Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Channels back on air

First of all it is nice to be back and we like to thank all of you who kept this blog going by your informative comments during the past few days. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas watching CBNsat.

Looks like CBNsat has brought back more channels back on air during the past few days and some by yesterday. Accordingly Swarnavahini came back on air some time back and CNN, Animax, Pogo and Cartoon Network are also back.

It also seems that the problem of sound coming on only one speaker (for stereo televisions) which was previously on History Channel is now on NGC and also on CNN so to get sound on both speakers of a TV you have to select the left sound channel for both speakers using the television remote control or the decoder remote control. It also seems that some of the channels are permanently on multilingual sound and it also has to be selected using the appropriate sound channel. Hopefully the CBNsat technical guys will sort this problem by allowing people to select the appropriate language using the designated function for language in the remote control and not by using the left or right sound channels. It seems that some of the channels have Tamil language broadcasts too for English programs and we believe that CBN should provide this as it will prove to be popular among the Tamils in this country.

We are still unable to confirm whether Goal TV 1, Goal TV 2, Fashion TV, Raj TV and Raj Plus have been dropped from CBNsat. We also hear that CBNSat has activated four slots for radio stations but it seems that nothing can be heard from those frequencies.

There seem to be some picture clarity problems too with some channels pixelating more than the others.

We hope that CBNsat will activate the Discovery Channels soon too and complete their original line up of channels and then move to activate their new channels and also sort out all their transmission problems before the end of this year.


jesika said...

"CBNsat technical guys will sort this problem by allowing people to select the appropriate language using the designated function for language in the remote control and not by using the left or right sound channels."

What is this "designated function" ?

cableguy said...

dee panadura

Unfortunately, as you know already, credit/Debit cards issued in Sri Lanka are not accepted by Paypal, Verisign or any of the major online payment systems.

My only suggestion to you is find a friend or a relative who may have a credit card from another country and ask them to do the purchase for you on ebay. I have friends who purchased goods that way from Amazon and Ebay and there were no problems.

kaluperuma said...

Hello Admin,Koheda machang hitiye mechchara davas,Goal TV 1 & 2 are defeneitly dropped.Others are not for the moment,but it is most likely that they will be dropped too.

TrackZeroBad said...


I think the audio buttons in the remote.. when you press them automatically change the audio.. type..

Looser said...

If CBNSat plans to bring STAR package, can they get the Asian beam like HBO?

Admin word verification is a very headache now we have to type several time get it done please check immediately

TrackZeroBad said...


I think you cant disable that feature .. its a security thing to check the commenter is a really human.. not a spam bot.

check here for more info

Vishkid said...

Hey guys in my remote some buttons seem to be mapped incorrectly. I cannot remember the exact btn/action but pressing lang seems to increase volume and some other button turns on the LNB position adjuster and so forth.

Any others hv the same issue?

dee.panadura said...

thanks cable guy,

i could have done that(friends card), but i had sent cash,USD30 by reg. air mail, hope the damn thing gets there.

they mus be laughing

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Word Verification can be disabled. It's used to prevent automated spam bots from doing comment spam. But there is an option to disable it.
Ex- in filenetworks blog its disabled.

godaya said...


please update us regarding the status of Fashion TV. has it been dropped- if so its a crime! I understand the limitations in technology etc but all efforts should be made to retain the same- may be the remaining channel designated as CBNSAT and is at the top of the channel list can be utilized.
Kalu pls convince the management not to drop it- WHY should we go with the CHINTHANYA culture and drop FTV- after all its they who denied our enternainment for so long

bank_dude said...


Nothing wrong with button mapping. We all have those functions. The problem is they haven't activated those functions.

Vishkid said...

@ Bank dude - thanks mate, yeah I figure that much. The issue was that they are not inactive (like the game buttons) but do something else altogether ... :D

If anybody (Kalu) from CBNSat-Dialog is blogging here, I hope they hv made a note to re-vamp and launch the website simultaneously with the transmission. All other dialog site hv immaculate content and web support. This shouldn't be an exception.

Dude said...

Yesterday evening for CNN, Pogo sound is available on both Left and Right Sound Channels but now BBC has sound only on the Left Sound Channel.

Not sure about Animax and Cartoon Network. It also seems that Nick having biingual sound is also now okay.

I think Blog Admin should not disable Word Verification since it would mean that there will be a lot of Spam Comments.

hush said...

The issue with word verification is that even though you type it correctly once the comment is not saved but you have to do it twice for it to happen. Thats the problem.

hush said...

There is some good news and a bit bad one too.

The price of CBNsat connection is definitely coming down and current view is that it will be par on with the region.remember they want to market for the region.several packages are also discussed for different market segments.More channels are also on the way.

also it is likely that price of the packages will be reasonable and they are doing their best not to increase even the premium package from current pricing,still not finalised.

Existing customers will derive a benefit over new connections.They are still on discussion about how to do it in the best method to appreciate loyalty.

bad news is that in order to reduce costs and for it to affordable to masses and the region and to have premium content means they will introduce advertising from local and overseas sources.maybe few movie channels will be exempted.

Crab said...

Vishkid ,

i have the same problem !! The remote controller behaves starangely. I think this is due to non-usage over the past six months

May be we will havwe to buy a new remote controller.

Vishkid said...

@ Crab - now that's gona be a whole ew issue, if we hv to replace :D

@ hush - do you know who is leading the Television Broadcasting arm at Dialog?

Wonder why they are leaving 10 sports and Set Max out at the moment?

One of my pals in kalutara said his signal strength has not gone up beyond 70% since transmissions re-started. Any of you getting such a lower sig?

cableguy said...

My signal strength is around 60%. I was told by the tech guy at installation that anything more than 50% is more than enough. I have not had much trouble at all, except for the disturbances due to dark clouds before rain.
Can someone confirm this claim? Is there no difference between 60% and 70% signal strenghth?

Looser said...

Guys Give them some time please. They can only give 36 channels for the moment. I'm sure they will add more channels in near future.

bank_dude said...

To Viskid & Cableguy,

Normally signal strength should be around 75-77% and quality should be around 59-62%. I gained this by re aligning the dish and adjusting the LBN. You have to do it carefully either by get your TV set near to you or let sombody to tell you about the readings. First slowly adjust and wait for 5-10 seconds to update levels.

kaluperuma said...





Vishkid said...

:D Hi Kalu - i was formerly known as excalibur and before that I prefer not to say...

You ARE disgusting (:P) but since you a wealth of a resource - I'm gonna tolerate anything you throw at me.

just to satisfy ur curiosity, I guarantee you that I hv been been in the blog from june'06.

Anyways, on to more important matters - my Sig strength is 75% andd Quality is 54%. But that guy at kalutara has a sig strength at around 68% so I guess he better re-align his dish/lbn.

Vishkid said...

And Kalu - 4 got - thanks for the info on Nushad.

kaluperuma said...

Ehema waren wishkid,Yako nama maru karanokota paththare danawa wage,Blog name eka maru karanokath mokak hari system ekak danna wei machang,

Umba langa thiyanne black colored remote ekada Ash colored ekada?

Vishkid said...

Black ekak Sir.