Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still Reserved

Three slots in the CBNsat lineup are still showing reserved. We hear that these are for Rupavahini, Channel Eye and ITN. However it has been sometime since they were classed as reserved and if these state channels are playing Hard-to-Get then CBNsat might as well forget about these channels and allocate them for some of their contracted channels such as Disney, Toon Disney, etc.

Rather than going behind these state enterprises it is better for CBNsat to improve their customer base and then later on some representatives of these state channels will be knocking on the doors of CBNsat asking them to add these channels to the platform.

CBNsat should also keep in mind that they have some tamil speaking subscribers who have purchased connections from them in order to watch the two tamil channels that were available, Raj and Raj Digital. Since these two have been dropped it is better if CBNsat can replace those two with either Sun Tv or some other tamil channel otherwise they will be in danger of loosing their tamil speaking subscribers.

It will be very good if Rupavahini, Channel Eye and ITN are made available on the CBNsat platform for the benefit of the outstation CBNsat subscribers but as we said earlier if they are not willing to come aboard then CBNsat should allocate them to others without wasting transponder space.

Please update us on the latest regarding CBNsat as the days progress and also whether the TNL Radio Network is now activated on CBNsat.


kaluperuma said...

The minister has given the consent for Rupavahini,ITN,Eye,They will be a formality very soon.

Other channels will have to wait for transponder 3

Looser said...

What about Sirasa, MTV and others?

Yes Sirasa people are big headed what about ETV, Art TV And Max or what ever? Will they join with CBNSat?

Yuktiya said...

Machang Kalu,

Your must be referring Minister of Media, because there were lots of ministers & no one have a count. We can ask the quiz from our friends to get the correct number.

MBC networks previously also denied coming on the platform. But with the new management things might change. Nevertheless they refused to advertise on the Radio / TV Channel’s. In related to pay television concept.

kaluperuma said...

Yes,Yuktiya,its the media minister and they have a very good rapport with the management of Dialog.

Others are willing to come,But will have to wait for the new transponder.

But i heard that MBC signed up with a foreign partner for some platform to broadcast their channel/

Cable Guy said...

Yes, it was on "TV & Radio Sri Lanka" blog that Maharaja is planing to launch IPTV or something in mid this year.

Jesika said...

Who are the others you mean ?

Looser said...


Why don't they add EPG to HBO Signature?

CBN said...
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life said...

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Lankikaya said...

Hay guys/gals, I have the second package. On this I do not get ZCinema. Is that because I still have POGO.

Can sombody who has the 2nd package helpout pl. Jesica perhaps?

dee.panadura said...

True the three 'state channels' are not clear all island.

Is it like they are some premium channel that they are delaying connecting to CBN???

I'm sure were better off without them, who wants to listen to news anyway?