Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Package allocations causing stir

The new package allocations are causing a stir among existing customers mainly due to the fact that ESPN and Pogo have been moved to the Premier Package and they are not sure the status of their connections as time progresses. In addition as said in the previous post the would be subscribers of CBNsat are also weary of this new package allocation due to the fact that ESPN and Pogo being basic pay television channels are being allocated to a high value package which contains commercial free movie channels.

According to unconfirmed sources we hear that CBNsat may review this new package allocation. This would be welcome since then CBNsat would be once again be the pay television provider of choice for many.

According to some comments by CBNsat subscribers it seems that they are contemplating a move to Dish Tv. We would like to keep you all informed that this is a very risky move since Satnet is the only authorized dealer of Dish Tv in Sri Lanka and any purchase outside it may be deemed as illegal. There have been instances where Dish Tv has disconnected certain connections on suspicion that it may be pirating their content. Even if the equipment used is original Dish Tv equipment including a Dish Tv SIM card but used in a region where it is not authorized to operate or not operating through the registered dealer then the connection may be again deemed illegal. So those of you who are contemplating the move please take into account these risks before making the investment.

Coming back to CBNsat it seems that the third transponder will be acquired during the month of February which should bring in more channels. It will be great to have Star World on board soon then CBNsat subcribers will be able to enjoy American Idol Season 6 which is commencing today at 8pm on ETV and Star World simultaneously.

We believe that as in the case of mobile phones Dialog will strive to make CBNsat the most vibrant pay television provider in the region and also the most technologically advanced and as they made mobile phones accessible to the rural masses we hope that CBNsat will also be taken on those footsteps.

There are some subscribers who are saying that they are unable to view Zee Cinema and we would request them to call CBNsat on 4606060 and inform them since Zee Cinema is allocated to the basic package it should be viewable by all.

Please keep us updated on the latest on CBNsat as the days progress.


D.L.R. said...

What are the programmes going to be telecast in CBNSat (NO 1) CHANNEL.
THREE RESERVED channels also still on reservations. My suggestion is,allocate reserved slots for the new channels like Disney, Disney toon is worth than keeping idle.

If Rupavahini & other local channels want to come to this platform let them to come after launching the 3rd transponder.

cableguy said...

Max TV is very unclear in the Town Hall area. I Only get sound with a very blurred picture. I have 3 antennas and a booster and still bad. Anyone in Colombo had any good reception with MAX TV? Any hints?

I am curious because I could vaguely see Ten Sports being broadcast and this would be a nice way to catch up on WWF until CBNSat brings Ten SPorts aboard.

chami_tv said...

Can somebody confirm if CBNSAT has another problem. I heard a only a bit of news in Hiru FM. Please confim its regarding one ministere so on and so forth. But I am not quite sure please confirm it was broadcasted in the morning hiru fm.

SLP said...


With ref to CBN Web site, the reservations should be for the purpose of the three state tv channels,

However its' nice to hear that all Zee package is included in all package levels and hence worth a try calling customer care,

oooops, better be calling on nights after 12mn.

kula said...

I was listning to Neth FM this morning...

They said that CBN has requested the permission from court to withdraw all cases filed against Media Minnster...

So nothing new

jesika said...

I called to CBNSAT and asked about Zee Cinema.
They say you have only second package so you do not have HBO,HBO SIG. & Zee Cinema.

Is that right?

chami_tv said...

Thanks kaluet

Radikal Zee said...

yeah jessica..dats d same answer i got when i asked y zee cinema is not included in the package i am having which is the "second" package..
can sum1 confirm whthr dis is included in d second pckg or not ?

Lankikaya said...

I have the same problem, having the 2nd package.

But how can they say that when it is given for all 3 packages according to their CBN site?

Jesika said...

Is there anyone here having Zee Cinema in their 2nd package ?

D.L.R. said...

The policy when we purchased the CBNSat was all the channels are available for second package except HBO &HBO signature b’cos those channels are charging on the individual customer basis. My opinion is, what ever the new channels they are inserting to the lineup CBNSat should allocate to second package. Another point is they have remove some channels & put Zee in to that, We can argue that we purchased CBNSat b’cos of those channels (Ex: Zoom, RAJ tv, Goal tv etc) , so they cant charge us for Zee cinema instead of previous removed channels.

Lisura said...

The subscribers who got CBNSat before the shutdown will not get Zee Cinema. But they get ESPN and POGO.

The new package structure on the web site is only for new connections. So existing subscribers need not worry.

We have taken up the issue of allocating ESPN and POGO to the premium package and hopefull that they consider our request to move them back to the second package.

Looser said...

As per Lisura there is no problems. So don't worry about Zee channels they r all useless trust me.

Kalu CBN can drop the entire Zee package and add Star package in that space. I don't think anyone is enjoying Zee.

TrackZeroBad said...

I agree with looser,

Zee Package is crap... Its better remove the Zee Package and add the Star Package.

I think its better than going for a new transponder... use existing ones and remove the crap channels ..and add some good quality channels.. :)

cableguy said...

I personally dont care much about Zee Cinema. I enjoy Zee Cafe and Zee Trendz much more. It might be not worth fighting for Zee Cinema in the second package. Instead we should put up a fight to replace the whole Zee package with the STAR package.

But thats just my opinion.

Jesika said...

There is no point to ask to remove Zee package and replace with Star package.
How ever CBNSat needed new transponder for new channels. so they can add the new channels to new Transponder.
Dont misuse our CBNsat Subscriber Unite's ability & play with them. Then they will ignore us.
Dont be selfish. some tamil people loves Zee package.

So pls Be patient, they will add STAR package & Disney after that
As Kaluperuma said the new Transponder will come on February.

Looser said...

There is nothing for Tamils in Zee Package its all in HINDI language!!!

TrackZeroBad said...


If you need Tamil speaking people to watch CBN .. they should add

SunTV (Specially)

MANIL said...

If anyone wants to watch Sun TV,They neednt buy CBNsat,Its FTA channel and you can buy the whole equipment for less than Rs.10000/- and watch it for free.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Sun TV converted into a Pay Television channel from December 2006 and is not a FTA channel anymore.

More FTA channels are expected to convert into Pay.

dee.panadura said...

isnt music tv coming back?

also someone tell me the password to restore factory settings.


Lisura said...

Music TV is there on the 2nd transponder. Password is 9949 to get into the menus. Or else it is stated in the user manual.

Sun TV is still available FTA on Ku band on NSS 6 Satellite.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please check these reports on Sun TV

According to the above news reports Sun would have gone pay from December. However the feed on NSS6 is from DD Direct + which is a FTA DTH service which showns many FTA channels and no pay channels. Sun is supposed to be off air on DD Direct but they may be available for a certain period of time.

Buying a FTA receiver for Sun Tv will be a waste of money because they will pull out of being available on the FTA services very soon since they are also launching a DTH pay television service supposedly called Sun Direct. The delay is due to the Indian Satellite that blew up on take off. However they will launch their DTH service very soon via another satellite.


Lisura said...

Yes ! Admin is correct ! Even though it is still available FTA at any moment it can turn into a pay channel. These FTA channels are keep on changing time to time. When the channel becomes popular they will turn it to a pay channel.

Earlier BBC was also free. Now it is scrambled.

Dude said...

Does anyone know when CBNsat will have a proper EPG. Also what is the site in which I can get a proper programme guide for Zee Cafe. The web site does not have the guide it says "The guide will be updated shortly".

There is another site called "Zee English" and that has last Jan 2006 schedule. It is better if we can exchange some schedule information such as programmes and their transmission times too since there is no proper EPG.

Anyway please visit AXN Asia Web Site and send an email to their programming section asking them to repeat LOST Season 2 then we can catch it on AXN instead of watching it on Art TV. AXN is almost ending LOST 2 rerun.

kaluperuma said...

dude - Down load LOST from LST"S site,AXN wont repeat the programme on an email.

I think JESIKA is right,you just cant ask CBNsat to drop Zee like a hot poteto and there are enough people who will buy CBNsat for that,Further cancelling a long term agreement with a channel partner is not childs play.

Dont worry Star channels will be there for sure,Give some reasonable time for CBNsat to regroup and put their act together,They surely have understood that Star Movies,Star World and 10 sports are most sought after and must channels which are being negotiated.

So come on have a bit of patience.

dee.panadura said...

thanks lisursa,

password is for re-naming the channels (the name appearing is different to channel). i was told if factory settings are restored it'd be OK.

is MTV not on yet?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Neo Sports has exclusive rights to air SL Vs India 2007 and WI Vs India 2007 matches. Neo Sports is not available in any DTH platform in SL (and not even in India, Tatasky had it for a while but now it's been dropped due to pricing dispute). So CBNsat users will have to watch the Cricket tours through Sirasa. However, DishTV users' ass may be saved by Indian law. Regardless of exclusive TV rights holders, all cricket matches in which India takes part of, should be broadcasted through DDSports as well. So these series will be broadcasted via DDSports and Neo Sports both. DDSports is available in DishTv and Tatasky and it's also FTA from NSS6.

It's confirmed that Cricket World Cup 2007 will be shown on Channel Eye in Srilanka. In DTH, SetMAX will be showing the English telecast and SetSAB will be showing the Hindi telecast (both available in Dish and Tatasky but CBNsat is yet to add SetMAX). Dishtv users will get an additional feed via ActiveSports which will feature interactive content such as camera angle changes, onscreen scorecards, language selection and real time highlights.

As for Cbnsat packages, IMO only zee Café and maybe Zee Studio are the only worthwhile channels in Zee package. In the past, Zee Café has beaten Star World (rarely though) to get exclusive rights to some American sitcoms. I don’t think the removing the Zee package will be a good idea. With the 3rd transponder, there will be space to add another 18 channels. Star,Disney package should surely be there among those 18.

P.S- Now that Dialog has screwed up the package structure to generate more revenue, I think they should at least implement a fully functional EPG rather than keeping the almost useless existing one (existing one is limited to HBO and Cinemax which doesn’t help either).

bank_dude said...

LST FYI yesterday they have added EPG for AXN as well.