Monday, July 03, 2006

CBNSat 8th hearing today 03rd July 2006

Today happens to be the 8th Court hearing of CBNSat and we are just 3 days away from it being month since CBNSat was taken off air. Well on friday at approximately 9PM, CBNSat was on air for just about an hour.

The CBNSat presentation to the media ministry was supposedly held on Friday morning. The Daily Mirror of Saturday 01 July 2006 carried a news report saying that the Media Secretary had said that there is no regulation in Sri Lanka for satellite broadcasting. The CBNSat presentation was held before the Media Secretary and the Sri Lanka Army officials. The Media Secretary has also made a statement saying that he will forward a report to the Media Minister on the presentation.

We hear that there was a article in the Sunday Leader of 2nd July 2006 about titled "Cable TV Fiasco", we would like to request anyone of you who has access to this article to please post it as a comment on this forum.

In addition the Benchmark programme on the Cable TV issue was done by well known journalist Savithri Rodrigo. There were interviews with the CEO of CBNSat and ARUNA SAMARAJEWA, Partner – Nithya Partners. There was a remark made by Nithya Partners that this issue could have been settled much faster. Looks like the judical system is playing up on the people. The CBNSat CEO was seen taking a more diplomatic perspective which has upset many CBNSat Customers but it should also be said that since this matter is now in courts there may be certain restrictions on the people involved in this case. However we are not legal experts and if there are any legal experts here hopefuly they can clarify the positions taken by the people who were interviewed.

Anyway with tomorrow it will be four weeks since CBNSat was taken off air and in other 3 days it will be a month. At least let's hope that it will be sorted out today. There is no confirmation however on what time the hearing will be held and also whether it is an Open Court or Chamber hearing. Anyone who has information on this is welcome to comment and also please keep all the readers updated on the outcome of todays hearing.


Anonymous said...

CBNSat future Court Hearing Summary

20th court hearing -- CNN's news presenter Collien McEdwards shows too much cleavage! Judge appalled and asks Women’s Affairs Ministry to look in to the matter with CBNSat in order to ask the news presenter to wear more appropriate clothes.

38th court hearing --CBNSat lawyer Ameen is in contempt of the courts for farting during a court session. Case postponed till the said lawyer submits report from Dr.Doolittle,
confirming that he has no history of farting in public or any other common human physical traits.

51st court hearing -- Judge postponed the case till 2006 Dec 25th. He quotes "I love postponing".

60th court hearing -- Media minister alleges that CBNSat promotes unprotected sex in the country. He has given 10 examples of Lions,Beavers,Hyenas and Dungbeetles having unprotected sex within the month of April 2006 on Discovery and Animal Planet. Judge wants all the relevant parties to go for a session with Family planning unit. Also he orders the CBNSat director board to present used condoms for the previous months.

65th court hearing -- Case postponed due to Mahinda mama's wife having PMS.Daily News reports that CBNsat and LTTE are responsible for the pains she is having. It also reports that these pains have only come after 40 years and that this could be a conspiracy by the opposing party to ruin the Halloween party she was planning to have.

70th court hearing -- Case postponed due to more sex allegations by minister. This time its the "Underwater sex crimes" on National Geographic channel on 7th of November 2005. Court reports that a fresh water male crab has apparently raped another fresh water female crab in public view. CBNSat held responsible for showing this crime on TV. Defense argues that it is not responsible for the crimes that happened on Amazon River in Brazil. Court orders two crabs to appear in court.

95th court hearing -- Court was in recession when defense lawyers came for the hearing at 2.00 pm. Court security guards inform lawyers that this is the "National Regularize All The Irrelevant Shit Day". President orders to regularize the time people spent on shitting. According to the new rules children under 2 have no planned time to shit and they should
do it as and when they like it. Children between 2-18 needs to be accompanied by Govt. official when performing the bodily functions.Adults 18 and above cant shit anymore according to this new rule.

Meanwhile LTTE has attacked the Parliament and after destroying the main building, it is reported that they are having a six a side cricket tournament in the adjoining grounds. Prabhkaran so far has hit 100 runs off 20 balls and taken 20 wickets with his leg spin bowling.

105th court hearing -- Case postponed as SatNet owner dies of a meteora strike.

120th court hearing -- LTTE officially take over the SL government. Prabha orders the courts to grant necessary licenses to start CBNSat. He thanks CBNSat for the unending support that it has given to Tamil cause by getting previous government to spend
80 billion US Dollars on the court case. During the same period defense budget was 2 billion.

121st court hearing -- CBNSat starts broadcasting again. Judge dies of old age the same day. Of the 20000+ customers initially only 10 has survived till today as CBNSat spokesman said that all the others have died of frustration, civil war and lack of masturbation (Due to Fashion TV being offline).

p.s. - Sorry for reposting this. But right now the only thing we can do is make fun of our country and the way its' being run.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with what CBNSat CEO said yerteday in Benchmark. As customers we were applying pressure. Actually we wanted to pressurise more right from the start.

I called CBNSat several times regarding this and eben met a senior official and told him that we could form a customer group and pressurise revevant authorities not only verbally but in writing and legally too.

Right from day 1 CBNSat wanted to resolve the matter on their own ! So what can we do ? Now after 4 weeks CBNSat CEO is coming out and saying that customers have not done much. I really don't know he made this statement by knowing or not knowing the support that we were willing to give CBNSat from 6/6/6

I think out of other operators CBNSat has the largest customer base and we could have easily form a powerful customer forum to apply pressure on TRC, BOI, Rupavahini and Media ministry.

I beleive that CBNSat thinks this customer forum will sometimes be a boomerang to them in future. That's why they don't like it. Whenever we call them or meet them they just say nice words and ignoring out commitment to act on behalf of CBNSat to restore the services.

If the customers made a big shout on the 1st hearing we could have got our service back. I recall the ETV shutdown sometimes back by authorities for not having the rights to transmit Star TV content free to air. Because of viewver pressure on relevant authorities they had to open it in just 2 days !

Anonymous said...

I hear that the switching on for about one hour could have been because the CID guys wanted to make sure that the LTTE channel could not been through CBN decorder and and as we all know it has been proven without doubt to them.

So guys its just positive

Anonymous said...

Looks like someones doing bulk blogging here, with the same posting every where.

Anyway, what do you expect the CEO to do on TV? shout his guts out like that pair of goats(wimal/tilvin)?

Hope the diplomatic approach will work and justice is served today.

By the way someone had mentioned free media! what ? where? there is nothing called free media is there? everything is controlled even the guys shouting about it.

Anonymous said...

Well said friend,Some interested party is surely doing some blogging everywhere.I totaly agree with what Muhunthan CEO of CBNsat said,With a vested party behind and knowing the calibre of authorities they have to deal,This is the best way to go and you cant go to the level of HULUBALLA who started all these.

Anonymous said...

A diplomatic approach is a must if such a problem needs to be solved. It may be frustrating to frustrated customers that the CEO didn't point his finger at various people and shout his guts out. Howover, those who are frustrated, kindly note that you don't 'pour fuel into the fire'. Nothing is going to happen by raising rabble, especially where the government is involved. Further, I think he might be right by saying customers didn't do enough. What did we do on our own? How ugly would it look if the authorities got to know that CBN has gathered an army of customers and sent them to thrash the authorities? No good isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I agree that CEO of CBNSat was very professional. My trust in company raised a notch by calm collected witty manner of CEO. If he resorted to blaggarding everybody on a business program it wouldnt have helped the cause of CBNSat. I think regardless of any other parties, the whole blame lies on SL judicial system and this particular judge."Guilty until proven" should ve been known by Judge!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right about the 'guilty until proven innocent' thing. It's completely in contradiction with the word democracy, where a person or organisation is innocent until proven guilty

Anonymous said...

The scenes are postive and its good that the media secretary has confirmed that there are no regulations for sattelite operators at present(Daily Mirror - 01.07.2006),

The only problem today is whether the CID will ask another week to submit the report on the Checking carried out.

The news is that you cant watch the LTTE channel through CBNsat decorder but if you turn the SHITnet dish to whatever angle required you can watch this channel.

Now it seems that the person who tried to put CBN in trouble is doing all the bad things and mind you,He is attached to the same ministry who are checking these.

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant "Innocent until proven guilty". All these late night soccer matches does not help my concentration :)

Anonymous said...

PAS 12 at 45.0ฐE satalite info

Anonymous said...

Oh! sorry chap. no offence intended towards you. 'guilty until proven innocent' is what's prevailing in the country at the moment as far as CBN are concerned. Guess you'd better get some sleep. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes the SATNET receiver can receive free to air channels. So you can turn the dish to PAS 12 (Europestar) satellite and watch LTTE channel freely.

Kenzo said...

Well I think the CEO of CBN showed much professionalisum than most of the so called polititions who are claiming to be serving people. The LTTE channel is still on EVEN TODAY. U jus plug in a decorder and turn the dish u can get it. True it is on the same satelite but thats not CBN's fault is it. (officials if u dont know what decorder means go on to and search for it- Since u have high speed internet in ur office, plz put it to good use -- oh and No! SURFING PORN IS NOT GOOD USE)/

The other thing is jus cuz some one is a tamil it does not mean that he is LTTE. I am not a tamil nor am I a supporter of terrorisum.

Hopefully something good will come out today if not as consumers we will have to take a stand. So every one plz gather around. I will talk to the CEO and try to set up something for the customers. See the company cant push us to take action, It is unethical and like a munkey praising his own tail. WE HAVE TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE...

Anonymous said...

What happened to the FTV , BBC and CNN scenario? Were Media guys shocked by the national security threat of topless girls ? :) Whats the story there? I think what we should do is give free CBNSat to all the North and North East teens. Show Playboy and FTV without any restrictions. That would stop killing themselves in the name of a nation. They will be pre occupied with much more pressing matters then!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Definitely the CID will come today and ask for more time for them to compile the security issue report.

According to Daily Mirror they have to submit it to courts. So till then nothing will happen for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yes ! That's for sure ! They might have done some inquirys on friday. We all know that Government is not so efficient. Still they might be sleeping somewhere. They'll come to work by noon and come to the courts and say they need another month to give the report. Hopefully after 21st July only we could see CBN again.

Anonymous said...

any latest news on the time of the hearing today etc?

Anonymous said...

They sure have done a check on the equipment and decorder on friday(That was why the system was switched on) and as we all know they have found out only the aproved channels could be viewed and all the equipment had clearance.

It is now transpired that you cannot watch only the authorized channels through the CBN decorder, while the LTTE channel can be watched through the SATNET decorder when alligned to the EUROSTAR sat.

The Sunday Leader article on 02.07.2006 clearly highlights who was behind this issue and shows how foolish our leaders are.

Can anyone pulish the article on the blog.

Anonymous said...

please someone publish this article

Anonymous said...

Wish this stupid soccer match ends fast.

dont see why all people are crazy about this anyway. We are nowhere near it anyway.

All this because of it

Anonymous said...

I think the Sunday Leader article is too big to be publishd on the blog, but if someone has the resources please do as it gives a full acount of how and who started this scandal.

Its realy brave of The Sunday Leader to expose the truth,when the court case is still on as they know its the truth.

DUDE said...

The CBNSat case is a 2 or 2:30PM today. Is anyone giving us updates please. Keep us posted on what happens

Anonymous said...

cbn any news please send as

Anonymous said...

today on air???????????????/

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I coudnt watch the television programme. However i read the leader article partially. The leader article mentions TV lanka operator. I also remember TV lanka playing an active role in mahinda's election campaign. It carried heavy advertising (odd for an almost ad free channel) of mahinda. I coludnt read the full article but his name and a photocopy of a some letter mentioning SLT sued TV lanka for operating from rathmalana was definitely there. But what advantage would he get with the downfall of CBNsat? he doesnt broadcast locally. That didnt make sense to me. Still think hulla is the man.

Although i coudnt watch the programm , i agree with a diplomatic approach. You can raise hell to solve problems if you are connected to the government. If you are not, it would be suicide.

And this LTTE channel being on same satellite is not CBNsat's fault. IF CID have balls, try to bring down the LyngMArk satellite (and see american bombers in srilanka airspace) which carries the LTTE channel. Or you can just JAM (not the jam you spread on bread) the frequency.

CID just fucks around with shit issues such as this till all sri lankan army heroes get killed. Go raid colombo lodges assholes, you will find shitload of sucide bombers residing there. Instead you chase satellites. This is why the report always comes after a bomb blast.

Anyways whats with this searching on friday? Didnt they check when they sealed the station? Or were they searching for some CID official's balls which he lost at the previous raid?

Hulla being head of our defense dept media unit is like having Osama Bin Laden as US military head.

Anyone know the time of hearing?

Anonymous said...

its almost the time ,so all the best for CBN.

Lets see what todays episode will be like.

Sincerely hope today will be the final episode of this epic comedy thats been happening out there and hope CBN customers will have the last laugh.

Kenzo said...

For Sure mate!! Hope this comedy ends today and we have the last laugh!! if not enough is enough we HAVE TO ACT NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't forget to take into account the fact that there are 3 more foot ball world cup matches to go. hopefully we'll have the last laugh.

DUDE said...

The hearing must be on now. Hey did anyone go there, we need some updates after the hearing is finished. Did those chickens want a chamber hearing or open court hearing. Hope to have CBNSat on air today. Good Luck Guys

Sean N said...

The cable TV fiasco

The cable TV fiasco

Rupavahini Chairman Newton Gunaratne thanking CBN Sat for services rendered on May 25 and Petition filed against Abeywardene by Samararatne Associates on behalf of SLT
By Dilrukshi Handunnetti, Jamila Najmuddin, Arthur Wamanan and Chinthaka Fernando

With the sudden closure of both Sonic Net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and LBN early last month, subscribers have been denied cable television network services for which they have made a special investment. They are also denied access to regular television at a time when the country appears to be going up in flames.

Angry customers who have opted to get cable television connections to cater to their varying interests are now threatening to go a step further - to hold street protests if their need for information is not catered to due to the current legal battle involving both companies.

The issue is almost a month old, and the consumers in the meantime are left high and dry with no television entertainment. Outstation hotels in particular which availed themselves of this service are also severely affected. Consumers who spoke to The Sunday Leader said that they only had CBN SAT and LBN connections at home and this has led to lack of basic television today. What they feel is that the companies should be allowed to operate without denying over 30,000 subscribers their service until the court actions are concluded.

Money spent

What is worse, they feel that they have paid a significant amount of money to purchase the equipment and in today's liberal economy, the idea is to allow a choice. "This does not seem to be happening. This is not about regulation, this is about strangulation of choices," an angry subscriber alleged.

They also smell a rat as the closures took place just before the Soccer World Cup matches commenced and is continuing through the Wimbledon. " They have closed the two most popular cable companies sans ceremony. These companies also have the widest reach," claimed consumers who felt cheated during a time when important world sports events were taking place. (see box on subscribers' views)

In the meantime, there are several arguments as to the regularity in the decision to close down the two most popular satellite television companies.

As for LBN, the issue is different. The said company is not the licensee but a service provider to the licence holding company under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As for CBN Sat, it was completely a different concern with the closure manipulated on the false premise that the company was in fact instrumental in uplinking LTTE transmissions.

Besides the technicalities which are well beyond the layman and the affected subscriber, what needs to be remembered is that to have the CBN Sat cable connection, subscribers pay a total of Rs. 17,900 while LBN provides the connection at Rs. 10,000.

While the debate continues on the technical aspects, there are other concerns that are clouding the issue. As always, these concerns are connected to powerful people with the right political connections.

Interested party

It is believed that the entire episode commenced with one of the interested parties showing President Mahinda Rajapakse a decoder and impressing on the Head of State that such could be put to ample use by terrorists. The interested party also did not forget to mention that CBN Sat was in possession of such equipment.

It is believed that seeds of the "national security threat theory" were planted at that point.

In the meantime, Global Electroteck Ltd, owned by one B. A. C. Abeywardene who has a case where Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has claimed millions are due to the company is still being allowed to uplink from Ratmalana the TV Lanka service.

Abeywardene, a close confidant of President Rajapakse has his registered office at Unit 17, Poplar Business Park, 10, Prestons Road, London.

In 2003 an investigation was launched by the CID investigating into a complaint for fabricating a letter to secure lower rates on inbound traffic.

Action was filed in August 2003 by SLT at the Colombo Commercial High Court for the recovery of the sum of US$ 2,269,839.60 from Abeywardene's company, which was the amount due for traffic up to November 30, 2002 and interest thereon.

In February 2003, SLT gave notice of termination of services to the said company as the amounts owed had risen to a mammoth US$ 4,623,168.88. Further they claimed any other relief and legal costs from the company. Abeywardene of course denies he owes any money to SLT.

New player

But such is said to be Abeywardene's clout that the company is once again said to be tapping on the doors to gain entry into the market. Some in the business believe that the sudden concern about national security arose due to the need to create market space for Global Electroteck Ltd to re-enter in a big way.

It is now alleged that not only has this company not settled its dues owed to SLT while in operation, it had sought to get a reduction in charges on incoming traffic based on a purposed unsigned letter which led to the CID investigation. It later transpired that the letter was forged. The Attorney General on this basis filed an indictment against the suspect

B. A. C. Abeywardene. President Rajapakse however after his victory appointed the man as chairman, Tea Board.

Interestingly enough, the powerfully connected businessman has counter filed action against SLT in February this year claiming US$ 12 million as damages for an alleged illegal disconnection of interconnection services by SLT.

While the authorities are happy to allow entry to such companies headed by people with severe credibility crises, the other two companies, currently the two leading cable television services have been effectively stopped from operating.

Interestingly enough, it is not so long ago that the government was extremely happy to deal with CBN Sat.

In December 2005, Chairman, SLRC, Newton Gunaratne showered praise on CEO, CBN Sat, Muhunthan Kanage for helping SLRC to link its own transmission to the SLRC transmission station in Palaly using CBN Sat from January this year for which the company did not charge a red cent throughout the three month period.

What is more, the same SLRC Chairman on April 4 wrote to the company profusely thanking them for the unstinted support in helping SLRC to uplink via CBN Sat.

In his letter, Chairman Newton Gunaratne said: "It is appreciated if you could extend uplinking facility of both Rupavahini and Channel Eye on CBN Sat platform till May 15, 2006 under the same conditions as stipulated previously."

On May 25, SLRC terminated the transmission of those two channels on the CBN Sat platform as the SLRC uplink station had been completely installed.

Nevertheless, Gunaratne added that the services of the company in the future in any emergency would be appreciated.

It is the same company that is now being questioned by the same authorities for alleged LTTE links and whose licence was revoked under the same SLRC Act.

In their haste to close down the company, it is now being alleged that proper procedures were not followed.

Employees of Sonic Net argue that the closure was not carried out in good faith, as procedure was not followed. Not only that, they feel that their company, once the favoured company whenever the state television SLRC wanted uplinks from the north, was simply being destroyed to make market space available for companies run by favourites.

Adherence to regulations

According to a senior official of the company, when sealing such a company, regulations require adherence to Section 11 of the Telecommunications Act. It provides for the summoning of a meeting to sort out matters and next to discuss the diagrams. There are specified time frames within which operators should regulate themselves and failure to do so would lead to cancellation of licence. But in June, both companies had their operations shut down sans ceremony.

As far as Sonic Net goes, there are more twists as the original complaint with regard to possible threats to national security had not emanated from either the TRC or the Media Ministry - the two institutions that should worry about it.

In the meantime, a proposal for the operation of a satellite television channel named "Sri Lakvahini" by Rohan Weliwita for the company Future Sat Com has been referred by the TRC to the Ministry of Media. The company sought permission to uplink all programmes and current news produced at the local studio complex to the head office in Italy. In February this year, the request was directed to the Ministry of Mass Media and Information.

On June 8, the Ministry wrote back to the TRC stating that the Ministry issued licences for TV broadcasting licences under the SLRC Act and the matter did not come under SLRC's purview, further fuelling controversy about the licencing system.

According to some of the companies, they were not aware of the need to process a licence through the Media Ministry which they claim, occurred only after the court battles began.

Interestingly enough, the TRC recently called for applications for licences to provide non-voice telephony services using cable distribution network and satellite communication networks by July 21.

Back to Stone Age

In the present context, some of the cable television companies feel that it is a farce to call this the Information Age and all the E-Sri Lanka initiatives are mere words when cable television companies are shut down overnight inconveniencing thousands of consumers thereby killing an entire chain of business.

On the same issue, the million-dollar question to raise is whether the real issue is national security, something else or making market space available for handpicked henchmen of the powers that be. What is transpiring right now certainly begs many answers, only if the authorities that seem to change stances from time to time would have the courage to answer them.

insider@cbnsat said...

This is to clear up a comment saying that "Now after 4 weeks CBNSat CEO is coming out and saying that customers have not done much." had listened properly.

CBNSat CEO in the interview had said that customers should get together as a group and apply pressure in the form of consumer lobbies, which is lacking in this country. This was mentioned as a country-wide perspective and not just with regard to CBNSat.

In fact the CEO was encouraging the formation of customer lobbies because as a force customers have a legitimate right over something they have spent their money on.

By the way, FYI next hearing is on 5th July at 1 pm.

Anonymous said...

Another postponement!!!! outrageous!!!

Anonymous said...

Today also CID will come up with a shitload and ask for more time. At least a week so that the world cup is over by 10th. After that only we can watch CBNSat again.

Sorry dudes ! But we live in Sri Lanka...... The Paradise ruled by buch of idiots, fools, ass lickers and cock suckers !

rabbithole said...

he insider@cbnsat

Why don't you enlighten us with more informaion as for why the case is posponed and what are they need now.

DUDE said...

Is the above information true. The case started only at 2 PM. Could someone please confirm with the reason why it was postponed and also was it held in Open Courts or Chambers.

Anonymous said...

this may b true ! cid might have asked more time to give their report.

Anonymous said...

Its postponed as the SLRC seems to have refused issueing the licence at this juncture as they bringing up the defence issue and saying CBN has broadcasted the LTTE channel.

These guys are realy mad,foolish donkeys and its not worth talking with them.

Anonymous said...

the ministry of defence and media ministry along with slrc has refused to issue license saying CBNSAT has been uplinking the so called banned tc link and they have proof.According to inisde information,, CBNSAT will never get the license to broadcast.Hence I personaly think we should ask for a refund.Im serious.They will never be allowed unless a change of government.

Dude said...

SLRC license? I thought they need the Media Ministry license. LTTE issue? I thought now the problem is Fashion TV, BBC and CNN. The LTTE Channel is working without CBNSat and has always been working without CBNSat. Is there no one who went to the hearing? What is the correct information and if so what are we going to do?

Anonymous said...

isn't it a foregone conclusion that the LTTE channel is still alive and CBN have nothing to do with it? Is this real reason or is there something else?

I think CBN have to be a little open now with their customers because we have been extraordinarily patient. We need information. So bring em on!!!!!

Dude said...

To the Guy who says he has inside information. Are you related to any of the other operators since you are encouraging the others to get a refund. They tested on Friday and found that the LTTE Channel cannot be on CBNSat. We need more credible information.

Anonymous said...

I think cnsat has something to hide here.Y cant they be open nd let there customers know exactly whats happening

Anonymous said...

Dear Dude,
I'm not a rich person like you.Hence I think people who spent there hard earnd money, people like me should ask for a refund.

I think CBN took us on a joy ride.We have to do something.IS this another pyramid scheme??

Vanatha Fella said...

I think CBNSat is trying to play too nicely or they may be are too foolish to think we customers are a bunch of idiots. All the idiots around (here in the blog and in the country) are making situationist statements while they keep their (CBNSat's) mouth shut.

Before some MF bloggers (mostly Comet Cable MF's) make some sensationalist claim to grab CBNSat customers, CBNSat should enlighten us immediately upon the end of the hearings.

I am starting to loose my paitence and to distrust CBNSat.

Dude said...

Rich!! You must be joking. If I am rich why did I buy it on Singer Sri Lanka installment schemes. I got cable only after CBNSat since I could not afford Comet. Anyway I just want to be sure since I just have no other option with Cable TV except Comet Cable and Shitnet and I cannot imaging having Shitnet. I do not want to get rid of this connection and then have to get it again.

Anonymous said...

I think we are surrounded by inaccurate information and some foxes are trying to enjoy misleading. Is the hearing really over today or is it still going on? Someone out there please provide some reliable information. CBNSat where the heck are you? Let us know what's going on. You have a website for God's sake. Put some bloody notices with regard to the current state of affairs. I'm utterly frustrated with the shit everybody is unloading

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I think we are customers we should be informed..and i think we have just wasted Rs.17 000/- bucks.

I am not going to wait..i definietly will ask for a refund as this money is my sweat and blood.

Anonymous said...

I'm also having second thoughts about CBN now. Didn't like how CEO came out last night either.


If they are clean and clear as everyone says, why can't they battle this thing out more hardly?

Anonymous said...

Tell you guys what. Lets swarm them with telephone calls and force them to tell us the truth. We need some clue.

Anonymous said...

Mango Jerry Writes...
Guys focus on the issue and I too believe CBN Sat has to make a public statement and/or a press ad giving present status. Why is this issue still not resolved? Is it inefficiency or indifference from CBN side or from the authorities. Enough is enough!
CBN owes us a detailed explanation and we have the right to ask for it.

Anonymous said...

whats happening??? whay cant CBN be straight.We too have a right to know the truth.We paid 17,000 and was paying for their service.SO we should know.

i seriosuly think after so many days there should be something more serious and dangerous.Or else y cant they speakout ??

Anonymous said...

CBN sat is definitly hiding smthing from us, as i got some infomation saying that there is no LTTE conn or FTV Issue. there is something else that CBN dosent want us to know. our courts are not as corrupted as we think they are.

Anonymous said...

The case has been postponed and its confirmed,CBNsat has asked for 05TH of July(I am also bit confused as there is another case filed by CBNsat is supposed to come out on this Day).The CEO has been asked to meet the media minister,and the media ministry is buying time and saying they are unable to issue the licence as this juncture as they want to check on the financials of CBN.The defence guys are reirritating that CBN and LTTE are using the same sattelite(EUROSTAR) and because of this SLRC is just watching.

Further the magistrate seems to have requested the case to be transfered to High Court(He may be tied)

This is the state of affairs and what a country,what a legal system.

Jolly Lucifer said...

Doesn't matter if CBNsat is in the 'right'. If they don't appear to be playing by the rules or start making too loud a noise then it just gives the powers-that-be more excuse to penalize them. This is not a Democracy we live in, however much we like to kid ourselves. The CBNsat CEO was playing his cards as best he could. Any more and he'd just be giving his opposition what they wanted.

As for refunds; I believe that forcing this issue now may shorten the time that CBNsat can afford to survive off-air. Getting angry at CBNsat isn't going to solve anything. There are plenty of other, more deserving people to focus our frustrations upon.

Anonymous said...

Mango Jerry writes...
I've been trying to reach CBNSat from morning and seems they have now even switched their PABX too.
I am now of the opinion that there is something very fishy with all this, otherwise with all these highly paid lawyers and so many court hearings... we should see some outcome.
I am now under the impression that CNBSat have taken us for a good ride....! Are these CBNSat guys amatearures in business? don't they know how solve business problems, no creative thinkers? If any one wishes to take CBNSat to courts, for breach of contract... guys I am with you. Let's now fight our case as customers and stop coughing for CBNSat. Why whould we drink painkillers for others illness?

Anonymous said...

Grate News: Comet cable is giving tmp connection specialy for CBN sat cstmers for 10,000/ 1200 monthly or something like that. dont belive me? Call 2557100 and see for ur self.

cbnsat customer said...

I can access LTTE websites with my PC in the bedroom.
Will they come and seal my bedroom?

LTTE use mobile phones. Will they shut down Dialog GSM, Celltel, mobitel and etc.?

My advice to goverment is shoot down the PAS12 satellite.

Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility of moving CBNSat bouquet to some other satellite ?

Or else can't the governmet ask from the PAS 12 satellite operator to stop LTTE using their satellite as it is a terrorist organisation ??

PAS 12 (Former EUROPE*STAR) is owned by an american company. It is called PanAmSat. As we all know that LTTE is banned in USA isn't it illegal for PanAmSat to broadcast the LTTE channel.

I think the governments wires are crossed ! They have taken this from the wrong end.

Anonymous said...

Wake up guys. If the customers don't take this to their hands and deal, this is never going to end. This has been draging for a long time and we don't know when this will end. May be when CBNSat file bankruptcy.Then all the awaiting customers will have to kiss Rs. 17 000/- good bye.

Anonymous said...

Is CBN accused for using the same satellite as LTTE??

If so, they should first put all the people who traveled through Katunayake Airport also, because LTTE uses that to travel!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I called CBNsat now and they said that the media ministry will be doing seperate research on tham.

Anonymous said...

yeap ,you are right mate, this CBN issue is not going away anytime soon.

still wonder the approach taken by CBN to act diplomatically is the right way to do it as it seems that authorities are taking them for a piggy ride.

maybe its enough of diplomacy and get to crux of the matter.CBN pull out your socks and get it done for all the aggrieved subcribers. Nobody is going to wait forever.
CBN get to action stations asap

Anonymous said...

Yeah! they could do demonstration at the Lipton round-about asking america to bring down PanAmSat! I suggest they get to it immediately.

Anonymous said...

Mango Jerry writes...
There is something CBNSat is definetely hiding! they don't want their customers to know. Our judiciary system is not soo blunt and there is justice served. Currupt... how much can u pay to buy a judgement... specially on this nature. It is evident that if these highly paid lawyers also have a hitch and cannot convince the judge, obviously these is something technically proven by the authorities, Do not take our professionals to be fools, most of them know their onions. I have lost faith in CBNSat and the so called authorities.
Come on CBNSat! Go ahead and publish and update your WEB page and give us the right to know. Tks for this blog as we are atlest updated with some information.

cbnsat customer said...

Can I use this cbn dish to point to some other satellite which have free to air channels.

Is their DTH systems for sale in pettah?

If anybody knows pls answer.

Anonymous said...

while the media ministry does the research they might as well write thesis on CBN.

usually thesis takes at least a year and then we all can watch CBN.

these guys are moving slower than even snails mate.Put them to the task CBN.

Anonymous said...

Are there any blokes capable of doing research at the media ministry? Or do they even understand what research means?

Anonymous said...

U can use the CBNsat dish to receive the Free to air channels but you will need to buy a FTA receiver as FTA channels are blocked on CBNSat receiver.

Ku band FTA receivers are there for sale in pettah. Price is around Rs. 6000/=

Anonymous said...

do u know a exact place in pettah? Address or phone number maybe?

Dude said...

Hey Everyone! Just for your info. I am a subscriber from CBNSat but I do not think that they do not divulge information to the people. Yes I agree info comes out on this blog faster than they tell us but since this involves a legal problem then it may be the reason why they get late but the best way to get them is to get information from their management. I have noticed that after every hearing they are at a meeting, but the next day in the morning I have managed to contact them. The information coming from management is always a bit more deeper than what you get at the Customer Care.

Anonymous said...

Comet cable customer
We offer our deepest sympathy to all the CBN sat customers.
As we are sure that CBN sat has passed away and never to return.
Rest in peace CBN Sat.

cbnsat customer said...

Thanks for the info. I tried to recieve FTA "Maharishi" channels on PAS12 and I got the signal and channel list on the program menu but it displays "Service Not authorised" msg.
I tried after removing the smart card but it's the same.

Anonymous said...

well comet subcriber..

there will always be people who thrive on others misery and guess you are no better.

if we have unity then we as a nation would be at greater heights and unlike you should comet face issue we will unite for justice.

that goes for everything in life and hope you change your perspective and outlook in life as there are more than 300,000 in viwership effected by CBN and LBN closure.

Anonymous said...

i'm a comet cable customer for last 6 years.well i feel your pain and frustration.Comet system may be old but still they are up and running and was not out for a second.
Anyway as per the information coming CBN will never come alive.Never.seriously apart from the die hard CBN customers or CBN sales reps who post here, other customers please,I think time has come for you'll to seriosuly think of the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey Comet guy!

After a long time.
Were u busy sucking ur mom's .....?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you (6 year comet customer)

Anonymous said...

No I was busy watching cable tv, you jobless MF's. dont you have anything good to do other than wasting time on a stipid blog site.
for me its fun to once ina way to have a look how you loosers go on trying to protest against the case, please.....

Anonymous said...

Why are the comet guys so worried about our Money? Why dont these guys buy SHITnet even their technology is supposed to be better than that and its 100% government supported(Hulugalle),Untill atleast this government is in power and now the CBNsat subscriber will make the change.

Because they are very thankfull to the government for protecting the rights of 35000 subscribers of CBN and LBN and aproximately 200000 people in this households.

Lets wait and see/

Anonymous said...

frustration anger and hatred overflows,, we do understand your feelings pain and suffercation you go through when we comet cable customers enjoys hours and hours of live sport coverage the best holywood movies on STAR MOVIES and the best cricketing action on ten sports.

I feel "Digitally yours" have taken you people on a merry go round.There is something dangerous inside there closets.If not why cant they come out with the true story.

My dear fellow digital robots wait, someday CBN will come alive.Till then hold trust CBN they will somehow.I heard they were on for an hour last friday.what an achievement.Great.tonight too for an hour.great news... well done keep the dish cleaned.

digitally yours

Anonymous said...

Hi You Commet guy.
You are lucky because you are whatching the shit on analogue and had you been on digital yours also would have been stopped by now. The main reason is bcos we are digital and the authorities do not know the tehnicalities on this DTH - Digital transmission equipment. Big talk on going digital but when and on whose expense... after CBN and LBN rcv their licences?

Anonymous said...

I think Comment guy is not happy. He might be waited to buy CBN. But he loses it that’s why he is angry this much than us with CBN.

Anonymous said...

Can someone put something sensible here, and i mean from some credible source. not the marketing guys of comet.

if the previous hearings and outcomes are put in line none of the reasons posted here makes any scence.

CBN over to you>.....

Anonymous said...

ASK for a refund....CBN management are taking you guys for a ride you stipid fucks...
at least you guys will get back the money...

Anonymous said...

here is something useful:
Tonight on comet

[ 8:10:00 PM ]

[ 8:25:00 PM ]

[ 7:00:00 PM ]

[ 7:25:00 PM ]

[ 7:00:00 PM ]

Wild Discovery
[ 7:00:00 PM ]

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Don't worry about this COMET guy. Comet is the next in line it seems. When that happens, that will be the end of commet since they will not be able to put their shit together to goto courts.

You can see how busy the commet is when sales guys keeps updating this blog continously.

Anonymous said...

Hay this Commet guy is really funny.

He’s talking about digital but being with analog shit. Please feel da difference.

digitally yours.

Anonymous said...

Good news,

Commet is going to give new channel to there customers. Do u know what it is ……. Can u guess

Anonymous said...

Commet will be shut down within this week.

Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

well dont know much about analog or digital, what i know is comet is working with good picture quality with a 99.9& up time. thats all that matters,
what is the use it beeing digital and there is no pictures at all,

and have to mention the sound quality is fucking good with the surround speaker sys.

Anonymous said...

New channel names “Comi Channel” originally made by commet sales guys. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Is it true about commet getting shutdown? Please provide more information.

Anonymous said...

Commet getting shutdown is true. They had little bit more time since it was out of this Judge's jurisdiction.

With commet, there will be more companies involved in similar type of business.

End of the day, it will be people who will suffer. Rather than been happy about other poeples losses like this Commet guy, it is time for us to get together and protect our rights.

Anonymous said...

This commet guy still travel by an ox cart. Where as we CBN subscribers travel by cars and busses. When the police stops our vehicles to check for licenses, this commet guy still keeps going and bragging about his ox cart.

Anonymous said...

to the CBN M fucker who lied about comet being shutdown.

what teh fuck are you trying to do? to get our sympathy and you think we will come with you guys to the street and protest? loooser.....

Get comet b4 you ppl go mental..

Anonymous said...

stupid example.....
by the way comet do need license to operate, which they have.

Anonymous said...

Commets issues also been brought up in courts for sure. CID was investigating them. May be shutting down commet is true.

Anonymous said...

Anyway commet subscribers are very well used to losing channels and losing service all together. So this time it won't be a big suprise.

I know this is for sure because I used to be with commet.

Anonymous said...

for the past 6 years, I havent had a single day without service, may be for hour maximum coz of heavy lighting,
you CBN jackass's are new to the cable tv world and they got over exited about the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Its not a case of who gets shut and who does not.
There needs to be some law. and all (including this famed 'shitnet') should abide by it.
If some one is operating out of the laid down rule(if there is supposed to be a clearcut rule)it is not something to be amazed about but we should be ashamed of.

this is SL so whats it being ashamed of. we already are

Anonymous said...

i agree with the comet guy,
comet cable always have the service without any interuptions.

have been using comet for 4 years and very happy with the service, (some times the monthly programe mag gets a bit late)

Anonymous said...

Hey Commet guy,

We can see the quality of your service when we go through your forum.

Why don't you start spending time improving the quality of your service. I know it is a dream for you to go Digital. But at least start by focussing on what you can do rather than commenting on these blogs. You have a long way to go my friend.

CBN will be back for sure. I will wait for then.

Anonymous said...

yah good for you, wait... fucking idiot. by the way i am just a happy customer,

Anonymous said...

When I got commet, I realized that I have better quality reception from my antena. But I kept it because of the channels they had. They removed most of the good channels and sometime it was down for days. So soon as CBN came, it was the goodbye for Commet.

I don't think I can ever go back to commet after seen the quality of this. I will wait and see. What's the point in going to them if the same thing can happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey commet guy!

Here is news for you. Now they have DVDs and VCDs which have lot more quality than the old vcr player you have next next to your commet box.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

To all comet dudes posting here,

The main point is Comet doesnt have islandwide coverage (not that i'd get it if they had)
According to you, us CBNsat jackasses must convert to comet at once :p
What is your recommendation to CBNsat subscribers who are outside colombo with NO comet signal?

Will you be fixing an antenna in your ass and walk from rural town to town broadcasting comet?


Anonymous said...

comet cable is doing a service as much as cbnsat is doing a service,i basically think comet isnt good...why do u think i will be having cbnsat?

comet had pretty good channels and now they have been disolving and allmost disolved....

you maybe very loyal to commet's offering,but whats true is that,i DONT like comets services,if they were digital i would have allready got one.and besides there quite expensive,

i hope cbnsat or some other provider relevant to cbnsat comes up...and i can get a refund....

And for comet cable viewers here in this forums.dont show your greed and power towards a cable,we are jackasses for investing money on cbnsat,maybe cuz they are a BOI approved,or whatever

guess comets going down to as into s12 law terms

oh well cable industry in sri lanka....

Anonymous said...

According to DailyMirror today SLRC lawyer has said that LTTE channel and CBNSat uses the same frequency. I think here this fool refers to the same satellite. Therefore he further said that LTTE could transmit anything to CBNSat users which is a threat to national security. CID have asked assistance of INTERPOL for further investigations.

What a bunch of fools. Can't they see that on the CBNSat decoder all the other channels are blocked. Eventhough both channels uses the same satellite it's 2 different frequencies.

Wasn't there anyone who has knowledge about these technical issues to explain it to the judge. Don't CID or TRC or SLRC don't have technically capable guys like engineers ???? I think all the people here are politically appointed fools who don't have any education in these emerging technologies.

No wonder our country in this state with a bunch of idiots like these !!!

Dear Mr. President ! We have voted you to take the country forward (Rata Perata) But now we are quite sure that with these type of idiots around you this country will be like hell soon !

Anonymous said...

This INTERPOL shit is not going to happen by this is going to be a never ending story..don't know who will be called after INTERPOL...may be AL-QAEDA

Anonymous said...