Friday, January 12, 2007

Unsuitable Package Pricing

The new package pricing structure of CBNsat packages or more than the package pricing it is the allocation of channels in the packages, has caused some displeasure from would be subscribers of CBNsat.

Many people were drawn to CBNsat due to the fact that it was affordable and the package charges were reasonable but what has happened is that for example sports enthusiasts will have to pay Rs 1,600/= (approx with VAT) for the Value 1400 package in comparision to the Rs 1,000/= (approx with VAT) that would have been paid earlier in order to watch Star Sports and ESPN which are more popular than Zee Sports. We believe having Pogo in the Value 1,400 package is absurd since it cannot be considered a channel in the calibre of HBO or HBO Signature.

If Pogo is part of the Value 1400 package then we wonder what package channels such as Star World, Star Movies & Ten Sports will be included into.

We hope that CBNsat management will take steps and make sure that CBNsat does not go out of the reach of the average Sri Lankan. Comet Cable was unable to make an impact in pay television due several reasons such as coverage but more than that due to high prices it was patronized only by the wealthy. Instead CBNsat stepped in and gave connections affordable to the average Sri Lankan who wanted good entertainment and quality sports.

CBNsat should focus continue to focus on the average Sri Lankan in terms of sales since it is only then that they will be able to increase their subscriber base. We know and understand that the company has undergone severe hardship and has to recover the lost revenue but do not do it at the expense of driving the average Sri Lankan away from your quality product which will prove detrimental to the company in the long run.

If CBNsat is to become a successful regional player in the DTH arena then these prices will not help it to achieve its goal because it is much higher that those offered by Tata Sky and Dish Tv.


Crab said...

If Pogo is such a costly channell to CBNSat its better to drop that because there is aample quality entertainment for Kids in the lineup sans Pogo. Then it would be much better to have a channel like Star Movies,Ten Sports.

What about additionally bringing in a financial channell like bloomberg to the line up, Its Free to Air i think.

bank_dude said...

If CBN stuck into this new packaging structure, it's a disaster for them because SLT is planning to give cable tv this year. I'm sure people will go for SLT.

life said...

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dannymot said...

Hi Mohamed,

Glad that you subscribe to this blog.

I suggest that you convey the comments made on this blog to both Nushad and Hans so that they may be aware of customer opinion and take appropriate action.


cableguy said...

Actually Mohomed you may not get too much business from this blog since most of us are already CBNSat customers. It sounds like you are soliciting for new business. I suggest you post on the LBN and COMET blogs for new business. But please do convey the sentiments expressed on this blog to your management.
All the Best!

Jesika said...

I dont have time for movies. So i selected the 2nd package.Bcos ESPN, STAR SPORTS, POGO , NICK , AXN , CINEMAX are there. But now I will have to go for 1500 package to watch POGO, ESPN. I'm so disappointed.

I'll wait and see what happen. Still my 2nd package have POGO & ESPN.

Kid said...

I pay LKR 800 bucks a month to Watch some 160 channels on DishTV, including all the STAR/SONY channels plus HBO,Ten Sports etc. Man..CBNSat is becoming more expensive than before.

kaluperuma said...

JESIKA - Your second package is not going to change,The new lineup will be effective only to the new connections.

The Dish Tv pricicing is actualy based on the indian market and its illegal,If a legal package was here with all these channels the rental would be around LKR.3000/-

navs said...

Hi Kid,

From where can I get Dish TV?


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

This new package structure simply sucks!

Since i never had the time for movies, i was going with the 2nd package which was perfectly well priced at Rs 1000 per month.

Now i was planning to drop dishtv connection and move to cbnsat as soon as they introduced star package, but this new package structure made me change my mind.

I cant live without ESPN and i used to watch comedy programs on Pogo. So i'll just have to renew dishtv it seems. Otherwise i'll have to pay Rs 1600 per month which is far expensive than Dishtv (rs 1200 per month)

IMO Dialog wont be changing anything soon until SLT or any other operator poses a serious threat to their market position. So a possible rental reduction in near future is unlikely. But let's be optimistic and hope previous package structure will be re introduced.

Jesika said...

I like to exchange my CBNSat connection with Dishtv Maxi Package.
I'm ready to Give the balance in cash.
Pls email if anyone likes.

Janaa said...

It was nice to see the web addresses (URL’s) of popular programs in our blogs. You can go to the NATGEO website

It to send you an e-mail reminder of your favourite prog. (You can type in your phone’s e-mail address – so that you will receive a reminder e-mail as an SMS)

Mobitel GSM e-mail address will be as where N stands for the last 7 digits of your mobile number.

Dialog GSM e-mail address will be as where N stands for the last 7 digits of your mobile number.

If this doesn’t work, you may have to call Mobitel or Dialog customer care.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Emails received through addresses were charged at Rs 1 or 2 per 160 characters as i remember.

Rob said...

Certainly agree with Blog Admin. Cbnsat should not increase prices which will make DTH is beyond average persons reach. I have never expected dialog would increase prices as their policy being any product reachable by average person. They were the people who took celluar phone to the common man,and we would have expected same with DTH managed by dialog, that most of the Sri Lankan house's will have Cbn (or DialogTv) dish on their roof top. But it seems our assumption is wrong.

Rob said...

It is high time that Dialog management drew their attention on “Exorbitant package pricing” announced recently. As you can see on the BLOG, many customer’s were of the opinion that CBN will loose new customer’s as result of this unfair price structure. In fact we have expected Dialog to follow the CBN founder’s vision to make DTH affordable to many as much as Sri Lankans. But it seems from recent price structure announced, Dialog is deviating from Cbn original Mission and Vision.

There were very good similarities of the success of CBN (then) in DTH and Dialog in cellular industry. When Celltel came in to the market in early 80’s they were only concentrating on very few affluent customers in Colombo , Kandy and other major cities only, they were trying to recover their investment by selling mobile unit at rather unrealistic prices (those days Motorola Gadolbage was approx 100,000 LKR and outgoing call was 18 to 36 LKR, if you convert this to present LKR value it would have been, unit is 300,000 and o/g call is more than 100 LKR). As a result Celltel did not grow at all. Then came Dialog, mainly concentrating on average person with cheap call rates, many promotional packages, easy payment terms etc, they grew and grew. Within few years of operation they achieved 2 million customers. Same thing happened with DTH, where Multivision was only concentrating on up market client base scattered around Colombo with exorbitant prices with very poor content. Then Muhunthan has other idea’s to take the DTH to common man and achieved 10000 –15000 customer base in 1 year’s operation. Therefore when Dialog took over CBN, we would have earnestly hoped, they would bring down prices or at least keep existing prices with additional good content, Unfortunately this is not to be. It is by increasing customer base, you can reduce prices. Therefore Dialog should reconsider their strategy to avoid loosing would be customer’s.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Fully agree with rob.

When dialog entered mobile market, they were the underdog and celltel was the dominant operator. Dialog had to work hard to gain market leadership so they introduced revolutionary packages such as KIT and Saru.

But in the DTH scenario, they already got the leading DTH provider on the country for a very cheap price (cbnsat would have cost more than 1billion if sellout was done under 'normal circumstances')

So until it faces competition from a rival, (Comet and LBN are no threat to CBNsat, and SATnet is crap) dialog will have a monopoly in DTH market. Monopolies are never good.

I'm going to temporary disconnect my cbnsat connection and renew Dishtv subscription. It is very sad things turned out this way. I cannot imagine in which package Tensports and Star package will be included in . Maybe they'll create a uber-cool-mega-2500 package and include them in that.

Radikal Zee said...

guyz...any1 in d know whr to find the VH1 india program guide ?

bank_dude said...

I fully agree with LST & Rob. If Dialog trying to mess around with us, we have to find an alternative. Anyway they will be able to play around till July until SLT come up with their cable tv transmission. Then if it is affordable, we have to re think about our CBN connection. All of us bought this because of the price. Anyway is this pricing strusture confirmed? Can our subscriber unite do something about this?

MANIL said...



hush said...

guys and gals as kalu said the package of old customers will not be changed. so why worry. But dialog should worry about how they are going to market the same at such high prices.

part of the problem lies in that the employess have to be paid and these days with inflation so high it is becoming difficult for everyone. who ever thought that you would have to pay Rs.200 for a kilo of tomatoes or for that matter any vege.

anyhow another bizarre thing I noticed is that channel 1 and channels 18~36 the time is at a standstill but channel 2~17 the time is ok. funny thing is that when you come to any channel of 1 and 18~36 even if you watch for a hour the time remains same but if you switch to any channel between 2~17 and revert back then the time is recorrected but will not move.over to you tech guys to fix the issue as it is not with the transponder as channel 1 is on transponder 1.

Lankikaya said...

I have the 2nd package and I do not get ZeeCinema.

Is that because we still have the POGO on our package?

Can somebody with 2nd package comment please?

cableguy said...


I am experiencing the same with the clock. Only on Transponder 2 channels. I was too lazy to explain it here. Thanks for writing it.

Over to you CBNSat techs.

AI said...

I posted this long time ago. hope now it make sense to every one :P

I read the Blog top to bottom to top. yep all exciting news. dialog took over solve so many problems. and every one is excited about new channels .. broadband internet..ect ect. as far as i know with dialog nothing come cheap. every one got so excited same way when dialog took over MTT. sales persons had so many things to tell internet price will go down.. better management .bla bla bla i did not see any price deference it was same as it was.
remember all dialog is the main reason still we pay for incoming on mobile. they do business not a charity . they will take every cents they can earn from us so keep figure cross every one lets hope for the best.!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 5:07:00 PM

Yuktiya said...

gpcrDialog is the one of the best listed companies in this country in related to the mobile communications, but that doesn’t indicate every move the take is correct. Nushad & Tivanka is in charge for Asset Media.

This is not a mobile industry where the revenue will get generated with usage. In the event of pay TV, increase the customer base will generate the profitability.
We will appreciate the management to revise packages accordingly.

Same concept will adapt to NETH FM.

SLP said...


I do have the second package and i also facing the same. the sit is ZEE Cinema is a major channel which is included only to maxi package,

As with this pricing scheme, i still not think it's better even only to the new comers, since if CBNsat trying to include 10Sport on the 1400 package then we everyone having 2nd package needs to move to the new 1.4k package,

That's their vision, leaving us here and adding contents to the newer package structure so that we must needs to move,

This is no the thing we meant to by being loyal to the CBNSat for a period of seven months of non operation,

CBN management, we know that you people watching this blog with the events and therefore we request your attention that u r now going to loose ur customer base again,

We were with you since the government is unfair on you, but we dont if you r too,

You may become the best in the region, and someday we ourselves may come back, but now with this direction we are again loosing,

Pls consider your package structure again, we know that this is not a charity, but be sensible, make the best DTH, not the Worst

SLP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...

What is the CONDITION ?

Yuktiya said...

TATA telecom of India to buy the Suntel. It Cleary indicates TATA DTH will soon available in Srilanka.

Yuktiya said...

Indian giant TATA to take over Sri Lanka’s second largest land based telephone company Suntel and starts negotiations
Tue, 2007-01-16 05:07
By Walter Jayawardhana

The Indian industrial giant Tata, has initiated to buy out Sri Lanka’s premier telecom operator, Suntel through its international arm VSNL Global. VSNL Global already has obtained Long Distance and Internet Service Provider licenses in preparation for the planned buy out of Suntel. Suntel is currently owned by a joint venture between Swedish telecom giant Overseas Telecom, Metrocorp, Townsend of Hong Kong, National Development Bank, and International Finance Corporation (IFC) — a member of the World Bank Group.

Lankikaya said...

But as given on the CBN site 'Prices & Packages' tab,
the Z Cinema is available on all packages while Z Trends is available only on the 2nd and 3rd packages.

Still I do not get Z Cinema, but I get Z Trends (I have to as I am in the 2nd package).

bank_dude said...

To Admin,

Derana is now having programmes related to 2007 cricket worldcup. I'm not sure whether they have got the broadcasting rights. Please confirm that if possible and if Derana got it, then viewers are in deep shit because Derana is not clear for most part of the country. Even in Panadura area Derana cannot be viewed clearly because the signal is getting mixed up with Swarnavahini Gonagala transmission on UHF37. Swarnavahini UHF31 is getting mixed up with Derana Gonagala transmission on UHF31. I informed both institutions and what they said that we have to live with it. It is really absurd. Luckily we have CBN to watch Derana. What's for general public???.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Broadcast Licensees* of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

TV Broadcasters

Africa: SABC
Asia: SET Max , Doordarshan, Sri Lanka Rupavahini , Bangladesh TV
Caribbean: Caribbean Media Corporation
Europe: ARY Digital, Fox Sports International
Middle East: Fox Sports International
New-Zealand: Sky New Zealand
Pacific Islands: Fiji TV
UK & Ireland: BskyB, BBC (highlights)
USA: DirecTV and EchoStar.

Yuktiya said...

West Indies & Srilanka tour of India will be on Sirasa, from India its only on NEO sports.

D.L.R. said...

Hi Friends,
Earlier I was in 2nd package & after re-commencing I moved to premium just to watch HBO (after waiting 7 months I was eager to watch movies).

But when I check with customer care if I want to change back to early package (after they set this price structure permanent) I’ve to move to 900+vat sector. It's very very unreasonable. B'cos we wait more than 7 months to get this connection & now Dialog people trying to screw us.

So we must keep ready any alternation with us.
Can we purchase only the DishTV sim and use the CBNSat unit to watch DISHTv.
B'cos as they accept payments through the web we can easily change to DISHTv.

dialog said...

its the time to act Mr.kalu, Manil, Lisuru,Kula.......Where are you guys......

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Can we purchase only the DishTV sim and use the CBNSat unit to watch DISHTv. ""

you cannot. You can use the Cbnsat dish with dishtv but you will need a decoder.

LoverlordStriker said...

Existing customer's packages are not affected by this new package structure! Dot be so relaxed. It's called marketing.

Star Movies, Star World, Tensports, Disney, Toon Disney, Boomerang, PIX, SetMAX......
Whenever these are introduced, do you think existing customers will be able to watch them without upgrading package? I don't think so.

If Dialog doesn't correct this mistake, DishTv will be the market leader in Srilanka (or SLT if they ever launch)

kaluperuma said...

There is no huge differance in the pricing structure before and now,and its only Rs. 50/- maximum which they have increased and that is acceptable due to the depreceation of the SLR.The problem is moving ESPN and Pogo to the premier package and that needs rectification and they will look at it positively.

Dont expect LBN also to come with the same price structure and there will be a substantial increase with the addition of the channels.

DIALOG (Blogger) - We understand that there is a problem with the channel allocation (POGO & ESPN) but there is nothing to grumble about the pricing.

And as LST said,You can use the Dish TV sim only on a single (allocated by Dish TV)decorder and if you even change the sim to a identical decorder issued by dish tv,it will not work.

Yes,I agree that Dish TV is far cheeper in pricing,but the problem is that it is illegal and their is a legal dealer in the country and further if a problem arises with the sim or decoder,Either you have to go to India or forget about your connection.

LoverlordStriker said...

Yes the problem is not with the Rs 50 increase but with the package structure change.

Correction to kaluperuma's post:

Dishtv isnt illegal. Said it before, will say it again.
And there are ppl in SL who can repair dishtv decoder or remote if any prob occurred. (Sometimes regional satnet dealers will do this)

kula said...

Yes. That's true. The main issue here is the package structure change but not the 50/- increase.

Some say that Dialog staff will get a different package!!!

kula said...

I was listning to Neth FM this morning...

They said that CBN has requested the permission from court to withdraw all cases filed against Media Minnster...

bank_dude said...

Kalu I agree with you. The issue is in allocation of channels. There are sport lovers who took the 2nd connection because it had both ESPN & Starsports. I myself a movie fan took the premium package. There are nature lovers who took the 500/= package. The problem still continue as and when they introduce new channels. Will they give us new channels to old premium account holders???

bank_dude said...

Max Television debuts today

QAWith the availability of so many television channels, one has to wonder how the introduction of any more would ever survive an otherwise already competitive market. There is however another aspect that one has to take into consideration, and that is how we as viewers sometimes can never find anything entertaining or useful to watch on our entertainment boxes. Very often we spend countless hours switching channels on our remoteAs rather than actually watching TV’s.

Max TV General Manager Chamuditha Samarawickrama said MAX T.V. will officially be launched on the 17th of January 2007.

MAX T.V. and Radio was the brainchild of Chairman. Mahinda Ramanayake and Managing Director. Janaka Ramanayake. It was their dream to bring forth a diverse and high quality T.V. and Radio channel to Sri Lanka.

An in-depth analysis and research was done into this matter, and what we were able to come up with was that even with the countless amount of channels available, the demand for something new was even more greater.

“What we at MAX T.V. want is to give our viewers what they have anxiously been waiting for, and that is good quality entertainment for their viewing pleasure. This definitely will be a T.V. channel unlike no other says Chamuditha. Even at the risk of sounding too presumptuous, I would further like to state that I personally feel after our official launch that viewers would feel no use for their remotes, adds Chamuditha laughingly. I am confident that we as a team are quite capable of making this big an impact on our viewers.

Max Tv will cater to all types of audiences. “We do not want to target a particular group, that is not our intention states Chamuditha. Our sole intention is to provide high quality family entertainment. We want to introduce a new line up of programmes that all the family members can sit and watch together,” he said.With regard to programming Chamuditha said the main focus is on local programmes. “We want to bring out our own creations he said. We intend to take our local programmes to a whole new level. Expect to see some innovative ideas with regards to your viewing experience,” he added.

“This does not mean we have forgotten our English, Tamil and Hindi programme viewers. We intend to introduce some of the latest blockbuster movies and a wide variety of other programmes that will keep you spellbound. I also wish to emphasize that we will be targeting the younger audiences as well. Educational and entertainment programmes will be introduced with new outlooks, where children will be learning as well as having fun at the same time,” Chamuditha said. Musical programmes too will cater to each and everyone’s varied tastes, whether it is classical, hip-hop, jazz etc. Variety as well as quality is what we intend to adhere to comments Chamuditha. Sports enthusiasts too are in for a special treat. MAX T.V. will be introducing ` Ten Sports ` an exclusive sports channel that will keep the sports lovers glued to their TV’s

“We have made sure that we do not fall into this category of entertainment says Chamuditha. We want to be a T.V. channel that says we are and love to be Sri Lankan in ever sense of the word. We do not want our programmes to fall into the ` Singlish` category, we must respect the viewer at all times, says Chamuditha. Our programme line ups have gone through a rigorous quality control process, this has been carefully done to suit the varied tastes of our viewers. We as an entertainment channel agree that we should change according to the modern times, but this change has to be introduced wisely, so as not to loose the quality of our programmes, further states Chamuditha. I firmly believe that the media has the ability to make or break a nation; therefore we must make sure that we are extremely careful what we offer our viewers, says Chamuditha.

Max TV and Radio CEO Prasanna Kulathunga said that MAX T.V. and Radio hope to launch their channels over the Lanka Internet on the 17th of January 2007. He further stated that they hoped to reach viewers abroad via satellite in the near future.

“We also highly appreciate viewer’s comments regarding our latest T.V. channel added Mr. Kulathunge. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Chairman, Mr. Mahinda Ramanayake and Managing Director, Mr. Janaka Ramanayake for all their support and cooperation given to us at all times, and our staff who worked tirelessly to make this event happen.

Source :- Financial Times 17/01/2007

dialog said...

prfbckYes Dialog employees had served more then 5 years to get a CBN connection foc.

The ESPN & STAR SPORTS should be line up on the basic package. ( Pls refer the contact).

Shyamanthi said...

I am a Comet cable subscriber who went into cbn sat recently I hope you'll not go ahead with this ridiculous price increase first of all try to increase channels,like star movies ,star world,disney tv,ten sports bring back fashion tv etc then think about bringing it into the now increased price structure.

very strange how lbn can give 50 odd channels for much lower than this come on dialog tv attn mr.mohammed wake up Naushad & DR HANS we expected more from you guys after all MR MUHUNDAN didn't let us down don't break the trust we have of Dialog GSM remember we are subscribers with you there as well you might lose them as well by going in for these stupid things.