Friday, January 19, 2007

AXN Electronic Programme Guide Now On

According to some CBNsat Subscribers it seems that the Electronic Programme Guide on AXN is now functional on a similar pattern to what is available on HBO and Cinemax. This only shows the current and the next programme that is scheduled.

We hope that CBNsat will implement a fully functional and detailed EPG soon and will also sort out the problem regarding the time on transponder 2.

In addition there are reports that AXN has been taken off cable television providers for two months in India for transmitting obscene content on a programme called "The Worlds Sexiest Commercials".

For informations sake we would like to point out that the AXN that is being received in Sri Lanka is different and not the feed that is being received by the Indians since India is receiving AXN India. The controversial programme is not being aired on the AXN feed that is being received by local pay television channels. The ban will affect all cable television broadcasters in India only but we are not sure whether Indian DTH providers are also affected by the ban.


hush said...

AXN Asian beam has much stricter controls than Indian mainly due to fact that both Singapore and Malaysia has very strict rules on broadcasting obscene content.

Since DTH in most cases are pay services one should not be goverened against the basic rule of freedom to receive information.if one chose to unlike in case of public broadcasting and introduction of parental control function is one viable option.

sex is considered obscene if done in public and done in private is perfectly legal similary content received in private should not be penalised as it is not a public affair otherwise we will come to a stage where we will have to ask the govt to have sex in our home.

as far as children is concerned parents should be able to control what children see and not the govt.

thats my perspective of it anyway.

kaluperuma said...


dialog gsm said...


dialog gsm said...

Machang Kalu,

Do need to worry, the media minister have a good relations with Dialog. According to you.

jesika said...

I have a question but not regarding this one,i'm sorry ! i dont know where to submit this question

I'm going to buy CDMA phone for internet browsing.
as some of my friends openion Lankabell is the cheapast way to brouse internet. after 9.00pm it charges only 10cents per minute.(Rs6/= per hour)
But Suntell & Citylink they need to have a internet connection for that i have to pay internet rental.
Suntel has internet in their connection but their economy hours strats from 12 mornong.

Pls guide me for my request


Lisura said...






ravin said...

JESIKA- Yes,The bell connection is very good and i used one prior to getting ADSL,Those charges are after 8.00PM and you get 100 hours surfing for the rental you pay.The speed is far ahead when comparing with Suntel.You have to buy the Data cable additionaly for 1750/-

JESIKA - If you are buying the bell connection, have a Bell data cable which will cost you 1750/- and i can give my one for 1200/-,Please revert if interested.

Lisura said...

Hi Jesika,

Why dont you wait few days till Dialog CDMA comes ????

I hope they will give broadband internet on CDMA !!!!!


Dude said...

Suntel to Suntel Special ISP Tariff from Mon to Sun from 7pm to 7am is Rs2.50/= for the first minute and Rs0.15/= every minute thereafter which should come upto Rs 9/= per hour to designated phone number covering several ISP's.

However I have used Lanka Bell and Suntel both and find that Suntel is faster. However it varies and depends. But wait till Dialog starts its CDMA services and see what they offer since then you can make the best choice.

Hopefully CBNsat carries internet in the near future.

shamil said...

I am using Lanka Bell and get 100 hours internet on my phone renatal and no additional charges other than buying cable for Rs. 1,1750.00.The charges are Rs.6.00 per minute after 8.00PM and the speed is far better than Suntel,You get 1 email free of charge.(On CDMA connections Lanka bell has the fastest connectivity)

jesika said...

Hay guys !Thank you very much for your support!
This blog is very wonderful!
Do u have any idea that Dialod starts their CDMA service?
Ravin : If I bought Lankabell i'll buy ur Data cable

I love this Blog !!!!!

jesika said...

If i buy a Suntel connection for internet i should have to have another internet connection or package to use internet.
Then i have to pay suntel rental+ Rs9 p/hour + Internet package rental

Do u have any idea about the internet speed of Lankabell,Suntell & Citylink?

Dude said...

Jesika all Suntel Phones are Internet enabled. If you use the default internet connection then their charges will be higher. Having a separate Internet package will be better.

Like I said I have used both and found Suntel to be faster than Lanka Bell but then it may differ. City Link does not even come close since even their voice lines are not clear in certain areas so just imagine internet.

Anyway wait till Dialog launches because I hear that the CDMA network is now fully operational and being tested. They were due to launch this month. It is either this month or the next since today is the 19th.

You can make a better comparision once they also come in.

yakuza said...

how did we missed the program on axn.
the same thing would had happen in SL maybe with a worse penalty like AXN banned "forever"

bank_dude said...


Lankabell CDMA internet connection is very very slow. I have a CDMA PCMCIA card connected to my laptop and it is so difficult to browse. Most of the time I'm using this connection to connect our office's system. Sometimes it takes more than a minute to change from one screen to another. But if I use my SLT Dialup connection, it is almost like working inside my office. Because of this experience I'm not recommending Lankabell. Cannot comment about Suntel because I haven't used it.

don said...

You mean SLT normel dial up or ADSL?you must be out of your mind to tell that a normel SLT connection is faster than a Bell CDMA connection,I have used both and the Bell CDMA is more than 3 times faster than the normel dial up

bank_dude said...

For me SLT dialup is faster than Lankabell. But I'm not using neither 1250 nor 1255.

kula said...

SLT ADSL is the best!!!

We use Suntel/Dialog PCMCIA cards in office...Colombo City limits Dialog PCMCIA is better than Suntel

It depends on the area you live

don said...

I agree with Kula,For the moment SLT ADSL is top of the list and Bell CDMA is the best option for a person who cannot go for adsl for any reson.

Max Payne said...

Hi Jesika, don't buy cny cdma for internet browsing, lankabell will take 1 minute to load the google page. it's very very slow. the fastest one of dial up connection is SLT. So if u have an SLT (not CDMA) normal phone line then buy a SLT internet card so that u can control ur usage. it's definetely worth if u browse after 9pm. cos it will only cost u arround Rs 3 per 9 minutes without internet charges.

don said...

cgjsgI had a SLTNET dial up connection and it was so slow that i bought the Lanka Bell connection,But to me the Bell connection was much faster and it was fast as my office ADSL.

Any one buying a connection better get first hand experience or demonstration of the product,youll see the differance

Vijaya said...

Hello Jesika,

In my experience SLT Citylink is better than Lanka Bell CDMA for internet browsing in my area. I am in rural village in mountainous region about 12kms away from citylink tower. But I am receiving good connection speed with citylink CDMA. I have used Lankabell in some time back and it is very slow and difficult to connect to the internet. With Citylink cdma I was able get voice quality voip without any delay. I am sure that because I am using skype-to-phone and yahoo messenger with video to call my sister in abroad in daily basis. In many citylink phone models you can use serial cables that comes free with UPS units.
Citylink cdma phone with SLTNET card is the best option for internet browsing with faster speeds and good rates. Don’t dial 1250; ask customer care for special four digit number for citylink phones. This number gives faster speeds and instant logging to sltnet servers, average time to log in to server is 5 seconds. Sltnet card offer single lifetime username and online account access, recharging, password changing etc.
If you are planning to buy cdma phone solely for internet browsing citylink PMCIA card or USB minibox is good option providing speed of 240 kbps. My normal citylink home phone provides 115.2kbps speed. PMCIA card and USB minibox comes with voice dialing and connection handling software. Both card and box available for Rs. 18900 similar to phone price.

Radikal Zee said...

now VH1 & nick EPG is also activated...but having just the next program is a limitation. d guide shd list at least programs in d next 2 dayz..
seems they r indeed focusing on d EPG these days so datz good news..

ubh said...

You better go to SLT ADSL Connection
They have done massive expansion. Check this out
Also introduced Rs.1000/= pakage. Contact Teleshop for more information.

AI said...


how much did you pay for that connection. i am looking for PCMCIA or USB Adapter

Kid said...

AXN feed is blocked on TATASky and DishTV as well-:(

Good that CBNSat don't get the same feed.

bank_dude said...


I don't know buddy. My office gave this laptop & the CDMA connection to login to the system as and when problem arises. It's really annoying to work with this slow connection and I made a request to replace this with another connection. By looking at the comments I'm not sure what is suitable apart from SLT.

gayanb said...

ubh buddy thanks for ADSL info. I've been waiting for years for a ADSL connection.

BTW prominent media personal Nimal Lakshapathi Arachchi is the new CBNSat CEO. He's also a consultant of Rupavahini co. and he's behind the Rupavahini World channel.

Why dialog is still not promoting CBNSat? may be they're waiting for the 3rd transponder.

bank_dude said...


Bell PCMCIA card will cost u nearly 17000/- and rental is 1500/- I think.

Today CBN activated EPG for Signature as well.

Packiyarajah said...
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Sangeeth said...

Airtel wins Sri Lanka’s fifth cellular licence
India’s largest mobile operator Airtel yesterday won a licence from Sri Lanka’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to operate 2G and 3G mobile networks. AIRTEL won the island’s fifth mobile concession with a bid of around USD4 million, beating nine hopefuls including its domestic rival Reliance Communications. AIRTEL has promised to invest USD100 million within its first year of operation and says it will roll out commercial GSM services by the end of this year. It will compete against Dialog Telekom, owned by Telekom Malaysia, Celltel, owned by Millicom, Mobitel, owned by state-run Sri Lanka Telecom, and Hong-Kong-owned Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka. Sunil Mittal, chairman and managing director of Airtel, said: ‘Today, the South Asian region offers tremendous growth opportunities and Sri Lanka is a very promising market for telecom services.’ According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, by the end of September 2006 Sri Lanka was home to 4.6 million mobile subscribers, up from three million a year earlier, in a country of 20 million.

bank_dude said...

EPG of VH1 is not updating properly because TP2 doesn't update the decoder time. If we watch a TP2 channels too long the EPG of VH1 remains as it is. To change that, we have to select a TP1 channel, let the decoder time updated and change to VH1 and find out the program.

To tech guys, please update the TP2 time otherwise it's no point of introducing EPG. It is so great if you can activate EPG for Discovery, Animel Planet, NGC, Discovery travel & living, ESPN, Star sports, CN, Zee cafe & Zee studio on priority basis.

hush said...

synopses has been activated in VH1 and Nick. Hope this will be activated for current activated EPG channels such as hbo, signature, cinemax,axn. press the info button on remote to get synopses.

time standing still on channels 1, 18-36 has still not been rectified despite it been brought to notice well over 2 weeks ago.over to you tech guys. channel 1 which is a transponder 1 channel also have this issue. so I think its something other than to do with transponders.

channa said...

Hold on for transponder three and you are in for a big bonaza,I like to have Star Movies,Star World,Disney (Toon & Channel) and Ten Sports,and proberbly Neo,

Do you?