Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Death Threats

We are receiving unconfirmed reports that the CBNSat CEO Mr. Muhunthan Canagey is receiving death threats after the ruling by the Supreme Court.

This appeared as a comment on this blog but we are unable to confirm this.

The below is from a blogger called SaveCBNSAT

Death threats to CBNSat CEO

After yesterdays court hearing to restore the CBNSat transmission up and running, CEO of CBNSat has began to receive death threats from certain parties who opposed to CBNSat operations right from the start.

They have called and threatened not to start the transmission immediately. If CBNSat start they said they will bomb the uplinking station.

It is sad that even after the supreme court verdict yesterday these corrupt people are not willing to accept the judgement delivered by Hon. CJ.

Lets all hope and pray CBNSat will not be turned down again by this unethical people who ruin our country by getting close to top politicians. Now it is very clear that their intention is purely for personal gains and not for the good and benefit of the majority community.

Enough is Enough !!!!!!!!

Lets rally round CBNSat to help them to start the operations ASAP.

Call them and encourage them to not to fall pray into these corrupt people.


That was followed by a comment from Lisura

Dear fellow subscribers,

This story may be true because even yesterday CBNSat have told me that soon after getting the court verdict on paper they are able to restart operations.

Actually the seals were removed few weeks back on a court order for servicing. So they should be up by at least with one channel or at least color bars.

There might be something happening underhand preventing them uplinking.

This can't go on like this ! What is the place for justice in our motherland ??? How can these corrupt people stop a verdict given by CJ.

If this story is true CBNSat should immediately inform this to CJ and act accordingly.

This country should be freed from these dog gone officials.

This must be the reason why there is a delay in the uplinking since CBNsat had previously informed that the up linking can be done within 30 minutes of the court order. They seem to have also threatened to bomb the uplinking station.

The above information may be all wrong but there is a possibility taking into account the calibre of the people who are behind all this shutdown.

IF this is true it is now time to rally around and support CBNsat more than ever. There is no need to mention the name's of the prime suspects since they are very popular among CBNsat customers and are at the receiving end of the curses of more than 20,000 customers.

We are also getting reports that CBNsat will be commencing transmissions anytime during the day today. It all depends on whether the above piece of information is true or not.

Please keep us updated on any new developments and also update this blog when the decoder light turns green.



dee.panadura said...

He should approach the Hon Minister of Defence abouth the threats, if so.

It has to be the tigers if they claim, are going to bomb the uplinking station

hush said...

this news of death threats should be made a very much a public affair so that we can bring out the real culprits behind the closure of CBNsat and who wanted it kept that way.

some people just cant see justice been done as they have vested intersts of their own and agendas to follow. Very pathetic situation the country is in right now and doesnt reflect well on the current ethicnic issue as well.

lil_birdy said...

hey dee.panadura,

approach hon min defence??????????? are u out???? u need to wake up boy. everyone knows who has threatened cbn sat! and u tell cbn to go to them itself for protection??? hulu balla & his dear friend who share everything including you know who are both in the defence, who were behind the closure of cbn & lbn!!!
and u expect cbn to go back to them?

lil_birdy said...

a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to CBN! We knew u would make it! never lost hope & faith in u guys! your service was un-matched. and we know truth will win! Thank God!

yakuza said...

can the goverment justify their act against cbn management.have they found any proof that they are linked with LTTE.
else it would be a human right issue.
nice start to make and end to the ethnic problem GOSL.

yakuza said...

what is latest from cbn. hope we will get something on our decoder today.
(atleast the green light without pics)

anyway why cant they sent one of those messages like before. that should be easy.

Anonymous said...

Hulla and Gota of defence has called the top cop and said somehow find another investigation on CBNsat.Poor cop have said about the court order saying that they cannot even ente CBNsat.

It is now conspired that these dogs in the defence is hell bent on making missery for sri lanka in the name of national security for their own gain. We hail CBNsat for fighting dogs of this nature and we should make sure that people get to know the truth.so bloggers go ahead and tell the world about the real traitors of sri lanka.

Anonymous said...

This calling of the cop to the defence has happend the day after the court verdict and now everyone in the cop shed and the state legal department knows who is behind the scam.

These jokers should understand that by threats they could never hide their shame because all of Sri Lnka seems to know of the real story now.It is pity that state had to ruin to this .so Hulla and Gota!!!!!!!! we know the real story .We are watching u !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Folks,

I was realiably informed from a very senior person at Dialog Telekom that transmission will only commence AFTER the transfer of assets and other legal formalities have been concluded.

So you people will have to be patient.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Dont worry guys. Let dialog handle it. This time, hulla is plotting his own destruction. You just cant fuck around with a company that makes 8 billion profit per year. CBNsat will be back any minute take my word for it..

And there is no need to re establish channel partnerships. It's only a matter of powering up.

By the way, Dishtv airs Adventure one from 2.30 am to 10.30 am every day. Cant believe i didnt know that untill today.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Correction to my post above:
A1 airing time on Dishtv is 12 am to 8 am everyday.

dee.panadura said...

lil birdy,

i'm certainly not out, like i dont know? well i understand and agree with all you say, but there seem to be some people who get offended when something is said about 'defence'(non existant lol)

so it was my way of rubbing it in.

sorry if your good senses were effected

chami_tv said...

Guys CBN has a small trechnical issue. The problem is with a hard disk razor. One of which cost on 11000 LKR they need 4 of them. As soon as they get it they will start trasnsmission.

Also the Discussion had with Rupavahini was to cover up this discussion with Dialog so that every body will turn a blind eye on other devlopments adn hull thought he can stop everytrhing at last moment because Rupavahini is with Media Minister alias Modaya minister.

The above is the truth tha I hide of telling to the blog because all who blog can't trusted. Now all over truth has won. And All the best for CBNSAT.

The Green light will appear as soon as they get 4 RAzors from... Well I want tell that because hulla may try to tsop that moda gona...

cableguy said...


Now I see what you are trying to say. Didnt quite get the message across clearly from your first posting. I fully agree with your sentiments, esp after seeing the scary stuff the "cop" has written.

Dear Fellow Bloggers:
So now it is very clear that this whole CBNSat saga had nothing to do with Canagey, National Security or any other crap. It was all about CBNSat being a successful business competitor. Since these wife swapping bastards(owning SHITNET) could not compete with CBNSat, they found very creative ways of bringing down the competition, using National Security as a pawn. Should we as Sri Lankans allow this to happen? Is National Security a toy for people in power to play around as and when they want? Is this why our poor, hard working forces sacrifice their lives for?

They kept saying that CBNSat will not be allowed to transmit with the current management(Canagey).Now that Canagey has sold it to Dialog, they are still trying to keep it closed! You figure it out!!!
That poor chap had to loose his business just to satisfy a bunch of greedy, powerful bastards.

I think its time to take some serious action.

1. Its time for the Media to expose these crooks to the whole country. Its not a National Security issue anymore.(It never was. These bastards just tried to tell the public that). The media has been kept quite all this time with false allegations of Nat Sec against CBN. SO we beg of you the Media, please help us subscribers by exposing these crooks.

2. CBN/Dialog: Please start an Ad Campaign to expose the injustices done to you. Let the people decide what is right and wrong.

3. SUbscribers Unite: Lisura and the crowd. Lets start an organized campaign to share this news with as many as possible. Maybe you can draft a letter and post it here. Then the bloggers can copy it and send it to all in their address list. This should be publicized to all, not just CBNSat customers.

These are a few suggestions. I would like to hear everyone elses opinions/suggestions on this. Bottom line: The events of last two days have very clearly shown the real reason behind the CBNSat story. They succeded in hoodwinking the legal system too in the name of Nat security. But now the CJ also should see the real truth.

Its time to take organized action. Soon....

I have a gut feeling that the re-transmission might be delayed due to these threats. ALthough the Daily Mirror today reports otherwise. Because even after Dialog buys over and starts transmission, these bastards will continue to create trouble. Then once again, we subscribers will be the ones suffering at the end.

cableguy said...

chami TV

Thanks for that update.

Why dont you create some more technical details of stuff that CBN need and post it here. Include where they plan to get these stuff from etc. This way we can get the hulla bastard and his crowd on a wild goose chase. They may try to do all kinds of crazy stuff and noondi veevi. Lets have some fun with these bastards.

"One cant fool all the people all the time"

krandor said...

A scarey thing is how little Hullu, Abey and their powerful friends care about what the public knows though! Despite the fact they have been fully exposed online, they still continue to play hell.

I think the most important thing is for the print media (especially the Sinhala ones) to run the story about the real reasons for the closure of CBNSat. The more people that know the harder it will be them to do anything.

I hope once people get their TV shows back, they won't forget the danger that the CBNSat management put themselves in to fight this case.

cableguy said...

ABsolutely right Kandor

That is why we need to take action now. As you say, most people will get back to their CBNSat programs and keep quite and happy. But if we want to make sure that we will continue to have an uninterrupted Sat TV service, then we have to take pre-emptive action and stop these buggers right now!!!

Otherwise we will get to see CBN for a little bit of time, before they come up with more crap. They might even accuse Hans Wijesuriya of providing free Dialog phones to LTTE. Who knows. They are mad men.