Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CBNSat : The Never Ending Court hearing

It is confirmed. The court hearing for the CBNSat case has now been fixed for 1st August 2006 and according to reports the postponement was due to a request from the Minister of Media who said that he wished to intervene in this matter. Given this post are the reports on this court case that were published in The Daily Mirror, The Island and The Daily News. All of them pretty much say the same thing.

So looks like the customers have to wait till August 1st, 2006 and we wonder what the Minister wants to come to court and say. Hopefully it is something good and we sincerely hope that this situation will end at the next hearing. There is no mention whatsoever regarding the Temporary License issue. Looks like even the Attorney General is not respected these days, provided the news item in The Sunday Leader was correct. Since no one denied it, we have to assume that it is correct.

Anyway it looks like we should continue sending letters to the authorities and specially requesting H.E. President Mahinda Rajapakse to intervene and give relief to the people who have invested in purchasing this connection.

We hope that the Judges at the Supreme Court will see the injustice that has been done and issue a favourable verdict taking into consideration the plight of over 20,000 customers.


callisto said...

Maybe the media minister will come and say- ok he can let CBN Sat operate but he want Rs75,000 per 30 mins per channel from CBN???? You never know with these kind of idiots!!!

Lisura said...

I think it's all gone back to the start where things have began.

Now the court says TRC and the Media Ministry to be heard on the August 1st.

This will be a never ending story till CBNSat shuts down. That's the ultimate goal of the people who started this whole scenario.

Even the subscribers too seem to be frustrated now. They even don't care about the money they spent. We can't be wasting our time on this we have 1000 of other things in life.

Interesting to see the page no. 25 of todays Daily news. TRC have put 2 notices with regard to 2 companies which violated the agreement with TRC. Namely the companies are 2 ISP's Lanka Global Online and Pan Lanka. According to the notice these 2 companies were not complying to the TRC regulations from 2002.

I hope TRC would have given notices to them in several occasions and now they have openly given them a time frame to comply with the regulations. Failing to do so TRC will initiate legal action against these companies and probably seal them preventing their business operations.

This is the way TRC has to act if anyone is commiting something against TRC regulations.

I beleive the same should apply to CBNSat and LBN if they have violated anything with regard to the licences they had.

But it was not the same for CBNSat and LBN.

WHY ????


dini said...

i quite agree with callisto. he's probably going to throw that final deadly dice that would spell doomsday for CBNSat.

All courts are the same in this country. The case would drag so much that the plaintiff would have to give it up out of frustration. The hearings at the SC will be just another season with plenty of episodes in this never ending mega drama series.

The postponement is a very ominous sign. Sorry to say this guys, but i believe things aren't that favourable. i have a friend who is a lawer and he told me that it'll be miracle if things take a positive turn. but we'll have to keep writing. by no means should we give up. however, this is the reality.

dee.panadura said...

this country has gone to the dogs( not the better ones but the 'paraya' dogs)

whats the use of writing to H.E. ?

Afterall its his hooligans who started this.

Im sure our 'shahodaraya's' are very happy that we are all going back to the golden era(back in time sveral decades)

Hope all sri lankans(the masses) will live 'happily ever after'

Lisura said...

I think nothing positive will happen on the August 1st. It will be posponed to August 15th. Then by August 15th they are going to ask another 2 months to ammend the Rupavahini Corporation Act. So the final decision will be postponed to End of September or in the month of October.

By that time it's almost 4 months since the shutdown of CBNSat. I really don't know whether the company can survive that long without an income and with operational costs like salaries !!

Dude said...

Looks like "Lisura" is a bit discouraged over the present state of affairs. What I feel is that the Media Ministry felt that the Supreme Court verdict will be in favor of CBNSat that is why they said that they will want to be heard. If that guy had not mentioned that the Media Minister wants to intervene then I am pretty sure that CBNSat would have been off the hook yesterday.

Like others have pointed out I feel that the supreme court will be partial. Look at their present record in the "Daya Sandagiri case" and the "Mawbima newspaper case". In the newspaper case the Supreme Court overturned a High Court ruling saying that the newspaper should not print, but the supreme court allowed them to print citing loss of business to the printer.

Since the Attorney General has sent a letter to Media Ministry previously requesting them to issue the license and the AG is also a repondent in this case.

The advantage that CBNSat has is that Srilakvahini has started broadcasts under the present situation and this is clearly a discrimination from CBNSat's point and a violation of their fundamental rights.

We will have to wait and see what the minister has to say at court and also remember it has been reported that he agreed to the AG's request to issue the temporary license to CBNSat.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in this country and we can hope for a positive outcome.

Maybe transmissions may not start on Aug 1st but I am sure it will start since CBNSat is fighting this case continually and we have to give them credit for taking this to the supreme court without waiting for the Aug 15th Magistrates Court hearing.

At the Magistrates court hearing last time the CID said that they will complete investigations within a week and now it is over a week and no one has been charged.

CBNSat is not giving up and they are continuing to ask for justice. Has anyone read of the unjust judge parable in the Bible

Well here goes

Luke 18:2-5

"In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared about men. [3] And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, 'Grant me justice against my adversary.'

[4] "For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, 'Even though I don't fear God or care about men, [5] yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won't eventually wear me out with her coming!' "

CBNSat whom I believe is innocent is continuingly asking for justice from an unjust legal system. Eventually justice will be served.

Let's not give up and let's appeal to the President and other authorities, even to the Supreme Court.

dini said...

very inspiring dude. to add to dude's positive thinking, i would like to take back what i said earlier about miracles. now i'm positive that things will take a good turn simply because there is a woman in the panel of judges, who would probably be able to see the injustice beyond what men could see.

Lisura said...

I also beleive Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake will do the justice to the subscribers. She is a strong and unbiased person.

Yes ! Dude !! I'm bit discouraged about the whole thing. But our fight for justice will go on !!!

Don't think i'm negative. But i'm starting to see it moderately. How much hope we had right from the start from the time CBNSat sealed.

We thought at every court hearing that the situation will turn to good. But it never happened so to this date. So now I have a clear understanding that this will be further carried on by the interested parties till their goals achieved.

I think the government doesn't care about us all. It may be bitter to think it that way. But I beleive that they will never ever do anything favourable to the consumers.

bank_dude said...

Great comment Dude.

Lisura said...

I think the subscribers of CBNSat is fedup now. We do not see the massive participation on this blog as before.

People have started to realise that no point in spending any time on this. This is not a peoples government. Our rulers do not listen to the grievances of the citizens. They listen only to "Terrorists" !

Lisura said...

If you are a terrorist and say that you want CBNSat back the government will restart the service immediately.


Not it's also clear to us that CBNSat does not have any link with LTTE. If they have they could even operate without any licence or approval. The government is showing their dedication to peace by facilitating anything to LTTE !!!

Liberated said...

As most of you would have heard by now, the Indian Government has banned a few blogs, because they see some connection between bloggin and the Mumbai blasts!

Its only a matter of time before our idiots follow suit!

jehan said...

Did you see TV lanka MF yesterday in his own bckyard and he seems to be the arshole behind the TAX on local stations showing foreign content.

When i saw this ugly guy with his abiththiya who cant even properly talk i felt like smashing the TV.

Its realy a pity that the president is porking his finger to every issue and baseless aligations when there are enough and more burning problems to address and these thieves are running the country.

I also noted that the owner of the licence TV lanka is using Gamini Rajanayake,is a director of SATnet and you can see how the connection is.I dont think satnet have got even 100 connections with the baseless closure of LBN and CBN and who are going to get connections on a network operated by known crooks.

dini said...

this is a coordinated effort to ruin the future generation of this country. politicians are in the same level for decades and decades while the younger generation is finding its own way. they cannot stand this advancement. what may have begun through splitting of the society will end when all sections come together again. this is inevitable. there is evidance to this everywhere from the bible to the real life. why else do you think we have more hybrid songs these days using sinhala, tamil and english words. that's a sign. the only way the divition could be maintained is to poor fuel into sinhala - tamil fanaticism.

one way of achieving this is not to afford anybody the universal knowledge in a universal language. think about it! had we all studied in english medium, would we have these communication gap that prevail today? men with true tallent and skills would be looking after this country had the universal language been used as a medium for our education. geniuses in our society never get a chance to prove their ingenuity while the children of the politicians are sent abroad to be educated. in what way is this fair?

we could post on this blog till the cows come home and still nothing's going to happen. we are just ventilating ourselves. that's all.

Lisura said...

He acted like he has given these centres from his own pocket. According to the same conversation ICTA have paid nearly 1 million for each centre only for VSAT Internet connectivity which electrotech provided. You can imagine the amount he earned through this deal.

If he says that these people in villages are deprived of information and should be given the same facilities as colombo I agree.

So aren't they allowed to watch discovery, NGC and History channel and educate themselves. Why can't they get access to quality english language programms rather than cheap hindi teledramas which are telecasted to those areas free to air by local channels and the picture quality is very poor.

Why can't the local tv channels like rupavahini, itn and swarnavahini, derana transmit using CBNSat platform to deliver a crystal clear picture to them.

CBNSat was doing this for a year. 1000's of Sri Lankans who live in very remote locations were enjoying clear pictures on their TV's for the very first time thanks to CBNSat. Not only the foriegn educational channels like discovery & NGC but local channels too.





jehan said...

It this guy and Hulugalle together who are doing this,Can you imagine this man who cant pronounce a eneglish word properly is the Tea Board Chairman,God bless our tea trade.

They are close to the president and are supposed to be poisning him with all these false aligations,and hulugalle is the Director of MCNS and he is using his office to sling mud at CBN and LBN.

Remember this is a circle,Abeywardena,Rajanayake and Huluballa and there intention is to destroy CBNsat and have a monopoly and it wont be easy,because people know the thruth.

dini said...

there is nothing to watch in his rotting channel and very few people in sri lanka i think watch it. i haven't even tuned into TV Lanka on my TV.

jehan said...

No one watches,We got to know of the channel with the "Sunday Leader" exposure and his frauds and who would go for low quality stuff as his channel and they are supposed to telecast old sinhala teledramas,when you look at him and his body language you know he is a crook.

Its the government and the authorities who are entertaining this crooks against the general public as more commission and more the country is going to dogs.

We should be hanged for bringing a government of this corruption and chinthanaya to power.

Liberated said...

I agree Jehan. I mean there were so many signs that Mr. Chinthana was going to be corrupt himself or atleast turn a blind eye to it. Helping hambantota!

But the general Sri Lankan population is so stupid they voted this idiot in. and the UNP is even worse! when so many voters were disenfranchised in the NOrth and East they did nothing but sit back and accept it!

don said...

I think these uneducated piliticians re the real fools and the big wig is no exeption.

They seem to work on the agendas of crooks and if you look around 75% of the authorities are criminals or crooks.

The past rulers were foolish but not foolish as this when you shut down TV stations on false alligations of a mug like Abeywardena.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Here's some comments on Abey from

"Sri Lanka Nanesala vs. VGK on Jul 20th, 2006 at 8:32 am

I normally do not watch TV. However yesterday, somebody SMSed me to watch a certain programme. I did not know how much I have missed, but when I put it on somebody unknown to me was talking about VGKs and Nanesalas.

At the end of the programme I learnt it was Mr. Abeywardena whose firm Electrotecks have provided VSAT facilities to the Nanesalas.

These are some of the things he said.

1. VGK model was an attempt of the World Bank to destroy the local cultural values. I (Mr. A) have been able to change this VGK model to Nanesala, which is useful for the country.

2. Because of Nanesalas now the Internet speed in villages is 100 times higher than what it is in Colombo, so soon people will be visiting villages to access Internet.

3. Unlike VGKs, Nanesalas promote Sinhalese Buddhist values. That is why we have decided to have Nanesalas in temples. (He gave a long list of the names of the temples.)

4. It was because of Nanesala programme President Rajapakse won the Presidential Election.

5. In the VGK model, the plan was to bring the ‘Global Village’ to ‘our villages’. However, in the Nanesala model, the plan is to do the opposite., i.e. to take ‘our villages’ to the ‘Global Village’

6. Eighty percent of the Sri Lankans live in villages. The intelligence level of all Sri Lankans is same. Therefore eighty percent of the talent in Sri Lanka is in villages.

7. The future plan is to expand the Nanesala programme to another 10,000 or 20,000. However, we do not want World Bank aid for that. We do it on our own, as Sri Lankans are rich enough (or capable enough – the exact word he used was ‘pohosath’) to do that.

I just wish to record these without comments.

I guess another episode of the same programme will be telecast next week, on the same day.

"Sri Lanka Techie Guy on Jun 29th, 2006 at 1:06 pm

Please tell me whether to laugh or cry.

Let us recap what we read in the above posts.

There is a Nanesala somewhere in an outstation. The place is not given. Let us assume it to be at Hambantota.

This Nanesala has two PCs.

Let us assume somebody uses this Nanesala to access e-government services from GOSL. (That is one key objectives of setting up Nanesalas. Am I correct?)

The data travel from Hambantota to a satellite in the geo synchronous orbit (35K km above) then comes down to Electrotek’s Station in Colombo (another 35K km down) then goes back up again (another 35K km added) to satellite and down (add 35K km) to UK or Malta. Everything together 140K. (for double hop)

Then the same data has to come from UK/Malta to a server in Colombo. I do not know the exact distance. Let us say 100k km.

This is one way only.

The response from Colombo server will travel alone the same route. That will be another 240k.

So even for a simple request the data has to travel nearly 500,000 kms! (One third around the globe, if I am not mistaken) This is not a joke.

I do not know the user has ever used this Nanesala to access any e-government services. If so, he would have seen a looooooooooooooooooooong delay. The session might have probably expired before he got a response. (So no wonder why nobody uses those PCs)

In reality, the distance between Colombo and Hambantota might be around 300 km. So the data has traveled more than 1,500 times long distance unnecessarily, creating a looooooooooooooooooooong delay a user might not tolerate.

Dont we have any other more practical way to connect point A to point B?

Will anyone use e-government services under these conditions?

This is only one side.

Anybody has an idea how much we pay for the transaction described above?

If I remember correctly Electrotek is charging LRK 1 million per annum per Nanesala for providing these satellite links. That is Rs. 40,000 per PC per month in this Nanesala.

The above description explains why the cost is so high. Electrotek has to pay for an operator in UK/Malta, in addition to its own operational costs.

The funniest trouble is ICTA goes through such an expensive and complicated process to provide Internet access to this Nanesala, and (according to the user) nobody uses it! They used the PCs to play computer games.

Am I supposed to laugh or cry?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Guys I've been thinking about our lives as Srilankans. I realized something terrible. WE ARE SLAVES. The retarded fuckfaces and their political cronies are controlling us without even giving a damn about our lives. They say this is a democratic country. Democracy my ass!

And MR. TVLanka seems to be bringing "desheeyathwaya" into each and every of his gay interviews. All I can say is "uge ammage desheeyathwaya". Sorry but that has to be said. Is any electronic equipment Tvlanka owns locally made? I just cant stand the fact that this mofo (along with hulla and some other government gaylords) ruined my entertainment.

Liberated said...

I think we all need to have a stiff drink!

This bloody country is MAD! lightning I share your frustrations ( I feel absolutely impotent), I just cant get over all that is happenning. What can we do? Can we as ordinary citizens impeach the president? I would like to because he is doing f*&^ all to end this madness!

Dase said...

Dont get discouraged.My feeling is Judge Shirani Bandaranayak will do the justice .If not no hope.My worry is not a single opposition parlimentarian and two so called unbiased medias are silent(Siras,Swarnawahini)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Mr. TVLanka speaks as if he invented all the technologies he uses and gave them free of charge to the srilankan society out of pure goodwill. He didn’t do shit.

And now it seems that there is nothing to watch on local television too. ETV and ART only shows news.I feel sad for them as they will now have to change their whole business model (or shut down) according to a dumbass act the irresponsible govt created to please a group of ass lickers.

I am a Sinhala Buddhist and Buddhism never instructs to steal from one and then use that money to please another. Nor does Buddhism instructs to help under cutters who'd go to the extremes of foul tactics for their personal gain. Do you believe in Buddhism Mr. Rajapakse?
Obviously you don’t (coz if you are a true Buddhist, you wouldn't have turned a blind eye to injustice) . You have no religion. You have no honor. You have no dignity. 5 million Srilankans believed in you. You flushed their beliefs down the toilet.

Hope supreme court nails the whiny dogs. And I still believe in lord Buddha. I still believe CBNsat will be back.

bank_dude said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bank_dude said...

Guys who travel along Galle Road, please observe building rooftops at Wellawatta area(land side). Yesterday I noticed that (correct me if I'm wrong) most of CBN dishes are now pointed towards South East and angled around 60 -75 degrees. I think SHITNET guy or some other guy is giving new connections for CBN. If I'm correct we are in deep shit unless justice is being done quickly.

Lisura said...

The CBNSat dish could be used with a FTA receiver to receive free channels. May be people have bought FTA receivers and watching free indian content from NSS 6 satellite which is in the angle bank dude mentioned.

I also do the same. From day before yesterday DW-TV is also coming free from this direction. The other valuable channels are Headlines Today, Zee Music, MH1 and Star Utsav. All the hindi crap is on Star Utsav free!!! (The ones which the government is trying to ban)

For your information receiver is only Rs. 5750/= in pettah.

Lisura said...



dee.panadura said...

I had written to all the authorities concerned + the news papers too( frankly i didnt write to lakehouse papers)

I only used my residential address and no email or contact nos since i dont think they will be a position to figure that they mean.

I only hope it does not get into the hands of a guy who cant read english and goes into a basket.

Nevertheless i hope CBN is back in air because even if i go for a FTA receiver i will not get to watch the channels i wish (oh exept fasion TV/ BBC).

As for SATNET, i do not wish to be an accessory to crime by subscribing to it.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Today is TRC's deadline for satellite tv licence applications. How long will they take to issue the licences?

I think they took years to issue CDMA licences.

Yuktiya said...

All small cable Tv operations ( unauthorised) in Col- 11, 13 ,14 & 15. has been sealed last night.

harith said...

CBNsat hounerd their sponsorship to Sri Lanka Teniis team yesterday despite the unethical closure of same and this is a clear indication that they are are here to stay and godd lesson for our politicians(Fools,jockers,thieves,undeducated arsholes) what comittement is all about and how you stand stronger.

No wonder the TV Lanka guy and SATNET are running the country and i think SATnet is realy frustrated as they cant sell as expected with the underhand closure of LBN and CBN by them(No one is buying this and interested in this) and this is in spite of the court ban on SATnet.

The country is in deep shit

lil_birdy said...

Guys, i hear media secretary ganegala is the big hump in the middle not allowing the minister himself to issue licenses!!
he says how is he going to issue licenses to a kassippu business! The brainless twit compares high tech sat business to local kasippu business! can u imagine???
bastard is old and wont die of any heart attacks! sits in the middle and stops anything thats good for the country!
faggets like these shud be shot on the correct place!

Janapathi said...

Don’t get me wrong. I just want to clarify one point and I am also waiting for CBN sat to resume.

What I can not understand is,
1. How CBN sats and others start to operate with out a proper license?

2. From CBN sats and others point, when making a such an investment, how they overlook the requirement to have a license?

I think we are missing something?

I am a strong believer that all satellite television, telephone and transmission equipment and services should come under a regulatory framework with proper checks and balances. It’s for the interest of our country. That’s how it’s been done in all develop/under-developed/developing or whatever countries as per my limited knowledge.

Anyone can drive a car without a license. If get caught, get ready to pay the penalty or bribe the officer (if that's the way to sort it out).

When it’s not done, it’s the interest of the driver to plead guilty and finish off the traffic case and start driving again with a proper license.

Dude said...

Hey Janadipathi

The problem is how come they need to take a license that does not exist. They do not need to take a license for a regular tv station. They are not a regular tv station.

They did not break any rules. How come the BOI gave them approval without the proper licenses. The BOI should have guided them.

Do investors guide themselves then there is no need of the BOI.

Anyway the people who shut them down are doing it to support their favourites.

Janapathi said...

I agree that the BOI should have GUIDED them. But they are not obliged to do so under the BOI law unless it’s stated.
For example, one can get a BOI license to setup a cosmetic manufacturing company. By getting the BOI license does not mean they can import the raw material to manufacture because those have to be cleared from Medical Department at Maradane.

Another good one is, mobile phones. You can setup a registered company to import mobile phones or any kind of communication equipment. Company registrar will accept your registration documents. But at the time of importing, you have to comply with the telecom regulatory laws. It’s possible to run the business and pay taxes etc, but if get caught, you are in trouble. It’s not relevant to give excuses saying why the company registrar not informed about the requirements to have licenses or approval from another department etc.

//The problem is how come they need to take a license that does not exist. They do not need to take a license for a regular tv station. They are not a regular tv station.//

I am not an expert here. It’s important to study the law and see whether Satellite TV comes under any kind of licensing or not. The countries I have lived, satellite TV’s has to get a license to operate.
You may be correct to say that the existing law did not cover satellite TV. I can not comment on it without knowing the contents. But the government has the sold power to impose new regulations to cover the areas that previously overlooked by them. I believe, even if this case can be settled for now, it is important for the government to get all satellite TV operators to a table and start formulating a regulatory framework as it’s for the national interest of our country.