Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Special Programme on TNL Yesterday?

Information is being received by us that there was a special TV programme on TNL about the CBNSat issue yesterday.

Can anyone please post here what was said in this programme? Was there any special revelation in the programme that we should all know about? Those who watched this programme please post details.

Are there any repeats of the programme on any other day?

With regard to the issue of Temporary License there is no news as yet and we are made to believe that CBNSat is playing it safe about releasing the information on the temporary license, since we cannot be sure what the Media Ministry will come out with.

We are also getting reports that CBNSat is going to forward any letters received by them from customers to relevant authorities.

Please keep us updated on the latest developments.



When contacted CAA, they have requested to post written complaints to Director General of CAA. Their new address is:

Director General
Consumer affairs Authority
# 27, Vauxhall Street,
Colombo 02.
Fax # 2399148

However, they further said that no action can be taken by CAA due to the pending court case.

It gives me a impression that CAA is a toothless tiger and not going to protect any customer.

tenny said...

I watched the programme on TNL and it was supposed to have been recorded on Friday.

The programme highlighted the entire operation of CBNsat and why it is the second in whole of south Asia.The entire operation is what our country should be proud of and even the content providers on their visits here have been impressed with the set up and could be matched with any similiar operation in the world.

The CEO and the Head Of the Engineering department refuted the baseless aligations on SECURITY,LICENCE etc with authority and qustioned why they were singled out to be victimised when another operator was running a similiar operation without licence(Obivious referance to TVlanka,the corrupted guy who is running of a borrowed licence from one Rajanayake who has supposed to have sold his licence to 3 operators),They also commented with authority on the applicable law and the vested interest of competitors which we are all familier now.

Further the staff was also interviwed and they were highly disatisfied with the authorities for this baseless aligations and it was further transpired that 75% of the staff are sinhalese(All 6 engineers are also Sinhalese).


Mohan Mendis said...

I dont know about aboyt TNL but I think on Sunday there was program done TV Lanka by their owner Mr.Abeywardena himself answering to the alegations made by the "leader' newspaper previous week.

But the bottom line this country is run by a bunch goons thanks to the presendintail systm of goverenance forced on to us by JRJ. No one can over rule any executive decesion. No one is acountable whether it is a politician or an official. Saddest part is that both the main political parties are only going at each other by either how to retainm power or orther trying to come back to power by hook or by crook. Country has been never first for our useless poliiticans & the political setup that runs this country.

tenny said...

The Programme will be rebroadcast on TNL at 6 PM on saturday.

dini said...

i think the authorities have stepped into pretty deep water here without knowing the real depth of things similar to the ones that have come into power and holding the highest positions in the country. i'm a devout believer in the force beyond us and i'm sure that people who are concerned are going to dearly pay one way or the other. the grievance of 20000 odd people is going to haunt them, no doubt. 'cause and effect' will be the order of the day.

matrix said...

Sri Lanka "Consumer affairs Authority" web page

dini said...

Forget about Consumer Affairs Authority. What are these toothless tigers, as one blogger put it, going to do special when even the judiciary is not answering our voices. this will only get solved when some common sense sparks in the media ministers head.

I think now it is high time for CBNSat to think about expanding into other countries and make the service available to customers in sri lanka from outside sri lanka.

LION KING said...

This Abeywardena seems to be realy mad in addition to being one of the most corrupted henchman.He goes on his own station (TVlanka) which no one watches and which is run without a licence and hits out at the Sunday Leader and CBNsat,Will anyone beleive him(He is supposed to repeat it today at 8 PM) and the incense sof asks for him to run CBN and LBN.

As Dini said they are going to realy have it one day the curse of the 30000 odd subscribers of CBN and LBN.This is the same guy who went and showed the decorder to HE and got all this started and he has supposed to have played out SLT a staggering US$ 4,000,000 +,and isnt the CID investigating this?

Good the CEO came out a bit harder than the Benchmark interview and we should cleary expose this guy Abeywardena(As done by Dilrukshi Handunhetti of Sunday Leader who has been rewarded at the media awards for her excellant articles)

LION KING said...

Yes,If these foolish politicians and their coruppted henchman doesnt want the future to come to Sri Lnaka and if the legal system is dragging the case,CBNsat should seriously consider uplinking from a country like India or Singapore.

If they do that these countries will laugh their backs and we the people who vote for this mugs to come into power become the real jokers,Shouldnt we be hanged?

dini said...

One important point I would like to make here is that we should not make the temporary licence matter a big issue. we have to keep a little silent about it. that's my personal opinion.

Jolly Lucifer said...

Jasmine News reports that a new satellite tv provider's launching soon. It's called Future Satcom and apparently it's fully licensed (whatever that means these days).

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Future satcom is not a muptiple channel provider such as CBNsat.

It is the sri lankan channel called srilakvahini and will focus on business outside srilanka. It is not in the same league as CBNsat or Comet.

channa said...

I saw a real thug on TVlanka yesterday,When you look at him and the way he talks dont you think this ABEYWARDENA arshole is the cancer behind this whole issue.

And the bugger admits he runs on the licence of RAJANAYAKE(Who is a director of SATnet)and even LBN and SATnet has been run on the same licence.

I am realy disgusted with the country when this rogue goes on his own TV station and blasts the SUNDAY LEADER for exposing his corruption,This MF doesnt know that same people who published the truth have been rewarded with the Media personal of the year etc,at the media awards yesterday.

Do you think anyone watches his channel and anyone beleives the fabricated lies he airs over his station.

People are smarter and geneuine than you abey,

Yuktiya said...

LBN Customer....
TV Lanka Program done by their owner Mr.Abeywardena.

Very few of you would have watched the 2nd part of the above program yesterday. Mr. Abeywardena told that both LBN & CBN has been operating under forged copies of his original license. Can you believe this? Is he the original owner of said license?

Throughout the program he refers the operations of both companies to a “Kassippu Seller” (Illicit liquor) and said that if some cops raid a Kasippu spot and taken the owners to the court then the public should protest and demand the services to be backed as they enjoy it. This guy doesn’t seem to know that you can’t match apples with oranges. How can he match cable TV with a Kasippu Seller? If somebody has license he can easily run a cable TV but not a kasippu business.

In the latter part of the program, he said that a letter was sent to the authorities indicating that he can grant permission to operate both companies under his license if the authorities agreed. Does it mean that he has permission to run a Kasippu operation? Perhaps he runs a kasippu spot with his license!!!

This is only one part of his funny/comic program. Those who watch it in full would have enjoyed it very much.

Yuktiya said...

I think apart from the customers, Sunday leader, LBN / CBN others are not takeing any notice on the issuues. Sunday times, is not doing any thing but they carried full page advertisments in good times. plese show your honesty, where is the UNP, are silent about the 4.7 m voters.lawers any way making money....TV Lanka chairman comes on his channel & saying that he is the only qulified person in Srilanka. where are the educated persons in SL.He claims that Rupavahini is uplink to jaffna is illegal. where is TRC. Can a person make such comments while court heraing happening.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I watched 5 mins of that program on TV lanka. He was one lying son of a bitch wasnt he? He coudnt speak two words straight and he was constantly reminded in his speech by an abiththaya who was in the studio. I dont know how he hoped to become a hero by jabbering bullshit via a television station which no one watches. If CBNsat enters foreign markets with local channels, TV lanka will get their ass handed over to them.

Of course they will pay for this injustice one way or the other. There are powers that are unknown to humans and that are above us. This is still lord Buddha's country.

But i dont think any of the goons expected a fightback from CBNsat. I saw on lankaenews (day after the sealing) that CBN CEo was threated to be imprisoned for LTTE allegations if he resorted to legal action (by high ranking defense ministry official). It's been one month since sealing, CBNsat hasnt actually shut down have they? 3 lawsuits. Temporary licences. industry in disarray. CBNsat havent lost yet.

They are still here. We are still here.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

When i contacted customer care today, i was informed that they have been issued with the temporary licence. But in order to restart transmission, the judge was needed to be informed first and that will happen on the hearing on aug 15th.Thats what the customer care said. I dont see why they should delay this if they are issued with a temp licence. Can anyone contact customer care and confirm? And i forgot to ask about supreme court hearing and at the moement i do not have access to a telephone. Would be glad if someone confirms these.

dee.panadura said...

to be honest i only got to know of a channel named TV lanka after this scenario. wonder why they bother with a channel which nobody watches. what do they show on it??

prasad said...

I got news from a friend at courts that the supreme court case was taken up today and this is realy funny,The documents submitted by the CBNsat lawyers(If i am correct Mr.Romesh De Silva pc) were missing from the envelope or file handed over to courts on a prior date(Very Fishy),The PC has confirmed that they were submitted,and the Supreme court Judges have given the earliest date possible(Tuesday) for the hearing.

The district court case is to come up tommorow(Against CID) and the customer care is unware of any progress on the Temporary licence.

Somebody seems to be tampering with the Supreme court case and what are we to expect?

Dude said...

I thought the judge told that the case can be reopened by either party before Aug 15th.

So shouldn't CBNSat ask for the reopening of the case. Is the issuance of the Temporary License confirmed?

Let's hope "Lightning Struck" got his facts correct.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I merely posted what i was told by a customer care rep today. Did anyone else ask CBNsat? If so please confirm.

cbnsatcustomer said...

This notice is on the site.

Get the latest on CBNSat on TNL TV,
Saturday 15th July at 6 PM
on Rhythm of Life

Alf said...

When i contacted the Customer care they said that the Media Ministry officials are working on it and the Customer care unit does not know anything related to it.

Also they do not know anything about the Supreme court case.

cbnsatcustomer said...

New Sri Lankan satellite channel takes off, beaming to the region

July 13, 2006 (LBO) – A new Sri Lankan satellite channel took wing Thursday, with plans to tap into a captive market of customers who lost out to the recent shut down of local cable operators.

Called Srilakvahini, holding company Future Satcom hopes to beam Sri Lankan programs in Sinhala, Tamil and English as well as regional content around the island and to other countries.

The new satellite television channel can broadcast its programs to Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe and African countries, targeting largely Sri Lankan expatriate communities abroad.

The first three months will run on largely Sinhala content like news, dramas, musicals and sports programming, produced locally.

Running on programming produced by its own production house, the company is also exploring tie ups with other content providers from Sri Lanka and the region.

“The main feature about this channel is that it is ‘free-to-air’, and so will not require any monthly subscription, but a one time investment for the necessary equipment by the users,” Rohan Welivita, Chairman of Future Satcom, told journalists on Thursday.

Future Satcom has tied up with Taiwan based tech company Data Video Corporation for equipment, costing between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees plus installation, for customers.

“This will facilitate complete coverage of Sri Lanka through a down link system via a satellite receiver disk,” Nalin Attygalle, Director Operations and International Marketing, said.

The company says it has all the necessary licence approvals from the Telecom Regulatory Commission, the Media Ministry and the Ministry of Defence.

About 1000 people have signed up for the new service already, but a ready market of potential customers could come from elsewhere.

“In the current context, there are a lot of people who have purchased equipment already and are now unable to use it. Market data shows that there are already about 25,000 customers who have this equipment, so there is a captive market already,” Attygalle said.

Three cable operators were recently shut down by the government over allegations of improper licensing, with the battle going through courts.

The first test transmission is to take place before the end of July, after which it will be rolled out to users.

Transmission is to be expanded in a second phase, about six months from now, to cover the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Future Satcom is the holding company for Srilakvahini as well as production house Fine Vision, SriLak Entertainment and trading and business arm Sattronic.

lil_birdy said...

Hey, how come sri lakvahini has the license when rupavahini wants fuckin 3 months to draft the new license? if thises arseholes can use outdated licenses to uplink, why can cbn sat do the same????
it is clear that the government of srilanka SUCKS!!!! no one can do legitimate business here!

lil_birdy said...

C'mon lightning struck tower! you seem to be sounding sensible in all your posts.... what do you say?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

lil_birdy if you were talking about me saying CBNsat got temp license, i seem to have been misinformed by customer care (unintentionally im sure) and i apologize for posting misleading info here.

If you were talking about the srilankan government, fuck em. There is no use talking about the political dickheads who turned this into a living hell. This government went into a new low by shutting down companies to favor their henchmen's businesses. We had previous governments bullying rival businesses, but to close down them to pave way for competition is a new record. Well done government, let's watch our own destruction.

As for Srilakvahini (or whatever it is), they may be using Mr. TvLanka''s license. (or they bribed someone high up, or they are related to some politician) According to TVLanka Abey, he is THE ONE. He alone can broadcast, he alone can uplink, he alone can downlink, but does he know that he is our comic relief LOL. He got to know that another person started a Satellite company with his license but the brave little fucker forgot it in one night. Judging by that incident, he wouldn’t mind if his wife ran off with an employee. The lying son of a bitch should be hanged and then shot. (He sucked at lying too)

And the Supreme Court seems to be having a hard time securing submitted documents. Why don’t the lawyers staple them right onto the judge's ass so they won’t lose them anymore? (Yeah I discredited the courts. Arrest me CID, ….. or maybe CID can FUCK OFF)

cbnsatcustomer said...

How come they have all the licences?

“Srilakvahini” first local satellite TV channel

By Damayanthi Hewamanna

Future Satcom the latest Satellite Television Channel is said to commence its programmes shortly in Colombo under the brand name “Srilakvahini” by linking television content to cover all parts of the world.

“Our approach is to place Sri Lanka in a level that everyone all around the world will know about”, Future Satcom Holdings Managing Director Daya Muthukumarana said at a press conference held yesterday. He said that it was only after the Tsunami that Sri Lanka got the attention it needed. Srilakvahini is a state of the art digital satellite television channel which can broadcast its programs to Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, Russian Federation and African countries in the first phase and then cover USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada in the second phase.

“It has all the necessary approval from the relevant authorities to commence this project”, Future Satcom Holdings Chairman Rohan Weliweta said.

The unique feature of Srilakvahini is that all the channels will be free to air, and the management is certain that all citizens in the country will be able to view and understand what is happening in the global village via satellite network.

Marketing of Satellite Digital Receivers capable of down linking quality programmes of international repute without levying any down or monthly payment will be a unique marketing offer.

“Sri Lanka is far behind relative to other countries such as the SAARC especially who already have a satellite television channel,” Future Satcom Holdings Director of Operations and International Affairs Nalin Attiyagala said.

The programme contents will cover overall aspects such as musical, educational, news, dramas, films, sports, documentaries and live programmes in Sinhala, Tamil ad English.

Future Satcom Holdings Director General Jayantha Wickremasinghe said that the greatest advantage an advertising agency would have is once their products are broadcast they will get three folds in return, one from Sri Lanka and two from the world and lastly they will have it repeated again for the viewers of the world to watch.

Future Satcom is managed by a team of qualified and well experienced persons of high repute such as Fine Vision, Sattronics and Sri Lak entertainment which will provide support and ancillary services in production and trading entertainment for public performance. Sattronics has been appointed as the local agent for Data Video Equipment manufactured by Data Video Corporation.

cbnsatcustomer said...

DailyMirror Letters section -
Closing down Satellite TV Stations –A nation deprived

The current tussle between Satellite TV stations and the Law of the land has taken its toll on the public of this country. Ironically, this very law of the land allowed these satellite stations to sell their product to the public for many years. Thousands of people obtained connections during this period. The public was beginning to enjoy a new horizon.

This fact is no truer than in the outstations. The general public living outside of Colombo or its immediate outskirts was always deprived of a proper education, and the so-called luxury of quality entertainment. This very fact has contributed immensely towards extremism among our youth.and frustration among the rural youth as a whole.

Yet sadly, the state authority decides to deprive this very sector of a minimum standard of life in today’s context. These satellite tv channels gave rural children an opportunity to view quality programmes, which were educational. Their standard of knowledge was just beginning to elevate, when someone very patriotic decided that the satellite stations were doing something illegal.

In effect, the authorities have punished the people of Sri Lanka for obtaining a television service available in the open market at great cost to the individual. I personally know of some families obtaining satellite TV with all the savings they had, because they wanted their children to view quality educational programmes. These satellite stations have taken the money of these people, and they must be very happy. So the state has encouraged another sector to hoodwink the innocent and get away. This is a clear indication, that no one in this country, holding any responsible state office cares an iota for the rural masses.Satellite TV entertainment is commonplace all over the world, and has become an efficient modern tool of mass communication; It is no longer a luxury that the people of this country should be deprived of. Certain sections of our community believe that Sri Lankan’s must not be allowed to enjoy anything termed luxury. That’s why we are the only country that operates “semi-luxury” buses.

This country suffers from immense hatred, anger, and personal jealousy over their fellow man. Systematic degradation of educational standards over the years has brought about a very low breed of public servant in Sri Lanka. Service to the nation or its’ public is now not known. While everything else has slowed down, we are racing towards the inevitable failed state.

Parakrama Dambawinne

cbnsatcustomer said...

This is Mahinda's fucking chinthanaya
Private TV stations run risk of closing down

By Jeewani perera

Several private television stations will be forced to shut down transmission if discussions between the Media Minister and the Finance Ministry regarding the Regulations Levy Act imposed on the stations fail.

After a meeting held with private television operators yesterday Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said he would take up the matter with the Finance Ministry and put forward their concerns, which he asked for in writing.

Operators’ facilitator Anup Chandrasekaran said if the levy was not deferred on July 16 it would lead to large scale unemployment.

“The minister has understood our concerns that these television stations did not have the logistics or the infrastructure to implement the Act, which requires the operators to pay a tax of Rs 90,000 per 30 minutes of a dubbed foreign film or teledrama telecast, and Rs 75,000 per 30 minutes of a foreign film or teledrama not dubbed,” he said.