Thursday, January 18, 2007

Existing Customers and Zee Cinema

According to information received the existing subscribers of CBNsat who purchased their connections before the shutdown will not be getting Zee Cinema in there first or second package but they will continue to receive ESPN and Pogo according to the pre 6/6 package allocation.

The new package allocation on the website is applicable only to new connections and has no bearing on connections before 6/6.

CBNsat Subscriber Unite has also taken up the issue of the allocation of ESPN and Pogo to the Premium package with CBNsat and we hope that management will reconsider this move and allocate ESPN and Pogo back into the second package.


yakuza said...
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yakuza said...

think zee cafe is usefull. but it is always better than having nothing.
so will star be added to the soon?
hope so.
does zee cafe broadcast american idol

Kid said...

Don't they have zee studio & zee sports?

Packiyarajah Sangeeth Harshendra said...
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Vijaya said...

I&B bans AXN for 'objectionable' content Team
(17 January 2007 8:00 pm)

NEW DELHI: The government has banned, with immediate effect, the telecast of Sony Entertainment's action chanel AXN for two months for showing "obscene programmes".

The information and broadcasting ministry today issued directions for blocking signals of the channel into India up to 15 March.

Sources told that the ministry had taken objection to the channel repeatedly telecasting such programmes such as World's Sexiest Commercials that "are against good taste or decency and are likely to adversely affect public morality".

The government has been issuing warnings from time to time to various channels to desist from telecasting "obscene programmes" and software not suitable for women and children.

The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 clearly stipulates that the government has the right to block or take action against channels which violate the broadcasting and advertising codes of the country.

Multi-system operators (MSOs) like Hathway Cable & Datacom have blacked out AXN. Incablenet is in the process of switching off the channel, a senior executive in the company said.

hush said...

In India AXN content is different to the one in Sri Lanka as we get the asian beam.

Far as I am concerned there was no objectionable content shown on AXN. If you consider wearing bikini obscene then one must be in the stone age.

Indian cinema has worse scenes than that shown with scantily dressed women and wet scenes.what about that then??

dont know what will happen to FTV in India then??