Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CBNSat Recommences transmission - Daily Mirror 29th Nov 06

CBNSat the satellite television channel which was sealed for six months ago will reopen transmission from today despite the alleged threats by a politician.

Executing last Monday's Supreme Court decision the management of CBNSat, SonicNet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. had started transmission.

When contacted by the Daily Mirror CEO Muhunthan Canagasooryam said that transmission would be started from midnight or probably today.

Refusing to comment on the political interference against the reopening of the TV station which had nearly 20,000 subscribers, Mr. Canagasooryam said "We cannot pay heed to these alleged threats. We will continue with the reopening."

The Daily Mirror learns that a politician had threatened against the reopening of the TV channel following the court order. The CEO said that the delay for the reopening was due to repairs to equipment which were no used for last six months.

CBNSat transmission was sealed by the CID on March 22 this year alleging an uplinking of a Tamil medium channel as part of its operation.

By Susitha R. Fernando


cbnsatcustomer said...

Maybe Gotabaya wants us to make Kurahan Talapa with the cbnsat dish because his elder brother promote it to foreigners. Bloody m f***rs.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hats off to the CBNsat team for showing that they got what most people lack in srilanka : BALLS

dee.panadura said...

So this is 'Defence' in sri lanka?

dont they have anything worthwhile to do?

dini said...

let's keep our eyes on the light. is it green yet?

jesika said...

i called them last night
they say they are starting the transmission this evening.

Anonymous said...

Hat off for the great effoet of CBNSat management and team. We know how much it wil difficult to start the transmission after waiting for 6 months. Even worse after loosing several team members.
Since we all have wait for last 6 months, we can spend one or two more days to see the green light.
But never let those buggers to do something else to stop the transmission. They will try anything to do that.

krandor said...

I understand that the management of the company spent last night in a secure location because of the death threats. This is how serious the situation is for them. Hullu, Abey and their VIP friend will not allow these guys to start transmission at any cost.

I wonder if they will try these tactics with Dialog too?

Yuktiya said...

"All great leaders have understood that their number one responsibility is cultivating their own discipline and personal growth. Those who cannot lead themselves cannot lead others."

welldone, CBN......

Anonymous said...

It is known to us the interested party who holds a high position in the defence circles (all of you know who) have got another high ranking government defence official relating to the president to order DIG colombo to search CBNSat premises again.

He had told the police to search and find anything to delay CBNSat restarting operations. The top police official have told that because of the court order they can't harass CBNSat any further. These corrupt goons have blasted the top police official to do whatever possible to stop CBNSat recommencing transmisison.

I think this country will be a hell with these idiots in top chairs. They are using "National Security" as a cover up to run doen their competitiors. Look what they have done to CBNSat. They got the CID to close up a successful legal business approved by the government to close for 6 months without any valid reason.

Now even after the Supreme Court judgement these crooks are not willing to give up on their dirty tricks.

If these dogs think that we do not know anything they should know that we are closely watching the situation. We know what you are upto.

We will keep the masses knowledged of what you dogs are doing. If you do not stop your dirty tricks towards CBNSat you will rot to death !!!!!!!

Sat Viewer said...

All these death threats from huluballa is just because that idiot cannot face the reality.

Everybody Let's curse him on top of every hour.. Stupid idiots like these should not be alive on this country..

May his shit net too come to an end soon...

cableguy said...


Now I see what you are trying to say. Didnt quite get the message across clearly from your first posting. I fully agree with your sentiments, esp after seeing the scary stuff the "cop" has written.

Dear Fellow Bloggers:
So now it is very clear that this whole CBNSat saga had nothing to do with Canagey, National Security or any other crap. It was all about CBNSat being a successful business competitor. Since these wife swapping bastards(owning SHITNET) could not compete with CBNSat, they found very creative ways of bringing down the competition, using National Security as a pawn. Should we as Sri Lankans allow this to happen? Is National Security a toy for people in power to play around as and when they want? Is this why our poor, hard working forces sacrifice their lives for?

They kept saying that CBNSat will not be allowed to transmit with the current management(Canagey).Now that Canagey has sold it to Dialog, they are still trying to keep it closed! You figure it out!!!
That poor chap had to loose his business just to satisfy a bunch of greedy, powerful bastards.

I think its time to take some serious action.

1. Its time for the Media to expose these crooks to the whole country. Its not a National Security issue anymore.(It never was. These bastards just tried to tell the public that). The media has been kept quite all this time with false allegations of Nat Sec against CBN. SO we beg of you the Media, please help us subscribers by exposing these crooks.

2. CBN/Dialog: Please start an Ad Campaign to expose the injustices done to you. Let the people decide what is right and wrong.

3. SUbscribers Unite: Lisura and the crowd. Lets start an organized campaign to share this news with as many as possible. Maybe you can draft a letter and post it here. Then the bloggers can copy it and send it to all in their address list. This should be publicized to all, not just CBNSat customers.

These are a few suggestions. I would like to hear everyone elses opinions/suggestions on this. Bottom line: The events of last two days have very clearly shown the real reason behind the CBNSat story. They succeded in hoodwinking the legal system too in the name of Nat security. But now the CJ also should see the real truth.

Its time to take organized action. Soon....

I have a gut feeling that the re-transmission might be delayed due to these threats. ALthough the Daily Mirror today reports otherwise. Because even after Dialog buys over and starts transmission, these bastards will continue to create trouble. Then once again, we subscribers will be the ones suffering at the end.

cableguy said...

chami TV

Thanks for that update.

Why dont you create some more technical details of stuff that CBN need and post it here. Include where they plan to get these stuff from etc. This way we can get the hulla bastard and his crowd on a wild goose chase. They may try to do all kinds of crazy stuff and noondi veevi. Lets have some fun with these bastards.

"One cant fool all the people all the time"

cableguy said...

Kandor said
"I think the most important thing is for the print media (especially the Sinhala ones) to run the story about the real reasons for the closure of CBNSat"
"I hope once people get their TV shows back, they won't forget the danger that the CBNSat management put themselves in to fight this case."

You are absolutely right Kandor

That is why we need to take action now. As you say, most people will get back to their CBNSat programs and keep quite and happy. But if we want to make sure that we will continue to have an uninterrupted Sat TV service, then we have to take pre-emptive action and stop these buggers right now!!!

Otherwise we will get to see CBN for a little bit of time, before they come up with more crap. They might even accuse Hans Wijesuriya of providing free Dialog phones to LTTE. Who knows. They are mad men. Just like BAC.

dini said...

yeah i too can give some technical information. all the stuff that cbnsat need can be bought at a small electronics shop in habarana. go get em.

Lycon said...

I don't know what's wrong with CBN Sat because now I call the help line and they told me that, maybe by tommorow evening they would be able to start the transmission.

I think there are some issues behind the seen. But there's nothing to do other than waiting. But I don't think even after the court decision CBN Sat still have a lot to go through...

Lisura said...

There should be something happening behind the scene preventing the CBNSat from re-starting operations. Otherwise this should not be delayed like this.

We are the ones who pay the salaries for the idiots in the government to serve us. This is how they serve the community.

Ultimately we, the subscribers are caught in the middle of the fight and we are the losers.

After 6 months we got a verdict and even the pioneer of DTH in Sri Lanka Mr. Muhunthan losed the business due to dirty tactics of these goons. And now they are even at the top of CJ. Even a supreme court order is not taken care by these crooks.

We should rally around CBNSat to give them strength to not to fall prey to these tac tics of corrupt individuals.

Max Payne said...

GUYS, Lisura and cableguy, I will give my full support on anytihng to help CBNSat. The most important thing here is, as someone mentioned earlier, we need to prove that unlike some we know, we have BALLS. And CBNSat just proved it. They need us now more that ever.

Max Payne said...

Now the whole country knows who's behind the path of our country's journey to hell.

My question is why Mr.President still keep these idiots? For friendship sake? oh then it's ok. Cos it seems that these days he needs friends than anything.

Sat Viewer said...

This blog is viewed only by a limited number of people. As some bloggers correctly suggested, can we get together and take the real story of these stupid, greedy politicians to the public..

they must go naked in front of the other CBNSat subscribers and infront of the public.

If we donot act immediately they will ruin many other successfull businesses and in a very short time the whole country too..

Max Payne said...

I comepletely agree with satviewer. While doing, we must always take precautions, cos u know huluballa is also reading this blog and he can send some one pretending as a CBN customer and he will bomb us all. so we need to make sure that no chance for baluballa

Lankikaya said...

The CBN web site has a special notice saying 'We are back on Air'.

Can somebody confirm that?

Chronicle said...

Yeah I saw the thanking message, but still the light is RED.

Lisura said...

Attention Sri Lankans :
CBNSat being threatened by Defense Officials

In the aftermath of approval by the Supreme Court allowing CBNsat to recommence transmissions and also the Share Purchase agreement which will make CBNsat a fully owned subsidiary of Dialog Telekom. The people who were originally behind the shutdown of CBNsat are frantically pulling all strings to keep the broadcaster closed. They have gone to the extent of issuing threats to CBNsat and also trying to force the police to start another investigation into CBNsat.

The only thing that is preventing them is the supreme court ruling which prevents anyone from interfering with CBNsat operations.

These people behind all these threats are top officials in the Defense circles who are making use of their positions to gain a business advantage and have no regard for the National Security of this country.

These people should be immediately removed from their posts since they are a bigger threat to the national security of this nation.

By this we understand that all the allegations brought against CBNsat were false and it was these corrupt individuals who made this all up to keep a business venture shut.

An article related to this has appeared in the Daily Mirror dated 29th Nov 2006.

Please forward this email to all your friends and relatives so that they may be aware of these corrupt individuals and know that the real truth behind the CBNsat shutdown.

We appeal to Your Excellency President Mahinda Rajapakse to sack these corrupt individuals immediately.

CBNsat Customers

dee.panadura said...

CBN needs to repl;ace their main dish,

they need a stailess steel one and they have ordered from "abdul raheem"

"Hulla/Abey! bloody dogs, go fech em! and put some muck in it and feed your brother friend.

Lisura said...

Dear Friends,

Please copy the text of my previous post and email it to everyone you know. We should get the new spread to as many as possible.

Under these circumstances I think the re-start of CBNSat operations will take a longer time than we anticipated.

hush said...

is there a different set of laws for higher ups in the political establishment.

these people should be held for contempt of court as they are directly influencing the decision of the supreme court.

god knows what else is happening other than CBNsat that people never get to see, if they can be so forward and unethical in a very much followed issue like CBN case what else will they have been upto which never comes to light...

shameful of these people talking about transparency when they are following non.