Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Great Weekend

Looks like it was a great weekend for the CBNsat Subscribers since they got their cable tv operator back on air. According to reports received the channels that are presently available are BBC World, AXN, NGC, History Channel, A1, Nick, MTV, Zone Reality (formerly known as Reality TV), ESPN, Star Sports.

Accordingly the other frequencies are running promotions of the rest of the CBNsat channels and they should be on air in due course. At the moment test transmissions are being carried out and once the test transmissions are over then all the other channels will also be back.

We are however saddened by the fact that Mr. Muhunthan Canagey has resigned from CBNsat. However we believe that a company of the calibre of Dialog Telekom under the leadership of Dr. Hans Wijesuriya will continue taking this company into greater heights.

We would also like to wish the new chairman Mr. Yusof Annuar Yaacob all the best as he takes over the leadership of this company.

According to a compilation of the channels that have been requested by CBNsat customers over a period of time we have come up with a list of channels that the should be introduced soon.

Star World
Star Movies
Ten Sports
God TV
Zee Cafe
Zee Sports
Disney Channel

We would like to thank CBNsat Subscriber Unite who took an active participation in highlighting the grievances of CBNsat Subscribers. Excellent work CBNsat you never gave up and that is greatly appreciated. We also like to thank our fellow bloggers for keeping us updated on the events that were taking place over the months that CBNsat was down. Even if we did not update the blog you guys and gals made sure that the information on the blog was kept up to date. Specially during the last weekend we were not able to update this blog on the latest on the resumption of transmission but you guys and gals kept the information flowing and we hope that you will keep it that way.

We will now focus on making sure that CBNsat continues to provide excellent service to it's subscribers and fulfill our theme "This blog is intended for CBNSat customers to tell the world about how efficient their service is, or any problems in their service or just plain congratulate them for a job well done."

This blog is for the subscribers to air their view and thoughts so CBNsat Management is always welcome to check what their subscribers require from their service as well as what they think about the service. We are also getting reports that the downtime due to rain that the subscribers are experiencing is much less that earlier.

Please keep us updated as channels are being added to CBNsat and share your views on the service provided by CBNsat.


Anonymous said...

My choice is

God TV
Star World
Star Movies
Ten Sports
Zee Cafe
Zee Sports
Disney Channel
Zee Studio

channa said...

Jessie - CBNsat already has contracted with zee tele films and the Zee channels you have mentioned will be on air once the transmission is finalised.

Since Zee owns 50% of Ten sports we could be optimestic that it will be on the list very soon.

Star were right behind CBNsat before the closure to sell the remaining channels such as star world and star movies and CBNsat were waiting for a good bargain and they almost signed up God TV,So these channels will be a formality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you information Channa.

everyone is willing to watch those new channels.
We know Dialog ,"The future Today !"
we can expect those very soon!!

bank_dude said...

Channa, when can we see rest of the channels that we already had with CBN?

dini said...

i think star world is a must addition to the existing collection

Looser said...

Zee studio is a useless channel comparing to HBO, Signature, Cinemax and Star world. I think Star Movies is the best.

Can we have some european channels other than Indian channels.

Hey What about Fashion TV? HA

dini said...

there is FTA channel that was available in the middle east called Channel 2, which broadcasts movies 24 hours. not too sure whether it's available from here. certainly much better than star movies.

TrackZeroBad said...

My Choice is

Star Package
Disney Channel
Ten Sports


Broad Band Internet (Since Dialog owns CBNSat )...

channa said...

bank_dude - They are supposed to activate transponder 2 toady or defeneitly tommorow,With that most of the channels will be available and within a maximum of 2 weeks everything will be normel and we can be assured that zee will be on air after that.

Looser - I think the Asian feed of HBO and HBO Signature are far better than Star Movies,What you get in dish tv is the HBO south east Asia feed which is filled with advertisments,Hence the HBO/CINEMAX feeds and AXN are far better than what you get at Dish TV.

kaluperuma said...



TrackZeroBad said...


Will we get the local channels as well or will they get removed ???

topfan said...


It was this blog which kept my hopes on CBN.It prevented me by giong from bad to worst.
I was with this blog just after thre days of CBN closure.I am extreamly thankful to Blog admin for maintaing this blog updated.
Dear Lightning struck tower,thank you for giving us spirit, you were here from the begining.
Lasiru thank you for your dedication.Without people like you CBN itself may had its hopes lost.
Goodbuye Mr.Chanagay we will always remember you.
I also like to mention Channa,Alf,bank_dude,Kaluperuma,Jesika,dini,CBNsat coustomer,looser,maxpyane,yakuza and all the others for your lively companionship.Prehapas this was the only place i had ENTERTAINMNT after CBN was closed.

channa said...

TRACKZEROBAD-Some of the local channels will be there for sure and to be exact everything is on standby to uplink all the local channels that were on air prior to the closure including CBNsat.

The new management is expected to talk to some as Rupavahini & Sirasa to come in to an agreement.So other than these two others will be back very soon.

Lisura said...

Yes ! The new management will need some time to re-activate the international channels and local channels partnerships too. Now that we've got something we have to be patient till the rest comes in. Within 2 weeks maximum all the channels which were there will be back.

Getting the local channels is not a big issue because CBNSat is a subsidary of Dialog now. Dialog have the infrastructure to even get the channel upto CBNSat uplinking station via it's broadband network digitally. So the picture and sound quality will be even better.

There is a lot to fine tune and I sincerely hope that Dialog Telekom have the capability to take CBNSat to the next level. Hope things will happen fast because they need to start sales and re-capture the market.

They have a chance as it is the festive season and what could be better than taking home a CBNSat receiving system home for Christmas and New Year !!!!!!

Sameera said...

Since i have cable tv and CBN both I can directly tell that Star World is a MUST for CBN. Star world and Ten sports are the main two channels I usually watch in cable tv. Star movies is not a must for CBNsat becos they have the best 3 movie channels in their lineup.

so my lineup is like this.
Star World
Ten sports
God tv
Zee Studio
Star movies
other channels in Zee package

I think God tv is a free channel.. wonder why they're not giving it yet.

Broadband Idea is also Great...
Hope dialog will introduce that facility also in near future..

VH1 is now on test transmission..

don said...

Yes TOPFAN is right,This blog kept us all together and lot of guys shared their ideas and knowledge and showed what unity is all about.

Bloggers like Lisura,LST,Rob,Alf,Kalu,Channa,Topfan,Cableguy,jesika,bankdude and many others made this a wonderful place(Specialy Kaluperuma who seems to be dead against Alf )

well done and keep going

kaluperuma said...



dini said...

topfan, thanks for the mention. you are welcome.
by the way guys, channel 2 that i mentioned earlier is actually mbc 2. it's a free to air channel available either on nilesat (we are out of the footprint/coverage) or arabsat (not too sure about the coverage).

Looser said...

Channa - yes you're correct. HBO & AXN on Dish TV is useless. But Star movies is great. And thats the only movie channel we can enjoy on Dish TV.

I think we need better channel lineup than Dish TV and I'm sure Dialog will do it.

There's nothing much on Zee package except for Hindi lovers. (I personally don't like Hindi films)

channa said...

Correct LOOSER- Most of the channels on Dish TV are useless or filled with advertisments.You are correct on Star Movies to that is the only acceptable movie channel on Dish as it is more less the original beam from HK.

Other than Zee Sports i also dont think there is anything else to watch on ZEE.

My personal view is other than pouring the content with unecessary channels and increasing the rental,Its worthwhile to have quality content,So what i think we realy miss is,(Since the ZEE package is already in line)


But these will defeneitly come during the next few months and anything more is going to be a bonus.

hush said...

Have to agree with channa about HBO, HBO signature and cine max ,AXN asia beam is better in quality and advertisement free in case of former 3 than the indian beam.

have noticed in HBO website that HBO signature and Cinemax is not offered for India. Is there any special reason??

by the way there are 2 other HBO channels offered on the asian beam such as HBO family and HBO hits which is wonderful as HBO family has serials and drama while its only the best box office hits on the HBO hits channel.

One transponder can support 18 channels thus its time CBN invests in another 2 as the current line up will fill up soon. CBN had 28 channels of video at time of closure and with Zee online its matter of time that there will be a need for a 3rd transponder.

its wonderful to get the CBN back.

cableguy said...

Hey DON(and others)

It was a pleasure "hanging out" with you guys during the stressful 6 months of CBNSat closure. The blog was always a very effective means of having a good laugh as well as getting the frustration out.
I hope we can continue to keep in touch on this blog on matters related to CBNSat.

Hey Admin:
How about organizing a small happy hour or a get together for all us bloggers so that we can actually meet each other. Maybe we can all wear our blogger name on a Name Tag and come to the party. ha..ha...haa.

don said...

What about the STAR beam? Does it come directly from HK or is it something similiar to HBO south east Asia where it less in quality and content compared to the bem from Singapore?

From what i gather the Criket World Cup and a lot of cricket will be available on the Sony Max channel,where CBNsat has the SET channel? Isnt it necessary?

channa said...

Thats a excellant idea cableguy and i am for it and we will get Lisura some time in the future to do that sort of thing.

Don - SET MAX will be there prior to the world cup,I think CBN got these two channels mixed up initialy and it was adverized that SETMAX was the earmaked channel and finally it was the other channel which wen on air.

MAX will be their before the world cup.

Anonymous said...

HALLMARK would also be a very interesting channel to have

bank_dude said...

Topfan, Thank you very much for mentioning. All the credits must go to blog admin for make this blog. My salute goes to all my fellow bloggers for keep this blog such a happenning place.

Anyway guys CBN started broadcasting HBO, Signature & Cinemax. But those three channels does not contain any sound. Further notice that AXN comes with left channel and NGC sound track is containing English & Hindi (two are mixed up). I hope CBN will look into this matter before starting commercial transmission.

LoverlordStriker said...

Since I use have used CBNsat and use DishTV now, here is a neutral comparison between the channel offering of the two services.

English Movie Channels:

DishTv- South East Asia Feed
CBNsat- South Asia Feed
Well at a glance it might look like the SA feed is better. But when you analyze deeper, both feeds offer the same set of movies only the schedule is shuffled. Dishtv feed has more ads though.
Zee Studio- An average-good movie channel. Somewhat similar to Cinemax.
TCM - A classic movie channel. Only worth it if you are a fan of old movies.
PIX-Sony's new movie channel. Shows fairly new movies. Falls somewhere between Cinemax and HBO. (above Cinemax but below HBO). Will b a worthwhile addition to CBNsat list.
MGM-A good movie channel. Similar to Cinemax. Said to be a dishtv exclusive. Original uk/us feed.
Star Movies-Excellent movie channel. This is better than HBO in my opinion. A must have for CBNsat.

Hindi Movie Channels
I don’t watch these so I cant tell which is better than which.
Zee Cinema -Hindi
Star Gold- Classic Hindi Movies
Zee Premier - Hindi/ new movies
Zee Action - Hindi/ Action
Zee Classic - Hindi/ Old movies

Sports Channels
Zee Sports - DishTv's activeSports service is based on this channel.
Ten Sports - The one I watch most. Reason: WWE + Cricket. Must have for CBNsat.
ESPN- same feed as CBNsat
Star Sports- same feed as CBNsat
DD Sports - Shows the occasional live cricket match.

Kids Channels
Pogo- same feed as Cbnsats
Animax-same feed as Cbnsats
Nick-same feed as Cbnsats
Boomerang- Original UK feed. No advertisements. Full of great cartoons. This one is a gem in the crown for DishTV. I don’t know whether this feed is normally available coz they show it as a DishTv exclusive. I love it though.
Toon Disney- Great channel for kids.
Disney Channel- A must have for CBNsat. Has a lot of live action programming.
Hungama- Indian crap channel for kids. Totally worthless.
Cartoon Network- same feed as Cbnsat.

Zee Trendz- Similar to fashion tv. Full of modelling shows and girly stuff like that.
Fashion TV- The one that made Mahinda's Satake fly in all directions. Indian feed. Worse than Cbnsat feed.

The history channel - same as cbnsat. However transmission ends at midnight and from 00.00 to 08.00 Adventureone is shown. So history channel and A1 feeds on CBNsat are better than that of dishtv.
Animal Planet - same as cbnsat
Discovery -same as cbnsat
National Geographic - same as cbnsat

SETMax -Hindi movies + Sport channel. Holds the Cricket WC 2007 broadcast rights. Must have for CBNsat.
Zoom - same as cbnsat
Zone Reality -same as cbnsat
AXN- indian feed. Cbnsat has the asian feed which has less ads but basically the content is the same on two.
Zee Café - A star world- like channel. Shows sitcoms and english drama series. Will be a worthy addition to cbnsat.
Travel & Living- same as cbnsat
Star World- Star group's English entertainment channel. a must have for cbnsat.
Star Utsav- Hindi entertainment. Similar to Star plus.
Star Vijay- Tamil entertainment.

VH1 - same as cbnsat
Trace TV - original uk/us feed. Said to be a dishtv exclusive.
Channel V- indian feed. Worthy addition to cbnsat.
Zee Music - indian music
ETC - indian music
B4U Music- indian/inernational music
MTV Music- same as cbnsat
MH1 Music - tamil music
Balle Balle - tamil/hindi music
Play TV- Hindi/international music

Other channels
BBC- same as cbnsat
CNN- same as cbnsat
TV5 Asia (French)- shows french movies with english subtitles.
Euronews- said to be dishtv exclusive. Original uk feed.
Headlines Today - news
Total TV - news + general programming
Zee news- interactive news channel of dishtv
Zee Business -business channel
CNN Aawaz- ??
CNBC TV 18 - ??
NDTV 24X7=168 - news
Star News -- hindi news
Times Now -english news/business

Decoder Technology
DishTv's zenega decoder contains newer software than cbnsat's decoder. Dishtv also supports active content and games. It also features full 3 days of Electronic programming guide for every channel and details about each program. Favorites lists and on screen program reminders are also possible.

There are many other channels in dish package which I havent checked out.

Dishtv was the pioneer in DTH in asia. They have 1.5 million subscriber base. With 20,000 subscribers in a country where they were treated like dogs, cbnsat is only a little short of DishTv. We should all be proud of cbnsat as srilankans. CBNsat needs to add a fair amount of new channels to surpass dishtv and become the region's best. But locally, it can beat the crap out of competition (there is no competition actually) with the existing channel line up. Since dialog makes 8billion profit per year, I am keeping my decoder polished (while I use dishtv for now) and waiting for the day Cbnsat out performs dishtv.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Yo everyone,
It's been a hectic week for me as I was overloaded with work. So I didn’t have the time to thank anyone formally or to celebrate CBNsat's return.

My thanks go to:
#The blog admin for maintaining this blog which became the virtual gathering place for stranded subscribers.

#Lisura and everyone in the subscriber unite for their massive efforts which even included newspaper campaigns.

#Mr Muhunthan Canagy for creating cbnsat and fighting for cbnsat. Never ever think you lost the battle coz you had to step down from CEO. You are always a winner in our hearts ( you can see from the many comments in this blog.) and I wish you all the very best in whatever you do from here.

#All my fellow bloggers (there are too many to name) who made this blog an online 'AXN'

#Cbnsat team for keeping it cool and manning the call center 24/7 to answer pissed off customers for whole 6 months.

It's not the end so it's not goodbye. As long as CBNsat lives, this blog will continue to live. Rock On!!

My fucks go to:
#The gay mofos who were behind the closure of CBNsat (by the way wtf did you achieve during the 6 months?).

Lisura said...

Thanks for all the bloggers who posted inspiring thoughts about CBNSat Subscribers Unite.

We need to mention that we will remain as an independent subscriber representation to act as an organisation when a need arises from the subscriber point of view.

You can send us your suggestions on CBNSat such as channel upgrades; improve quality of the existing channels, to introduce new services such as EPG or anything you think that could improve CBNSat service. You can mail these suggestions to cbnsat@gmail.com

Please note that we need only your suggestions in general to improve the service. If you have a problem regarding your connection please call the hotline 4606060 and CBNSat will attend to it ASAP. And also drop us a mail regarding your problem.

We will analyse these suggestions and complaints and forward them to CBNSat as a unite for necessary action.

We'll work together to improve CBNSat and bring it to the No. 1 DTH TV service in the South Asian Region. Dialog has the strength in delivering it.

So please send in your comments to
"CBNSat Subscribers Unite"

MANIL said...

My Requirement is,

Ten Sports
Star Movies & World
Disney channels

JOKIYA said...



MIKE said...




kaluperuma said...

ALF kemathith owatama thama, oka Dish TV eke owa balanawa ethi,Kata hari okage CBNsat Dish eka ikmnata aran denna one,nethnam Huluballawa okage gedarata yawanna one meka dish packages horen wikunanawa kiyala,

Ape CBN eke apita one,

ten sports
star package
disney channels

don said...

Ten Sports,Star World,Star Movies and the Disney Channels are the ones we realy need.

Hope CBN gets them soon.

channa said...

No there is a big differance in the singpore(Asian feed) and Indian (South east Asian) feeds of HBO.

Just log on to www.hboasia.com which is the singapore web site(CBNsat content) and clik the country to India on the same web site and you get the south asian feed (Dish TV)

You can see the differance.

Lisura said...

I personally beleive TEN SPORTS and STAR MOVIES is must for CBNSat to capitalise on the Sri Lankan market. And SETMAX is a must before the World Cup 2007 as it is the only channel which has ICC braodcasting rights.

My personal choices are :




hush said...

my wish list

Star World
Disney channel
HBO Hits
HBO family
Hall Mark

Anonymous said...

I believe E! Entertainment, would compliment the current lineup. www.eonline.com

NotBloodyFooled said...

The CBNSat Fiasco is a good lesson to all of us to know the true nature of those in power who tolarate and give top posts to buggers that abuse the power given to them. We gave them the mandate and they started kicking our asses. There was never any indcation that those that were abusing their power was going to be reigned in and a fair deal was to be given to us citizens. When I went to meet the TRC assistant comminsinor who was in charge of this issue I was told to get a refund from CBNSat as he say no chance of them comming back on air.REMEMBER ; IT IS US CITIZENS, VOTERS WHO HAVE THE ULTIMATE POWER. WE CBNSAT CUSTOMERS AND LBNSAT CUSTOMERS WILL DO WELL TO REMEMBER THE INJUSTICE DONE TO THEM. Gahanda Gahanda wandina ewun modayo.