Monday, December 11, 2006

Transmission Problems

Looks like CBNsat is facing some transmission problems with AXN being down for the most part during the weekend. It seems that they have not got that fixed still.

We are also receiving reports that the Barclays EPL matches shown over ESPN during the weekend were carrying Hindi commentary instead of English. To comment on this, we feel that CBN may not have selected the correct language feed since there are multiple language feeds for some of the Indian Channels. This may be due to the fact of an oversight on their part. We are reliably informed that the Star Sport Barclays EPL matches commentary were in English. From day one the Indian version of ESPN and Star Sports were being shown on CBNsat.

On the South Africa - India series it seems that since ESS got the rights for an Indian tour after a long time (usually Ten Sports shows these) so they decided to give a total Hindi broadcast over Star Sports. It was a decision by ESS that resulted in Star Sports giving the match in Hindi instead of carrying out a multiple language broadcast over ESPN. This is not something that happens usually unless the entire sporting event is Indian.

If one studies the operations of all these International channels that have Indian broadcasts like Discovery, NGC, Nick, etc they have multiple language broadcasts in Hindi, Telungu, Tamil for originally English programs and it is very rarely that they show a dubbed program only in the dubbed language. Even ESPN and Star Sports have multiple language broadcasts for very popular live events but some programs like wrestling are shown only in Hindi since Star World shows it in English we believe. Multiple language feeds are done all over the world.

We believe that CBN will link up all the other local channels which were with them prior to the shutdown once they activate their second transponder.

We hope that CBN gets their language feeds sorted out and will provide their customers with better quality feeds of the current channels where ever possible and it should also be cost effective and should not drive the subscription rates too high. Selecting higher quality feeds we believe will depend on the explanation we made on our previous post.

We also hear that ESS has got the rights for all ICC global events from 2007 to 2015 beginning after the World Cup of 2007 and under that they have the rights to broadcast two World Cups 2011 and 2015 and a minimum of three champions trophy matches and the Twenty Twenty World Cup in 2007 and 2009. Unfortunately this does not include the next World Cup in 2007 so CBNsat will have to get Sony Max in order for it's customers to watch the World Cup.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat.


topfan said...

Some channels seemms to be not as appealing as they were before cbn closure(Nick,History and some).CBN must check on their content.I dont think anybody have time to watch about 100 channels.about 30 channels of good content is what we need.I think filling CBN channel list with cheap unworthy channels is unnessary.

Dude said...

Hey topfan!

Well the same Nick and History Channel are on CBNsat that was there before the shutdown is there.

This is the unfortunate curse for being near India

topfan said...

Hey dude,

Does any indian sources for international channels(NGC,DIscovery) holds telecaste rights to sri lanka.If so we will be unable to veiw those rather than from india.

kaluperuma said...

This is still a test transmission and mind you CBNsat is not charging for same.You just give your sugestions.There is notechnical issue with them and they know what they are doing.

You can complaint and protest if their is a shortcomming once the service is relaunched and they start charging a rental.

Dont try to find fault with the test transmission as they have the right to test anything they want.

Dude said...

Like Blog Admin said NGC, Discovery and most other channels have designated Sri Lanka under the Indian broadcast.

Once we become popular as a country that craves for cable tv they will probably give is what we want but till then we are stuck with Indian broadcast

Our advertisers will also have to start advertising on cable channels too and then we will get their attention.

chami_tv said...

agree with the list of actions given by cable guy to CBN in the Post on earlier subject.

And I also like to add a bit on TEN SPORTS and an incident that occur during the earlier management with ten sports ( while it was operating).

CBN Sat tried much negotiators with Ten Sports and there local chap Mr. Jude de Valliere, of ten sports.

But couldn’t get it. He gave various reasons and once made a comment that the technology in CBN is not good and etc.. And this discussion ended up with CBN Manager ( then) saying that we don’t need ten sports even for free because the ten sports agent gave unnecessary and irrelevant reasons.

I personally think this time CBN should approach Directly Taj tv not the local authorized person,.. I have seen him sparing time at comet and I doubt if comet avert Ten Sports from CBN beacues there relation ship with ten sports local guy specially is quite a bond.

Any way pls delete if any of the above comment is personal against him or any other from this blog but this is a true story.

Lankikaya said...

I hope the local channels become a part of the transmission quite soon.

It give a huge advantage as we can see the channels without trying to rotate the antenna every now and then to get a good reception.

TNL & Derana is already there, but yesterday I was watching the ESP Paduru Patiya, and there was lot of freezing up of the picture. Don't know whether the problem originated from TNL or from CBNSat.

I doubt whether Rupawahini will come in as they will be planning their own transmissions. Hope it comes as according to my wife, lot of useful programs are broadcasted during the day time under 'Nugasevena'

I have seen lot of comments about getting new channels free of charge or at a special price for the existing customers. Some bloggers propose it while others cut it down, saying what have we done for the CBNSat to get such a benefit.

Both arguments may be true, but I feel something special should be awarded to the existing customers. They may not have done anything, but it has to be admitted that they suffered a lot during the last six months. Who will be giving any compensation for this denial of service?

The least Dialog can do now it to give a relief to the existing subscribers. I would not have asked it from the earlier management due to the financial position they were in but dialog being the benificiary they should be able the do some thing special.

cableguy said...


Does Dialog own COMET Cable also?
If so, wouldn't it be competition within?(at least in Colombo).

On the positive side, COMET has the STAR Package and hope DIALOG can get it on board CBNSat too.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

There should be a button called "Language or "Lang" in the cbnsat remote as i remember. Did any of you try pressing this while a multi audio program was on air? Just try it maybe the button has functionality?

If it dosent, sooner or later cbnsat should implement this feature. For example, the cartoon network feed of DishTV carries several different audio feeds (fortunately you can switch between feeds from remote in dishtv) including english, hindi, bengali and crap. The morons dubbed and tried to fuck the looney tunes and even tom and jerry cartoons.

Since cbnsat is getting the same feed as dish(which is the indian feed) for most channels,we dont want cbnsat to be stuck with the default feed coz some day hindi may become the default feed depending on popularity.Therefore language switch option is a must.

As someone said before there is no need to worry yet as this is only a test transmission. 6 months of inactivity can seriously fuck up such a complex and sensitive system. And they may be devising a new business model with the change of ownership. It is my belief that they will be back in full swing before january 2k7.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

The following is a quote taken from LBO.

""SLTs rival, Dialog Telekom has already moved into the cable television market via two acquisitions in satellite pay tv operator Comet Cable and Asset Media, a greenfield operation.""

Comet Cable? Looks like a typing mistake.

Read full article:

kula said...

Yes. I too think it's a typing mistake as blog admin has some unconfrimed reports to say that Comet Cable to be taken over by Srilakvahini.

hush said...

yeah I think that it was a typing mistake too but in comminique released on accquisition of CBNsat they were talking about DTH which is CBNsat and about digital terresterial broadcast. Currently on comet does it in anologue form for pay TV subcribers. Is there any hint of a accquisition here of comet and investing in digital infrastructure?? remeber dialog wants to go for 4play in telecommunications.

cableguy said...


That LBO article about SLT today was what prompted me to ask the question if Dialog owns Comet.

So you guys think its a printing mistake huh??

chami_tv said...

No The LBO report is a mistake and they will correct it shortly. It should be CBN SAT And Assets Media.

Grate alertness cable guy! Keep it up.

hush said...

I have sent updates on CBNsat channels to lyngsat but were not able to update on TNL or Derana and need PID and frequency for these channels to be updated on the lyngsat web.if anyone is home or has access to decoder.please let me know.

cableguy said...

Thanks for the clarification Chami TV.

BTW, what is this SriLakvahini? Is it a channel on regular TV like TV Lanka? I browsed their website. Has very little and badly put together info.

Just curious! I could not detect when I tuned on VHF and UHF on regular TV.
They claim they can be viewed in most parts of the world. How do I view it in Sri Lanka?

don said...

cableguy - Its FTA channel on Yamal sattelite and you cannot view as a normel channel.

Call Kithsiri on 4941735 and he will tell you can watch it on Yamal 202

cableguy said...


Is the purpose of the channel to broadcast lankan programs to the rest of the world? Can it be viewed by DISHTV or any other service providers in Sri Lanka?

Looser said...

You have to get a C Band Antenna (Big dish)to watch Srilakvahini.

Anonymous said...

How is the Star sports in comet ?
is it Indian beam or other else?

cableguy said...

Thanks looser. That explains it. So Srilakvahini is nowhere near a competition to CBNSat correct?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

ESPN STAR has won the broadcast rights for ICC conducted cricket events between 2007 and 2015. This means they will cover 2011 and 2015 world cups as well as events such as champions trophy.


don said...

Yes Looser is correct youll have to get a big C band antenna and allign it to Yamal(I think even TV Lanka uses yamal)

Lisura said...

ESPN and other channels beamed for south asian region have multiple audio feeds mainly in English and Hindi and somethimes in Tamil and Telugu too. Even in POGO, NICK and CN you will have hindi and english audio feeds.

Dish TV has given the option to the user to select the audio according to the user preference. So if a person wants to listen to a match commentary in Hindi he could do so.

Even on the CBNSat decoder this option is there under "AUDIO" button. You can press the "AUDIO" button and select the language you want.

But who wants to listen to a hindi commentary ???

So CBNSat should consider this and get the English audio feed onto all the channels.