Thursday, December 07, 2006

Local channels making a comeback on CBNsat

Looks like TNL and Derana have made it back onto the CBNsat platform once again. CBNsat was back just in time for the Sri Lanka - New Zealand cricket series which is not being shown on any of the local television channels.

We hope that all the local channels will be available on CBNsat soon and we urge them to sign up with CBNsat. It is great that the engineering team of CBNsat is working full time to get all the channels back on track. According to reports it seems that AXN is not working on CBNsat. Lets hope that the engineers get this channel back on air soon since this is a very popular channel.

Please update us on the latest developments on CBNsat as the days progress and also update us on the status of their second transponder.


Lisura said...
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Lisura said...
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Lisura said...
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Lisura said...
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Lisura said...

Dear Subscribers,

We have created an on-line polling site for you to vote for your favourite channels. Please visit

And vote !

Please make sure to be specific on your selection.

What are the new channels you want on CBNSat ?

hush said...

dont know about coming online of MTV ,sirasa,ART,ETV as they show programmes like 24,lost,CSI, etc which are in conflict with AXN, Cartoon Network.

Maybe only if they overcome their inhibitions of insecurity as anyway CBN customers will watch the latest on CBNsat than the local line up of these programmes and the fact of clarity and reach of the CBN footprint they stand to gain more than lose by such partnerships.

cableguy said...

Here is what I have researched and found how Cable/Sat TV works in the USA.

Most of them offer a basic package (which is usually a bunch of crap, with a few good News Channels)

From there, the subscriber can pick and choose a whole different array of packages to suit your need.

The Movie packages are sold at a premium price, and the subscriber can pick and choose which movie channels they want.

Apart from that, they also have "Pay-per-View" channels. These will usually play hot new movies repeatedly(not much of a market in SL where DVDs are available cheap).

But the Pay-per-View also includes special events, such as Cricket Matches, other International Sports Events, Concerts etc. This would be a great idea as you only pay for that event. No need to pay monthly for those channels.
CBN can have a few dedicated channels where these events can be shown on a Pay-per-view basis. It would be a great way to see International Events...LIVE!

dee.panadura said...

No need of rupavahini and itn please.

bank_dude said...

dee.panadura, CBN got more sales in rural areas when Rupavahini came to CBN platform. I know lot of guys who live in different parts of the country bought CBN due to local channels. They bought 500/- package. Now people don't like to turn their antennas to view channels.

dee.panadura said...

agree dude, i myself get the channels clearer through cbn.

but rupavahini? Itn? what programes worth watching in it?

anyway our village people better come outa the well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe MTV can transmit the NEW channel via CBNsat?