Friday, November 10, 2006

CBNsat settlement pending - Counsel for CBNsat (Daily News 10th November 06)

Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday put off the CBN Sat case to January 19 when President's Counsel M. L. M. Ameen appearing for the CBN Sat submitted that the Superior Court suggested a settlement and the settlement was pending.

President's Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya appearing for Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Media Minister submitted that the Criminal Investigation Department had conducted investigations against those television channels.

If the Attorney General was satisfied that the act of those channels was deemed to be a crime under the Rupavahini Act they would file plaints against all the accused. Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga appearing for the prosecution submitted that the CID had conducted the investigations and if the CBNsat could not come to a settlement they were filing the plaint.

The CID initiated the investigations when it found that several television channels were functioning without proper licence.

President's Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya with Kalinga Pasquel and Inoka Gamage appeared for the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Media Minister. Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga appeared for the prosecution while President's Counsel M. L. M. Ameen appeared for CBNsat.

Sandasen Marasinghe


Yuktiya said...

Mr.Gihan Kulatunge, we really cannot describe how judicial system evaluates crime in this country. Nevertheless authorities have sealed two illegal tv networks in Kotahena & Mattakkulliya, but within two days time they were back in operation. Can some one explain how ??????????

Sat Viewer said...

Hi Yuktiya,

It's simple.. There is no description to it.. It's all polical jargon..

bank_dude said...

Guys any news from CBN????

dee.panadura said...

Daily News for proper news???

thats a bit questionable.

bank_dude said...

To Blog Admin and Lisura,

Please let us enlighten about latest developments with regards to CBN. (To keep our hopes alive)

Looser said...

Every body is so silent now. Why?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hey does anyone know what happened to the SATnet court rulings?
(well they operated/still operate anyways regardless of the seizure notice)

but what was the outcome? Still going on?

Yuktiya said...

To see the mysteries TRC section 17 licensees, can some one in legal terms request, Comet cable to produce the above document. Our intension is not to shut down their operation, but just go in to this & find out the real story.

jesika said...

Hi !
I'm waiting for CBNSat too.
But i don't wish to wait months
I had an offer from a friend
DishTv maxi for 30k - 3 months subs Rs.1050/month
TATASky for 32k-2.5 months subs - Rs 600/month

What do u think about TATASky package ?

kenzo said...

you cannot watch tata sky from sl.. Its a spot beam or somthing. only in india.. Thats a part of thir lisence agreement with the indian gov.

Looser said...

I think 30K for Dish TV is too much and you can't get TATASKY in Sri Lanka.

What about CBN? Lot os people said it will be back in two weeks time since last month still nothing.
May be they are saying two years time

Sat Viewer said...

Jesika can you tell us how to get the details about Dishtv 30k package and Tatasky packages.

I called Dishtv once and they said it's 17.5k. May be I called the wrong person.

hush said...

hope that the commercial agreement will be ready. maybe they are waiting for a SC session on Dec 05 to break the news.

kenzo said...

if they are waiting its the stupidest thing that they'll ever do cuz not only are they loosing revenue of a ferther month but also consumer confidence. So I don think they r waiting for any thing..I am starting to feel that CBN sat has played us all!!!!!!!!!

kenzo said...

yep looser is right, U cant see TATA sky from SL. Cuz I am getting the FTA channels from that sat. and the TATA sky channels does not even show in the decorder... So thats why i assumed it to be a direct beam only to india..

jesika said...

But the guy said its working here fine
I don't know, he said it

Do u think 30k for Dishtv too much?
so what is the best offer?


Anonymous said...


Be careful if you are going to purchase Tatasky. Maybe the dealer flashed or modified software on the decoder.

If that is the case the decoder may be unstable or may crash frequently. It may run without problems as well. There is an element of risk involved if he modified or hacked the software..

kenzo said...

yep I agree with LST cuz if he has done any modifications it could go both ways so be carefull. And may be 30 K is a bit too much for dish as well. There is this guy offering for 22500 and I'm going to see him so I'll let you know. I tried getting 1 throgh alf but he's guy is sick or something and I have to wait for 2 or more weeks and I jus don have the paitence..

jesika said...

I asked him
this is the reply
"normal technicians cant install that.
I check it.Its 100% ok.
In all web sites they are not going to publish the coverage more than India.
But i know it is working."

yakuza said...

have cbn come to a deal. who are the authorized sat. link providers in sri lanka.

Looser said...

Srilakvahini & TV Lanka are the only authorized sat. link providers in sri lanka. (TV Lanka can do anything as per BAC)

bank_dude said...

Now it's one and half weeks passed from last SC hearing. Does anyone know what's going on with CBN? If they are keeping things till next hearing, they are asking for more trouble.

Lankikaya said...

They should not wait for the next hearing as it will be in January only.

cableguy said...

Apparently the high profile lawyers for CBNSat are very stubborn and not willing to bend down to current lankan system of doing things. We all know its a virtue to hold on to principals, but when that is not doing anything, they should learn to play the system. One of the earliest mistakes were not registering for a license with proper documentation in court long ago, when the court asked them to do so. If they had done that early on when the opportunity was given, maybe things wouldnt have got this complicated.(Then again, I could be wrong in this assumption).
I hope the lawyers have learnt from their past blunders, and learnt to play the game, Lankan style. And I am really hoping all this work out well so that we see that green light on the decorder. I am really running out of decent DVDs to watch.

Sat Viewer said...

Everyboby who have not removed the batteries from the long unsed CBN sat remote control do so immdiately as the batteries may have probably worn out by now and this could result in seeping of the liquid chemicals from them.

this could damage the remote control unit and when the service is back you will have to buy a new one.

yakuza said...

agree with cable guy.
to get justice from sri lankan court is like "ibbagen pihatu illanawa wage".
better get cbn up and running quickly. its now or never.

Looser said...

I think CBN is trying to keep their customers by giving false hopes in every court hearings.

Will they get any chance to resume transmissions with SLRC? I don't think so.

sanju1975 said...

i packed and kept my decoder and remote after removing batteries from it. it's up for sale "if" cbnsat comes back.

i think this linking up with a partner is a white lie made by cbnsat to stop the customers buying dish tv. nothing more than than. tha's sure.

do anyone has a known contact in rupavahini or slt. can blog admin or anyone can check with rupavahini or slt whether this story is true ??????

i hope it's not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still they are looking for a partner. since everyone knows cbnsat is in deep shit everyone may be wants to buy it cheap. it's all deals you know. everyone knows that without their help cbnsat will never ever able to come back.

dear admin please check with rupavahini whether this story is true ????

off to watch pak vs wi encounter and hong kong 6's on ten sports.

yakuza said...

did anyone call cbn? what are they saying?

ROSHAN said...


We are hoping to start the transmission before end of this month or begging on next month


Cable Guy said...

Are we to still believe them?

One guy from CBN said the same to me last month.

yakuza said...

with whom can cbn come to a agreement with. are rupavahini and slt the only option they have?

yakuza said...

if these are the only option frankly i don't think cbn can ever come to a agreement.

Sat Viewer said...

My problem is why CBN is not respecting it's customers' right to know the real situation.

We will never be able t get the real picture from the customer service people. The best option is to have a regular update from CBN on this blog.

channa said...

Alf - Cant we use the CBNsat remote on the Dish TV connection? Because i heard that if your remote goes out you cannot operate anything in dish tv other than scrolling up and down of channels.

I watched Dish TV at one of my friends place and the content is amazing and ALF is right in saying that without waiting for something which never seem to come to go for the best content in entertainment.

My friend has brout it for 25,000/-(Total cost including instalation and one year rental on the MAXI package)

Alf - Can you comment please.