Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Channel additions to CBNsat

On 05/12/2006

According to reports being received it seems that CBNSat has added the following channels to it's lineup
  • HBO
  • HBO Signature
  • Cinemax
Please update this blog when more channels are added to the lineup


Lisura said...

I personally beleive TEN SPORTS and STAR MOVIES is must for CBNSat to capitalise on the Sri Lankan market. And SETMAX is a must before the World Cup 2007 as it is the only channel which has ICC broadcasting rights for our region.

My personal choices are :




dini said...

HBO, HBO Sig and CineMAX popped up last night. i'm receiving them loud and clear

Anonymous said...

Before any channels added to the line up, I guess CBNsat should reward the current set of clients who are still with them. For the past 6 months they had to face many hardships not knowing what would happen in the next day. I don't have to explain that to you. What I would like to suggest is, CBNsat should give it's existing clients some kind of a reward, because we are worthy of it.

eg: Give the full list of channels for a nominal fee.

Looser said...

Can we have some new channels that dish tv doesn't have. Some European channels would be great other than indian channels.

Comparing CBNSat to Dish Tv is useless. Dish TV is Indian operator so they telecast most in Hindi or Indian based channels, do we need that?

NotBloodyFooled said...

What I would love to see is a comedy channel. now that would be excellent.

don said...

LOOSER - I think you are right because we are comparing everything with Dish TV and the indian taste.

What if we get Channel 9 of Australia,Fox and some Rugby channels

Because we are starved of good rugby as it is not popular in India and we are penalized of watching the wallabies and All Blacks in action.

(Dish had some rugby on ABC Asia Pacific but the channel has been dropped from their content)

krandor said...

I completely agree about the need for channels that show live rugby matches. This is a must for many local sports fans who miss these due to getting the Indian feeds. At one stage Comet Cable showed Star Sports Hong Kong feed, which does show live rugby.

Crab said...

Here are some european channels which are great if they could ever consider.

3. C MORE FILM ( another Canal network channel )
4. E! tv ( Entertainment Television)
5. Bloomberg ( Free to air on PAS )
6. Channel News Asia ( Free to air on PAS )

kissthedude2006 said...

Yep the rugby channels are a absolute must. i just checked whre they have loads of rugby in their HONGKONG and ASIA feeds. further the other contents are also mush better than indian feed.
It is wonderful if CBN guys can get hold of this feed, it's definetely got to be better than indian feed considering the bloody hindi commentry thay have in all the big foodball matches which is damn annoying at times.

Crab said...

I do not get any channels at the moment. Earlier BBC was there , now its also gone !!

it seems I cant call 4606060 WITH slt phone lines. Always get the message saying the lines are congested. But apparently from dialog phones its possible to call.

Didi anyone call customer care over an slt phone ?

cableguy said...

Hey Guys

Can you please comment on the quality of the picture you are receiving? Is it similar to what you used to get 6 months ago? I feel like the quality has dropped a little bit. I am getting about 48-50% on the quality bar. And 58-60% on the signal strength bar. Now this could be due to the tests.
Please share your thoughts.

cableguy said...

Great Idea Rabbit Hole

I fully agree! The new management should consider giving all the channels to the existing customers who were loyal to CBN throughout. They can do this for a few months at least(maybe 6 months) and then give the customers the choice of choosing the package they want. Hopefully by then, there will be more channels and more choices of packages too.

hush said...


I had the similar problem with slt phone call not been answered but with a dialog mobile went through in a zip in poya day to get my activation after trying for hours on slt.

dont know whether dialog gives preference for calls from their mobiles.

MANIL said...

Yes CBN should immedietly get live rugby channels on board.Star TV HK feed shows almost all the international rugby matches (The LBN owner who is a Rugby Fan used to show this feed when international matches were on)

So Dialog being a Sports Loving company will get some live rugby channels in the near future.

So blog admin can you add the Star Sports HK feed to the most wanted list,Purely because it shows live rugby.

Even CBN can drop Goal TV 1 & 2 and get a Live rugby channel

cableguy said...

I called from an SLT line yesterday afternoon. The congestion is due to an SLT problem or lines being busy.
Although, once I got thru, I was on hold for at least 15 minutes before a rep was answered.
If you are at the office, please make sure the decorder is turned on at home. Also have your account number handy. Then the rep will re-activate it immediately.
Good Luck!

kaluperuma said...

Are you guys on leave to check the Signal strength and things in your CBNsat connection?

Blagena meeka handa umbalage rassawal walatath kelawela yai.

ALF gedarada dnne ne,

cableguy said...

No Kaluperuma. I am at work.
just reporting on the observations from last nights transmissions.

Max Payne said...

I would say, get rid of as much as possible from indian content. It's a damn sick thing to watch their ads (stooped ads) everytime specially bcos I hate hindhi to the max. So CBN I would really appreciate if you avoid indian feed for your new channels and if possible change the current indian feed channels to some other feed. (Anything is beeter than indian feed) I know there would be some technical difficulties, but pls try as much as you can. Thanx

Anonymous said...

CBNsat should also consider introducing HALLMARK.

topfan said...


The CBN incident which lasted six months illustrates the most important commandment in bussiness.
"Thou shall not use uncompettitive means to birng down the opponent."
Mr.Laxman Hullugalle used the pollitics in the most ugliest way we have ever observed to shut down his competitor CBN sat.After six months he is the only looser in the story.Mr.Chanagay might have lost his creation but at least he got the money for a new investment(good luck).CBN subscribers and employees who went in a difficult time(I have personally been called a "Deshadrohiya" for having a CBN dish) immerged as more respected and previlaged.For Mr.Hullugalle he lost his bussiness(as it is no possition to compete now), lost respect and in near future might losse good health.So CBN subscribers if you are ever to use the knowledge you are getting (from NGC BBC etc) to start a new bussiness in order to bring respect and wealth to this country please remeber this valuble lesson.

bank_dude said...

topfan i agree with you.....

Lisura said...

In my connection the signal strength is 77% and the Signal Quality stays between 57~60%

Even yesterday evening when it was cloudy and bit rainy the signal quality dropped only to 40%.

But I noticed some channels like HBO is in less quality than it was before. Hope it is a minor thing which could be fixed before the commercial operations begin.


Lisura said...

WE ALL KNOW WHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisura said...

The curse of keeping us in the dark for 6 months came right after the person who started it all.

Can he mess around with Dialog ???

Poor bugger will lose his business when DTH giant re-launch !!!

cableguy said...

CBNSat marketing team should go all out and try to capture the hotel market. Most hotels down south seems to have struck deals with SATNET. This could have been because SATNET was forced on them with political pressure and CBN closure.
If CBN can capture most of the hotels away from SHITNET, that will be the absolute demise of SHITNET.
On that day, RIP SATNET.

Wonder how Dilrukshi is doing?????

Lisura said...

Having HBO bouquet for free till CBNSat relaunches is absolutely a treat for the existing subscribers.

Everyone seems to be enjoying !

MIKE said...

Its not fair to ask special packages/Discounts from CBNsat at this juncture and what have we done to ask such kind of thing?

Just forget about it,Having them on air is big thing and dont be typical Sri Lankans and capitalise.

hush said...


the person you are referring is not a poor bugger but a rich bast*** who screwed our entertainment for 6 months. I dont have even a bit of sympathy for him cause time taken can never be replaced.

its like a boomerang what you throw comes back at you and he deserves every bit of it.

don said...

I think cableguy has a point,And with Dialog having a excellant marketing head(Nushad Perera),They will be defeneitly up their.

Mike - You said it,What have we done to request for special packages,come on guys dont be arrogant arsholes just be satisfied with what you have got.

kaluperuma said...

Huluballa is Homo and Dilrukshi gives to Ministers and the top rung,She will go back to the old business,If anyone is interested just call her,It would be easy picking.

ALF told me all these and he had made an appointment for Kothalawala.

kaluperuma said...

Special package illala nikan kitcha wenna epa,Api mahaloku deyak kare nene CBN apahu genna.

Wedak karapu ewun kata wahagena innawa,Nikan ahaka hitapu ewun special package illala okkogema nama ketha karala dnawa.

kaluperuma said...

ALF ge signal level eka 0%,Quality 0%.

Mokada mei ponnaya CBNsat dish eka dish TV walata gahalane.

CBNsat technical ewunta karanna thiyanne awilla box eka baleng arang gihilla kohe hari duppath school ekakata dena eka.

bank_dude said...

Guys, is transponder 2 active now?

Sameera said...

nope, not yet blank_dude..

cableguy said...

Wasn't HBO, HBO Signature, and Cinemax part of the channel line up that existed before the closure?

cableguy said...

Poor LBN
They got caught in the crossfire due to CBNSat closure. Their Management tried to be the "good boy" and followed all the rules that the authorities kept throwing at them. They never fought back for injustice. And now CBN is back, and LBN is still closed.
Para Huluballa
Karunakarala LBN transmission patan ganna avasara deepan. Nathinum, thava customers 10,000 ka hena paharawal vadeevi.

ravin said...

Yes these guys are right,CBNsat just got the transmission back on track after a hefty court battle,and some unreasonable guys are asking for special packages as if they were the persons who got the transmission back on track.

Kaluperuma is absolutely correct as the people who did the hard work are trying to improve the content and other stuff without a word,Some nothing to do guys are cropping up and asking for special packages,Are these guys civilized?

Lisura said...

HBO bouquet were there only in the 1375 package. Now it is on test mode for everyone !

That is a treat for most people who were on low cost packages !

cableguy said...

OK Guys

People are getting very touchy here. What I was suggesting simply is a marketing strategy used in many countries by Cable/Satellite operators. When they have a customer base with different packages, what they do is entice the lower price package customers by giving them a month or two of free movie channels(like 10 HBO channels or 8 Cinemax channels). By doing so they tempt the customers, and by the end of the free period, many of the customers end up paying the extra cost and subscribing to the better package.
Sorry that I mentioned 6 months. But all I suggested to CBN was a successful marketing strategy that works very well in many countries, including India.
I may have not have been very clear on my earlier posting, but all that I suggest is to give the existing CBN customers(or even the new customers) a taste of all the good movie channels for a determined period of time. Let them get a feel for it. And if they like it, they can pay the added costs and subscribe to it after the Free period. Its because CBN currently have 3 different priced packages. It really is not a problem for me as I have the highest priced package. I was only looking out for those who do not have the Movie Packages.

ravin said...

Your idea is correct Cableguy as even Dish TV does that and even the Star Bouquet is on a trial run like this.

But what i mean is the guys who are asking special favours or discounted pakages which is realy unreasonable.

I 100% endorse your views Cableguy

MANIL said...

I have a CBNsat connection and also a Dish TV connection and their was a dealer in India who helped me with my Dish TV connection when it got buzzed up trying to create a Web account.

He is a dealer who sells over 500 Tata Sky & Dish TV connections per month in India,This guy contacted me today and wanted a CBNsat connection with one year subscription,I asked him why?He basicaly said becase of HBO,HBO SIGNATURE,CINEMAX & AXN,The singapore feed is unmatched and advertisment less and as for his own words the Indian Version is scrap.

So as someone said it is always better if CBNsat can concentrate on the Singapore feed on whatever channel available.

cableguy said...

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Manil

Thats great news! I guess it will be a matter of time before Indians also start coming begging for CBNSat. I am sure Dialog will capitalize on it. They should! And make CBNSat the best in the region. Or course its a daunting task, given the population of India. But there is always the Maldives and other islands too around. Sadly, this was part of Mr. Canagey's vision. His dream was to make CBNSat the best DTH in the region.

topfan said...

CBN is back in you have to get europian channels.You'll then get millons of subscribers from india too.

Crab said...

Lisura, hope you see the conversation above..

when you compile requests always request Asian beam of anything !

kaluperuma said...

Cableguy - When you realy look at it CBNsat is probably moving towards that tag of being best in the region,There is only a few more channels to be signed up which will eventualy make it to the top.

When you evaluate Dish it is evident that out of the 160 odd channels in the list,there is only around 20% which are premier content and other are pure indian cheap stuff.

So CBNsat"s method of giving only the premier content will work out.

cableguy said...

You are absolutely right Kaluperuma. I am so glad that I didnt get DISHTV out of desperation. There was a time I was convinced that DISHTV was better(just from the channel lineup). Now that I hear of the crappy Indian programming, even on channels like AXN, I am so thankful for CBNSat coming back.

hush said...

yeap only the premiere content will do .No time to shift around with remote with low quality stuff.

With few more added to the line up CBNsat will become a niche provider with only the best content available and with a footprint extending to the whole SAARC region the potential is enormous.

Quality over Quantity will be a winner for CBNsat.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, welcome back CBNSat! It would be great to see you back up to full strength soon.

I'd agree with the request for some channels that take sports other than cricket...especially Rugby.

A couple of international channels would be good too; Australia, Japan, European.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Srilankans!

You had absolutely nothing for 6 months. The moment its back you want the friggin ASIAN feed? You want European channels? You want discounts? The moment you got your connections back your started leaving crap comments about dishtv and bullying dishtv users. Don’t forget you used to worship dishtv while cbnsat was off air.

Lmao! Wait at least till they get their transponders together before flooding them with requests.

And now you think cbnsat is almost the regional leader? LOL no. DishTv is the regional leader with a massive lead. But cbnsat has the potential to become the regional leader if their subscriber growth improves. It cannot be predicted and it will have to compete with DishTv and tatasky who already have in excess of 1 million subscribers.

And as new channels come, your subscription WILL increase. Didn’t know that did ya? It's common to every DTH/cable operator in the world.
Star/sony or Zee wont just donate the package to cbnsat. Dishtv got star package for 27INR (added to subscribers monthly payment) after court ordered star to sell package at 50% rate to dish.
Tatasky got the zee package for 72 INR (also added to monthly rental). Cbnsat is yet to add Star, Zee, Disney and Sony packages. And their subscription is already over rs 1500 for the highest package. They WILL add the channels but the price of the package which will contain all the channels will also rocket up exceeding rs 2000. Remember, Cbnsat is a business, not charity. Dishtv's maxi subscription after all major package additions stand at 300INR.Dishtv users will be laughing when you say cbnsat is better than dish.

Do you think dishtv shows the Indian feeds because Indians like it? No Indians like foreign content like we do. It's because its less costly! They sure can give European/US beams of all the channels but you'll have to pay about 10000 per month as subscription. They don’t come cheap and no one will buy that for such a price.

And cbnsat only has HBO/Cinemax and AXN feeds different than dishtv. Others are the same. Those 3 channels don’t show any hindi content even on the indian feed(except ads)! Just compare the feed lists of Dishtv cbnsat and tatasky on Lyngsat and see for yourself All providers have the same indian feed (except for hbo, cinemax and axn ) with dish having around 20 more premium channels than cbn . If you call Dishtv's content 'CRAP' you are also calling cbnsat's content 'CRAP'.

bank_dude said...

Guys, CBN started giving local channels from today. Check and see TNL and Derana is available. It's better if they can increase the sound volume of Derana little bit. I sincerly hope that all Sri Lankan channels (except TvLanka) come to CBN platform.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hey does anyone know whether any local channel covers the Srilanka's tour of New zealand 2006/2007? I'm outstation and no cbnsat or dishtv here :(

kaluperuma said...

Adventure -1 seems to be ALF,and the words say it all,This bugger is here to promote dish tv and nothing else,80% OF DISH tv channels are crap,ALF you dont have to decide for us.

LST - No one is showing the NZ matches on local channels.

don said...

So why cant this adventure MF understand,The three movie channels are advertisment less and premeir contentent,So whats your problem,Do you want them to swich on to the Indian Feed?

bank_dude said...

No LST none of them cover the New Zealand tour. It's so sad.

yakuza said...

is axn working for any of you?
no signal for me on channel 6

Lisura said...

AXN was down in the morning. It was surprising to see TNL and Derana back on CBNSat platform last night. Hopefully all the local channels come back !

cableguy said...

Bank Dude
Try increasing the volume using the CBNSat remote volume too, apart from your TV's remote control. I found that the CBNSat remote volume needs to be adjusted for each channel individually.

Kaluperuma: You are correct. Adventure 1 sounds just like ALF.

AXN keeps coming on and off. I found the same situation last night. The signal comes and goes. It must be part of their test transmission efforts.
We will have to deal with it until they complete the test transmission.

Shivanka said...


I think they should introduce some new channels with CBNsat Packages once they complete the test transmissions. They should remove channels like “animax” and introduce good channels. Can’t we have a vote for those channels that comes with CBNsat.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to tell CBN to add this channel this channel bla-bla.
But will you ready to pay 2000+ rental?
I'm using 1000 package. i hope to upgrade for 1500. But cant pay mor than 1500.

I dont know how rich you are

Shivanka said...

Hii Jesika

I agree with u. they should not increase the package rates by adding new channels. Should stick to current rates but need more good channels.

ravin said...

Its better to stick to quality content than pouring with unwanted channels,Do we have any channels at present which are useless,I personaly think that Goal TV 1 & 2 are useless as they telecast old matches.

There is a cut off point and even CBNsat cant just increase the prices to an unacceptable level,as they would be the ultimate looser.It depends how they aproach the content providers as some contracts are signed @ per customer rate and some in bulk .

NotBloodyFooled said...

The CBNSat Fiasco is a good lesson to all of us to know the true nature of those in power who tolarate and give top posts to buggers that abuse the power given to them. We gave them the mandate and they started kicking our asses. There was never any indcation that those that were abusing their power was going to be reigned in and a fair deal was to be given to us citizens. When I went to meet the TRC assistant comminsinor who was in charge of this issue I was told to get a refund from CBNSat as he say no chance of them comming back on air.REMEMBER ; IT IS US CITIZENS, VOTERS WHO HAVE THE ULTIMATE POWER. WE CBNSAT CUSTOMERS AND LBNSAT CUSTOMERS WILL DO WELL TO REMEMBER THE INJUSTICE DONE TO THEM. Gahanda Gahanda wandina ewun modayo.

hush said...

Yeah adventure one seems like a blogger who was not active till yesterday and seems hell bent on promoting dish and has forgotten the quality content on the asian beam.check HBO site for a neutral perspective.He also conviniently forgot about HBO signature and Cinemax which is not offered on Dish TV.

Reason Dish TV gives at a lesser cost than CBN is Dish TV fill up the content with a lot of ads and bigger customer base.

For a DTH operator to develop they should keep on expanding both by customers and content in quality programming not in quantity. also several packages to suit different segments of society such as sports fans, movie buffs,news fans, infoentertainment, education. Thus the choice will be ours to make if we want extra channels we pay for it.

Crab said...

The ideal situation would be to let individual customers decide what channells they should pick and pay only for those channells. I do not know why something like that is not being introduced. Could be an issue of manageability.

ravin said...

Crab I think you got a point their,Its better CBNsat introduces the "Make Your Package" option,Then the subscribers have a option of selecting what they like and drop channels like Raj,Zoom and things which we never watch.

Dish TV seem to have this option but i dont know how it operates,So this is a option LISURA and the SUBSCRIBER UNITE should bring to the attention of the new management.

kaluperuma said...

Machang Ravin,Dish Tv operate wena widhiha ALF nohohoth ADVENTURE 1 kiyana ponnayagen ahanna,Matapenne meka Dilrukshigai Kothalawalagai Hora shot ekak wenna ethi,

Ne,Ne ekath wenna be Kothalawalaya puss case ekak ne,Uge sperm uth freedom fighters la wage,Kisima Effect ekak ne,

Lisura said...

Dear Subscribers,

We have created an on-line polling site for you to vote for your favourite channels. Please visit

And vote !

Please make sure to be specific on your selection.

What are the new channels you want on CBNSat ?

cableguy said...

Here is what I have researched and found how Cable/Sat TV works in the USA.

Most of them offer a basic package (which is usually a bunch of crap, with a few good News Channels)

From there, the subscriber can pick and choose a whole different array of packages to suit your need.

The Movie packages are sold at a premium price, and the subscriber can pick and choose which movie channels they want.

Apart from that, they also have "Pay-per-View" channels. These will usually play hot new movies repeatedly(not much of a market in SL where DVDs are available cheap).

But the Pay-per-View also includes special events, such as Cricket Matches, other International Sports Events, Concerts etc. This would be a great idea as you only pay for that event. No need to pay monthly for those channels.
CBN can have a few dedicated channels where these events can be shown on a Pay-per-view basis. It would be a great way to see International Events...LIVE!

Anonymous said...


Y didn't you add GodTV to the poll ?

don said...

LISURA,No controversial channels please,CBNsat came after 6 months and GOD TV is not entertainment and this is not India,So please keep out the relegious channels and if anyone needs those they can buy a FTA and watch it for free,Forget about it/

kaluperuma said...

Don Kiyana Eka aththa nikan kohetawath nethi channel onne ne,Hondata hitiya Jesikath nikan puke arraganna yanawa,Onema nang ALF ta kiyala dish TV eragena utama kiyala puke eraganna (Eke God thiyanawa)

JESIKA - nikan pakana katha kiyala thiyana ekath nethikaranna hadanna epa,

dee.panadura said...

hey guys FTV please?

Anonymous said...

Admin...will very much appreciate if you can inform, who everever is comipiling a list of channels,to also include HISTORY and HALLMARK.

Thank you