Monday, January 08, 2007

CBNsat New Package Structure

According to information that has been received by us CBNsat have now commenced commercial operations and therefore all customers will be billed commencing this month.

It is confirmed that the Zoom, Goal and Raj channels will not be returning however these may be replaced by Rupavahini, Channel Eye and ITN. We have also received detailed information about the new package structure of CBNsat which is applicable for all new customers. Existing Customers will be billed according to their original package.

Super 500 - Monthly Rental Rs 500/=
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • National Geographic Channel
  • History Channel
  • AXN
  • MTV (Music Television)
  • Discovery
  • Animal Planet
  • Zone Reality
  • Zee Cafe
  • Zee Studio
  • Zee Cinema
  • Zee TV
  • Zee Music
  • Zee Sports
Great 900 - Monthly Rental Rs 900/=
  • All the Channels in the Super 500 Package plus
  • A1 (Adventure One)
  • Animax
  • VH1
  • SET/SETmax
  • Discovery Travel & Living
  • BBC
  • Star Sports
  • Cinemax
  • Zee Trendz
Value 1400 - Monthly Rental Rs 1400/=
  • All the Channels in the Super 500 Package & Great 900 Package plus
  • Pogo
  • ESPN
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO
** Local television and radio channels will be given free with all the above packages

Initial Cost - Rs 17,900/= All Inclusive

It is not confirmed whether CBNsat will be rebranded however it should be noted that CBNsat has commenced sales of their connections and interested individuals can call their hot line on (011) 4606060 or visit CBNsat Web Site for a download of the Application form.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding CBNSat as the days progress and a big thank you for CBNsat Subscribers Unite for providing us with the above information.


jesika said...

How to split Zee package among excisting package holders?

Will they need to update their packages?

The excisting 850/= package is worth
bcos it miss only HBO & HBO Signature

jesika said...

New package chargers with VAT


Dude said...

Jesika this is FYI

If you want to watch Christian Programs please tune into

Zee Cafe on a daily basis (including Saturdays and Sundays) from 7:00am to 7:30am you get programs from Hillsong Church, Joyce Meyer Ministries, etc

Zee Studio on a daily basis (including Saturdays and Sundays) from 7:30am to 8:00am you get programs from Hillsong Church, Joyce Meyer Ministries, etc.

The same thing on Zee Cafe is not shown on Zee Studio they show different episodes totally.

This will have to do I guess until CBNsat is gets itself onto a firm footing and they are able to show channels such as God TV

Looser said...

Why do they advertise on Channel 01 if they have dropped Zoom, Goal TV and Raj?

kaluperuma said...

That was a clip done some way back for a promotion,Those are defeneitly dropped.

Looser said...

My time problem is Ok now. Thanks to Jesika.

But in Transponder 2 Time doesn't work. They should correct it soon.

Quality of local channels again not that good even Derana.

In Dish TV I get Set Max but it doesn't show any sports event. R u guys sure that World Cup will be shown on Set Max?

Kaluperuma when are they plan to get transponder 3?

kaluperuma said...

Jesika langa calculator ekakuth thiyanawa VAT ekka rental hadannda,Mara weda karayekne.

The world cup will be exclusively shown on SETMAX and it will defeneitly be their with CBN prior to that(The champions trophy was also shown on that)

Transponder 3 will be secured by February.

jesika said...

Thanks Dude
I appreciate your help very much

Hi Looser
You are welcome !!!

Banker said...

Kaluperuma - what new channels can we expect when the the 3rd transponder is activated ? Will the two Disney channels and Star package be available ?

kaluperuma said...

Disney will be there for sure,and if not for the transponder space it would have been already on air(They contracted for it way back in june).

Star was gunning behind CBNsat prior to the closure and were looking at a good deal,They are already under discussion and some of the star channels such as Star Movies & Star World are a formality.

TrackZeroBad said...

Hi Kaluperuma,

We have NGC and History channels.. I assume these are in the Star Package right ?

If i am right we already got some channels in STAR PACKAGE :)

kaluperuma said...

Yes,Even ESPN & STAR

Jesika said...

Electronic Program Guide for Cinemax now !!
How about HBO, I dont have HBO

Jesika said...

Hi guys!
What will happen to the existing package holders?

If they keep them as it is they will have a conflict, dont they?

Yes kaluperuma, I have a special calculator to calculate them. Imported specially to calculate VAT..LOL

Vishkid said...

Hi Jess - I think they will phase the existing customers in to the new scheme within a period of time.

I mean, with the third transponder and additional channels, they would revise the package composition and pricing for ALL customers (if that makes any logic). Otherwise, it's gonna bee too hard and complex to operate on two pricing structures. Anyways, the new packages are at a disadvantage compared to existing ones.

The EPG is not fully active, they hv just enabled current and next title information for Cinemax and HBO. Even the detailed descriptions
are not there yet.

A fully functional EPG will contain at least a days worth of channel-programme info for all channels.

I really wish that they would at least update the CBNSat website. It's the least they can do.

navs said...

Did any of the channels show American idol last year? Ergo, can it be seen this year if the local stations dont carry it?

chmila said...

What the hell. I got CBN bcoz of Star & ESPN, now ESPN comes with 1400 package X(