Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Discovery Network, Zee Network, ABC Radio Network back on Air

We have received confirmation that Discovery Network Channels (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet & Discovery Travel & Living) and the Zee Channels (Zee Cafe, Zee TV, Zee Trendz, Zee Studio, Zee Sports, Zee Music, Zee Cinema) are now activated and functional on CBNsat.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the Disney Channels since they have been dropped from the lineup of unactivated named channels and has been replaced by Raj Tv which is named but not activated. We are still unable to confirm what the status of these channels are?

In addition it seems that Sha, Hiru, Sun, Gold, Sooriyan from the ABC Radio Network are all available on CBNsat from yesterday. In addition it seems that some Radio Channels (TNL, Lite, Asura) are appearing in the television mode of the decoder too but they are not activated still.

Looks like most of the sound problems of sound coming on one channel have now been sorted out but some of the picture freezing problems are still there which we believe will be sorted out soon.

We keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress and we once again wish all of you "A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2007".


yakuza said...

HOUSE rocks

Jesika said...

Its unfair

There are almost 7 tamil channels on CBNSat Now

ZEE Cinema
ZEE Studio

Still the CBN management Tamil ??

Looser said...

Jesika you are wrong Raj is the only Tamil channel they got others are all Hindi except Zee Studio

Sameera said...

SAT Mail from CBN..

Seasons Greetings from all at CBNSat and dialog. Your transmission is now fully operational and billing will commence as per you service contract.
Call 4 60 60 60 for enquiries.

But none of the zee channels are visible for me yet...

Jesika said...


I'm sorry!
If you are right, RAJ must be on CBN for Tamil Viewers

But We need Disney too !!!!!!!!!!

TrackZeroBad said...

Ayyo.. they have removed Disney Toons and Disney from the list..

Looser said...

You can't have all at once. We have to wait and see.

Banker said...

Having watched Disney & Disney Toon channels overseas, I think they are excellent for both kids and adults.

They should be accomodated given that there are several unallocated channels available.

Can we please have a response from Kaluperuma who has provided excellent feedback on CBNSat.

krandor said...

From my POV, a disproportionate number of Hindi and Tamil channels are inevitable. In order to become profitable, CBN will have to sell to the masses. This audience would typically wantto see Hindi movies, tele-series etc.

In order to save costs, contracts with some of the English channels may be sacrificed to get agreements with Hindi/ Tamil broadcaster, even if the techincal capacity for hundreds of channels is possible.

The only positive thing with this for me is that by selling connections in volume, the cost per subscriber will be kept low.

Crab said...

But I do not think the present subscriber base of CBN will appreciate if they are offered a sh*t load of hindi channells instead of quality ones just to keep the cost down.

Hindi channelss are available Free to air and no need to pay monthly rentals.

Ideal solution for this is to let each customer create a cutomizeable package according to their taste.

The idea is simply to give what customer demads.. and most importantly considering each and every customer is unique.

Lankikaya said...

How many of the Sri Lankans know Hindi?

Lot of people like Hindi Movies but prefer to get the DVDs due to the English sub-titles. As far as I know only Muslim ladies go for Hindi movies (God knows whether they understand Hindi) without sub-titles.

My Kids were waiting impatiently for the Disney, shame it was not given now.

Any way, I still don't get the Zee channels.

TrackZeroBad said...

yes.. crab is right..

if CBN (Dialog) can offer to select a customize package it would be much better.. because i never watch those Hindi crap..

channa said...

Disney will defeneitly come in the near future and the delay is supposed to be due to lack of space in the 2 transponders,So basically with activation of transponder 3,Disney is sure to be there.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I am not sure whether the D and DT visible on CBNsat were exactly reserved for Disney channels. I believe CBNsat would have to go with the Indian beam of these just like they did with Nick (?). If that's the case, Disney and Toon Disney Indian feed is distributed by the Star group which means CBNsat will have to sign up for the Star package.

(i'm happy to report that the Toon Disney indian feed carries almost no hindi programmes and Disney Channel India only carries about 10% hindi crap. This is definitely good comparing with other indian feeds such as Nick)

And i saw someone mentioning History Channel audio volume being low. When i checked last night, History Channel on DishTv had low volume audio too. Maybe it was just yesterday but it looks like a problem with the HC feed not CBNsat's.

kaluperuma said...

billing patang ganna nisa ada packages walata kadanawa,Have they already done that?

Samahara Zee channels hi fy package eke witharai enne(1375)

Channa hari machang,Transponder full hinda thawa channels danna cbn 3 veni transponder eka gannakan inna wenawa,eka hinda disney denna thawa masa 2-3 yai,habai sure pita badu enawa.Thiyana 2 kata hira karala dammoth quality nethi wela yanawa(Private bus wage)

Eka handa A/C bus ekakama yana eka hondai

kaluperuma said...

LST - Machang dish tv feed eka crack karanna vidihak nedda?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

no idea about that machan. Indian buwek channel kara nam puluwan wei. Sat tv piracy is high in india.

kaluperuma said...

LST - Umba hari machang,Indiyawe ewun crack karanawa madiwata,ehe illegal cable karayo vehi wehela.Somebody said that Dish Tv has advertised during a cricket feed that any cable user who calls and tells the SIM number appearing in the screen will be rewarded,That means these cable guys are using Dish TV to get the channels.

Mung tika CBNsat decorders geniyanna hadai Indiyawata cable denna,Eka big possibility ekak.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

i saw that message on Star Sports during live cricket matches. Indian ewun CBNsat gana aha gaha gena inne mama indian forums deka thunakama dakka. Thama nam crack karala nathuwa athi. Karanda denda honda na okunta.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


bank_dude said...

I thought we cannot crack it because customer ID + SMART card no. + Decoder serial are bind together.

India we inne loka horu. Mehe inne kamba horu.. :)

Crab said...

Bank dude is correct i guess. Because in order to activate the connection you need the SIM No, Decoder PIN correctly entered at the CBNSats system.

But as Kaluperuma mentioned there is a big possibility that they might smuggle in CBN connections to India and cable dealers might use the feed.

This might become increasingly possible if Dish TV starts to crack down on those cable dealers because their next option to keep the illegal business running would be CBN Sat !

kaluperuma said...

yCrab - More than that they will have the Asian Feed of the HBO,AXN CINEMAX & SIGNATURE(which are not there in India) and there is a huge demand for these,being advertisment free.

So there is every possibility that someone might try to smuggle to india.

Bank Dude - I dont think the decorder is bound,What i hear is you can use the CBN sim on any of the decorders provided by the company(Correct if i am wrong),But in Dish TV you cannot do that and a particular sim can be used only on the decorder allocated to that.

But i hear there are people who have cracked the comet cable,But that would be easy as it is a outdated analog system.

hush said...

maybe a new variant of GPS combined with SIM will work to give feeback back to CBN on location of SIM. This will eradicate smuggling as it can restrict the SIM through the feed itself if the location is different from the given address.

Dimu said...

what is the bolg address for dish TV in sri Lanka?"

LoverlordStriker said...

it doesnt seem to be updated though.

whats up?

Anton said...

Is Tata Sky visible in colombo?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

dont know for sure. But i met a dealer who told me he could get me one so it must be working.

chunky said...

Dear CBNSat/Dialog management,
I just want to make one point clear. World is becomming smaller hence sri lankan satellite providers would ultimately have to compete with indian and other countries. If you want to penetrate the market which i think should be your strategy, you should compete on price,
1. Have the premimum package on the same pricing as the next best one : result: price will be reduced to premimum owner owners then they'll stay and increase sales, second package owner will enjoy additional package hence again benefiting.

2. Reduce price for other packages
3. Introduce hong kaong channels which he dish package does not have

In my case i have both "dishtv| and cbnsat, but i would never stay or keep my cbnsat package with the current pricing and the current set of channels, which i can get for a far reduced price with dish, no offence, but i want best for my money... so think about it.


bank_dude said...

Guys have you noticed that when select transponder 2 channel, the decoder time is not getting updated. CBN tech guys should correct it because decoder time misleades us.

MANIL said...

Dimu,Whats your fucking problem with dish TV,Without acting like a mad dog come up with your problem?The dish tv sri lanka blog is defunct from the day CBN was back.

TATA SKY is visible in Sri Lanka,and even some companies who have the DTH licence have had discussions with them to get it officialy for the sri lankan market,and so far this has not materilized.

MANIL said...

Chunky - What you are saying is bullshit,If you get the HK feed on all channels youll have to increase the package prices 2 fold and you are talking about Dish TV which has over 2 million subscribers and CBNsat which has around 25000 at present and these are two differant market segmants.

70% of the dish tv channels are crap and even the zee package on CBN is the asian feed and far ahead.

The problem will arise if you fuck up your decorder or smart card ,or remote when you are using Dish tv and you cannot do anything.

So there is no way that Dish TV can sustitute for cbn as i also use both at present.

LoverlordStriker said...

everyone can get whatever they want. Let it be CBNsat tatasky or dishtv or something else.

Whatever you say, someone having dishtv wont be switching to cbnsat now (maybe in future)
Reason: Star World, Star Movies, Disney, Sony, Tensports + other 20 premium channels cbnsat is short of +| interactive content +EPG and Rs 1300 monthly rental max.
That is the truth.

I also have both and i would like to switch Cbnsat but i wont be doing so until they add the above said channels. So if anyone is going for dishtv its justifiable.

Only way cbnsat can win the subscribers who left back, is by adding more channels without increasing rental.u

MANIL said...

LOVERLOARDSTRIKER- Why do you pay 1300/- for the maxi package, and i pay only Rs.700/-?

There is no question that the subscriber can decide what he wants and what i said was my stance.

But dont expect CBNsat to give the premium package equvilant to Rs.700/-(INR 300/-) of Dish.

So the asumption is to contact ALF,Kaluperuma seems to be right.

LoverlordStriker said...

i wasnt encouraging anyone to buy Dishtv. I was merely pointing WHY people choose Dishtv.

You may have noticed i said Rs 1300 MAX. The average maxi package in SL is about rs 1200 (well you might be getting it for Rs 700 but most get it for Rs 1050/1200/1300 etc.)

I was not asking cbnsat to reduce package rates. I was saying not to increase it because they have to add several packages such as star and sony + transpondes so they is a high chance of them increasing rates.

Looser said...

Did anyone compared the picture and sound quality of Dish and CBNSat?

I'm also using both CBN and Dish. CBNSat is far better than Dish. But yes there is a shortage of channels and the price is little too high but I'm sure Dialog will do something for that in near future.

The price may be little high but you have to pay little more to get an quality product.

Pradeep said...

How can I find the proper Email Address as I need to verify some details with CBNSAT regarding my account? I sent some mails to the address published in CBSAT web site (info@cbnsat.com) But no reply so far. Since the Dialog bought over CBNSAT that mail ID might not work. But how will I find a proper Email address for customer support?

rocky said...


I had chaps try to install the dish tv antenna..they tried for hours but unable to get any signal...except when for once they held it in their hand the signal came for a very short time....they will come again ...they suspect its the LNB and i dont agree with them !

Pradeep said...

I can see there are many comments / suggestions / requests posted in CBNSAT Forum. Guys please help me to understand how this works as I am new here. Who will be look in to these and will there be a central team who is going implement these or reply with actions ????

Lisura said...

This blog is an open forum where we can discuss matters relating to CBNSat servies.

CBNSat Subscribers Unite is closely watching the discussions here and is doing the needful.

In the meantime you could write to CBNSat Subscribers Unite at

Thank you for all the people who had been constantly in touch and gave us valuable feedback on the issues you had in the test transmission.

Some people have wrote to us regarding their personal technial problems too. Those are also is being sorted out as much as possible.

We hope that the video / audio quality problems, and other content issues all are sorted out now !

Do write to us about the problems you have regarding CBNSat services or suggessions etc so that it could be directed to the correct person by us and get the matters sorted out !

Happy 2007 with CBNSat !

CBNSat Subscribers Unite

Pradeep said...

Thanks for the explanation and contacts given by Isuru. I will write to cbnsat@gmail.com by explaining the problems that I have right now.

Pradeep said...

Dear Team

I am Pradeep. I got this contact from One Lisura in CBNSAT Blog. Thanks for that.

first of all please let me know your unit is authorised support unit by CBNSAT - Dialog in the transition period or is it a non profit making entity who are interested in CBNSAT and it's operation ?
However I have few problems, hope you guys can give me a reasonable explanation and then later sort them out.
I still do not have an account number from the commencement of CBNSAT. May be due to unexpected closure those days. I tried to get a Account number but it was not possible as they were not assigned any numbers to my connection at that time.
Even later I sent some mails to info@cbnsat.com but no any reply or acknowledgement.
After few days of obtaining the CBNSAT it was shutdown.

After the bought over by Dialog and as a result of Test transmission we received the intermittent signals and my father was able to watch it.
Recently there was a massage on the screen to call them to obtain the SIM card details.
My father was trying to call them many time and line was not answered.
Finally he managed to call them and found out what they wanted. But at that time father was unable to give them the SIM card number as he was failed to take the card out from the Receiver slot.
Then later he called and provide the details that they wanted including SIM card number.

Then after obtaining all the information they told back to my Father, service may disconnect in few hours.
Now the service is interrupted and channels are not showing it seems (except a Advertisement which shows about available channels or some thing)

I hope you guys can help me to understand what this is all about.
Would you be able to tell me why these guys disconnected the line ?
What they going to do ? Will it give back. ?
Is it a specific case for my account ?

Kind Regards

rocky said...


I had chaps try to install the dish tv antenna..they tried for hours but unable to get any signal...except when for once they held it in their hand the signal came for a very short time....they will come again ...they suspect its the LNB and i dont agree with them !

Pradeep said...

This is just to pay my gratitude on “CBNSat Subscribers Unite”. They are doing a great job. They are really responsive and real action takers. You CAN trust them for sure, if anyone of you guys having any question / concern regarding CBNSAT and it’s services, please write to them (cbnsat@gmail.com) for faster resolution. I am really delighted with them and their excellent service.
- Pradeep -

MANIL said...

ROKEY - Please contact Kithsiri on 4941735,or ALF or Gayan on 2801354

Pradeep said...

Answer for Rokey
I am not a DISH TV user and I am not aware what Dish TV is. I assume it s just another Satellite TV in SL. I am currently not based in SL but I have CBNSAT at my home in SL.
I had similar kind of an issue initially and the person who came for the CBNSAT installation struggle to get the signal and once signal come and gone. (similar to your situation) Initially he suspected CBNSAT receiving dish is not align with satellite properly for some reason (No line of sight). So he had to change the position and angle of the dish many times. Finally (suddenly) signal came but strength was not so good. But he fixed it and gone. But intermittently we experience signal dropages and channels were not retaining. Since I have bit of a technical knowledge I asked him to change the LNB and see. So he bought another LNB next day and changed. After that all the problems were resolved. After replacing the LNB dish received signal even at the old location with slight adjustment. When the LNB is good you can adjust the dish angle in a wider range even. So your technicians suspicion could be correct so let them fix a new LNB and see.

Any comments from any body ??