed via SMS and public media.

yakuza said...

hope cbn got it right this time. could be another subscribers mental booster.hope not....