Friday, January 05, 2007

CBNSat now almost fully operational

Thats right people. Now CBNsat is at least 95% operational and continuing to move upward. Looks like the free viewing of HBO, HBO Signature and Cinemax are now over since CBNsat have broken their channels into packages and we hear that Zee Cinema is also in the premium package since most of the non premium customers who keep in touch with us do not seem to be receiving Zee Cinema. Please confirm this.

News is also coming in that Zoom, Raj TV and maybe Raj Digital have been dropped from the lineup and Rupavahini, Channel Eye and ITN will come aboard CBNsat very soon for the subscribers who require these channels due to coverage problems of the local channels. It is confirmed that Goal TV 1 and 2 have been dropped but Fashion TV may come back or not and this has not been decided as yet. However we wish all the local channels come aboard CBNsat since no one is going to be bothered to keep the booster (only applies for anyone using boosters) and the decoder switched on at the same time and waste precious electricity. Usually the booster is off when the decoder is on and to check what is being broadcast over the local channels mean to get up from the seat and walk towards the television and turn on the booster to check what the local channels are showing, what a hassle. So if the local channels want to keep viewership among CBNsat customers you have GET ABOARD CBNSAT this includes all the local English Language TV Stations too.

We are also getting reports that the subscribers will be billed from this month onwards. This means that all operations have started and all that has to happen is for CBNsat to relaunch officially and start selling connections. In addition the ICC Cricket World Cup is around the corner and it seems that SET MAX will also be available on CBNsat soon and probably that is why the channel called RESERVED is there or the CBNSAT PROMO channel.

Further Disney and Toon Disney Channels will come aboard once CBNsat secures the third transponder together with a host of other channels and hopefully Star World, Star Movies and Ten Sports are among those channels.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress.


Jesika said...

LBN's test transmission started from yesterday .
check the site

Jesika said...

see the rentle of LBN.
1100 for premium package

HBO Signature
Star Movies
Zee Studio
Zee Trendz
Star Sports
Star World
Toon Disney
Cartoon Network
Zee Cinema
Zee TV
Fashion TV
God TV
channel V
Zee Trendz

see they have small customer base. but how do they give these all for this price. and why CBN cant?t

bank_dude said...


I think since they are transmitting through cable network, the cost is less than transponder allocation cost. I think they have that advantage.

channa said...

The pricing structure of the channel partners are entirely differant,LBN is a small operation which covers only fraction (0.1%) and wheres,CBNsat covers the entire country and even nebouring countries,So LBN pays only a fraction as they are a small cable operator.

JESIKA - Its good for you because it has GOD TV.

The rental of some of the packages of CBN are likely to be increased by around 50/-

But its doubtful how many of these channels in the list are availbale with the recommencement of transmission

Jesika said...
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kaluperuma said...

Jesikata,Thiyena prashna Sadam Hussain tawath thiyenna nethuwa ethi,

Yuktiya said...

One thing not to forget that in any network the entertainment you received in your television equipment remains same. The operator’s cannot enhance or improve the content. End of the day service & price matters.

Although CBN / LBN have the digital transmission, if you compared the COMET price still its on the higher end. Installation & packages. Only way to over come the situation is all operators get to gather & negotiate with channel broadcasters to have some programs for Srilankan viewers.

kula said...

Nonata Galpena paatath ona..adu viyadamakin..wadi biththi pramanayak gaanath ona..prashna godai meya


You can't match Apples with Oranges

kaluperuma said...

Umba Hari Kula,Jesika nikan Toyota karekakui,Marutiyakui sansandanaya karanawa,Aduma gane Hutch eka apey Dialog eka langinwath thiyanna bei ney.Ewage thamai LBN ekai,CBN ekai.

Amalka said...

i didn't get my CBN connection yet.when can i get the my CBN equipment....


RabbitHole said...

What I really like to have in the near future is the ability to customize the list of channel I’m receiving. The reason is simple. I don’t have the time to watch all these channels. So it’s better if I can keep some channels which I can’t live without and drop some channels which I can live without.

Over to you CBNsat!
What do u say guys?

Cable Guy said...


You can setup favorite lists for group the channels you mostly use.

Goto menu > Installation (9949) > Set Favorite List

You'll find the details on how to set it up on the bottom of the screen.

Ones you are done, use the "FAV" button (located just above the blue function button on my remote) to bring up the favorite list.

CBN decoder software/hardware version I have supports 4 separate favorite lists.

Cable Guy said...

Feature I like to see is the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
It used to be working on HBO and few other channels before 666.

I'd really like to have it back because I'm tired of switching on my PC to see what's on next.

bank_dude said...
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bank_dude said...

Cable guy, what you are saying is true. You can create favourite lists. But what Rabbithole is referring to customize the package. That means omitting un-wanted channels and select what required. For that CBN has to assing a value for each channel. I'm not sure whether they do that because it really affect their income. Company like Dialog..?? I wonder they do that.

Cable Guy said...

Channels in a package are core elements of the CBN's product.
If they choose to let customer modify the contents of a package that's not a very good business decision.

However Value Added Servies and Features can be made turned on/off like Dialog's VAS profile.
There are so many features that other Sat Providers offer over the decoder like Games, On demand movies, News alerts and even limited net browsing.
But CBN has not reached that milestone yet.

Hope they will Soon!!!

Anyway, I'd personally like to keep all the channels available, even with 36+ channels on my TV I still have times where there's nothing good to watch.

Crab said...


didnt you realize that LBN doesnt have these..

Travel and Living,
Animal Planet

These are supposed to be top premium channells in the world . If you are missing these you are really missing a great deal.

hush said...

The pricing of the content is decided according to the out reach of the cable operator. As content providers have to be paid according to the customer base and potential.CBN covers a vast geographical area while LBN is limited to some parts of colombo. Thus content providers charge accordingly.

dont know whether any one noticed that on swarnavahini channel on CBN there is a ghost image next to its logo on the right hand side. This usullay is a occurence due to interference from two frequencies.Hope CBN rectifies this matter either realinging the antenna or by getting it through the net as it is available on net.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Has cbnsat stopped transmission in the morning today. I'm not getting signals.

cbnsatcustomer said...

CBNSat has started giving new connections. check