Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Case delayed till 15th August 2006

The very efficient decision making process in this country has showed it's true colors again. Reports are coming in that the case is now put off till 15th August 2006. The reason's for postponement are still sketchy. Looks like it had to do something with industry regulation. Well just for pointers. If CBNSat and LBN are down till they regulate the industry then how come Comet Cable is allowed to operate still. We are not asking the authorities to down Comet Cable too, in fact we want them to do the opposite. Bring CBNSat and LBN back on line and then regulate the industry.

We would like our fellow bloggers to continue giving us information as the day progresses. With tomorrow it is a month since the system was shutdown. In a few more days it will be one month since LBN was shutdown.

Is CBNSat capable of staying in business so long without an income? The High Court hearing is scheduled to be held tomorrow, not much hope in that. If anyone has any reason to believe that we can hope in that please tell us why? Over to the management of CBNSat, what have you got to say?


Anonymous said...

Are they allowing SATNET to transmit?

Is it coming under the law of another country?

Over to you Mr. Media Minister

Anonymous said...

These assholes will ban mobile telephones and internet next?

Anonymous said...

Dear Administrator,
Why do you have to talk about comet cable and this juncture.The CID checked their licenses and found out everything is in order.They were the first pay tv company in Sri Lanka started with Southern development authority.

What I think is they should Completly ban cbn and as far as I know this will happen in days to come.

They were not clean from day 1.There agenda was not DTH.This was just a cover up.Anyway CBN will be closed for ever and LBN will get the license.This is the inside information we got so far.

So dear Administrator we know you too are a CBN customer and really dissapointed the way things are going.Please do get a load of customers and go to CBN offce and ask them what exactly is happening.If they are right with what they did why do they have to be silent???With all the best laywers with them they should have fight for their/customers rights??? why they agree for all these postpontments???

over to you,,, administrator,, what you do here is good but we see that you are biased too.We the citizens of this country are at a critical point.Half of our life is been dragged to this stupid war.There should be an end.....Will you like a suicide bomber or someone suspicious living next to you??? its the same not a radical or extremist.There is something very big inside this hellhole.thats why they are silent.Time has come for customers to voice and ask CBNsat WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING?? You and me have paid our hard earned money.We not like others who gets bribes and have black money to spend.

Any way we live in a 3rd world country.We cannot change much.Best is to live with lets see what CBN has to say about this....

13XXX said...

Yes I aggree with above post...


I called CBN today and they told me they have nothing to do with this until 15th Of August..


Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. However I was under the impression that they have got the best of the lawyers like Ameen and Ramesh De Silva.

If the PAY TV is not their main focus, what else could that be and how it could it will be a threat. Please let me know?

cbnsat customer said...

Govt finalises tax on imported movies, serials, commercials

The government has finalised tax rates for imported movies, dramas, sitcoms and commercials, with a formal announcement expected on Thursday.

Rates are likely to be 75, 000 rupees (750 dollars) for a 30 minute block that is not dubbed, going up to 90,000 rupees (900 dollars) for a dubbed half hour block.

The Teledrama, Film and Commercials levy will cover imports of all television stations as well as commercials made out of the country and imported for local telecast

All documentaries, educational dramas, movies and children's entertainment will be exempt from the tax

Exemptions or concessions are also expected for Tamil and some English language programming. Funds collected are to be routed to develop the Sinhala film and teledrama industry.

Sri Lanka imports largely English, Tamil and highly popular Hindi programs, with subtitles and dubbed programs common on local television stations.

-LBO Newsdesk-

Anonymous said...

I don't think that there's anything illegal done there. Then CBN will be in a bigger mess than this. So you think if they are LTTE, they will even have a chance to stand.

According to the proceeding of the courts, it looks like a conspiracy to shut down or weaken CBN. It has become easier since it is run by a Tamil and you only need to link him up with LTTE. So you can do the same damage as done in 1983 but in a different way.

May be there are other interested parties who are influential. Why don't they take over and run it then?

After paying 17k and waiting like this killing me. I heard commet is offering special rates for CBN customers. Is it true and what are their prices?

Anonymous said...

According to the LBO news desk, now I will have to throw away the TV as well.

Vanatha Fella said...

This is what has transpired today within this forum (specifically in "CBNSat 9th hearing today 5th July 2006" blog) regarding the deletion of some users posts and then subsequent and arrogant deletions of bloggins of me and Joly Lucifer. Subsquent to this "TV & Radio Sri Lanka" Admin anounces the blog "Promotion requires permission - No Affliation with CBNSat". Please read carefully.

My post upon deletion of Joly Lucifer's post

"Now this list too is moderated !

Just few minutes back there was a suggestion to form a moderated forum (away from this forum) to discuss refunds and avoid unwanted marketing and harrasment by assholes.

CBNSat guys are playing a major role and apparently the moderator of the forum is also from CBNSat.

Well done CBNSat !"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:39:41 PM


Then noticing continuous deletions, the following message blogged by me.

This is my message that you gutless MF removed.

"Now this list too is moderated !

Just few minutes back there was a suggestion to form a moderated forum (away from this forum) to discuss refunds and avoid unwanted marketing and harrasment by assholes.

CBNSat guys are playing a major role and apparently the moderator of the forum is also from CBNSat.

Well done CBNSat !"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 2:39:41 PM

Now it is apparent who is running this blog and what is expressed here is for CNBSat but not for CBNSat customers.

CBNSat is suppressing their own customers !
Wednesday, July 05, 2006 3:55:19 PM

Then Jolly Lucifer admits what has happened to his bloggings.

A couple of my previous comments here were deleted due to a discourtesy on my part and not through any fault of the administrators of this blog. We have discussed this matter and it is now resolved.

I believe this blog to un-affiliated with CBNsat or any other agency, government or otherwise, and is run purely in the interests of cable/broadband customers affected by the current crisis.

Anyone suggesting otherwise is unaware of the hard work that has gone into this site. At times like these we have to stick together without turning on each other.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4:12:01 PM

Instantly followed by "TV & Radio Sri Lanka" Admin's blogging.

Well "Vanatha Fella" looks like we upset you somehow. The reason we removed the post by "JL" was because they were promoting a different forum. If you wanna start a forum and promote it here then you have to email and obtain permission. JL has emailed me and I have had a communication with them so if you think we are from CBNSat well then you are entitled to your opinion.

But then look at the posts even the posts made by several Comet Cable guys are still here. So if we were really promoting CBNSat then those should be gone too.

Please do not make baseless allegations. Let's concentrate on getting this problem solved.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4:12:01 PM

My reply to them was...

Jolly Lucifer and TV & Radio Sri Lanka, Thank you for coming out with your stance and your policy on the blog. I believe you should have stated your policy the first time when you noticed Lucifer's and my messages, rather than keep on deleting.

Upto today I never challenged your integrity and this blog has been a quick source of information on our plight (sometime it had been a pain in the ass due to SHITNet and Comet Cable MFs).

But very clearly I notce a clan beyond being CBNSat customers in this blog.

I will be a careful observer here onwards in this blog.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4:25:44 PM

Finally "TV & Radio Sri Lanka" Admin was blogging...

Vanatha Fella my apologies for what happened. It was a misunderstanding that I got into with JL that caused this. Well I am sorry that the trust that you had in this blog is damaged. But be rest assured that this blog will be neutral and what do you think about the idea of moderating the comments by requiring the people who want to comment by registrating. Even the others please comment on this suggestion of registration. We are in no way attached to CBNSat or any cable tv operator. We want to push for quality entertainment and introduce new technology to the entertainment industry. At the moment the CBNSat/LBN blog is focussing on getting CBNSat/LBN on line.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4:47:23 PM

I extented my support conditionally.

Admin, I could not agree more with that idea. If you implement that definitely we will have some discipline withing the bounds of our plight (easy to chase away SHITNet SOB's and Comet Cable MFs).

I paid my hard earned money, which I would not like to waste. CBNSat was providing a wonderful service, I do not disagree at all. I want the serivice back and I do my best to support the effort like anyother. In the same time I do honor the opinions and freedoms of other individuals. If someone says something geniunely, we should not curtail them.

I am with you always when you play the game fair.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 4:59:53 PM

I hope, the Admins if they are neutral (so they claim), they will not be offended by the word "REFUND" and the like again.

Bandaiya said...

I regret being a Sri Lankan now. I think we should take this matter up to King KEKILLE. Hope he might have a far better solution.

Anonymous said...

Does SAtnet show the 12 new sony channels on dishtv including ten sports and axn? Cant subscribers pay to dishtv india after the purchase? That way they dont have to go through satnet.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but my problem with Comet still been operational is that the CID 1st shutdown CBNSat and LBN and then declared then to be operating without he necessary licence.

However for comet - no shutdown whatsoever and they immediately declared that they had had the required licenses to operate.

To me that reeks of duplicity.

Anonymous said...

and satnet is still selling connections. what a country

Anonymous said...

We can watch National Television of Tamil Eelam through Satnet decoders. Let's complain this to the government

Anonymous said...

Govt right now is going to have bigger problems than ging after satnet beaming NTTE.

They are getting ready for a major fist fight with the southern buds.

Way to go.

wonder if this okayee place still operates, while were are at it might as well watch NTTE.

Anonymous said...

According to todays neth fm news they have said that charges will made against the owners of CBNSat according to TRC act.

And further amendments will be brought to the Rupavahini Corporation act as it does not contain neccesary regulations to cover satellite tv broadcasts.


So nothing will happen till end of September for sure.

I totally agree with the government bringing in whatever regulation to this industry. But it's unfair from the customers point of view to discontinue a service we have enjoyed for years by not having regulations.

Can't the court order CBNSat to restart operations and not to issue any new connections till the new regulations pass. By this way the consumers rights will be protected.

Anonymous said...

Media Minister (FU#$*&) needs more TIME…
Guys as usual it has got postponed for next month
FU#$*&^ CBNsat lawyers .. I don’t know what the hell they are doing

Anonymous said...

These CBN lawyers are dancing according to the Media Minister & etc…, this should END UP quickly …you SHIT CBN lawyers…

Anonymous said...

Guys do you know!!!!!!!!
CBNsat is not giving any REFUNDS
as per CBN management THEY ARE not authorized to do any refunds for customers.

All the best customers who talk behalf of CBN

CC said...

CBNsat tells there customers they use lawyers::: BEST in the country:::
I don’t know WHAT the F!@# these BEST lawyers are doing
I got the point ..
By draging this case ONLY they will be able to get a profit out of this case

CBNsat customer care executive said...

CBNsat will not give any REFOUN!!

Because there management come up with a policy ..
They are not allowed to do any refunds

cc said...

Or GOOD news you MF “customer care executive”

You..your management.. & your F$%k*@g lawyers are playing with customers money

Anonymous said...

'CBNsat customer care executive'

are you realy for CBN or are you a MF from fucking comment or SHITnet.

Anonymous said...

What a shit is this country. They should ask to retransmit or they should ask to close down and give our refund. What is the point of dragging?

We should go to court for this.

'CBNsat customer care executive said...

Do you know we do Practice management policies.......
We have the best management & they are now(after freezing our operations by CID) practice management best practices.

Do you know we hire the BEST# VERY BEST lawyers for our matter.

Anonymous said...

Mo$%#@ FU!@#$% "'CBNsat customer care executive"

as CBN Customers now we know the status of your professional lawyers.

FC#$%^& CBNlawyers

Anonymous said...

Gus now refund is not possible all should get to gather & act on this never ending STORY. The lawyers of CBN have taken us to a ride (including the CBN management).
So I don’t know until when this issue will go on…..
CBN has come up with a with a policy
the management of CBNsat has not authorized to give refunds (it is a management policy)

guys call the hotline & check

CBNsat Customer said...

CBNsat customers
ALL get together
Make your VOice
Otherwise it will be too late
Bloging want help anyone

Dude said...

Good News Guys. I think I might have found someone who can help us check out this site

There closest office is in Kuala Lampur

Consumers International Kuala Lumpur Office

5th Floor Wisma,
7 Jalan Abang Haji Openg
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603 772 61 599 Fax: +604 772 68 599

Main Contact: Rajes Kanniah


Lets mail the above address and ask them for help. Long Live the Consumer.