Friday, November 03, 2006

Supreme Court hearing on Nov 6th

Well on monday (Nov 6th) CBNsat will be facing Court hearing number - we have honestly lost count of these court hearings. We wonder what the Supreme Court has to discuss and hopefully the Chief Justice will not get sick.

Information is only trickling in on the rumoured agreement between CBNsat and ????? party. According to unconfirmed information that we are getting, there is something going on behind the scenes and is being kept under wraps. Rightfully so, since these people who instigated this are waiting for a chance to pounce.

Please keep us updated on any developments regarding CBNsat as the days progress.


Yuktiya said...

As you correctly mentioned he needs not to get sick, he himself is a sick person right now he utilizes his time to write a book on srilankan judicial system. For an example you get caught in Diywanaaoya with a half nude women & how to escape from the system…….any how nov 6th would be another day for the CBNSAT.

cableguy said...

This is in today's Daily Mirror.

New satellite TV beams today

A new satellite television -‘Srilakvahini’- will commence its test transmission from today, the company said.
Srilakvahini, a state-of-the-art digital satellite television channel can broadcast its programmes to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and African countries, Future Satcom, the holding Company of the channel said.
“One of the primary tasks is to promote peace and harmony and position Sri Lanka as the best destination for investment and tourism,” company Chairman Rohan Welivita said.
He also said that the new channel would broadcast musical, education, news, dramas, films, sports, documentaries and live programmes in Sinhala, Tamil and English targeting a large audience locally and abroad.

SLP said...

Another Mirage .....???, as some TV broadcaster say " we are Worth watching", well does that so....

We v waited for several months, lets jst wait n see for thease few days too...

AS for CBNSat, many individuals are willing to turn to DISHTv on after this court hearing,

So a Warning signal CBN, clarify ur issue....

All the best CBN . . . . . .

ravin said...

You can see the state of the art broadcasting station of SRI LAKVAHINI if you visit their office at D R Wijewardena Mawatha,you will see

1.Their office resembles a shanty in Colombo.

2.The production manager is drunk 24 hours.

3.The uplinking equipment is fixed in a garbage dump.

4.They were illegaly selling dish tv connections and seem to have got blasted from Hulugalla and now they say their not doing it.

just visit the place for first hand expereince.

Yuktiya said...

Yes Ravin,

In our country authorities are not concern about the quality about the entire process. These people have done the media campaign for MR. now they have getting the reward.

Max Payne said...

hey guys, don't look for lankan crap. If u do, then wehn u r watching sometin, lets say F1 in star sports, just when Micheal Schumacher started the race these fools will show "Ratti kiri sarai, saru sarai, mole tiyena ayay ratti ganne" * 1000 times. and then some of the previews of local dramas including crying women, crying like morons or just gossiping. useless stuff.. Don't look for anything from sri lanka

yakuza said...

if cbn and rupavahini got in to a agreement it should be signed by today because the next hearing is on monday.

channa said...

YAKUZA- The agreement has nothing to do with the court case and its outcome.Its going to be a commercial agreement signed between the two parties and the court agreed that such agreement does not need their consent.They merely have to inform court as a practice.

Buth thell be back for sure.

jesika said...

Imagin we bought Dishtv package. What happend if our dealer vanish? Can we pay through another one's dealer too?

don said...

JESSIE -In India you can pay to any dealer with the VC number.If what you mean is the Sri Lankan dealer he also can send the money the same way if he is agreeble.

Or else you could pay through the WEB/Internet and get your entire connection fucked up.

Its a gamble and not assured.

Looser said...

We all fucked up once by the Hulla & Balla.

If Hulla & Balla agrees for the agreement CBNSat will be back otherwise ???

Same thing will happen to our Tea trade with Balla very soon. Good Luck Balla.

sat_bird said...

'Srilakvahini'- I was very optimistic about this channel that they would be a great channel for Sri Lankan expatriates... but as their operations begin, it seems like another cheap channel (like 'TV Lanka'). Only good thing is that this is a free-to-air channel.. still, who wants to watch rubbish..?

*Unprofessional management & staff (Once spoked to Mr. Kithsiri regarding DishTV, denied first but asked to meet in person later on)

**Doubtful avtivities (Sold DishTV connections)

***YAMAL (oh god!! why couldn't they find a better sat apart from this.. it's extreamely difficult to adopt to Yamal just for one channel, when you're watching other favourites on a different sat;)

****Uplink station(How on earth they are going to make quality programmes when they even can't invest properly for their operations..?)

Anyway good luck 'Srilakvahini'!! (I think you need that)

machang said...
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bank_dude said...

Guys interesting stuff. Read this.


Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is planning to invest in a television station and ‘differentiating’ its product offering based on Internet provider (IP) technology to beat the competition.

“We have applied for a non voice telecommunication service license to use cable and satellite technologies and we want to get into television,” Shuhei Anan, CEO, SLT told The Sunday Times FT last week.

He said the company, no sooner they get the license, will start working on the TV station and is the second company after Dialog GSM to announce such a move.

“At present we are awaiting approval. When we get the license we want to start a TV station,” Anan explained. SLT wants to launch a packaged product together with television content for mobile phones in order to better face competition next year.

He said that SLT will combine CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access, a digital cellular technology), ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line, a new technology that allows more data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) and Wi Max services based on IP technologies. “The television station and the content it will offer will be very helpful in this context,” he added.

He said the combined product will push the tariffs down. “When the four services are combined, it will help reduce the tariffs and we also want to expand our market share by riding on the tariff reduction,” he added.

"Mobile phone TV fulfills a human desire to be informed and connected to news, entertainment and information services especially as our lives become increasingly mobile," an industry analyst said, adding that mobile phone TV can deliver more multimedia and online services in addition to traditional TV-like broadcasts.

Source : Financial times 05/11/2006

I think someting is happening in a positive manner.

yakuza said...

any hopes about todays hearing.has cbn finalized their agreement with rupavahini. whats goin on..........?????????????

RabbitHole said...
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dee.panadura said...

Wonder what the excuse today will be?

Maybe its 'poppy month' or some stupid excuse

RabbitHole said...

Ignoring a presidential order

Sri Lanka has many firsts to its credit. Some dubious; some creditable. Among the praiseworthy ones are having the first woman prime minister in the world and … among those we would like to hide are the deadliest suicide killers and at one time the worst suicide rates in the world.

We would like to add another first to the list of dubious achievements – the chairman of state companies refusing to obey a presidential order.

Several months after Sri Lanka Tourism Board Chairman Udaya Nanayakkara refused to budge from his seat after President Mahinda Rajapaksa wanted Bennet Cooray appointed, comes the news that Tea Board Chairman B.A.C Abeywardene is also boldly hanging on in spite of orders to quit.

As our story on the previous page says, presidential orders have been given for the Tea Board chairman to resign and to assume duties at the Presidential Secretariat but the man refuses to do so.

Last week Abeywardene fired his guns at The Sunday Times FT accusing it of irresponsible reporting because we were merely reporting the facts. The boorish official has now arrogantly taken on powers that are beyond him and boldly and without fear says that the Secretary to the Ministry of Plantation Industry or the Secretary to the President have no control over him. “I will remain,” he says stubbornly.

He has fallen foul with his fellow directors on the Tea Board and berated them for interfering. The bull-in-a-china-shop approach has even resulted in threats that directors could be manhandled if they interfered in the affairs of the board!

Abeywardene’s don’t-care-attitude began when he clashed with Tea Board Director General H.D. Hemaratne over administrative and financial matters. About a month ago Hemaratne, widely regarded by the tea industry as one of the most honest and competent state officials, was sent on compulsory leave for alleged financial irregularities. So far the suspended Tea Board official is yet to get a charge sheet as required when such action is taken. The Tea Board chairman has also ignored instructions from the Minister and other higher-ups saying he answers only to the President.

Now even with the presidential order given calling for his resignation and re-assignment to the Presidential Secretariat, the chairman who owns the TV Lanka channel refuses to quit. The tea industry is Sri Lanka’s biggest commodity export and at one time the country’s biggest export earner and heavily relies on promotion of Ceylon Tea and doesn’t need problems like this. But there’s more bad news. Our story says that Abeywardene has been blocking vital funds needed for overseas promotion and thus Tea Board Promotion Centres abroad are in deep financial trouble. The tea industry is appalled by the state of play and hoping that the President will intervene in an absolutely messy situation.

The crisis in the industry comes after the drama at the Tea Research Institute where the ‘harassment’ of its then director Dr Ziyad Mohamed, also a competent officer, saw his early departure from that agency. Here again the chairman of the institute was to blame and he was replaced but it was too late: the industry lost a good officer

The Sunday Times FT has been singularly beating the warning drums over the threat to Hemaratne even during the TRI crisis but no one listened or paid any attention.

Now Hemaratne is out and the chairman refuses to quit. The President must take stock of this situation and not allow an Udaya Nanayakkara- type situation to continue. Now Hemaratne is out and the chairman refuses to quit. The President must take stock of this situation and not allow an Udaya Nanayakkara- type situation to continue.

Financial Times
Sunday, November 05, 2006