Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FILEnetworks – TV & Radio Sri Lanka form partnership

We are very happy to announce that TV Radio Sri Lanka Group of Blogs and the FILEnetworks blog have formed a partnership in order to bring you the latest news and updates on TV-Radio industry and software related issues.

FILEnetworks will be bringing you the latest cracks and hacks that are available in the market place.

TV Radio Sri Lanka Group of Blogs consisting of TV Radio Sri Lanka Blog, CBNsat Blog, LBN Cable TV blog, Comet Cable Blog will be bringing you the latest in TV & Radio industry in Sri Lanka.

We hope to pass the benefits of this partnership down to our fellow bloggers.


cbnsatcustomer said...

Is illegal activity like pirated software and hacking related to CBNSat issue?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Is illegal activity like pirated software and hacking related to CBNSat issue?""

No. Thats why FILEnetworks maintains a different blog for pirated activity and TV & Radio Srilanka maintains a different blog for TV/Radio Industy news. We have merged because both our organisations operate from SL and thought it was good to share content.

You can call pirating illegal and we admit it. But we do not do anything for money and FILEnetworks will never crack any srilankan software. Nor will we hack into any SL information/computer system. It's been our policy since 2002 and it will not change. But let me ask this, Do you use a genuine copy of Windows at home? How many of the softwares you use are genuine?

The main reason for piracy is the colossal amount of money you have to pay. If they change prices to suit SL markets, we will stop cracking like we do to local software. If they dont, the war will continue. We sure as hell are not losing lol.

You can call us thieves if we do this for money. We do this 'for the hell of it'

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To cbnsatcustomer

""Is illegal activity like pirated software and hacking related to CBNSat issue?"" --- Obviously NOT.

Our alliance is to share content, we will maintain the blog we maintain and FILEnetworks will maintain the blog they maintain. There will be NO shift in our focus. We will remain committed to what we do and they will do what they do.

Our alliance will improve the content that we are able to deliver to our our fellow readers from all of our blogs. We want to bring news on media to you faster and with better quality.

Hope we have answered your question.


ravin said...

LST - Is doing a great job and dont underestimate the hard work they do,I had misunderstandings but these guys are doing a genuine service and he is willing to help at every opportunity.

jesika said...

Yeah !
LST appreciate your help very much !
Thanks for sharing all your information

Crab said...

Great Job LST..! Keep it up !

But the blog admin should also strive to keep the credibility of the TV/Radio blog as well. This is because most of these Cable TV companies "respect" the blog and do correspondence with it.

Rob said...


Kindly note that LST and his team are doing a wonderful job to enlighten fellow Sri Lankan's on latest developments in the IT field. In my case, knowledge I have gathered by visiting this blog in a very short period is enormous thanks to LST and some other smart guys who would like to share their knowledge free of charge which is very rare in today's society. As mentioned in Filenetworks Blog, it is not only cracking/pirating software but also bloggers would be able to get fix's for their day to day It related problems. Therefore I do not see any reason why this forum makes an alliance or partnership with filenetworks.
LST, Thanks once again for good work


Lankikaya said...


When did you buy the Dish Package?
(ie. You never mentioned that in the blog comments)

It seems some dealers has given the web access, and we have not had any complaints from them.

Is it a case of your dealer not giving web acess, but you still trying to that.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To Rob & Crab

We understand your concern. Like we said previously our alliance with FILEnetworks is for content/information sharing purposes only.

Accordingly if they get any news on the latest developments on the tv/radio scene in sri lanka they will update us on it. If we get any news on any IT related issue we will update them on it.

This is a largely internal alliance and it will not damage the credibility or the focus of this blog.

Keeping in mind that LST is one of our senior bloggers who has been with us for a long and when he contacted and suggested that we form an alliance we had no problem since we know and respect him.


Lankikaya said...

refer comment 'But the blog admin should also strive to keep the credibility of the TV/Radio blog as well. This is because most of these Cable TV companies "respect" the blog and do correspondence with it.'

Although it is a partnership, only a link/advertisement is displayed on the CBN blog. So CBN blog reputation is not damaged by any piracy claims.

Great Job LST. Keep it up pl.
Everybody should note that the reason for having so many computer literecy people in SL is due to piracy and nothing else.

One day that may not be so. But until that day comes only rich & powerful can become computer literate otherwise.

Crab said...

Guys , I am not objecting the alliance and I just wrote a word a caution. And Im sure both the blogs will "prosper" due to the alliance.

I totally agree with lankikaya on the comment made on computer literacy in Sri Lanka. We need more people like LST/Filenetworks in Lanka and i admint they are doing a great job.

Looser said...


Can you start a seperate blog for Dish TV?

No one is using Comet Cable blog now for a long time and I think it is useless.

Rob said...

Dear Admin

During my previous blogging I have made a typo error (have omitted word "NOT" which resulted in you made a wrong assumption that I have some concern about alliance with file networks. In fact my statement should have been read

" Therefore I do not see any reason why this forum shoud NOT make an alliance or partnership with filenetworks."

kaluperuma said...

Yeah,File networks is doing a great job,Can you guys forget about Dish Tv and concentrate on CBNsat,You may have all those thelingu,urudu channels but CBNsat contentent is unmatched,The HBO feed in Dish cannot even be compared with even CINEMAX on CBNsat,CBN will have only the the quality contennt and not overloaded rubish.They will have the star package,dish package and Ten sports in due course and we will have no problem in paying with credit cards,and getting fucked up like mani.

This ALF guy is the whole problem in this blog by bringging in unwanted dish and even going further and putting others in trouble by encouraging them to pay through the internet.

When CBNsat comes this guys will have to pack their decorders from India and ask for a refund.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Dear all, Thanks for all the comments.

Ravin- Forget the past. It's all cool between you and me :)

Alf said...

Thanks Kaluperuma...By the way are you still looking at your decorder..and waiting??

I see your frustration.

kaluperuma said...

I am not frustrated you bugger,But you are the person encouraging to buy illegal things and you are the person putting them in to trouble further by telling them to get web access and pay through the internet.

You are the real frustrated traitor in this whole issue,CBNsat is going to come back and dont worry traitor the decorder light is going to be green for ever.

channa said...

Kaluperuma is correct on some points,The HBO,AXN and some other channels are far better in CBNsat as they get the ASIAN feed from singapore and the indian version is stuffed with advertisments and shows movies broadcast over six months back at CBNsat.

The content of CBNsat is filtered and quality(other than RAJ TV),Wheres 70% of the content in DISH TV are useless channels.Since CBNsat has already signed with ZEE they only need TEN SPORTS and the STAR PACKAGE additionaly.

Web access and paying through the internet is going to put you in big truble apart from having your facility disconnected,as it may lead to something serious as pyramid scam or the seagull scam.

None of the agents who are aware of how dish tv works encourages WEB ACCESS,other than small timers who bring one or two boxes and who are not aware of the mechanisam.While we are buying a illegal thing we are creating avenues for our own downfall.

I worked in a card centre and i can assure that the card number is alwys convayed to the vendor(DISH TV)and they will identify from that the card belongs to sri lanka.

And a statement is always provided by the card holding bank to the central bank of all foreign currency transactions along with the name and card number.