Monday, January 29, 2007

Transponder Space Wastage

Ever since CBNsat started commercial operations, it seems that they are still having three locations reserved for Rupavahini, Channel Eye and ITN. We understand that it is important to have the local channels also on their lineup but what is happening now is such a wastage.

If Rupavahini, Channel Eye & ITN have to get approval from an authority for coming aboard the CBNsat platform then it is better for CBNsat to introduce some international channels and allocate the three state channels to transponder 3 which we hear will be available by end February or early March.

As a pay television operation priority has to be given to satellite channels over local channels. They have already signed up with Disney Channel and Toon Disney, so these channels can be allocated to those frequencies. In addition with the Sri Lanka-India Cricket series coming up they must make Neo Sports a priority since this can be used for marketing new connections prior to the series commencement. It should be noted that LBN has launched Neo Sports and will be making use of it to market it's new connections.

We hope that CBNsat gets SET Max before the World Cup starts. In fact CBNsat does not have to wait until the third transponder is active to launch SET Max. They could replace the present SET channel with SET Max in order to prevent the unnecessary increase of hindi channels on their lineup.

We are getting reports that even though TNL Radio, Lite and Asura are being indicated on the lineup it seems that they have not be activated as yet. We are unable to confirm this though.


Sun FM FanZone said...

This is to bring to your kind request that Tamil channels be comprised in the list of current channels. At present, there are only Hindi and English, but why not Tamil? The inclusion of Tamil channels would definitely enhance the quality of channels and further increase the market share of CBN Sat and thus pose a great challenge to PAY TV companies like LBN and Comet Cable.

Appreciate if a response is provided with and my request will be considered in the near future.

hush said...

only asura is not active but lite and TNL I had listened to over the weekend.

as for transponder 3 and set max should be activated before the world cup in march 08.hope that they do it in advance as customers if need to upgrade have time to do so.

Crab said...

What I heard from a CBN official was that they are gonna swap SET and SET Max when needed. This means to say that, they will air SETMAX instead of SET when cricket matches are played and vice versa.

I guess Kaluperuma could confirm if this is the case

kaluperuma said...

You are correct CRAB that is their plan and SETMAX is already secured.

The channels what channa were mentioning,are realy on the pipeline and only the formalities have to be followed,But the activation of the 3rd transponder depends on how quikly CBNsat get down the necessary equipment,and it might go as far as April/May,But be optimestic and hope it doesnt.

LST - TV application eke wede kohomada,negative or positive

SLP said...


This TV app might be the one that called 'Saterlite TV 4 PC',

which is a great stuff, the reg version is around 5k, but is c-racked.

in my app, h-e only few channels can be cn, i havent tried a lot n my ofc inet is prevented though proxy so i dont have a clear idea.

This sw has the capability of 3k channels around the globe and is functioning smoothly, ESPN-Usa, BBC, and our Sirasa network( sirasa, shakthi, MTV) is aired on this service.

post a e-mail though blog admin, then i cn sent u the app.


ravin said...

i think CBNsat should immedietly look at the possibility of replacing at least the CHANNEL NUMBER 01(Promotional) channel with NEO SPORTS prior to the SL - INDIA sereis,I also use LBN and boy the channel is filled with 24 hours of cricket per day and its going to be a hit with the sri lankan viewer,more than ESPN or STAR.

If CBNsat does not get the channel prior to the India sereis,There will be a few drop outs from CBN in areas where there is LBN coverage and new customers will defeneitly go for LBN beacause of NEO SPORTS.

Jesika said...

What are the radio channels in the TV pane?
cant they use for new TV channels?

bank_dude said...

Current India Vs West Indies series telecast on MTV UHF 58. MTV shit headed management didn't understand that we cannot view this channel clearly. Can you imagine we cannot get a colour picture in Panadura area. I'm sure Sirasa stop their cricket matches for news. Then how are we going to watch these matches.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

what we tested was a different app but both were similar in functionality.

What they do is that they list the free web streams on the net and integrate them to one application.

But you can watch channels online without having to install any player from:

Note: Some channels do not work and some high bitrate ones will make ADSL cry.

Menna badu:
Some chans dont work. No crack needed.

Menna thawa ekak:
RAR Password:
Bloomberg TV, NASA TV and SDP worked fine. Godak ewwa wada karanne na ban. But better than nothing :P

Radikal Zee said...

what channel is showing six nations starting this weekend ? Is it star sports HKG feed ?

Vishkid said...

Well checkout the TV times. It shows that six nations Timed and Repeat telecast would be on Star Sports india feed.

Starting Feb 2nd.

Jesika said...

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ravin said...

Wish Kid - The schedule doesnt say whether the matches are Live or Delayed feeds.

LST - Please reply to my querry (Email)

Yuktiya said...

NEO SPORTS + to be with LBN from 2nd of March.

Yuktiya said...

please refer as 2nd of Feb ( NEO SPORTS & NEO + )

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Under which name did yo send the email? We have many unanswered mails and we could reply you ASAP if you can let me know your sender name.

ravin said...

LST - Its on your office 2007 post and its under my name (RAVIN)

Vishkid said...

Ravin - I d/loaded the schedule and they hv a T (timed) and R (repeat)for each of the matches in the next week.

T is at 12.00 (MN I guess) and R is at 4.30 in the morning. Starting from 5th (6th,7th,8th etc).

bank_dude said...

MTV is going to launch their channel on 6th of February. They don't care about viewers.

bank_dude said...

CBN mentioned that they will add Rupavahini, Eye and ITN before end of January. Now we have come to 31st and I wonder they can activate it today.

yakuza said...

rupavahini, eye and itn are useless i think its better considering to sign some agreement with etv, art and max tv.
you will have something to watch there.

hush said...

I came across an interesting item called sun outages for satellites and the one CBN using been PAS12 has the following predicted values for Sri Lanka in GMT .
Date Start end duration
03/14/2007 09:27:30 09:36:00 08:30
03/15/2007 09:25:41 09:37:16 11:35
03/16/2007 09:24:30 09:37:50 13:20
03/17/2007 09:23:51 09:37:56 14:05
03/18/2007 09:23:32 09:37:42 14:10
03/19/2007 09:23:32 09:37:02 13:30
03/20/2007 09:24:01 09:36:01 12:00
03/21/2007 09:25:01 09:34:21 09:20
03/22/2007 09:27:48 09:31:03 03:15

09/22/2007 09:12:03 09:18:33 06:30
09/23/2007 09:09:37 09:20:12 10:35
09/24/2007 09:08:14 09:20:54 12:40
09/25/2007 09:07:21 09:21:06 13:45
09/26/2007 09:06:47 09:20:57 14:10
09/27/2007 09:06:34 09:20:29 13:55
09/28/2007 09:06:45 09:19:35 12:50
09/29/2007 09:07:27 09:18:17 10:50
09/30/2007 09:08:53 09:16:08 07:15

guess our receiving signal will be disrupted due to this natural event.I have used GMT as our people change time and gmt is a better standard.

ravin said...

LST - The file networks blog is missing? what has happened

yakuza said...

i also noticed that this morning.
whats goin on

ravin said...


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Dear all,

FILEnetworks Blog will be unavailable for a few days time as we are moving to a different location. This should take at most 2-3 weeks.
Till then, crack on.

TEAM FILEnetworks

** We got the above email from Filenetworks this morning, so guess all of you will have to wait a few weeks till they come back on line.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

FILEnetworks blog will be moved to:
(Not Officially Launched)

We will be restoring old posts one by one under a new format so that it will be less vulnerable for copyright violation warnings.

It will be back by 2-3 weeks time.
The domain http://filenetworkslive.blogspot. com will be replaced with

Admin, Thanks a lot for informing readers about the downtime.

kaluperuma said...

LST - Umbage clarification eka dekkama.amma thaththa dekka wagai,Ikmanata wede ivarakarala dala aluth cracks tikak ikmanata dapan,Umbage pihiten den api full upgrade wela inne.

Ohoma yang machang,mei karana udavu walata "GOD BLESS YOU"

bank_dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bank_dude said...

Kalu, monawada machan me dawas wala thorathuru. Anith channel walata EPG danne nadda? Rupavahini, ITN, Eye kawadada enne. Danma enne nathnam Disney channels dapan machan ewata nathnam therumak na ne.

kaluperuma said...

Machang,Neo dana eka upset wage,Demma wede wen nethi patai,Mama hithanne unge pricing wedi wage (Chanels dekata indian rupees 58/- illanawalu,e kiyanne Rs.150/- wage,eka meheta hariyanne neha).LBN cable handa unta aduwata denawa ethi.

Dimu said...

New & Neo plus available in Tata Sky since few days