Friday, December 15, 2006

Commercial Launch likely in January 07

We are reliably told that it is likely that the commercial relaunch of CBNsat may place in take in Jan 07 but this commercial launch will only take place once all the channels and all the transmission problems are sorted out. However we are not sure whether the company will retain the name CBNsat since Dialog Telekom may change the brand name.

It seems that some of the channels that CBNSat had previously are still not up linked because the new management has to refresh the contracts that were signed with those service providers.

At present we believe that the following new channels are available on CBNsat.

Zee Cafe - English
Zee Studio - English
Zee Sports
Zee TV - Hindi
Zee Cinema - Hindi
Zee Trendz - Fashion Channel
Zee Music - Hindi

In addition MTV, VH1 and SET are on CBNsat however we believe that CBNSat should get SET Max as they will be showing the ICC Cricket World Cup 07 and it also doubles as a Hindi Movie channel so it should be a better option that SET.

It seems that two channels are named as "DT" and "D" and some suggest that it may be Disney Toon Channel and Disney Channel but we are not sure of this and it could be just carrying the name since this is a test transmission.

We also hope that all the local television channels and radio stations come aboard CBNsat since they will be able to access viewers and listeners who are beyond the reach of their transmitters. It also seems that CBNSat customers will be able to enjoy their services free until the commercial launch and the free is said to include HBO too.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress.


Anonymous said...

I have the 2nd package and now HBO and HBO signature are not visible to me.. Is it like that for the others those who have the 2nd package??

And All the channels in 2nd Transponder are scrambled for me.. I tried to call customer care, but it's busy..(tried about 20 mins).

ravin said...


Anonymous said...

Second package means 1000 /=package

ravin said...

Jesika,Are you also in the second package,Can you check please.

kaluperuma said...

Guys,They are going to scramble and sort out by packages and they are in the process of doing that.

Anonymous said...


The Zee package , D & DT will belongs to which package ?

Anonymous said...


I also have the 2nd package, I 'm in the office so cant check now.

kaluperuma said...

JESICA -All the channels of ZEE will be availbale to Pakage 1 without any additional charge and some will be available to the other packages (other than Zee Studio and few others).

SLP said...

gys n gls,

CBN web is still not maintained for the changes that they did for the channel list and all goal tv, animax etc is still present.

Therefore it's better that they update the site and notify which channels are being rendered on which packages and the exact channel list.

keep going cbn

Anonymous said...

I called customer care.. He said HBO and HBO Signature are visible for some customers only, It's a automated operation, so he can't do anything about that..


and It'll take about two weeks more to get the zee package on air..

Anonymous said...

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From 2 channel input A/V amp/receiver will decode DTS neo and Prologic II/ IIx. (Where CBN SAT currently broadcast.)

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Cable Guy said...

HEY! Cool!!!

CBN is displaying the decoder resetting instructions on their web site, Which I originally posted on this blog some time ago.

Thanks Subscriber Unite for sending the details to every one.

Anonymous said...

DT is it Dialog tv

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

what do you guys think of the two dudes who represent Srilanka in Amazing Race Asia?

eXcalibur said...

Which two? I thought those guys were indians?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

no there are two representing srilanka;


yakuza said...

sri lankans i also thought they were indians
any way they were eleminated

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

yakuza, they are not eliminated. Look up in site. However they are curently in last place (6th).

hush said...

I met a couple of dialog tech guys at a cocktail party and they clearly expressed that dialog will be going full throttle and as per their comments CBN will likely to have about 100 premium channels.some channels will carry advertisements as they said thats the only way to bring down package rate in par with dish and tata and be a regional player.

only issue has been indian broadcast laws but they are looking into possibility of utilising indian free trade agreement with provisions for services.

If it work out it will really be good for CBN and definitely will be a regional player.dont know whether India will play spoil sports and come up with some lame excuse like they did for vanaspathi guys.

SLP said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SLP said...

Guys n Girls

Something interesting is happening on Comet Cable, Have a look. . .

TrackZeroBad said...

Hey Hush,

Are those guys have any idea about ... giving Broad Band Internet.. ???

A friend of mine (he knows some guys at Dialog) told me that they are hoping to give that too as a part of the package..

What are these channels at the line up D (Disney ? ) DT (Disney Toons?)

don said...

There was an article in the Sunady Observer that the suicide Bmer who targeted the Defence Secretary has received a call on his mobile,Suprisingly from the Defence Ministry.

This must defeneitly be Huluballa,Who will do anything for money and he would have received a thundering amount for this,Serves good for keeping thieves and rogues as him,For this homo who sells his wife,its a simple question of selling the country.

dee.panadura said...

This blog is very interesting now.

Hats off to all the senior bloggers.

very informative too.


hush said...


yes.your info is right.They will introduce broadband internet.Also video on demand will be a feature very soon.

their view is that mobile growth is expected to saturate around year 2008 and they want to diversify into other markets as growth will be less after that and want to increase group profits. Dialog SL contributes about 10% to malaysia telecom year end accounts on profits and they want this to increase.

yakuza said...

lst ur right man
thanks for the info
i checked the link. its a brit. and a sri lankan in the team.
hope they will get through next episode.

TrackZeroBad said...


WOW .. thats a good news.. I wonder how soon.. (According to my friend its around April 2007.. )

Will we have to change to Decoder to get internet ???

Anonymous said...

If Dialog can give broadband Internet through the CBN decoder, it will be fantastic. It will be a revolution for low cost Internet usage.

Can someone let us know if this information is true!

cableguy said...

To CBNSat Techs. This is for your information only.

Local Channels:
The picture quality of TNL on CBNSat is poor.
DERANA is much better picture quality.

Other Channels
Cinemax, HBO, HBO Signature, AXN, STAR Sports, ESPN and Nickelodeon has had pretty good quality picture for the last week or so.

The other channels seems to have had a drop in picture quality and sound too.

Other bloggers can please update on your observations.

hush said...


no launch date yet for broadband internet as they first have to get their commercial operation of TV channels launched with additional channels lined up.

as you said April is a more likely date to coincide with sinhala and tamil new year.

in the tech front there is pixel effect on set and VH1 channels. But channels like HBO,Signature,AXN,ESPN,Star Sports does not seem to have it. The quality difference in transponder 1 and 2 are now almost at the same level.

Pixel issue has to be dealt with by CBN. Also one zee audio channel is coming with MTV video signal on channel 27 or some near channel for the past few days.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what about the local channels.It is very important for the coustomers of north and east,where no land transmission is reachable.Before the shutdown palaly army camp transmitter used CBN to get RUPAVAHINI and CHANNEL EYE sinals,now they use Edusat,which is only covering the Jaffna peninsula, for that purpose.

Arnold said...

What is Dilani Nandasiri doing these days?

Giving a blowjob to Muhunthan Canagey, the high School dropout?

Anonymous said...

MTV and VH1 are visible for me now on transponder 2...

Anonymous said...

Nicalodian's sound channel goes after the picture.
cableguy we have to mention it too..

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I'd like to know what is "transponder" ?. What is the function of it?

krandor said...

to Arnold: You mean Muhunthan Canagey, the high School dropout, who started a DTH cable network from money he earned from his other successful businesses and by persuading financail institutions he was worth taking a risk on, who took on a corrupt government and VIP's in court, won and sold a company to one of SL's most reputable companies for over $5 million? If he is getting blowjobs, I think he deserves them.

How about you Arnold, what have you done of any significance?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

arnold, maybe you should go and blow Muhunthan Canagy too (as a thanks).

hush said...


very pathetic comment man.a point to remeber is even Mr. Ken balendran been one of the best in business and leading keels group is not university educated. I think he also only done upto AL.

These are best examples not only education but ambition and commitment also means success.

everyone should have their privacy,even people with double degrees would not have pulled off what former CEO of CBN did in face of opposition and paying salary of employees.

just dony mud sling a honest man.

cableguy said...

Allllready then!!! ARNOLD is back. Bloggers remember this guy???
He is the one who was way way up Huluballa's ass and couldnt get out. So he posted all kinds of bull crap on this blog during the trying days of CBNSat closure from inside Huluballa's ass.
Well it seems like Huluballa purged him out after the retransmission of CBNSat and now he is back making his two cents worth.
Its Party Time!!!!!!!
You are soooo correct Krandor.
I think Muhanthan deserves a lot more than that.
What to do!! This Arnold is stuck with wife swapping Ponna Huluballa and dont know what to do.

Kaluperuma, just for one time, can we have some of your choice words to keep Arnold bugger amused?

hush said...


Transponder is a concatenation of transmitter and responder.

A transponder is a transmitter and receiver. A satellite transponder receives signals from the earth and transmits signals back to the earth.

A transponder usually receives on one frequency and transmits on another.

in case of PAS12 satellite that CBN uses it has seperate transponders for receiving the uplink channel and seperate for downlinking the same.when we were discussing transponder issue we were basically talking about the down link as one transponder can only support 18channels on the downlink.

Anonymous said...

thanks huch

That means there's only 2 transponder with CBN. thats why they give around 30 channels. if they want to get more channels they need more transponders
am i right ?

Anonymous said...

thanks huch

That means there's only 2 transponder with CBN. thats why they give around 30 channels. if they want to get more channels they need more transponders
am i right ?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""if they want to get more channels they need more transponders
am i right ?""

No they can use a compression technology to boost the number of channels transmitted from one transponder. DishTv does this & thats how they downlink 170 channels from 7 transponders. Picture quality is on par with that of cbnsat's. However CBNsat can easily book other transponders as PAS12 stil has many unassigned.

hush said...


yes you are correct. compression can achieve without addition of transponders. but as in all such cases the quality will be different to uncompressed version even though it might not be visible to naked eye but will be a factor.It will be evident if you hook up to home theatre systems with larger screens and audio systems.

I believe you can have upto 28channels under compression per transponder.Currently CBN does it by using 2 transponders.

If they are going for 100 premium channels then I think another few transponders will be good.

dialog will be teleporting and for that anyhow you need additional transponders.good money in teleporting.

hush said...

reality TV is still having few blackouts of a few seconds around 7.30am today.

Hope CBN will fix the issue.SET also had frozen pic moments today in the morning.

bank_dude said...

Picture quality is not sufficient for Cinemax, TNL, MTV, VH1. Hope CBN tech guys will rectify and correct it. Kalu, when we will be able to see Discovery & Animel planet. Hope it will be back before christmas holiday.

Anonymous said...

I read the Blog top to bottom to top. yep all exciting news. dialog took over solve so many problems. and every one is excited about new channels .. broadband internet..ect ect. as far as i know with dialog nothing come cheap. every one got so excited same way when dialog took over MTT. sales persons had so many things to tell internet price will go down.. better management .bla bla bla i did not see any price deference it was same as it was.
remember all dialog is the main reason still we pay for incoming on mobile. they do business not a charity . they will take every cents they can earn from us so keep figure cross every one lets hope for the best.!!

kula said...

If I remember correctly,they reduced charges of all incoming & outgoing calls recently.

Nobody will expect cheap stuff but quality at a reasonable price.

cableguy said...


You have a choice. There is always Mobitel, Celltel and Hutch.

Similarily, there is DISHTV from Satnet.

As far as Dialog goes, they reduced most of my call charges recently. Yes they are a big business (like many others) but you have to compare what you get for your money too. Quality vs Quantity.

There is no such thing called a Free Lunch.

Arnold said...

Mr.Muhunthan a few years ago was doing illegal call termination in a large scale. When SLT came to know this they blocked the VoIP ports on his leased line. Mr.Muhunthan got so furious he went to the SLT with couple of people and had a fist fight with a couple of engineers. After this incident if anybody wants to meet an engineer at SLT they have to wait at the reception for the engineer to come and meet them.

and FYI

Epsi computers was started by his father Mr.Canagy at MC as a small computer shop. Thereafter Mr. Canagy got sole agencies for a few computer components and gave Muhunthan to run it.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a Program Guide ( Printed Material or Web Guide etc..)

don said...

Arnold is right at that point,The tussle with B A C Abeywardena also relates to the same inccident as he was also doing call terminations along with Thilanga Sumathipala and some other guys.Thats why the telecom assocoation or the industry never backed Muhunthan,Thats history,But they made a lot of money out of it and its a huge sum.

Anonymous said...

cableguy i know there no such thing call free lunch but there is thing good service fro reasonable price.

i'll give you ruff idea what they charge now for leased line 25% CIR

256Kbps 49,900/- (monthly)
512Kbps 106,350/- (monthly)
1Mbps 191,700/- (monthly)

you think thats reasonable ???

Imagine when the cable TV come with Broadband.

they have to pay for Tv service they get + internet.

good they reduce the phone charges. by the way how many users they have 3 million right ??

how many CBN users there 12000??

TrackZeroBad said...


Hi I have subscribe to HBO and Cinemax (also you can get HBO Signature program guide but there is no subscription there) at .. you can select Sri Lanka as a country and they will send you the program guide every week Sri Lankan time.

Visit other channels website ..and you might get the program guide..

hush said...


you are correct in your history.yes BAC was also involved.I was not justifying what they did then but only in the current context of CBN only.

hush said...

channels that still have some issues.

reality TV; few second blackouts.
SET:freezing of Pics.
channel 27:MTV Video,Zee channel Audio
HBO signature:some pixel effect.
VH1:some pixel effect
History:Audio is low

Hope CBN will address these issues.

chami_tv said...

Guys not only hbo you can get most of the channel program schedule if you go to comet site. Because both cbn and comet has many channel in common all that you have to do is go the comet and download program schedule. its and excel document with all the channels. you do not need to be a comet subscriber to get it.

And I think for certain extent cbn must upgrade their site at least on the caliber of comet web site. Its not that much attractive but has most of the information we need from a cable tv operator. such as what next on main channels and much updated user login program guide etc..

But hopefully cbn on will be much professional and attractive one

cableguy said...

AXN also had some pixel affects around midnight yesterday. It comes in and out.

CINEMAX still has poor picture quality, apart from poor quality of movies(hee..heee)

Anonymous said...

Guys ,

looks like this 'arnold' (who once posed as another LST) is back.

looks like he has got some xtra cash to go to an 'nenasala'

these good for nothing people have made this country the 'mudhole of the indian ocean, rather than a so called'gem of the indian ocean'.