Friday, July 14, 2006

Double Standards by Authorities

Looks like in Sri Lanka we have a lot of double standards been enforced. The Media Ministry which previous said that they need three months to draft licenses for satellite broadcasts have gone ahead and given the green light for "Srilakvahini". There was a mention in court that since CBNsat were planning to expand to other countries they will have to enforce proper rules and regulations whereas "Srilakvahini" has been given approval and their aim is the same thing. The difference is that "Srilakvahini" is a FTA channel but CBNSat is a Pay TV channel bringing invaluable foreign exchange into the country. Get your priorities right people.

Is this fair? People have already acquired the services of certain providers and they are still shutdown but new ones are allowed to start. Please read LBO Reports New Sri Lankan satellite channel takes off, beaming to the region. The report mentions that Mr.Nalin Attygalle, Director Operations and International Marketing said that there are about 25,000 people who have bought Satellite equipment and are unable to use it. Mr Attygalle please do understand that the 25,000 people with CBNSat antenna's bought the dish to view International programming from channels such as Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, BBC, etc and not for viewing local channels carrying local language programming. So if you are targeting this 25,000 people your company will be a failure from the start. Anyway Good Luck in your business, be careful of Mr. TV Lanka since he might say that you started using his license. So did you? The difference in business models between CBNSat and Srilakvahini means that they will not be in competition with each other, since each is in a class of it's own but Srilakvahini will be in direct competition with TV Lanka.

The Law should be enforced irrespective of Race, Religion, Cast, Financial Status, Political Affluence but looks like the opposite is happening. Remember please do not raid Future Satcom's offices and close down their offices instead remove the seal on CBNSat and LBN.

We urge our fellow bloggers to continue to put pressure on the authorities concerned and well done Mr. Parakrama Dambawinne from Kurunegala for your eye opening letter in the Daily Mirror today. Looks like the temporary license news has slowed down our efforts and since there is no news about the temporary license, we should continue to put immense pressure on the authorities concerned using letters sent by registered post. Remember E Mail is useless and is unofficial. Please keep updating this blog throughout the weekend and just for information's sake with tomorrow there is yet another month more for the next magistrates court hearing on August 15th. We should put pressure until transmissions are resumed and not slow down when promises are made by the authorities. The Supreme Court hearing is supposed to be scheduled for next Tuesday 18th July 2006. Can anyone please confirm this and is this the first or second hearing as we are hearing conflicting reports.

Mr. Attorney General please intervene and get this sorted out. A new Satellite provider is started when the authorities say there is no law in the country permitting satellite broadcasts, but existing ones are kept shut. THIS IS NOT FAIR.


bank_dude said...

friends we must do something to get CBN back b'cos authorities are serving two parties in different ways. Therefore we must protest against this. Protests are common thing these days but this is a different issue. Can we arrange something?

Rob said...

Thank you Parakrama. You are absolutely correct. It is by those low breed of public servants bring this country back to stone age.

Closing down Satellite TV Stations –A nation deprived

The current tussle between Satellite TV stations and the Law of the land has taken its toll on the public of this country. Ironically, this very law of the land allowed these satellite stations to sell their product to the public for many years. Thousands of people obtained connections during this period. The public was beginning to enjoy a new horizon.

This fact is no truer than in the outstations. The general public living outside of Colombo or its immediate outskirts was always deprived of a proper education, and the so-called luxury of quality entertainment. This very fact has contributed immensely towards extremism among our youth.and frustration among the rural youth as a whole.

Yet sadly, the state authority decides to deprive this very sector of a minimum standard of life in today’s context. These satellite tv channels gave rural children an opportunity to view quality programmes, which were educational. Their standard of knowledge was just beginning to elevate, when someone very patriotic decided that the satellite stations were doing something illegal.

In effect, the authorities have punished the people of Sri Lanka for obtaining a television service available in the open market at great cost to the individual. I personally know of some families obtaining satellite TV with all the savings they had, because they wanted their children to view quality educational programmes. These satellite stations have taken the money of these people, and they must be very happy. So the state has encouraged another sector to hoodwink the innocent and get away. This is a clear indication, that no one in this country, holding any responsible state office cares an iota for the rural masses.Satellite TV entertainment is commonplace all over the world, and has become an efficient modern tool of mass communication; It is no longer a luxury that the people of this country should be deprived of. Certain sections of our community believe that Sri Lankan’s must not be allowed to enjoy anything termed luxury. That’s why we are the only country that operates “semi-luxury” buses.

This country suffers from immense hatred, anger, and personal jealousy over their fellow man. Systematic degradation of educational standards over the years has brought about a very low breed of public servant in Sri Lanka. Service to the nation or its’ public is now not known. While everything else has slowed down, we are racing towards the inevitable failed state.

Parakrama Dambawinne

Rob said...

Can someone confirm if we CBNsat customer's are also using same equipment ?

--- Quote---
Future Satcom has tied up with Taiwan based tech company Data Video Corporation for equipment, costing between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees plus installation, for customer

samantha said...

I think the CBNsat equipment is a Malaysian manufactured

bank_dude said...

Rob I think this may help you

cbnsatcustomer said...

The decoder used for CBNSat is a chinese product.

Cable Guy said...

Can we receive this new channel on CBN decoder?

Did anyone try? What are the values to fill in?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Srilakvahini targeting 25000 subscribers who are unable to use equipment? we didnt buy CBNsat to watch another local channel. (i dont care weather srilakvahini is beamed off satellites or treetops)

CBNsat can only be replaced by one thing. CBNsat itself.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

another shocking revelation about abey on sunday leader today.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Abey is tring to shutdown Rupavahini for uplinking to a Sattelite on their own without a licence LOL.

cbnsatcustomer said...

BTW Sunday Observer reports "Private television channels are scheduled to black out their channels this evening at prime time after a 7.30 press conference, against the tax."

cbnsatcustomer said...

Here's a blog post from Prof. Rihan Samarajiva's son Indrajit Samarajiva regarding CBNSat
Class Warfare

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sorry above name should be Prof.Rohan Samarajiva - Former TRC head.

cbnsatcustomer said...

CBNSat and LBN should come forward jointly like this.

TV channels say tax will kill their programmes

By Yohan Perera
Four TV channels yesterday called upon the government to re consider its decision to charge a levy on dubbed foreign teledramas, films and commercials that are being telecasted over the channels.

MTV, Sirsasa, ETV and Art TV Channel heads who addressed a news conference yesterday warned that the TV industry would fall if this tax was imposed as TV stations would have to close down. They called upon the government to come for an open discussion on the issue.

Some channels said they would be compelled to restrict some of the programmes but said they would make the final decision today depending on the government response.

MTV Channel Head Chevaan Dianiel said they were expecting a positive response from the government today. Mr. Dianel said heads of all channels would meet today and decide on the future course of action. He pointed out that imposing this tax was a violation of rights of the viewers.

ART TV Channel Head Chandima Udabage said the channel would be compelled to restrict some of its programmes and apologized to the viewers and the advertisers for any convenience caused.

Sirasa Channel Head Susara Dinal said the channel would have a problem of scheduling programmes to fill its usual air time.

ETV CEO Lakshman Bandaranayake said all private TV channels have come together against this levy although some channels such as Derana and Swarnavahini did not participate in the news conference.

The Finance ACT No 11 under which the levy is imposed cited that teledrams, films, and commercials made or filmed outside Sri Lanka and bought or imported into Sri Lanka for the purpose of telecasting will be subjected to it.

However documentaries and teledramas which impart educational values or providing entertainment to children will not be charagable.


dee.panadura said...

People there is this bloke calling himself 'ruhunuputha' in the cable forum on LBO. who keeps talking without any factual reason(now dont we have a lot from ruhuna who does that?)

Now i posted telling this guy off for the following reson but they(LBO) never posted it.

This guy keeps mumbling something about 'terra'??? there is no word called terra, all i know is terrorists- they are there every where, UK,US,ME, SL(both LTTE / JVP). People who generally use this term 'terra' are people who have some sort of inferiority complex . These sort of guys will never progress. wonder which school they have been to?

By the way i have mailed an official complained to all authorities with copies to papers. Hope this fiasco will be solved.

bank_dude said...

I agree with cbnsatcustomer. CBN & LBN must come forward jointly and organize something rather than fighting seperately.

chavi said...

There is a very good article on the Daily Mirror today "closure of sattelite TV stations" Are we going to the stone age?

It is directly to the point and agressive.


TrackZeroBad said...

Talking about SriLakVahini,

I saw their stall at Future Minds Exhibtion (its a crap you should say Never Mind) held at Exhibition and Convention Center.

They a selling a few packages.. for range of 10,000 - 15,000 (depends on the dish size and the number of channels). If you need to watch SriLakvahini you need to get their dish and the reciver..

And you'll get 100s or CRAP (CRAP CRAP ... i have no words) Hindi, Thelingu, Chineese ..etc chanels with it .. All a FTA channels..

I donno how he got his license... and the funny (not funny though) thing is Fashion TV also included to that list...

viran said...

This must be all the channels which are given by SATnet,and by the way how are they fairing and is anyone buying there connections?I dont think most will because they charge rentals quaterly and upfront,Only a few people can afford that.

He is supposed to be Abeywardenas friend and they are supposed to be using the same licence.

bank_dude said...

Guys correct me if I'm wrong, CBN said they have best lawyers working on their case. So why can't these best lawyers move the case forward referring to Srilakvahini licenses. I believe now they have a path to travel.

Lisura said...

Actually this was taken up in the courts few weeks ago. Sri Lak vahini have applied for all the licences. (BOI, TRC & Media) But the media ministry have replied to Srilakvahini saying that since they are broadcasting to a satellite they do not need a Rupavahini licence.

I think CBNSat lawyers have produced this letter to courts few weeks back. After that only the security concern, content concern and the new licensing scheme for Satellite and Cable TV operators came.

Since the deadline for applying for the new licence in 21st July and the Rupavahini act is still not ammended It's very clear to everyone that nobody has these new licences.

But Comet, Star Cable, Delta cable, Globe vision cable tv service providers and TV Lanka, Srilakvahini satellite tv operators are operating and CBNSat & LBN is closed saying that they do not possess these licences.


Here we are not at a moment saying that the other services to shut down too. But let the CBNSat & LBN operate as others till the government issue new licences and do whatever the regulation they want to do.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Yeah i also noticed there is some bugger named ruhunuputhra on LBO. HIs name should be changed to ponnaputhra. and LBO heavily edits all my comments.