Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Wishes for the season

We would like to take this opportunity to Wish the subscribers of CBNsat, the management of CBNSat, CBNSat Subscribers Unite and all our fellow readers a Very Merry Christmas and we hope that you will be able to enjoy this festive season to the fullest.

We are taking a break of one week (we should be back towards the latter part of next week) in view of the festive season so please update this blog with the latest developments regarding CBNsat. We are also updating this blog to the latest version of "Blogger", so due to this upgrade their may be some difficulties in commenting, so please bear with us if there are some problems while we are away. To minimize the problems we are compelled to activate the feature to allow Anonymous Comments so that the blog will operate smoothly and we would like to request you not to misuse this feature. We are trying our best to make sure that the switch over will be smooth and with minimum interruptions.

In addition there still seems to be some transmission problems with CBNsat and we hope that all of these are sorted out very soon and it will be great if some of the children's channels such as Pogo and Cartoon Network as well as educational channels such Discovery Channel can be added before the Christmas weekend so that there will be some quality entertainment for the family. It also seems that even though most of the new Zee Channels have been named in the transmission the actual transmission is carrying the MTV & VH1 channels on the named Zee frequencies.

Once again we would like to request all you to keep updating us on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress.


Looser said...

Wish you the same Admin

Lisura said...

We would like to wish a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year 2007 to Mr. Muhunthan Canagey the founder of CBNSat, Dr. Hans Wijesuriya CEO of Dialog Telekom, Mr. Nushad Perera and the new management of CBNSat, Staff of CBNSat, Subscribers of CBNSat, Blog admin & the bloggers and all stakeholders !

Enjoy this festive season with CBNSat !

Hopefully most of the channels will be back before Christmas and by 31st all the channels will be visible !

CBNSat Subscriber Unite will remain intact to look into subscriber issues in future too. For that we need feedback from all the subscribers who haven't been in touch with us so far. So I invite you'll to send your feedback regarding any issue relating to subscribers to :

We will analyze the feedback and if it's a fault at your end advice will be given on how to correct the issue. Or if it's a problem at CBNSat's end it will be directed to the engineers for further action.

When you email us please indicate your CBNSat account number and the area you reside.

With your active participation we can build a better DTH service for Sri Lanka !

Thank you !

CBNSat Subscribers Unite

Wara said...

Does anyone know what the Channel 19 (CODE DOWNLOAD) for?

Anonymous said...


Technical guys on leave macho :)

Echchara amarau prashna ahanna epa,,,mey dawas wala joliyen hitpang!!!

Santa, Please hepl Wara

Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year to All of you

Who am I?

I'll catch U 1st

I'll take U 2 bed

I'll make U hot

I'll make U sweat

I'll make U tired

I'll make U vomit

Who am I?

scroll down













Have nice day

TrackZeroBad said...


I think thats to upgrade your Decoder Software.. when they have an update .. you can goto that channel and it will automatically update the Decoder Software..


jesika said...

Hi Guys!
I'm taking this opportunity to wish you a

******* Happy Christmas & a prosperous New year !! **********

Long live CBNSat !!!

kaluperuma said...

Preethimath naththalak saha subha aluth avurudhdhak wewa

Anonymous said...

Ado moo den hoda sinhala katha karanavane. Bohoma hodai. kalu, parana tharaha maraha amathaka karala aluth awrudde samayen imu. alf mathkaine.

chami_tv said...


This is the channel thorough which we will download the next verion of the sw and use.

The menu and all other stuff which are in the display now can be changed by a sw update.

If u can check dish tv from one who is having you can see the latest verion of thier sw. Hope our cbn also will make better sw future

kaluperuma said...

ALF issarahata hondatama kettu wela yai,Adha indala Dish Tv eke adult channels 3 k launch karanawalu(Playboy and some other two),Oka okata thamai thalu mara mar hitiye,Eka piting dala oka apahu wena namakin hari eiy dish TV wikunanna.

Ewa mehe ba putho,Uwa neththatama nethi karala danawa k weda wala awoth.

Anonymous said...

hey kaluperuma..


Anonymous said...

umbata kammalinam LBN blog ekketa warreng.

all the very best for the season, macho.

chami_tv said...

Maharaja Group to air local TV content in Asia via the Internet

Anonymous said...

kaluperuma said...

Thanks macho,LBN blog eke inna ewuntanam jeewitheta service eka apahu ganna beri wei,Unta kisi uwamanawak nethi kammili porawal tikak,Deiyyo genath dei kiya balagene innawa.

Ung adugane,lisura,LST,Cableguy,Rob,looser,Jesika,Dude,Chamitv(ANITH EWUN TIKATH ETHULATH) ,wage bokkenma cbnsat cause ekata fight karapu bloggers lagen adharshayak ganeth ne,Oka thama unge nethiwime lakunu.

Mehenam playboy damma thiya passewath denna puluwankamak ne machang,Ehema dendanag Mervin Silva wage ekek janadhipathi wenna wei.Mama hoyala beluwa,Eka balandath ALF wage dish TV karayantath US$ 55 avurudhdhakata gevanna wenawa(Oka Andaya)

Anonymous said...

India's Dish TV poised to spark price war by halving DTH rates


NEW DELHI, DEC 20: Just days short of the mandatory implementation of the conditional access system (CAS) in the four metros on January 1, 2007, the Subhash Chandra-floated direct-to-home (DTH) service provider, Dish TV, plans to slash prices 49%, from Rs 2,950 to Rs 1,500 (including Rs 200 installation charge). The announcement will be made shortly.

India’s only other nationwide DTH player Tata Sky—the 74:26 JV between the Tatas and the Star group—may be forced to follow suit since it sells a DTH connection at Rs 3,999. Doordarshan’s DD Direct airs free-to-air channels at Rs 77-plus taxes a month

At Rs 1,500, DTH would be nearly as competitive as a local cable connection. In parts of the country, cable installation charges range between Rs 300 and Rs 1,000.
Currently, Dish TV—India’s first and largest DTH service provider—offers two packages of 125 channels (93 paid and 32 free-to-air) for Rs 240 plus taxes and 85 channels (53 paid and 32 FTA) for Rs 210. Tata Sky offers 100 channels and interactive services at Rs 300 a month, inclusive of taxes.

The Dish TV move is not only aimed at pre-empting CAS from slowing down its DTH business growth but also to increase the entry cost for new players like ADAG’s proposed DTH project Blue Magic.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

oy that DishTv launching adult channels thing is a hoax. If you do pay via paypal to watch porn on TV, you'll be fucked in real life believe me (that is your money will be transferred to paypal account holder and you wont get any channels for that coz dishtv have not (and will never) launched any adult channels. It's a scam and a hoax. Dont get caught.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Oba samata, karadara, barabara, jaramara nathi, jollybara, sundara, harabara woo subha aluth awududdak wewa!

yakuza said...

wish all the guys at cbn, admin and fellow bloggers a merry x'mas and a happy new year

bank_dude said...

Blog eke machanla okkotama SUBA NAWA WASARAK WEWA. 2007 awurudde api hondata CBN balala sathutu wemu.......

Anonymous said...

Yes LST seems to be correct,Why do they ask to pay through a third party when enough payment modes are available with Dish TV and there is no indiacation of this in the Dish TV web site,This must be a real hoax.

kaluperuma said...

Oka ALF ge wedak wenna ethi.Okata den business nene,U hithanna ethi munwa rawattana puluwan kiyala,Umba monawa karath den kawuruth Dish Tv ganne ne ponnayo,

Owa gihilla indiyawe karapan,Mehe bei harida putho

hush said...

wish you all bloggers ,CBN,Admin,Subcribers Unite a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Expect your mobile costs to go down as the 5th player in mobiles will be Airtel of India who will be in Sri Lanka shortly.

with dish tv cutting costs,CBN will definitely give a much better content for the same price of the current packages as they also hope to enter Indian market.

good news to start 2007!

Anonymous said...

Macho Kalu,

Umbalaga pihitaain ape mahanciyen 31 kalin LBN back on air,


Looser said...

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new, Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissful New year. Merry X-mas

MANIL said...

The adult TV advertisment of Dish TV is not a Hoax,It was confirmed to me by a dealer in India.

Who cares,We have our CBNsat now,And dont ever buy Dish TV,Its only good for the indians not us.

kaluperuma said...

Ehema wenawanam niyamai machang,Umbalage (LBN) subscriber unite eka mahansi wuna widihata ung meeta kaling service eka denna watinawa.

God bless you machang

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

It's a hoax.I cannot reveal the source of information but i can confirm it is a hoax.

India will be the last country to allow legal adult tv channels as they have very strict laws regarding that. Even words like 'fuck' are censored in movies.

It's just a hoax mail sent using a spoofed email address.

cableguy said...

Wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2007. Happy Holidays everyone!

Enjoy the season safely and remember not to drink and drive. Always have a designated driver.
Thats my two cents worth advice for the season.


bank_dude said...

Kalu, will we able to watch Discovey and Animel planet in this weekend?

MANIL said...

LST - I am also unable to beleive this,But it seems that even the Indians(Including the Dealers) seem to have been fooled.The Indian government will never allow that and thats for sure and the Web site doesnt say anything at all,

Forget about it as we are not going to buy it anyway

Lisura said...

Some channels will be activated during the coming days. By the first week of January everything will be back on air !

Swarnavahini is also back on CBNSat from last evening ! We all hope all the local channels to be on the CBNSat platform.

Happy Holidays with CBNSat to all you guys and gals !

Crab said...

Wish you all bloggers a happy new year !!

kula said...

Merry X'Max to All of You

Sri Lanka Have won the 01st 20/20, that was with Jayasuriya Special..

Happy 2007 with CBN Special

Yuktiya said...

b. The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

merry x mas

Jesika said...

Hi Guys !!



Jesika said...

SWARNAVAHINI is back, hope SIRASA also join with CBN

all the best cbn !!

SLP said...

Mr. Muhunthan, Dialog Mgmt, CBNSat, Admin, Subscriber Unite, Staff, and v annoying customers...

Have a nice weekend, merry christmas and happy new year,

It's being a pleasure with blogging u guys, hv a nice time.

Janaa said...

Wish every-one, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Do our friends use the My CBNSat facility? You can check your payment status and things like that. Later on, you will be able to manage your channels from that web site, CBN says.

Lankikaya said...

Wish the Mr. Kanagey, the new management, the CBNSat Subscriber Unite, Contributers to this blog, the Blog Management and all CBN Viewers

A Merry Christmas
A Very Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to say that until today nobody appreciate the
Asian English Channel
Aljazeera equal to BBC and CNN

bank_dude said...

Picture freezes almost all the channels and pixel effect still remains as it is. I hope tech guys of CBN will correct it before going on full swing. Still I miss Discovery and Animel planet.

hush said...

Now everyone is clear I think about DT and D channels been disney and as expected fashion TV has been dropped.

I guess new agreements are operational from Jan 2007. maybe then we will get those channels online.

unless CBNsat does compression all 36 channels have been allocated .will they go for compression or another transponder is yet to be seen and radio channels 5 nos still inactive.

channel quality of both transponders are now equal.Pixel effect is still a issue, pic freeze is a major issue in SET, blackouts in zone reality is still present.

Hope this will be sorted out soon.

Anonymous said...

Not only Fashion TV, Zoom, 2 Raj Channels also been dropped with Goal TV

bank_dude said...

They have allocated a channel for Zoom but they have dropped Code Download

Jesika said...

All the useless channels have been dropped ! hope animax will drop too

Anonymous said...

Picture freezing still common on AXN during the holiday weekend.

No more Midnight Hot huh????

Kaluperuma, cant you do something and get the FTV or just the good ones from it, like midnight hot.

Looser said...

I think most of the Zee channels also useless.

dee.panadura said...

The channel names and the actual channel played is different. somestimes its fun too.

i guess the techo guys will put it right after the holidays.

it was a good break specially with CBN back. as for state TV anyone knows whats happening? havent watched(not even xfiles) for more than two weeks.

Some of the LBN friends keep asking about re-commencement, the answer they keep getting from customer care is "all clearances OK, need MR's sig." what a blimey excuse.

Cheers everyone, mostly to the guys at CBN.

Looser said...

I think they should drop the local channels too. Because the picture and sound quality of those three channels are very poor, I think that's the different between anolog and digital. Derena is little bit better but this problem was there before the closure too.

I think they should not drop FTV cos there are people who like that taste too (remember Comet cable blog comments when they drop FTV) Dropping FTV and bringing Zee Trendz is a joke. I think the entire Zee package is useless.

hush said...

there is a bit of a issue with transponder 1 which totally had a blackout for channels 1~18 yesterday evening and hence missed the HBO movie Tsunami but channels 19~36 was active on transponder2.

today morning the quality difference between the two transponders are back with transponder 2 been 2~3% better.
over transponder 1.

Pixel effect on some channels and freezing of pics especially on SET is a common occurence and its time tech guys and gals fixed the issue as it has been on for quite a bit of time now.

crab said...

I agree that dropping FTV is no good !!

I guess most of the hindi channels of Zee are 100% crap and useless. Why cant they bring just one quality channel like star movies by dropping entire zee package ?

Same goes for MTV India as well.

TrackZeroBad said...

When we get .. Discovery and Animal Planet ??

Waiting to see Disney and Disney Toons.. :) .. hope we will get it soon ..

And is it possible to get subtitles in English for Hindi channels.. ??? otherwise its hopeless to include all those Hindi channels i think..

Looser said...

English Subtitles for hindi movies is a great idea Trackzerobad, But I don't think so.

Even on MTV there are some good reality type shows but can't understand a thing. We should learn Hindi first ha.

cableguy said...

The 20/20 cricket match was much clearer on Derana(on CBN) than Star Sports(on CBN). So not all local channels are bad. They should keep some of the good local channels like Derana. Especially for cricket lovers.

dee.panadura said...


you had commented somewhere of paying via paypal, I wanted to register for paypal(for an ebay purchase) but they do not support SL. anyway you could help me out?


Jesika said...

Hi !
Nikalodian now has multi language audio ( Hindi / English )

CBN have to keep local channels, Its not a good idea to drop local channels, bcos everyone can't see all local channels clealy. do nt be selfish, you might living near colombo area & can see all local channels clealy. but how about other areas of the country? some can only see 1 or 2 channels. CBN is their only hope.
I think CBN management will consider this

hush said...

Jesika has a point there. where I live derana is not clear and actually enjoy watching it without any spots for a change also one cannot be turning the antenna all the time and believe local channels should be part of the line up.

if CBN want to expand to Sri lankans living overseas like the middle east or europe then it definitely should be part of it.

Meth said...

Even I belive Local channels should be there for the people who live outside the colombo ares. Even in Colombo how many antennas you need to get a clear picture of Local channels!. I belive quality of the Local channels are low due to conversion problem of analog to digital. CBN should think of getting the signals through cable net work from Local content provider as digital instead that what they do now is receiving the channel from Free to Air transmission and covert it to digital ?

cbnsatcustomer said...

TRC is going to suspend Comet Cable licence and get back allocated frequencies unless they convert to digital technology by 30th June 2007.
Ruhunu Multivision 2001 has got a retraining order for 14 days against TRC's move and told the courts that they do not have funds to do this.

I think most of the comet cable customers will convert to CBNSat.

And I think year 2007 will be great for those who want cable/sattelite tv and broadband internet with Dialog and SLT's moves to introduce ADSL2/WiMax/Pay TV services.

Wish you all a Happy New Year!!!.

Sameera said...

I think there's problem with the CBN Star Sports colors. Colors are good in my local cable tv Star Sports. The Green grass is beautiful when its in true colors.

So I think CBN tech guys should do something for this..

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I personally havent used Paypal. Yeah as you srilanka is not supported on that list. If i find a way i'll definitely let u know.

Atm sanath is blasting the crap out of NZ so i'm gonna go watch that

bank_dude said...

CBN commenced CNN, Cartoon network, Animax and Pogo yesterday. I noticed that audio stream of most of the channels contains left side.

dee.panadura said...

thanks LST