Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Temporary licenses to be issued

Well it has been a long weekend and a lot of things happened with regards to the cable tv crisis in Sri Lanka. We like to thank all of you who have been updating this blog while all of us were away enjoying the holidays.

The Sunday Leader reported that the Attorney General had directed the Media Ministry to issue temporary licenses to both CBNSat and LBN. He has also stated that if there are any security concerns, he has directed the Media Ministry to enter into an agreement with the operators. When contacted by the Leader, the Ministry has said that he will comply with the Attorney General. We hope he does so soon.

In other very revealing news, it has been revealed by The Sunday Leader that Mr. B.A.C Abeywardane who is the Managing Director of TV Lanka seems to be also one of the people behind this scandal, he seems to have had a hand in instigating this issue and has also written letters offering to restart the CBNSat and LBN under his license and management. Looks like he is civic minded too, too bad no one watches TV Lanka.

Looks like the whole plan was to take over a company and do business in a company where someone else had done all the hard work of building up. He seems to be having a case against him filed by SLT.

It is also reported that CBNSat have appealed to the Supreme Court although the date of the hearing is not known.

Well lets see what happens as the week progresses and lets hope that all the Cable TV operators are able to resume services as soon as possible. Please keep updating us on the latest developments.


cbnsatcustomer said...

Rupavahini will have to come to CBNSat again because INSAT-4C launch has failed.

INSAT disaster stalls DTH expansion dreams

BANGALORE: The failure of INSAT-4C has dealt a blow to the plans for DTH services and digital satellite news gathering by channels which had booked transponder space.

Sun TV had booked seven high-power Ku-band transponders six for DTH, and one for DSNG of the total 12 carried by INSAT-4C.

CNBC, Times TV and Kairali were among those which had booked space for DSNG operations on two transponders while the National Informatics Centre (NIC) had leased three for its VSAT connectivity.

Sri Lankan broadcaster Rupavahini is also said have booked space.The transponders were designed to provide DTH television services, facilitate video picture transmission and DSNG.

ISRO programmes, DTH TV braodcasting may take a hit
Our Bureaus / New Delhi/Bangalore July 11, 2006
The failure of the launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s much-hyped communications satellite INSAT-4C is a setback to the broadcasting companies in India, which would have otherwise benefited in delivering direct-to-home TV broadcasting.

Also, this is likely to delay the launch of some other satellites originally planned by the ISRO.

Though the blow to the DTH industry could not be estimated exactly, the broadcasting industry believes that it could delay the launch schedule of operators like Tata Sky DTH and Sun TV’s DTH platforms.

Similarly, for existing broadcasters and DTH services providers, who were planing to launch new channels and services, this could spell bad news.

India’s first heavy weight communication satellite, which was launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh today, would have boosted DTH and VSAT sectors with additional transmission facilities and bandwidth.

“The existing players like Doordarshan that could have migrated, would have to continue on their current satellite. The plans of DTH entrants like Sun TV would certainly get delayed until they put together arrangements for another private satellite or until the government hires another one,” said an expert.

Sun TV is believed to be depending heavily on INSAT 4-C — the heaviest satellite India has ever attempted to put in space — to roll out its DTH venture. The second entrant that could be affected is Tata Sky, the 80:20 joint venture between the Tata Group and STAR. A Tata Sky official refused to comment while Sun TV executives could not be reached for comments.

Zee TV’s Dish TV, which currently has a viewership of 1.2 million, doesn’t foresee any negative impact on its DTH business. “We have not booked any bandwidth on the satellite. We’ll continue operating through out current satellites,” said Sunil Khanna, chief executive officer, Dish TV.

INSAT-4C, which was equipped with 12 high power Ku-band transponders, was expected to provide India with a capacity primarily for direct-to-home TV broadcasting. It had a design life of 10 years.

Besides DTH, the 2.2 tonne satellite was also designed to provide services like digital satellite news gathering, digital picture transmission, meteorological imaging and services for the National Informatics Service.

“It will take not less than 2-3 months till the failure analysis committee of the ISRO delves into the data to find what exactly had led to the failure of the launch, although everything went as planned, starting from the making of the satellite to the testing of it,” said a space scientist in Bangalore on the condition of anonymity.

INSAT-4C is the second of a seven series of four satellites to be launched by the ISRO. So the delay in the launch of the satellite will definitely affect the future of these space initiatives which were to follow a successful INSAT-4C project.

ISRO, through the use of the indigenous vehicle for launching the satellite, expected to reduce the launch cost by around 40 per cent.

Although the first use of the indigenous Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle in April 2001 was a success, the failure of the launch vehicle in its second mission has no doubt put a question mark on the reliability of GSLV.

After INSAT-4C, ISRO had announced it would launch Cartosat, a remote sensing satellite in September, this year. No ISRO spokesperson was however available for comment on what would happen to the satellite launches that were said to be useful for large-scale mapping of natural resources.

Jolly Lucifer said...

I have a feeling that things are just about to get interesting.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

There is another article on sunday times FT about CBNsat. The most important thing is that they have said they are not going to shut down. However is will be no escape for SATnet or TVlanka when CBN comes back on air. No one will buy SATnet and TVLanka will go down the drain if CBNsat enters foreign markets with local channels like Swarnavahini and Dearana. But they deserves it. Let's hope the media minister wont drag issuing of temp licences for the sake of 150000 customers.

P.S.- Rupavahini will now have to come crying back to CBNsat since INSAT-4C went boom.

melanga said...

Good for the Rupavahini and the Abeywardena guy will step in and try to uplink Rupavahini at a cost.
Since the AG has instructed to issue temporary licence it is a very good indication that service will be back on track very soon.

But we must thank the Leader for exposing corrupted indviduals fearlessly,Its disgracefull on the part of the government to appoint thives of this nature to higher posts.

It is now conspired that SATnet,TV Lanka are running on the one and same licence issued to Rajanayake(He has transfered the same licence to two friends)and dont know how many more.

It is now confirmed through the newspapers that this is the guy who has mislead the government in his own interest to get hold of a sucessful enterprise.

melanga said...

You can clearly see how the state media with the influence of ABeywardena and Hulugalla (Director MCNS while unethicaly being a director of SATnet) tried to run down CBNsat with several false alligations and they being known and famous corrupted individuals.

They even went to the extent of saying that the District court case was dismissed (Daily News),which is being taken up today,Then saying CBNsat clandestine and what Hemantha Warnakulasuriya said in courts Etc.

But ultimately the clandestine operators are TV lanka and SATnet who seem to be running on the same and only licence of Rajanayake.

KeNzO said...

hey the e mail id's of CAA does not work I will snail mail the letter that I typed to them.. can some good soul please give me the address..... plz post it as a comment so that I can register post it today itself. We must write and stand up for our rights and must not let the winds of curruption blow us away..

bank_dude said...

Guys do not keep tons of hopes because we had bad experiences last few times. In this country, we cannot sure anything. We can have a smile when we see the green light of the decoder. Until then we have to fight. Don't stop writing until u see the green light.

Alf said...

Can anyone update the blog about the status of the temporary license issue..

Can we have some hope in this??

dee.panadura said...

guys, please dont waste time sending emails, just mail em., If these guys had two scence as to read an understand an email, we will not be going through all these

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Sending e-mails will not help as the govt authorities lack the intelligence to read them. (maybe they are waiting till they regulate e-mail services). Best option is to send them by registered post.

dayan said...

The news is that the CBNsat lawyers are working on the temporary licence and the entire industry seems to be in a mess due to the Abeywardena/Hulugalla combination.It is been said that TV Lanka and SATnet seem to be using the same licence and there is supposed to be a complication over the ownership.

I am realy disgusted with the rulers of this country as this thief has been appointed Chairman of the Tea Board and the other Director of MCNS,what could you expect from corrupted individuals like this? other than destroying the basic rights of the subscribers and working underhand to grab sucessfull companies.

The people who voted this guys to power should be hanged first.

dini said...

the temporary licence might take another month for processing!!! you cannot trust any of these fools

dini said...

i have an idea for the authorities to stop the Tiger channel. build a cardboard ladder right up to PS12 and send Hullugalle and Abey up the ladder to scramble the channel with their lies, deception and fraud.

Dougie said...

I sincerely hope the licence will be issued this week as it has come to a stage where you cannot drag this anymore.

The sign i hear from CBNsat are positive and hope it would be the reality.

Vanatha Fella said...

When I checked with CBNSat customer care, they haven't heard anything about a Temporary License. They literarily know nothing about it except matters are postponed till 15/Aug/2006.

Is this another hype about CBNSat or CBNSat customer care is being careless ?

I am in search of alternatives. But still has not found a suitable replacement.

dini said...

yeah i checked with CBNSat about the temporary licence too. They said that they have submitted all the necessary documentation and they are waiting for a reply or feedback from the ministry. however, at this juncture the next hearing is on 15th of August as everybody knows and it could be before that depending on the rapport between CBNSat and authorities.

Penny said...

Did you guys watch the TNL programme on CBNsat yesterday and the CEO realy gave it this time.

He talked of the victimisation,unethical competition,and of the law.

This was a good eye opener for the authorities.

bank_dude said...

Guys, any news regarding about temporary licenses.

Dude said...

On TNL yesterday? I did not see it, most probably because I do not watch TNL. Is there a repeat or anything today?

I hear that CBNSat is forwarding any letters that customers have sent them to TRC, CAA, etc with the Customers permission.

Looks like CBNSat is not publicising the Temporary License thing because no one can trust the Officials, therefore no one can be sure until the license is received.

tenny said...

The news is that the lawyers are working on it with the Media ministry and hope the outcome will be positive and within this week.

tenny said...

I dont think there is a repeat programme and it has been recorded at CBNsat last Friday, and was a good programme,Better if you can talk to TNL and confirm as they have a repeat on most of their programmes.

Yes the CBN guys called me also last night and sought permission to forward my letter to TRC etc,Its good they are on the job and the lawyers are supposed to be working on the Attorney Generals instructions on the temporary licenece,Its correct they are not diclosing this as you cant trust any of thsese officials.

Further at the programme yesterday the CEO of CBNsat commented that no action is been taken against another party who is uplinking from Sri Lnaka without licence(Obivious referance to the TV lanka guy who is supposed to operate from the licence of one Rajanayake who has alledgly sold it to three operators)

But hopefully the lawyers will do a good job and destroy the vested interest of the most corrupted competitors and highly unethical competetion.

Lisura said...
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Alf said...

Can we have some hope next week with this temporary license issue?? Can somebody who knows the current proceedings pls update this blog.

I watched the TNL programme yesterday...and it was really good. I am really sad for what this Government have done for a very successful business. We as Sri Lankans should be proud of such ventures

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

When i contacted customer care today, i was informed that they have been issued with the temporary licence. But in order to restart transmission, the judge was needed to be informed first and that will happen on the hearing on aug 15th.Thats what the customer care said. I dont see why they should delay this if they are issued with a temp licence. Can anyone contact customer care and confirm? And i forgot to ask about supreme court hearing and at the moement i do not have access to a telephone. Would be glad if someone confirms these.

Alf said...

If CBNSat have got the temporary license can't they inform the court and start transmission?? Do they have to wait till 15th August?? I don't think so.