Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update from CBNsat

*** The below email was received by us yesterday and we regret our inability to post this earlier

In the Supreme Court today, we requested for interim relief and got the permission for CBNSat to immediately re-commence transmission.

Our Engineering team is working on this and we expect CBNSat will be back on air tomorrow morning.

We are proud that we did not give up and that we have succeeded in resuming the transmission independently through the CBNSat name.

However, due to the six month closure where the company did its best to honour as much of its commitments as possible, the company is now financially crippled and will need fresh investment.

In this regard, an agreement was signed with Asset Media (Pvt) Ltd., a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Limited whereby CBNSat will be purchased by them in the near future and become a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Limited. Permission was also obtained for this transfer in the Supreme Court.

CBNSat will however remain intact and function as a separate business unit.

CBNSat is extremely grateful to the support given by its stakeholders, including the CBNSat Subscriber Unite group, the valued customers, its employees, the financial institutions and other parties whose patience and understanding was vital.”

Dilani Nandasiri
Manageress Legal

Communiq Broadband Network (Pvt.) Ltd.
83 George R. De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 13, Sri Lanka .
Tel: +94 11 460 6000 Fax: +94 11 460 6099


jesika said...

another 3 hours remaining !!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for all the CBNSAT team for fighting such a long time . We all know what a bloody country is this. Even the low is not thrustful. Even though Dialog is very realiable I feel sorry for the owners of CBNSat since it looks like they are going to loose it.
We really need to salute them because they are the people who kept a bold step forward to bring DTH to srilanka knowing this worring backgrounds. Now it's looks like everybody need to have a Sattelite TV with them. Tamil or Sinhalese it doesnot matter in any circumstances to delevop this country. We only need to kick those idiots like Hulla...& Balla....
Onece more we really appreciate your good service..We really had lot of infotainment with good high quality programming and a good customer care. Even in this hard 6 months you all tried your best to bring it back.
I still believe only very few has left CBNSat and bought new one. We feel very sorry for them now. As I told several times earlier Dish TV was a trap of few business people. They very clearly sell few connections to some irretated CBNSat customers.
DishTV does not have legal rights to sell connections to sri lankans in their trade name. so dishtv customers will be soon scrambled by them. Enjoy Dish TV till then.

LoverlordStriker said...

DishTV does not have legal rights to sell connections to sri lankans in their trade name. so dishtv customers will be soon scrambled by them. Enjoy Dish TV till then.

You are entirely wrong my friend. SATnet is authorised dealer for DishTV in Srilanka. See 'Dealer locator' of DishTv web site. And it is not illegal to import DishTv equipment to srilanka as i said before. There is no way DishTv can detect the location of decoder unless a user pays via web using a srilankan credit card. DishTV cannot scramble signals to a specific geographic area because the NSS6 satellite covers almost all the south east asian region. Where there is coverage, Dishtv signals will be beamed there.

Sameera said...

Yesterday's tomorrow morning means today's morning ryt...

still it's red light... :(

eXcalibur said...

loverlordstriker is correct - DishTV has SL distribution. Even CC payments should be ok - that option is also available to SatNet Dish customers.

H/e if they check individual Acct #'s against those sold by SatNet - then there could be an issue for those who purchased through different channels.

H/e, the point of discussion here is CBN and not Dish. CBN has all the Singapore channels against those Indian Channels of Dish - so in any count CBN is more value for money and yeah it's back (hopefully very soon now!!!!!)

dini said...

finally, some action!!!

jesika said...

another 1 and half hours to end this morning !!!
Still RED !!!!!

yakuza said...

do we have a green yet.

Dude said...

Called CBN and they said 2pm. The wait is killing me.

Actually I am in office, so what. I think they will have 7 to 10 channels to start with

cableguy said...

Hey Guys
While we wait for the green light lets talk about what actually happened to CBNSat.
Based on the purchase price (Rs 530 million) reported on LBO, it seems awfully lower than what CBNSAt is worth(as per their prospectus).
Do you think it was a "forced" voluntary liquidation?
If so I feel very sorry for the hard working, enterprising owners of CBNSat who did a great service to Sri Lanka. They dont deserve this treatment. Wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.
In the meantime, lets hope that Dialog will take CBNSat to another whole level and give us even better quality TV.

kaluperuma said...

Where is our friend ALF PONNA KOTHALAWALA,bugger must be praying and requesting god,not to make the decorder light of cbnsat green.

WAIT-TILL-WIN -your man is ALF PONNA KOTHALAWALA,He is now shivering that he wont be able to carry on his underhand business in selling Dish Tv to innocent CBNsat subscribers and putting them in further trouble by promoting web access.

Ponna ALF serves good for traitors like you who were laughing and making baseless remarks against CBNsat,Your parties over man.

channa said...



Alf said...

Ha ha ha...there is always a thorne among roses. Thats what Kalu is.

If you do not understand this pls ask your mom to explain.

kaluperuma said...

ANNA PONNA ALF AYETH AWILLA,HA HA HA,So freedom of expression,pala ponnaya yanne umbage ammata thamai ahek nethi deshadrohi Kothalawala Ponnaya hikuwe,Umba uge awajathaka ponna putha,Thawa monawada umbata denaganna one.

Umba CBNsat ekata kelawanna hadala den umbatama puke erala thiyanne.


cableguy said...


Lets just rejoice on the good news without attacking each other. We are all happy about the wonderful news and lets bask in that joy, instead of dwelling on petty differences. If any of you still feel the need to do that, its best done privately.
I think we have many a reason to be happy about the coming back of CBNSat and lets not ruin that joy. Lets move forward.
Those who want to enjoy DISHTV should be allowed to do so at their own will, while those of us who patiently(sometimes impatiently) waited for CBNSat to come back, should be allowed to enjoy it now. After all, its a democratic country.

Alf said...

Kalu ta Mahasona gahala...balagena!!!

Kalu yaka is dancing the hell out at this moment. I think he is the one who has got upset about CBNSat coming back.

Sameera said...

Ok it's 12 noon. and still red light.

the next countdown is set for 2:00 pm as dude said.. he he..

bank_dude said...

Waiting for 3-4 hours, a day or two is nothing compared to six long months. I take this opportunity to thank CBN management and The Customer Unite for bringing CBN back on air. I feel sorry about the management because they couldn't start their operation on their own. They have planted a tree but the harvest is now get by someone else. Anyway thank again for your effort.

kaluperuma said...




SLP said...

i V JUST CALLed to the customer care, n they saying that it might take upto 6PM :-(.

We v already waited for six months, so lets c for the next few hours as well.

The thing i'm not sure is, y dis is going to delay, as u all know de hv talled dat de can commence transmission with in 30min after de rec of permission.

kaluperuma said...

ALF - I want to buy a dish tv connection with the MAXI package,Please send the contact details to


yakuza said...

whts the delay all abt?
so now are they telecasting via a different sattelite?
or is it just the ownership that has changed?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Same satellite, same channels, same decoder, same dish, same workforce.

Only the management has changed. Hang on a few more hours coz it isnt easy to restart a complex system that has been out of operation for 6 months.

ALISON said...

LST is right,They are still working on the equipment and some are water logged due to the heavy rains in the pasr couple of days.They are anxious than us to get the transmission back on track within the next couple of hours.

LST is absolutely on the dot,Only the management has changed and it will be a fully owned subsidiary under Asset Media which is 90% owned by Dialog

yakuza said...

so the case was filed against the management of cbnsat, nothing else

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

there was no case. If there was one, management should be in jail by now.

What really happened was that few vested interest fucked around with us. In the end they just handed CBNsat weapons. Dialog will decimate SATnet and Tvlanka over time (by pure innovation, not by foul tacticts).

kaluperuma said...

Yakuza- Huluball,Baluwardena & ALF were the ones who realy created the situation.All three were looiking for some market share,TV LANKA,SATNET,DISHTV.

Alf was misleading the customers to buy dish tv hin and his commission whould have been over 15,000.per connection.Alf is now worried due the drop in income.

Good and what connecrion are you going to sell.

cableguy said...

Absolutely Right LST

and on the day that DIALOG buries SATNET, let us all have a big party and celebrate. This is what I kept saying right from the beginning. "Huluballas can mess with some people sometimes, buy they cant mess with all the people all the time"
The curse of 20,000 customers and 100,000 viewers has finally been cast on the evildoers.

kaluperuma said...

cableguy - So you aprove what ALF is doing?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

There is no point in fighting man. CBNsat is gonna be back and we should all be happy for that.

Alf wasnt the only one who informed us of DishTv. DishTv connections were here before CBNsat was launched (quite unpopular). CBNsat was the one company that redefined the pay tv industry in srilanka. During the shutdown for 6 months, people were seeking alternatives because they were kind of addicted to the quality entertainment which CBNsat used to give. (Once they got a taste of quality entertainment, it was natural to seek alternatives in the absence of Cbnsat.)

Alf and other Dishtv dealers/messengers merely gave us an alternative. No one held us at gunpoint and sold Dishtv connections to us. It's just another service man. You had the chance to make a choice.

I am using a Dishtv connection as well (and i have a CBNsat connection too). Having dishtv doesn't make me anti-cbnsat. At the moment Dishtv content is better than that of CBNsat's. So i am using Dishtv (you would do the same). If cbnsat offers better content that dishtv in future, i will simply rotate the dish around and switch on CBNsat decoder. Untill then i will use Dishtv. No one can blame me because it is my CHOICE.

I wish cbnsat good luck in this new beginning. Hope they can be a dominant DTH operator in region.

yakuza said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kaluperuma said...

You are right to a certain extent LST,But what ALF did was to make a mokery of CBNsat and its management,you shouldnt do that.

Will stop the argument now and since ALF is having two connections he can fix the CBNsat in his room,Rich guy.

ALF where can we buy a dish and a LNB in pettah.


Dude said...

CBNsat now says that transmissions will commence by anytime this evening. When asked why they say that they are working to restore transmissions today and they are sorting out some issues which are supposed to be technical.

They also say that they are unable to give an exact time for resumption of transmission.

I have waited 6 months for me to watch good quality tv but these few hours of delay seems to be getting on my nerves.

A sincere request to Kalu & Alf, why are you guys fighting like this. Alf was just trying to help CBNsat customers who are starved of entertainment.

So guess it is time for you guys to kiss and make up.

Dude said...

Kalu thanks for calling it quits with Alf.

Lets enjoy quality entertainment (once they start broadcasting)

cableguy said...

Mr. Kaluperuma

I will refrain from making any comments on your question, since the only way you like to post replies on this blog is by using utter filth.
I think LST has given a good explanation on behalf of everyone.

In the meantime I am going to continue celebrating the coming back of CBNSat. And I plan to do it not at the expense or humiliation of fellow bloggers.

kaluperuma said...

cableguy hari decent kollek,thama virgin kennek,kona kapalada?

Chronicle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Death threats to CBNSat CEO

After yesterdays court hearing to restore the CBNSat transmission up and running, CEO of CBNSat has began to receive death threats from certain parties who opposed to CBNSat operations right from the start.

They have called and threatened not to start the transmission immediately. If CBNSat start they said they will bomb the uplinking station.

It is sad that even after the supreme court verdict yesterday these corrupt people are not willing to accept the judgement delivered by Hon. CJ.

Lets all hope and pray CBNSat will not be turned down again by this unethical people who ruin our country by getting close to top politicians. Now it is very clear that their intention is purely for personal gains and not for the good and benefit of the majority community.

Enough is Enough !!!!!!!!

Lets rally round CBNSat to help them to start the operations ASAP.

Call them and encourage them to not to fall pray into these corrupt people.


Lisura said...

Dear fellow subscribers,

This story may be true because even yesterday CBNSat have told me that soon after getting the court verdict on paper they are able to restart operations.

Actually the seals were removed few weeks back on a court order for servicing. So they should be up by at least with one channel or at least color bars.

There might be something happening underhand preventing them uplinking.

This can't go on like this ! What is the place for justice in our motherland ??? How can these corrupt people stop a verdict given by CJ.

If this story is true CBNSat should immediately inform this to CJ and act accordingly.

This country should be freed from these dog gone officials.

don said...

This may be 100% true and this reflects the past of Huluballa,No other person but the Shitnet owner Huluballa must be the person behind the death threats,He was all out to stop cbnsat comming back and the sudden sellover without giving anytime for him to resort to his dirty action must have irked him like no other.He would have expected to get all the business from the hotels and innocent subscribers,And failing miserably to sell even 100 connec tions,he is using his powers at the MCNS to give death threats the cbnsat CEO.

The management of cbnsat should immedietly bring this to the notice of the CJ and the Police.

HE The President should immedietly take action against this criminal as he did with Baluwardena as these kind political henchamn should be hanged in public

cableguy said...

The true colours of these crooks are coming out now.
Dont worry CBNSat. Let Dialog handle it from here. You just pick up your cash and leave the country. At some point, citizens of this country will come out in masses and protest against these short-sighted, selfish, greedy crooks.

Lycon said...

Hey kula,
Ela ela ohoma yan... ohoma yan...
Uba niyama "sinhala" kollek.

Any way, I'm geting tired of waiting to see the green light in the decorder. Even the CBN help line is unreachable.

Max Payne said...


Lycon said...

Kula ea wunata Alf wa dan atha arapan... Uuu dan sadda naane.

dini said...

i don't think, if this threat is true, the guys who threatened have a strong enough spine to actually, literaly, bomb the place. it's just a stupid bluff only an illiterate sri lankan could come up with.

channa said...

The death threats on the CBNsat CEO got to be true and as DON said we know who is behind all this.

cableguy is right and once Dialog handles the issue,i can assure that not a single SHITNET customer will remain in this country.

Serves good for this crook who forged the signature of the Hon.late Mr.Gamini Dissanayake who is capable of selling all the KFIRS we posses to the LTTE by forging the signature of the defence secretary or the president.

The government of this country who keep this criminals and thieves and accede to their requests to carry out targeted discrimination against young enterprauners as Mr.Muhunthan,should be blamed.

dee.panadura said...

Talk of bullshit National Security.

Just waiting to get hold of those idiots at a check point to tell em off. (i did once, refused to give a lift)

You all could see where this hell hole is heading.

CEO CBN, all you need for your protection is to post private civies around MCNS (dont worry they would'nt know it). Thats all the threat you have.

kaluperuma said...

Death threat eka deela thiyanne ALF.Okata Kothalawalath sambanda ethi,ALF WA Fund karanna eththe uge awajathaka Thaththa Deshadrohi Kothalawala Pakaya.

ALF thamai death threats deela thiyanne,Ganang gannda epa Mr.Muhunthan,ALF ponnaya

kula said...


It's not kula, u must be refering to Kalu (kaluperuma)

channa said...

This is no joke,and Panadura dont penalize the innocent soldiers who are on duty at the check points and they dont have part to play with Huluballa,Dont get things mixed up.

It defeneitly must be Huluballa and he had said in the past that he would never let muhunthan operate,The bugger must be pissed off as he is well aware that no way he can compete with Dialog,

Serves this crooks good,Baluwardena was the first to get the slap and huluballa has got a thundering one now.

dee.panadura said...

Guys Guys,

Lets clear some stuff,

First it was CBN, then the GPRS thing of Janashakthi, Then about Kothalawala,

And all this 'hampering' is supposed to be for the sake of national security?

Come on? im sure most of us here are quite broad minded, unlike the fake LST(arnold)who most probably is unemployed.

You decide if 'national security' is real or not around here.

Lycon said...

I,m really sorry kula, my mistake. I was refering to kalu... No hard feelings alrite.

Kalu machan ubata oya Alf ekka personal prob ekak thiyenawada... Ubata oakawa bite karana eka ful aathal neda. Ela ela...

Kamak na fun ekak thiyennath one...

Lycon said...

Hey what is this thing about LST. LST why are they calling u Arnold. Is that your real name? Any way I don't think any body should blame LST. He has done a great job by posting comments in this blog and also in his filenetworks. Thnks again LST. Keep up the good work.

cableguy said...

Agreed Channa

We should be very careful in getting things mixed up and taking this out on security forces(if that was what dee.panadura meant). They have nothing to do with this issue, and are simply taking orders from higher ups. They are doing a commendable job in protecting us, and for that, we must be very grateful.
Huluballa is a prick, who has gone mad after yesterdays verdict. He is acting just like BAC at the Tea Board, who refused to leave, even after the Prez kicked him out. At the end, good people at the Tea Board won. So it will be a matter of time before Huluballa gets his ticket to Mulleriyawa for a complete head check up and long term treatment. H/E The Prez cant afford to tolerate a madman like him in the security forces for too long, especially at a very critical security situation like this in the country, with Prabha threatening for Ealam.
Huluballas time will come...SOOOOOOOON!!!!
(Boy I sound like Nostradamus!!)

In the meantime, lets support our troops for what they do.

And CBN/Dailog! We are with you all the way. You have fought hard against injustice and come a long way. Lets finish it, Now!!!
Looking forward to see that Green Light soon.

dee.panadura said...

No No lycon,

There was a LST imposter sometime back also identified as arnold.

As for other comments i was only refering to the level 'national security' has fallen in this country, it has nothing to do with our boys out there, simply that the forces and ourselves are penalised for all the misdoing of the people whom they(forces boys)report to.

dont get so emotional, i've also got many relatives/pals in the forces too. most of them(not bottom liners) know whats really going on. let us not talk about it.

kaluperuma said...

ALF - machang good night,Podi udawwak karapan machang,Ude wenaka eharagena indala decorder light eka green wuna gaman,Blog eke post karapan,Umbata ithin kohomath ninda yanne nene.

Good night machang

Chronicle said...

I've contacted CBN helpdesk later last night and they said they are having some technical issues and will start broadcasting by today(29th).

Anonymous said...

I have very RELIABLE confirmation from a very senior person at Dialog Telekom that CBNSAT will only commence transmission after all the assets of CBNSAT has been officially transferred to Asset Media Ltd. He is unable to give a date, which is understandable in the context of the issues already faced.

In the light of all the nefarious issues that the management of CBNSAT is facing, I am of the view that this is the best option for all CBNSAT customers as it very unlikely that the government will want to mess about with TELEKOM Malaysia.

I think that CBNSAT should give wide publicity in all media about the problems they are facing and should also talk to the various chambers of commerce who are powerful lobby houses.

No purpose will be served in shouting here….must go public. After all it’s in the best interest of all media establishments in Sri Lanka.