Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Attention Sri Lankans : CBNSat being threatened by Defense Officials

Please copy the email given below and forward it to everyone you know.

In the aftermath of approval by the Supreme Court allowing CBNsat to recommence transmissions and also the Share Purchase agreement which will make CBNsat a fully owned subsidiary of Dialog Telekom. The people who were originally behind the shutdown of CBNsat are frantically pulling all strings to keep the broadcaster closed. They have gone to the extent of issuing threats to CBNsat and also trying to force the police to start another investigation into CBNsat.

The only thing that is preventing them is the supreme court ruling which prevents anyone from interfering with CBNsat operations.

These people behind all these threats are top officials in the Defense circles who are making use of their positions to gain a business advantage and have no regard for the National Security of this country.

These people should be immediately removed from their posts since they are a bigger threat to the national security of this nation.

By this we understand that all the allegations brought against CBNsat were false and it was these corrupt individuals who made this all up to keep a business venture shut.

An article related to this has appeared in the Daily Mirror dated 29th Nov 2006.

Please forward this email to all your friends and relatives so that they may be aware of these corrupt individuals and know that the real truth behind the CBNsat shutdown.

We appeal to Your Excellency President Mahinda Rajapakse to sack these corrupt individuals immediately.

CBNsat Customers


Anonymous said...

I have very reliable confirmation from a very senior person at Dialog Telekom that CBNSAT will only commence transmission after all the assets of CBNSAT has been officially transferred to Asset Media Ltd. He is unable to give a date, which is understandable in the context of the issues already faced.

In the light of all the nefarious issues that the management of CBNSAT is facing, I am of the view that this is the best option for all CBNSAT customers as it very unlikely that the government will want to mess about with TELEKOM Malaysia.

I think that CBNSAT should give wide publicity in all media about the problems they are facing and should also talk to the various chambers of commerce who are powerful lobby houses.

No purpose will be served in shouting here….must go public. After all it’s in the best interest of all media establishments in Sri Lanka.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Do you think the president will take action on his own brother? LOL

Anonymous said...

good point there cbnsatcustomer, and one i wanted to mention as well. what with another project like mihin lanka also on the cards looks like that family wants to secure income for the next 7 or 8 generations.


kula said...

That is why initially I said that still lot of legal & admin work to be done for it to come under Dialog. Once everything is done dialog would be in a better position to face anything. So CBN needs to close the deal ASAP while looking for recommencing the transmission

kula said...

These Sri Lankan officials doesn't know the meaning of immediate.

E.g Balu took almost two weeks to vacate the tea board position despite presidential orders.

Max Payne said...

yeah, me too agree with cbnsatcustomer, hulla is president's brother and so far President has done everything he could do make his lil bro happy. So don't tell him anythihng that makes his lil bro unhappy.

topfan said...


I visited an found out that one of the transponders(11591Mhz) on PAS12 which cbn used has been given to someone else.May be PAS operators thought CBN is down for good.The other transponder(11631) is appear to be free.On the closure of CBN 6 months ago both these had CBN logo on them.Des any body get the green light.Some one from CBN please confirm.

hush said...

the only hitch could be that these officials are insisting that supreme court granted approval based on the media license held by asset media and TRC license held by Dialog and that CBN assets has to be fully transferred to asset media which is now owned by dialog to make it the operator in order to resume transmission and fulfilling the condition of having both TRC and Media license.

Mabe techical issue that CBN is talking about is in this sense rather than a malfunctioning of equipment.

also someone mentioned that one transponder is taken over by someone else but one is free.My belief is that each transponder can carry about 30 channels but since CBN had about 28 channels this should not be a issue but for expansion they definitely need another 1 or 2 and beleive this is available if the need arises.

Hope the paper work will finish soon so that at least by weekend we can have some quality TV.

Lankikaya said...

Tried to call CBNSat, but always the telephone lines are congested.

I wonder why.

No green light in the morning before coming to work, apprxo. 6.30 am.

What is the latest situation? Can somebody findout?

Lycon said...

Yes, topfan is correct. Because when I called CBN help desk today they told me that they are having some problem with the "satelite's alignment". And it could take up to 3 to 4 days more to get it right.

hush said...

just 3 to 4 days more will mean Dec 05, the date of the fundamental rights hearing on SC.December 04 been a holiday.Is it just a coincidence or CBN needs to get something sorted out in SC that officials are giving them a hard time on.

or it could be that full tranfer of assets will be finalised by Dec 05 to asset media and this presented in court to silence all the trouble makers for good.

the alignment of satellite should not be a major issue as it is in geo stationary orbit and cordinates are known and earth station is also fixed in one place.of course there could be a issue as renewal of transponder space has to take place if it has not been renewed due to the closure of CBNsat.

I guess a few days more wait is worth than not having at all.

jesika said...

whats happening now?

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest most pathetic saga I've seen in my life regarding a freakin cable channel. We're robbed of 20K+ and our basic consumer rights. What do we do? all of us here can't do jack but argue and make assumptions.

CBN are no better either. If they could stop giving us false hopes, we could really stop giving a hoot about them. Before the whole Dialog story, most of us got on with our business. CBN has said “we are back on air” on their website. I wonder what the hell they mean by that. They are obviously not responsible for their customers either.

We just want what we paid for. It’s as simple as that. What has being loyal given us? “Loyal” to me in this particular situation is nothing more than us wondering when the light will turn green. After all the e-mailing, letters to high ranking officials, petitioning, we still don’t have anything concrete. All we have are false hopes. CBN should just stop sending bogus emails to this blog and tell everyone the truth by doing a media conference. If they can’t get back on air, I personally don’t care. Because it looks like it’s too much to ask for all the waiting we’ve done. Who cares if they are waiting for the satellites to be aligned, who cares if they are waiting for a full transfer of their assets? Why can’t they just tell us when they’ll resume transmissions and confirm it? They can keep a buffer do their tests, align their satellites, transfer their assets, clean the office or whatever and not lie about it for the sake of the consumer.

I think posting confirmed media releases would be a start. We’ve fallen back to nothing but dead ends for the past six months many times, let’s not make it worse. I urge the admins of CBN subscribers unite to be more responsible when they post unconfirmed reports for a start.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good thing to do while we wait till CBNSat comes back.

We'll launch an attack on SHITNET mail boxes.

What we have to do is to subscribe to mailing lists with
their address so that there mails boxes will be flooded with

The addresses are the following :


Anonymous said...

Here's a good thing to do while we wait till CBNSat comes back.

We'll launch an attack on SHITNET mail boxes.

What we have to do is to subscribe to mailing lists with their Address so that there mails boxes will be flooded with SPAM !

The addresses are the following :

yakuza said...

unfortunately i have to agree with
"the bullet dodger"

don said...

Who is the BORIS fucker,Doesnt this mad dog understand the reality,

The idea of savecbnsat is great,Will start it immedietly

jesika said...

How to do it?
how reply to the confirmation mail ?

chami_tv said...

If you want to contact CBN use 4606000 insated of normal hotline because this line is for internal calls but you can connect.

Apart from that they told me that they will start transmission on Monday. Supreme course next hearing I do not thing will happen on 6th because through the motion that has changed and the new date is on January.

I have posted a note yseterday under a Previous topic that the probelem they are having with 4 razours in the main Dish. And thats true.
Do not think about Dialog thing because the court has given orders to start transmission.

CBN is getting touch with dialog in two pahases

1. to braodcast through Assest media licence which can done soon after the reapir is done.

2. For the selling of the company which will happen later. They are not in a posstion to drag further the rebraodcasting and it will happen no sooner the technical problem is sorted out. Do not trust Agents at help desk trust my word. They seems to be frantic over the issue of reopening.

Guys I think comet also has beeen moved by reopennig. My connection of comet was cut down on day before the court rulling because of the over due bills. But they have concted it as sson as the Court rule was given.

Oh my god the compny policies in sri lanka jsut like the country polices.....ha ha ha

hush said...

the space on transponder 6 on 11673V is still free as someone correctly mentioned but transponder 4 on 11591V has been rented out on long term to discovery europe. Although another transponder 3 is available on frequency 11556V. Maybe few more transponders are available as there is a total of 18 for Video and audio on PAS 12 sat at 45deg.

This would mean when we do get CBN, we have to do a procedure of our own by reprogamming the decoder as set values will not correspond on one transponder which will result in few channels been not available.

better CBN post the procedure on the blog if thats the case. we know the default password.

if the whole satellite is changed to another then we have to climb the roof to align.

better be ready for the start or else there will be another wait for them to show up for the above procedure as there are more than 20000 subcribers.

yakuza said...

chami tv
any idea when they could continue trasmision.
date, time....etc

Anonymous said...

Dear LST,

Can't we launch a DOS attack on the satnet servers. Even putting their emails to SPAM lists will do a great damage as their mailboxes will be filled with 100s of junk mail.

Jesika, u dont need to confirm. What these spammers do is if the mails are getting delivered without bouncing back they assume it as a genuine mail box and keep on sending the junk. If they try to unsubscribe the things will get worse.

kaluperuma said...

LST - Tell us the way we could launch a DOS attack on the satnet server.

After all Dilrukshi must be enjoying the porn she is getting as it is comming to light that Huluballa is homo,Dilrukshi must be doing the rounds for goti.

don said...



Lycon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kaluperuma said...

Machang ALF,DOS attack ekata podi udavvak deela eka karala dapan malli,

pavune ban Dilu,Umbath attack ekak deepan,oluwama unath ethulta danna puluwan,Felix ge thattema danawa.

ALF honda eka wage damma patan ganin,Kothalawalatath Kiyapan,uta puluwan Huluballa freedom fighter kenek kiyanna.

yakuza said...

before attacking satnet, we have to worry abt cbn man, they have got the court order to resume but unusnally they havent.
cbn was eagerly waiting for this moment for 6 months, but still nothing happening.
this worries me

kaluperuma said...

You worry about that YAKUZA,We know that its comming,you are a typical Sri Lankan koheda Yanne malle pol.

So you want the CBNsat CEO killed by the goons at the defence ministry?

kaluperuma said...




chami_tv said...


According to the info i got from inside Its going to start on Monday. But its unconfirmed will give yo a wroding soon

cableguy said...


Please mind my ignorance. But how do I get into SPAM sites in order to enter the email address?

channa said...

No, the transmission will be back by 6.00 PM tommorow,Youll be suprised,Chami TVS inside information is the customer care who doesnt know a damn whats happening inside.

jesika said...


Are u sure?
Pls dont joke tim like this

eXcalibur said...

Well to encourage spam for the sake of cbnsat is really not done for. Those who really wish to go that route - go ahead, but there are more practical ways to go at these assholes.

I really agree with Boris the bulletdodger simply because CBNSat does not seem be sure of where they stand. If not for this Dialog involvement, which is confirmed by Dialog - this is simply a pathetic and unprofessional display by the company and a real letdown - again!

IF CBNSat is serious about standing by thier 'loyal' customers (who are willing to fight for them - just read the blog) then they should hv no issue to start the transmission after renting a new transponder freq and informing the customer base (and how the F did they manage to loose the transponder allocation and surely, if they did, they were first informed!!!).

Money shouldn't be an issue - they do hv financing and they know this is critical. They seem to be just taking us along for another bout of misery.

And why the F can't they send an email an sms or hold a press conference to keep us informed?

After this fiasco - I must say I'm rapidly loosing whatever the remaining amount of hope I had.

I really love cable and CBNSat was fantastic while they lasted. And still there's none to compare .. but they should learn to deal straight.

diehard said...

On a male dominated messageboard which is full of hatred towards the assholes who stopped us from watching some decent TV, you really do bring a sense of fun in to it.

Typical lady talk.

"Are u sure?
Pls dont joke tim like this? "

As much as we miss the service , this is not armegeddon by any means little lady :)

channa said...

JESSIE - Take my word,even one or two channels will be on air by tommorow evening,Its realy the threat which is delaying the transmission, and we dont wont the CBNsat CEO who faught all alone and who was the case for severe harassment from the defence ministry being discriminated again.

It will be back tommorow for sure.

kaluperuma said...

Its realy a pity some of huluballas friends who are blogging for the first time here wants the CBNsat CEO killed,Who the fuck you are?

This blog is not the place for arsholes like you who underestimate and discriminate the CBNsat management who had to fight against the entire government heichery and now they wont to kill him.

cableguy said...


You better be correct. Otherwise there will be a bunch of irate subscribers knocking on your door. Not because its your fault, but because we now need a scapegoat to direct our anger and frustration. You see we cant really fight with the Defence Guys. They are too powerful. So we will have to come after you for giving us false hopes. For everyones sake, I hope you are correct.
ANyway, I have made up my mind to wait until next Monday. Will enjoy the nice long weekend. But if it is not back by next week, I may go nuts with this whole bloody situation.
Until then its "Shakalaka Baby!!!

cableguy said...

Let's allow Huluballa's guys blog here. We can have some good fun with them with electronic warfare. Now that we have LST and FileNetworks also on board, I am sure we can take them for a good bite.
Wonder how SHITNET and Dilrukshi are doing with all the thousands of informational emails! Probably must have crashed the system!!

channa said...

Yes Cableguy i understand the situ and i stand on my word.Dilrushi certainly must be enjoying the porn sh get as somedy said and she is very popular for that.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Performing a DOS attack is not easy and we do not recommend doing it.

SATnet is hosted by Internet Services, Inc. of Texsas. It will take a DDOS of significant strength to cripple the server. If suceeded, DDOS will make the other sites hosted by Internet Services inaccessible as well.

Plus, such a move may backfire against CBNsat. You never know in Srilanka. Do not give Hulla any more weapons that he has. He only has raw political influence which he has used already.
He's out of options after court ruling and CBNsat is now in a better position than ever to start the services. So let's not fuck this up for them.
As per info i received from a Singer agent in colombo, they will begin issuing new connections from Friday onwards. I do not know whether this is true or not. But all i can say is that there is no need to worry.

Hint: No one fucks with Telekom Malaysia

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
topfan said...

On lyngsat frequency table There are only 11 transponders.does this mean all other 7 is free.If so there will be no problem of getting sat space.But satallites are billon dollor equipment so if cbn has not reneved its connection at lesat for 11673MHz i dont think they can regain it just by a phone call.It'll take time may be weeks.If have to modify it manually i dont think many CBN subscribers will follow since its little complex.CBN better send a HOW TO DO papers.Mean while why dont you people clean clean the top box and restart it once.

hush said...

channa hope you are right man!

cause the info I also got was about resuming transmission on Monday.

but I will take Friday cause I really miss out on quality programming given out by CBN.

I am keeping my fingers crossed just in case it turn out to be Monday>>>

channa said...

The reletionship between CBNsat and the PAS12 owners are very good or extremely good.Stop worrying about the transponder space the requirement has been already attended to and there is no problem whatsoever with transponder space and thats guranteed.

There is a small adjustment to the recommencement of the transmission and it will be saturday evening due to a sensitive issue we are well aware of.

JESIKA/CABLEGUY its going to be Saturday due to a sudden change of plans.

hush said...


actually there are 30 transponders in KU band but dedicated only 18 transponders for video and audio at the moment the balance might be communication or teleporting of data.

In theory 7 are free which can be used by CBN.

satellite chart can be seen on and click on satellite map near marutius in the Indian ocean PAS12.

kaluperuma said...

Diehard - how do you know that Jesika is a lady?

Anonymous said...

Boris makes more sense than anyone has on here in a long time.

Still, as some of you plan on engaging in questionably illegal activities in "defense" of CBNSat I suppose a rational voice is the last thing you'd want to listen to.

Anonymous said...

hai all u guys CBN will be back by 2moro this is comfirmed hope its goin to give a suprise to all its customers but he sad thing is that the present ceo of cbn is steppin out of the company on saturday heis a person who fought a lot against the government and cbn is his dreams from his small day

all the staffs of cbn were very sad when they heard that their ceo is leaving well done muhuthan keep it up wish u all the best

Sameera said...

It's 9:20pm Thursday 30th November.

Green Light is on!!

but It's only for channel 1 - channel 19. None of them are visible.. may be life is correct.. for me it seems to be a test transmission like they had earlier..

any way big smile on my face..

we'll see..

cableguy said...

They seems to have done a short test transmission until 9.38pm. My clock on the decorder is stagnant on 21:38.

this is a good sign.

Hats off to Mr. Muhanthan Canagey. You are a brave fighter. You fought all the way until justice prevailed even at the cost of loosing your job and your dreams.
Trust me, you will be rewarded well for being an honorable person and genuinely fighting for all of us, against all odds.
Dont worry! These culprits will receive their punishment one day and who knows, they may come begging and crying to you for help. You know what to do then!
These political goondas think they are here foerver, and they think they will be in power forever. They will get their proper treatment one day, and even their families will suffer, since there is too many of us cursing these bastards.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Guys, I need to clarify something here.

Please read this article posted in his blog by Jolly Lucifer

Many of you guys asked me how to spam SATnet email and how to perform a DDOS on the server. My initial response was 'Don’t do it" and I gave my reasons in my blog post.
But soon after that I posted a list of spamware sites on the blog. (Lucifer was kind enough to take a screenshot of it). I immediately deleted the post within 10 minutes after I realized how dangerous the list could be. What lucifer says is true. Some sites can actually harm your computer instead of SATnet and that is why I deleted the post within 10 minutes.

I just need to clarify one thing. Lucifer's post makes it look like that I intentionally tried to harm CBNsat subscriber's computers. I would never do such a thing . So please do not be mislead by shit talkers.

LoverlordStriker said...

I have been checking the blog every 15 minutes, looking for updates on cbn. yet i did not see that comment by you which proves you did in fact delete the post quickly after posting. However i would like to request you to post more spam sites like that as i would like to get the mental satisfaction of getting back at SATnet.

I have seen Jolly_Lucifer's comments in the filenetworks blog. He is nothing more than a typical srilankan fucktard. He has blamed the Tv Radio Sl -filenetworks partnership for no reason. Both the blogs are doing a great job for us srilankans and this lucifer guy seems to be jealous about it. May be he is Hulla's son.

Ekek naginakota ihalata,
Ahe katu aney anikata.....

diehard said...

I feel sorry for the true entrepreneurs in this country.Best thing to do in this cursed land is to open a wine store, massage parlour or a brothel. That way all the politician fucktards will hail the guy once the elections come around.Am sure that Muthunathan will succeed again as these kinda tests are necessary for any winning entrepreneur.

p.s. - Did you know that Donald Trump went bankrupt twice? IIRC he last filed in 2004.

Lisura said...

CBNSat was on air for few minutes last night approx from 9.25 to 9.38 The signal strength on my Decoder was 77% and the signal Quality was 59%.

Only 1 transponder was active (11591) and the channels 1-19 were active but all were scrambled.

So it is clear now CBNSat have sorted out their technical problems if they had any. Now it's a matter of opening the transmission at least with few channels !


At the same time we have to be really greatful to Mr. Muhunthan who opened the doors for us to enter into the world of international infotainment regardless of your geographical location. CBNSat was serving with the same level of service to a home in Colombo 7 as well as a distant subscriber in Giradurukotte. You broke the barriers of Digital Divide !!!!

Hats off to you Mr. Muhanthan Canagey. Not only you brought this cutting edge technology to our motherland you fought a lone battle for justice for us the subscribers.

You might leave CBNSat but all of us will remember you as the pioneer who brought DTH to Sri Lanka. That title no one can take away from you.


channa said...

Yes someguys are correct,Mr.Muhunthan who is a real Hero will be vaccating CBNsat on saturday(That is supposed to be his last day) and all indications are that the transmission will commence no sooner he leaves,Its a very sad siruation but the the life of the man who did so much in briging DTH to sri Lanka is prime importance.

The technical problem has been sorted out and the system is functioning 100% perfectly and there is no problem whatsoever with the transponder allocation.

Take it for granted its going to be today evening or Saturday

jesika said...

Yeah ! Yesterday I saw the Green light too !! I was very happy. But i couldn't able to check the channels.
I check for the green until 11 PM. But it didn't come again...
But we know its coming very soon....!

we are waiting for your reborn CBN

Max Payne said...

Hats off to you Mr. Muhanthan Canagey

ROSHAN said...

Hats off to you Mr. Muhanthan Canagey.


jesika said...

Mr. Muhanthan Canagey

Thank you !!
Wish you all the best !!

We never forget you...

dee.panadura said...

Mr. Canagey,

This is sri lanka, Somebody innovates and makes a totally new concept available to the country.

People who have no vision what so ever, who are basically leaches living off other peoples blood gets into power and decides, Hey I could do that! then realises that they do not posses the ability of even duplicating a succesful project.

Last resort they use their power to block the new venture. Well they dont know what they are missing because these people do not come from proper backgrounds, in other words they do not see the real world.

Your Talents are better used in another country, soon this place will not bee seing many of your caliber.

eXcalibur said...

Mr. Canagey is a tru pioneer in the electronic age in SL and him being hving to step away due to treacherous and dastardly acts of those few bastards is a crying shame for the government and people of sri lanka.

H/e, Im still to see re-transmission amidst all this - and false hopes are worse than hving none. But if the test transmisson was on last night (unfortunately I wasn't home) it gives some concrete proof. but still if the CBN guys are hanky dory with the PAS guys - most of this delay should not hv happened. So I don't want to believe that.

eXcalibur said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prabakaran said...

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