Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SonicNet allowed to recommence transmission through service provider - Daily mirror 07/11/2006

Could apply for licence under TRC and Rupavahini Corporation Act

The Supreme Court yesterday (6) granted permission to the SonicNet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd to enter into negotiation with a service provider for the recommencement of its transmission that was at a standstill for the last five months.

The Bench comprising Chief Justices Sarath N. Silva, Justices N.K.Udalagama and Andrew M. Somawansa granted this permission for the resumption of the transmission through any service provider that had been recommended by the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC).

The SonicNet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd had filed this application contending that Commercial Crime Unit Police personnel on June 6 unlawfully sealed and seized its equipment and prevented it from using its equipment and operating its services whereas magistrate did not order or authorise to do so in his search warrant.

When the matter came up before the Supreme Court, the President's Counsel for the petitioner SonicNet Technologies submitted that the petitioner is now agreeable to transferring the equipment and business of transmission that has come to a standstill as a result of the order made sealing the equipment.

President's Counsel Palitha Kumarasinghe for the 7th respondent TRC submitted that the TRC has considered the applications submitted by the service providers and has made recommendations to the President in respect of some of them.

In these circumstances, the petitioner SonicNet Technologies may negotiate with any one or more of the service providers that had been recommended by the TRC.

The identity of such establishment should be made known to the President's Counsel for the SonicNet Technologies to arrange a transfer of the equipment concerned of such service providers on condition that the service providers will be granted a licence in terms of Section 17 of the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Act and that broadcast under the Rupavahini Corporation Act. Such negotiations would be entered into by the petitioner SonicNet Technologies on the basis that the order of sealing and seizure of the equipment would be vacated once negotiations are finalized.

Such order would be made on the basis that the service providers will take over the contracts already entered into by the petitioner SonicNet Technologies and its associate companies with all rights and liabilities to all proceedings in the District Court, High Court, Magistrate's Court and the Court of Appeal will be terminated without costs.

The petitioner SonicNet Technologies may enter into negotiation with a service provider with suitable arrangements which may be for a period. This will not prejudice to the petitioner SonicNet Technologies from pursuing its application for a licence under the TRC and Rupavahini Corporation Act.

The matter was listed for a final order on December 5 before a Bench of which Chief Justice is a member.

Petitioner in his petition cited Chief Inspector U.K.Mahindadasa, Superintendent of Police A.R.Vaidyalankara and Sub Inspector L.Tilak Bandara all of Police Commercial Crime Unit II and the IGP and the Attorney General as respondents.

Petitioner stated that Communiq Broadband Network (CBN) is an associate company situated at No. 83, George R. De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 13.

Since May 2005, it has been responsible for providing several television channels such as BBC World, CNN News and National Geographic Channel to over 20,000 homes throughout the island.

Petitioner in the petition has asked court to grant compensation of Rs 100 million and an interim order directing the respondents to remove the seal and seizure of its equipment and not to obstruct it from using the said premises.

President's Counsel Romesh de Silva with Sugath Caldera and Riad Ameen instructed by G.G.Arulpragasam appeared for the petitioner.

President's Counsel Palitha Kumarasinghe with Indika Idroos appeared for the TRC. Deputy Solicitor General Sathya Hetige with Senior State Counsel Sumathi Dharmawardana appeared for the respondent police officers.

By S.S.Selvanayagam


Dase said...

The matter was listed for a final order on December 5 before a Bench of which Chief Justice is a member.
Daily mirror 7-11-2006
This is a extract from the daily mirror of today and does this mean final decision will be taken on 5th dec?Can CBN sat honestly inform us what is actually going on ? Earlier we were told that before 6th transmission will be resumed but it did not happen .Now again they are telling discussions or negotiations are on .If you can give us some firm commitment we can raise our hopes or otherwise we will have to look for another alternative.

topfan said...

Hi Im back,sorry being silent for long but i had many private things to attend.
As I know it the SC order given is not favourable to CBN but it is a victory for CBN subscribers.The order is seems to be given to start transmission teperray by agreements with another service provider who already posses the requirements.It is clear that this is given infavour of 25000+ subscribrs who have gambeled 17000+.Since CBN may have to give something(or prehapes everything)to this third party i dont think CBn will be pleased to be in such arrangement.But if they do the transmissions will be recived.
Please dont call costomer care line of CBN because you cannot get any truth from there.We can trust nobody until the light goes green.
Mean time can anybody please confirm that this "recommanded service providers" exist.And what is the progress of the agreement with SLRC.

Dase said...

The matter was listed for a final order on December 5 before a Bench of which Chief Justice is a member.
Daily mirror 7-11-2006
This is a extract from the daily mirror of today and does this mean final decision will be taken on 5th dec?Can CBN sat honestly inform us what is actually going on ? Earlier we were told that before 6th transmission will be resumed but it did not happen .Now again they are telling discussions or negotiations are on .If you can give us some firm commitment we can raise our hopes or otherwise we will have to look for another alternative.

hush said...

yes a final decision will be given on Dec 05.

Thus believe CBN has already negotiated with a service provider to carry their signal.

The only issue that has been delaying the whole thing is CBN asking for 100million in damages which the govt cant cough out at the moment so they forgo the claim then we can have something positive happening as read through the dictum of yesterdays hearing.

Dont know whether it will be up and running by dec 05 but possibility that it will be run through at least through this period by a service provider increasing looks a possibility before dawn of the new year.

It will be in a form of a Christmas present is my prognosis unless santa makes a early visit due to his heavy schedule.

Lankikaya said...

What about the TRC & MOD clearence, nothing has been said about those at the hearing?

No deadline for those, the CBN lawyers should have requested for a deadline for those. They are happy to only put forward the negociations with the 3rd party at the hearing?

Sat Viewer said...

We have been waiting five months and still no end to this problem.. It's not a big deal to wait for another month..

Lets hoe for the best...

kaluperuma said...

People who cant wait can give business to our traitor of the century Alf,Who has done the same thing as satnet.The arshole is running down cbnsat and selling the dish tv connection which is indian rupees 3390/- at over 33000/- and he is encouraging web access so they will get fucked up with their connections and alf can earn more bucks by selling another connection to the innocent vitim.

Say no to alf and the indian shit as cbnsat will be back.

now we know the team baluwardana,huluballa,and alf keriya.

shamil said...

Dase - They needed this assurance from court as an order to enter into a commercial agreement,Without this,if they had entered in to a contract the TRC and the Media ministry would have come up with something to stop that.With this order CBNsat can enter in to an agreement with any of the licence operators.

Still the CBNsat CEO has been working behind the scene and it will be not so far when they enter in to at agreement.

Dont worry it will be back and back very soon.

bank_dude said...

Where is ChamiTV?. Is this what ChamiTV mentioned before?

Sat Viewer said...

Yes, Kaluperuma and Shamil are absolutely correct..

CBNSat will be back as soon as possible...

Cable Guy said...


I personally am against people going for DishTV because that channels the money out of our country.

With that said, I also think it’s not fair to blame “Alf” for promoting DishTV, few weeks ago Alf was like a GOD for most of you, Every one was struggling to get in touch with him via blog admin. Now that we get some hope of getting CBN back people are turning back on him.

Alf is simply a good business man, that’s all.

JOKIYA said...

What kaluperuma said is absolutely correct,Some guys here have mislead and promoted dish tv at their will.These guys are surely going to be caught up in something by using web access and that fellow manil said in a previous blog that he has already fallen in to trouble.

So this alf and people must not be involved in selling dish tv in the expense of cbnsat.I think all this guys using dish will have to get their cbnsat activated when the scam come alight.

Alf said...

Keep up blaming me...but the truth is that i am enjoying my infotainement and you guys are just fighting here for nothing. LOL.

Who is having the final laugh!!!

Anyway...since many are blaming me for helping, here after i will not do anything for anyone.

But for those who i helped, how are things with you guys!!

Kalu - are you still staring at your decorder?? I have already packed my one in the CBNsat box. Man!! Try to be professional when you are posting.

chami_tv said...

Guys I was waitng until this happens. And its given by the courst. Do not worry this time it will work. CBN will be back. I told this onlyu earlier.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sri Lanka Telecom to carry due diligence on cable operator Grant Communications

November 6, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom, the island’s biggest fixed line operator, said Tuesday that they are doing a due diligence study on cable television operator Grant Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

The company, which controls 85 percent of Sri Lanka's fixed-line telecommunications market, has applied for a ‘non-voice’ license from the telecom regulator and the media ministry, which gives them permission to use cable and satellite technology for their expansion plans.

If approved, SLT Chief Executive Shuhei Anan says, the license gives allows SLT to keep pace with global dynamics of convergence where communication and media technologies merge with telecommunication services.

The digital convergence, also known as quadruple play or four-play, gives SLT the chance of offering cable television, broadband, fixed-line and mobile telephone services.

Anan says SLT may look at the possibility of acquiring a stake in Grant Communications once the due diligence is complete.

Meanwhile, SLT has secured Central Bank’s exchange control department approval to start work on its fully owned Honk Kong subsidiary.

SLT Hong Kong Ltd, will initial cost around 35 million rupees or 2.5 million Hong Kong dollars and will act as a point of presence in the region, for the firm’s data and voice traffic.

Like Singapore, Hong Kong is a large regional hub used by most big telecom operators to route their data and voice services.

The telco, which carries an AAA (lka) rating from Fitch Ratings Lanka, also controls 15 percent of the cellular market through its subsidiary Mobitel Ltd.

For the three months to Sept 30, SLT made a 1.57 billion rupee net profit over a 23 percent revenue growth of 10.32 billion rupees.

The strong earnings lifted SLTs nine months’ figures, with net profits up 55 percent to 3.87 billion rupees over a 27 percent sales growth of 29.88 billion rupees.

Japans Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. or NTT controls 35.2 percent of SLT, the Sri Lankan government owns 49.5 percent and the public 15.3 percent.

At the close of trading, SLTs share were down 1-percent to 25.50 rupees on volumes of 2.9 million shares.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sri Lanka Telecom to enter into TV
Tuesday, November 7, 2006, 13:56 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Nov 07, Colombo: Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) will become the second telecommunications company in Sri Lanka to invest in television stations, aiming to beat others in the sharp competition looming ahead of them.

SLT has applied for a telecommunication service license to use cable and satellite technologies, especially targeting television content for mobile phones.

The company will start the venture to set up a TV station as soon as the license is granted.

Dialog GSM announced the setting up of a TV station prior to SLT.

cbnsatcustomer said...

When big companies like SLT and Dialog GSM enter into this sector, goons like hullugalla and Abeywardana will not be able to play their dirty games to get customers to their shit services (TV Lanka and SatNet).

Lankikaya said...

Like cable_guy said, it is not correct to blame alf.

He as several others looked for other oppurtunities in the absence of CBNSat and tried to give the benefit of what they learnt to others. It is upto each individual to decide for him/her self whether they want to go for that or not. I also got infor from him, but due to lack of capital did not pursue further. BUT I value his contribution which was very logical at the time / or may be even now.

It reminds me of how our people treat the national cricket team. If they win & come mighty cheers and if they loose they will be rejected like filth.

This type of attitude is very bad. Each fellow blogger should be treated with respect and should allow him to voice his ideas, without blaming them in filthy language please.

Finally I am still looking for the green light expecting CBN to commence soon.

Max Payne said...

hey MR.Kaluperuma, ALF is not stealing money from anyone. Those who are interested can go ahead and buy. But you are talking like that ALF forces people to purchase connections from him and steal money. damn. Pls be professional when you are posting as ALF said.

by the way, how's the red light of your decorder? still bright red? ;)

and by the way, don't expect the original content of channels of CBNsat when that are transmiting it through Rupavahini. Programs might be interupted just to transmit a government fool taking a bath.

get ready to enjoy...

Max Payne said...

and by d way, they wont transmit ftv, instead they will transmit local telidrams, where you can see raping women, or dramas u can learn how to have an optional wife or husband successfully.

tina said...

if Rupavahini couldn't get any dicision without the permision of Media minitry or Defence what will next

tina said...

Does any one know about the technology that Siyatha Fm using to Transmit there channel. Is they doing from Sattallite or tower System. We can listen Siyatha very Clearly. Sometimes we hear some scrambled sound from it specialy in Rainy days.

kaluperuma said...

Max payne you seem to be a real payne and the light of the CBNsat decorder is simply red.

So you want to buy a 10000/- connection for 33,000/-,even Satnet is not doing that and they are going to give the star package and ten sports very soon without any additional charge,anyhow its legal,

They know who this illegal dealers are and ALF is one of them who has immensly benifitted from the closure of CBNsat.

You can see all this the way he thinks and he is now trying to discriminate CBNsat and trying to convince that buying dish tv is benificial.

kamal said...

I copied this from dishtv webpage
DishTV Payment Modes

Please read this

Through dishtv Itz Prepaid Card
Third option is:
Register for Web Access by filling up the Web Access Request Form
You will receive a Login ID and Password through email (maximum time taken is 48 hours) which you should use to login to the site.
After logging in click on the Package Renewal link to renew your package.
Enter the amount you wish to pay.
Select the ITZ Cash as payment option and click on submit.
Enter your ITZ Cash account number and password and click on continue.
Take down the transaction number which can be used as a reference for further details.
Multiple cards can be used for a single transaction.

Please read this also from this link
All you want to know about Itz cash cards

So, all that the dealer has to do is to get web access, give us the VC number, and getdown Itz cards from India and sell it to us to pay for the DishTV subscription.

kamal said...

Hi people,

Please check this out. It lists many 'anonymous websurfing' sites which will hide your ip address.


kaluperuma said...

Alf and his followers who enjoying infortainment must be thinking what to do with the cbnsat connection when it comes back.Cableguy assumed it correct and aLF IS GOOD BUSINESSMAN WHO TOOK YOULL FOR A RIDE.Now he is shivering because cbnsat is comming back and he may tried for a scam in sending money to third party accounts.

With the money earned by misleading the innocent cbnsat victims,Alf could start up a dth uplinking.

dee.panadura said...

If hulla and abey could be rundown(where the sat is concerned) theres no other joy.

anyways guess will wait and see

BTW where is arnold? has he got himself blasted somewhere?

kula said...

Majour seen on SLT Web

When you go to Directories and
search for Police Station,Bank,Political,

You will see tamil eelam things too listed. As SLT has got this news by now, they have temporarily disconected the page.

1. open your favourite web browser
2. go to HYPERLINK "http://www.slt.lk" \nwww.slt.lk
3. go to (link @ the top of the page)
4. In the Search by Business cage type?"Police Station"
5. click find.
6. See the result.
7. If you don't believe it go back and search for "Bank"?by businees name.?(See the records at the bottom...)?
8. Again search for "Political"

Max Payne said...

I'm sure if this is correct, balu must be behind the screen. :) and soon those who watch balu's tv lanka can see the discussions with srinimla by side, saying "ehemai hamuduruwane" to every crap.

I wondered why balu gave green light to CBNsat, it's not a wonder anymore... balu is targeting SLT. ;)

Max Payne said...

ohh...almost Forgotten to say,, good luck for your new mission balu. :)

shamil said...

CBNsat is in deep discussion and we hope that they will be back soon.The order on the 5th December 2006 is only going to be on the demand of 100,000,000/- from the CID on the unlafull closure.

It will be good if CBNsat is back on air with SLRC with whom they are discussing on an agreement so that the claim could be settled out of courts.

This time its real and there is a valid order from supreme court to commence transmission with a licenced operator.

ravin said...

DASE - Shamil is correct,The order on the 5th is going to be on the fundamental rights claim of 100 million.

CBNsat is now equiped with the necessary order to enter into a commercial agreement with any of the licence operators and previously it was not given as an order.It is now 100% certain that once they come into an agreement they could operate through the licence of that particular operator without any hinderance and further they have the privillage of selling out the whole operation.

So DASE,This time something is going to happen for real.

cableguy said...

lankikaya and Max Payne

Thank you for those beutiful words. I fully agree, this is how people like Kalu treat our cricket team too. Alf was just trying to help a bunch of people who were desperate and were willing to spend for their enetrtaintment. Having followed these discussions for a long time, I dont think anyone was forced to get DISHTV. He just gave an alternate for those who could afford. I myself couldn't afford it and therefore didnt pursue it. In fact people went after Alf and he didnt come after people.
I think its "sour grapes" for Kalu.
Maybe he wants DISHTV very badly but cant afford it. I am really sorry about that Kalu, but let those who can, have it. And Alf is just a salesman catering to peoples needs. Just like people in jaffna will pay Rs 90 for their coconut.

Lets hope this deal will come thru with SLRC.

bank_dude said...

Cableguy, I agree with you. Alf gave our bloggers an alternative. Bloggers who asked Alf's help. Since CJ given an order for CBN to have a commercial agreement with a licence operator, Hulla and Balla may try to stop the Rupavahini deal. Once SLT and Dialog starts their pay tv channels they are f****d up. I sure both of them are now eying on SLT. But unfortunately they cannot mess around with SLT because part of SLT is still owned by the government.

To Hulla and Balla, your games are over. Wake up guys, if you are pointing a fingure to someone always remember three fingures are pointed at you. The bottom line is now you have to deal with three companies CBN, SLT and Dialog. Man you guys got f****d up for big time. Truth is you can't go away from the curse of 100,000+ people.

kaluperuma said...

Cableguy/Bank dude - Koheda Yanne malle pol,This has nothing to do with SL cricket team and the ICC champions trophy is over,They simply lost because of selection blunders of not playing Malinga Bandara and Chamara Kapugedara on that particular match.

As for affordability there is no problem at all cableguy,But i want pay 33,000/- for a connection that costs you 10,000/-.So your sugestion is that let alf get through this business and to criticise and make mokery of CBNsat.

Palayang cable guy yannda keri weda walata puka denne nethuwa,Umbath nikan baila karayek witharai,uru paka huththa.

dee.panadura said...

"unfortunately for them(hlu/balu) SLT is still partly owned by the govt."

better re-worded as "fortunately for them,SLT is...."

This is still moma Lanka, things are not going to change around here that fast.

Fingers 'X' d for the best anyway.

Looser said...

You think you know everything ha!
Most of our people are like you so go on Kalu

Max Payne said...

now we all know that "Kaluperuma" is running out of arguments and using his fav language and he really tries to express who he really is. good work kalu.
from this point onwards we wont treat you as a man, but another dog.

terry said...

Guys who are using dish tv and interested in buying ITZ cash cards to pay your subscription please email to dishy_sat@yahoo.com

Yuktiya said...

Well here is a suggestion. Every ones should agree that (we like it or not) only Multivision have both licenses to operate pay tv concept in Srilanka. . Why CBN management have a negotiation with Multivison since they also have financial difficulties. Over to CBN management.

kaluperuma said...

Max payne - your name says it all,
I am not going to listn to motherfuckers like you PIG aor whatever the animal you are.

Try to stand on your own "Alf ta kade yanne nethuwa"If you are realy interested go and bu a dish tv connection,get web access from alf,and get fucked in your arse from huluballa,You and your friend alf are worse than these two.

Apenuth puke araganne nethuwa indin wesige putha.

kaluperuma said...

Terry kiyanne alfge malli wenda ethi,Munta CBNsat forum eka run karanna denna be

Lankikaya said...

I think its better if every body avoid filthy language.

I would suggest the admin to edit such parts pl.

Max Payne said...

just ignore kaluperuma, poor guy. sometimes I feel sorry for him.

MIKE said...

It is comming out that Srilakvahini and Satnet has been issued with licence through the back door of temple trees.

It is well known that the Sri Lakvahini owner did a media campaign for MR during the presidential Election and you need no introduction on the other.

kaluperuma said...

max payne niyama ponnaya,u dish tv eranuth nee,Blackmart ganan walta wikunapu ewunta labeta kade yana.

Munta thamai paiyya pana nethi ponnayo kiyanne.

Dude said...

I am back after a long break.

Guys look here. Even I have criticised Alf and now it is all over.

But Kalu don't you think that you are taking this too far.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To All Bloggers

Please refrain from using Bad Language.


kaluperuma said...

Ok dude agreed and lets talk about th postive scenario of CBNsat comming back within this month and all indications point towards a positive.

Nice to see genuine bloggers like Dude back on the blog.

Where is Alf?

cableguy said...

Oh Dear Kalu

Looks like you need to take a chill pill and and then watch your mouth. Maybe first wash your mouth after all that dirty filth that came out of your mouth.
Well Alf, whoever you are, please consider giving Mr. Kaluperuma a good deal on the DISH connection. That way we can try to keep him from getting worked up and using filth. Please hook up this sorry soul. He is shouting in despair and its all sour grapes.
Then again he is good for a bite on this blog as he is easily excitable. But one should be careful to maintain the sanctity of this blog.
Use of decent language would be a good start Mr. kalu. But if you are not of that decent calibre, we understand. We will just have to find fault with your parents for having done such a lousy job with you.

Sat Viewer said...

It seems like now this blog is becominga primary school.. One person is using filthy language and others are trying to comment on that..

Please ignore anybody who is posting using bad language and not even try to pay attention to it. After a few attempts they will shut up...


Anonymous said...

listen to this
goja FM

cbnsatcustomer said...

Raja FM has been banned by government.

cbnsatcustomer said...

CBNsat settlement pending - Counsel for CBNsat

Sandasen Marasinghe

COLOMBO: Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya yesterday put off the CBN Sat case to January 19 when President's Counsel M. L. M. Ameen appearing for the CBN Sat submitted that the Superior Court suggested a settlement and the settlement was pending.

President's Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya appearing for Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Media Minister submitted that the Criminal Investigation Department had conducted investigations against those television channels.

If the Attorney General was satisfied that the act of those channels was deemed to be a crime under the Rupavahini Act they would file plaints against all the accused. Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga appearing for the prosecution submitted that the CID had conducted the investigations and if the CBNsat could not come to a settlement they were filing the plaint.

The CID initiated the investigations when it found that several television channels were functioning without proper licence.

President's Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya with Kalinga Pasquel and Inoka Gamage appeared for the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Media Minister. Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulathunga appeared for the prosecution while President's Counsel M. L. M. Ameen appeared for CBNsat.


kaluperuma said...

CABLE GUY - umbage amma urukui/erreyekui wenda athi,Ubnga anith bage kapaganna epa harinda ponnayo.

Dase said...

Blog Admin
What the hell are you doing ?please donot publish these comments containing filthy language .Create a new forum for them.

cableguy said...


I understand your concern. Unfortunately, I dont think the blog admin has the power to censor postings (correct me if I am wrong). So we will have to put up with filth being posted here by Hon. Mr. Kaluperuma.

cableguy said...


Oh dear dear!
I listened to some of the clips from Raja TV. I cant believe this was actually being aired in Sri Lanka, where a simple kiss between a man and a woman is blurred or deleted on regular TV.
This is definitely a debatable subject and can see two sides to the story.
I can see why the authorities would want to get rid of Cable/Satellite TV. Buy why only some and not all.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased a Dishtv connection few weeks ago.

According to the manual "Users Manual Digital Set Top Box CD-1004iS" on page- 14, the listed Satellite is "ASTRA" on LNB setup and "ASIASAT2" on the search setup. I have a problem connecting as the signal strength is weak (less than 10% for both level, qualities). May be due to satellite name/ configuration.

If anybody has configured the sattelite, please send me the configuration detals.