Friday, December 15, 2006

New Channels on CBNsat

CBNSat has introduced some new channels on their lineup according to information that is being received by us. They include the Zee Package which consists of channels such as Zee Cinema, Zee Music, etc.

In addition the MTV, VH1 and SET channels have also returned with the activation of their second transponder.

We are getting unconfirmed reports that Goal TV 1 and Goal TV 2 are to be dropped by CBNSat and frankly no one will miss these two channels since anyone hardly watches them.

We would like our fellow bloggers to tell us exactly what are the Zee Channels that are available and do they also include Zee Cafe, Zee Sports and Zee Studio. We also hope that CBNsat will activate the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel and Living and CNN soon. Not to forget Cartoon Network and Pogo which was enjoyed by children and adults alike.

It is better if they can activate the channels that they had prior to the shutdown on a priority basis because these channels were the ones that were being enjoyed by CBNsat customers. We are not so sure on the reason behind the delay in activating the channels. There seems to be a problem in the sound being received on History Channel since only the left sound signal seems to be working according to one of our bloggers.

We are sure that CBNsat engineers are working round the clock to sort out these issues and we hope that they get all the channels and their problems sorted out before Christmas for their customers to have a CBN filled Christmas.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNSat as the days progress.


hush said...

The following channels are active, VH1, SET,ZEE CINEMA,ZEE CAFE,ZEE TRENDZ,ZEE MUSIC, MTV has been assigned on the second transponder and active.

Noticed that channels on transponder 2 has better quality than transponder 1. Receiving transponder 1 as of 7.30AM signal at 74%, Quality at 49% and transponder 2 Signal at 75% and quality 55%. There is a difference in quality levels.

Crab said...

Guys are those Zee channells broadcast only hindi movies , songs and stuff ? or is there any English content ?

cbnsatcustomer said...

New channels
Zee TV - Hindi Programmes
Zee Cafe - English like Star World
Zee Cinema - Hindi movies
Zee Studio - English movies
Zee Sports
Zee Trendz - Fashion like FTV
Zee Music - Hindi music

None of the channels are active yet they're showing VH1 and MTV when you select them.

2 more new channels
D and DT may be Disney and Disney Toons.

One is named as "reserved"

Goal TV 1, Goal TV2 and Pogo are not their in the menu.

bank_dude said...

Guys if anyone know please tell where can I buy a remote control extender. TP2 signal at 76-77% and quality 61-62%.

Anonymous said...


yes you can buy spare remote. call cbn its around 1500/=

hush said...

cbnsat customer!

The following new channels were active as of 7.30AM today.


balance Z channels were not active along with FTV,Cartoon Network,D,DT.

bank_dude said...

Jesika, the purpose of this is my decoder is connected to my pc in my bed room. From the decoder I have layed a coaxial cable to my TV resides on my living room. These two are in two different levels. What remote control extender does is it transmit the IR signal to the decoder. Position does not matter.

refer the link and you will understand what I meant.

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