Thursday, July 06, 2006

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Dee- Panadura said...
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Dee- Panadura said...

Can CBN enligten us as to the developments?

Which direction is the case heading this time?

matrix said...

this is for you CBN Management
Article Published by Consumer Affairs Authority
Consumer Rights
Human rights of all the citizen has been assured by the constitution. Consumer rights
also been assured in the basic legal framework of the country. There are eight
consumer rights as defined by the International Consumer Organisation,
01. The right to satisfaction of basic needs
All consumers have right to access for food, drinkable water, cloths, shelter, heath
facilities and sanitary services, which assure good basic living condition.
02. The right to be informed –
To be given the accurate information consumer need to make wise choices and to be
protected from fraudulent advertising, mislabeling, and misrepresentation.
03. The right to choose
To have reasonable access to a variety of products and services at reasonable prices.
04. The right to safety
To be protected against injury or illness from hazardous products and services.
05. The right to be heard
To be assured that consumer interest as a consumer will get a sympathetic hearing,
both from business and government, and that laws that are supposed to protect
consumers will be enforced.
06. The right to consumer education
The right to receive early in life a fundamental understanding of the consumer
marketplace, including the rights and responsibilities of all sectors of the society. This
right is also interpreted as meaning that consumers should have access throughout
their lives to education.
07. The right to redress
Every consumer has right to redress when they were put into frustrated situation due
to mislabeling, misrepresentation, defective goods or providing unsatisfactory service.
08. The right to healthy environment
Every consumer has a right to live in a hazardous free environment which good for
healthy life.

matrix said...

CBNsat management has decided, not to pay any refunds for customers
Customers of CBN…now it high time to get together and act on this issue

bank_dude said...

I think it's better to fight and put CBN back on track rather than asking for refund. For me CBN is the only cable TV solution. I don't have luxary to change operators. Further let us stand against the authorities to end this stupid drama.

Dude said...

Good News Guys. I think I might have found someone who can help us check out this site

There closest office is in Kuala Lampur

Consumers International Kuala Lumpur Office

5th Floor Wisma,
7 Jalan Abang Haji Openg
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603 772 61 599 Fax: +604 772 68 599

Main Contact: Rajes Kanniah


Lets mail the above address and ask them for help. Long Live the Consumer.

matrix said...

"I think it's better to fight and put CBN back on track rather than asking for refund."

I AM WITH you as a CBN Customer. But what I cant understand is that the lawyers who represent CBN …they could not do any thing up to now.. so do we have to wait until (we don’t know the date) they resolve the problem

Palitha Galappaththi said...

CBN needs a written request from each customer to entertain a refund request. I guess as CBNSat customers we all should write to them, may be give one week for them to reply, if not satisfactory, lets gather all the customers and take CBN to courts.

matrix said...


I call CBNsat today I they informed me that they are not authorized to give any refunds to any customers as a policy.
It is high time for us to get together as CBNsat customer & act on this matter.

matrix said...

"Consumer Affairs Authority"

TEL: 2393496/2399146
FAX: 2399148

FAX: 2321696


KeNzO said...

Thanks matrix for the e mail id it was very helpful

Liberated said...

I feel you have the wrong end of the stick here! I am told by very realiable forces that this case involved corruption at the highest levels. that is why this is taking this long. so to sue CBNsat is attacking the victim. as they say in Sinhala "gahen vatuna minihata gona enna vage". We can not sue CBN sat we need to sue the bloody government and the CID for this baseless accusation and harrassment. Hullugalle is getting his way because he is now in the MOD. Isn't it strange that all this started soon after he got in there? CBN has been around a lot longer than he has been at the MOD. Come on people read between the lines.

Trust me I am mad too, not only do I not have CBNsat I dont even have the local channels (via an antenna) because we get all that through CBNsat, so my house is cut off from the rest of the world. but we need to be fair--we cant kill the messenger!

dini said...

guys guys, as one customer mentioned those who yell about a refund and suing CBNSat have got the wrong end of the stick. First of all let me remind you that technically you cannot be refunded because you have been using the service. rather they could pay you the depreciated value of the equipment. People who would come out with an argument saying that they've just purchased the package and they barely watched anything, be informed that there is something called 'caveat emptor' in law i.e. 'let the buyer beware'. it is your responsibily to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing something.

I'm a CBNSat customer too. I'll ask you a simple question: Let's say you succeeded in your 'refund' attemp; what would you do if CBNSat is back? Is it worth going through everything towards getting a connection again? Or is it worth waiting till a verdict is passed and then think about a refund if things turn out ugly? Unless you are planning to go for SATnet or a Comet connection (which I doubt you would) at this time, the latter option is better isn't it?

matrix said...

"gahen vatuna minihata gona enna vage"

i am with you mate

But end of the day we are the people who is loosing... do you know I was using LBN in my Colombo home & CBNsat in my kandy home (the area we are staying we do not have any clear reception of local channel at all & CBN was the solution).

My main question is that CBNsat says they are lawyers are the best in the country. OK

So up to now why they could not do anything????

I also would like to get CBN & LBN on AIR…I ALSO do not want any refunds…
But these people are take time (tooo long) then I will definitely ask for a refund..

But do you know about this REFUND ..i just check with CBN yesterday..& they informed me that they are management has advised them not to give refunds for customers ..

Actually I don’t want a refund but if they have policies like this then we should not support them.

Liberated said...

Yeah I know this situation sucks. If I didnt know for sure that this was a case of corrupt officials trying to get rid of the competition I would be the first to ask for a refund.

This situation is really ugly! There is obviously a HELL of a lot of bribery and ass licking going on. So if we attack CBN sat now we will be letting these corrupt AHs get away with thier thuggery, corruption and intimidation.

There is no doubt that some HIGH level strings have been pulled to attack CBNsat. This is our Chinthanaya!

dee.panadura said...

Seing from the island article it seems CBN is one of the biggest issues the government is facing.

From National security to TRC regulations to media regulations to cultural issues.........

I feel the UN might have to get involved to sort things out.

Like this country doesnt have worse issues to sort out.

I was just thinking ... tomorrow if lanka bel and suntel is shut down, regulations changed and permission given to only slt to operate, what am i going to do with the receiver unit and pole? (which i have paid for during the connection) well steel is expensive so i gues the pole will be worth about 1500/- as for the rest i'd have to give it to bottle man.

come on guys we are blogging here because were literate, educated, professionals, lets look at getting back this service without giving into corruption.

Rabbithole said...

I have drafted a letter to the president. Can some one please post the address of the president.

Oh.. I want the addresses of Media minister and the TRC too.

I'm taking it to the president. How about you.....?

Dude said...

Please write to the TRC Customer Relations Unit since they have to respond when a customer complains

The Customer Relations Unit
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276, Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 08

Media Ministry address is as follows

Ministry of Mass Media & Information
163, Kirulapone Road,
Colombo 05

Can someone post the other addresses too please and do not forget to visit

Dude said...

Hey RabbitHole. This and the above was for you and all CBNSat and LBN Customers Brother

Presidents Office
Presidential Secretariat, Colombo 01

This address was in

I have my letters to the TRC and the Media Ministry Ready and also hope to send a letter to the Consumer Affairs Authority and the President and also hope to send an email to Consumers International I hope many will back us up also by sending letters, I agree with Admin about the fact that posted mails are better and more official than emails, it is even better if registered post is used. The weekend will be full of drafting letters. Since no CBNSat to watch.

Hurry up folks please join in and lets request the authorities to put CBNSat back on line. I can ask for a refund and then buy what?? So lets try this alternative first.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

CBNsat has filed a case in the supreme court (ITN news @ 12 noon today) asking to remove the suspension of transmissions. They are not going to sit and wonder till govt mofos draft regulations. Let's hope they get a judge who hasnt become a lapdog of the government.

It is nice to see that there are still people who are not giving in to corruption and bribery that has left the country in devastation. I agree with several posts above; asking for a refund now will be attacking a defenseless victim.

Instead of refunds, i choose to fight for justice. LETS FIRE THE FIRST ROUND GUYS! Lets Mail em (government and authorities) and nail em.

bank_dude said...

As I mentioned in my previous post, let us fight and force officials to put CBN back on air. Yesterday I posted a letter to a weekend paper. Today I'm looking forward to write letters to TRC, CAA and president as well. I e-mailed TRC few days back and I think it went to deaf & blind people. I must say please send your letters through registered post.

Dude said...

Looks like we better send our letters soon. Yeah the most effective will be registered post.

With the supreme court hearing and with our letters we can definitely bring back transmissions.

Lets hope sense will prevail in the Supreme Court. Any news of the hearing date.

Lets appeal to all the authorities and lets appeal to the Consumers International too.

Anyone who has the postal address of the local Consumer Affairs Authority please post it here.

cbnrep said...

We will not give REFUNDS for customers!

matrix said...

for "Dude"

"Consumer Affairs Authority"

TEL: 2393496/2399146
FAX: 2399148

FAX: 2321696