Monday, July 31, 2006

CBNSat On Line Petition receiving good feedback

We are getting a good response to the On Line CBNSat petition. Those of you who have not signed in, please sign in soon.

This petition will enable you folks to get your voice heard. Please call, email, sms and tell your friends who have CBNSat connections about this petition and urge them to sign in.

We will not give up in this endeavor. The CBNSat Supreme Court hearing is to be held tomorrow 1st August 2006 and the Appeals Court hearing will be on 3rd August 2006.

Please join with the "CBNSat Subscribers Unite" to see CBNSat back on air. Please keep us updated on the latest developments regarding CBNSat.


Dase said...

Is there any possibility to put an add or a report about this petition in Sinhala,tamil and english daily?.I think lot of others who do not have access to internet and email will come to know about it and hope there will be great response.

Liberated said...

umm there are people that are not using their names. 109 and 110. can their entries be taken off the petition, otherwise we will lose our credibility.

sittingnut said...

i hope you are not the one who is spamming other's blogs with this. its not done. if ppl want to support this they will. spam is not the way .

bank_dude said...

Guys this is somthing to think of. CBN has 20000+ customers and only 122 signed the petition. It's nearly 0.5% which will not make a big impact. What I'm suggesting is to do this physically. I mean we organize a desk infront of Vihara maha Devi park and inform people via SMS (like CBN send us the information about TV programme) to come and sign this. To see whether they are real CBN customers, tell them to bring a copy of a bill. I think in that way we will be able to collect more signatures because this blog is known by few people and most of our rural guys does not have internet connectivity. What do you guys think about this?

cbnsatcustomer said...

Lanka Broadband Networks Limited case

Notice on TRC temporary licence to be issued

By Leary Beekmeyer
The Court of Appeal issued notice returnable on August 3 on the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka and eight others in a case filed by Lanka Broadband Networks Limited of Colombo 5.

The Court of Appeal comprised Justices K.Sripavan and Sisira de Abrew.

The petitioners Lanka Broadband Networks Limited of Colombo 5 had cited The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka of Colombo 8, SSP Sisira Mendis Director CID, DIG Asoka Wijetilleke and Inspector General of Police as respondents.

The petitioner stated that under cover of a unilateral reporting made by the CID and the order for search and seizure obtained thereon, the second to fourth respondents and/or their servants and agents wrongfully and /or illegally stormed the petitioner’s establishment and summarily and effectively shut it down causing irreparable and indeed, irreversible loss and damage and irremediable mischief to not only the petitioner but also to a large segment of the public, which has subscribed to the cable services.

The petitioner stated that the actions of the second respondents are actuated by mala fide, collateral and extraneous objectives and actuations and they are acting at the behest and instances of persons with vested interests who enjoy high political patronage and influences and who are intent on destroying the petitioner’s operations so as to secure for themselves, the lucrative subscriber networks which the petitioner now has in place. The petitioner stated that otherwise, there is no explanation for this sudden and precipitous interference and intervention. The petitioner further stated that it apprehends that this whole process had been further precipitated by the action taken against CBN Sat.

In all these circumstances, the petitioner must, as a matter of an imperative, ensure the continuity of the business as even a closure in excess of two weeks will result in a complete cessation of the influx of revenue and the massive loans taken by the petitioner will be foreclosed by the relevant banks. Furthermore the International Broadcasting television channels will terminate their contracts with the petitioner. Closing down the petitioner’s business summarily is totally unreasonable and unfair after six long years and especially after a massive investment and subscriber network has been established and numerous contractual agreements executed whereby rights and liabilities in law have been created. The petitioner stated most emphatically that he is conducting its operations lawfully.

The petitioner stated, in any event, the effective closure of the petitioner’s cable television operation by sealing the same was not the only course of action available and there was an option of election , even if punitive sanctions could be proved to be warranted. The petitioner stated that there is a serious violation of the principles inter alia of proportionally and fairness.

The petitioner stated, that application will be nugatory unless the court is pleased to issue an interim order prayed for including restoring the petitioner’s transmitting operations

On an earlier date Senior State Counsel informed court that the authorities were taking steps to issue a licence to the petitioner. However, in view of the long delay in issuing the licence he could suggest that the authorities issue a temporary licence until the proper licence is decided upon by the Minister of Mass Media,

Attorney at Law Sanjeewa Jayawardena with Nigel Bartholomeuse and M.R. Amerasuriya instructed by Sudath Perera Associates appeared for the petitioner. M.A. Sumantiran with Nishanka Sirimanne appeared for the intervenient petitioner. Mr. Palitha Kumarasinghe PC with I. Idroos appeared for the first respondent. Additional Solicitor General Sathya Hettige and Senior State Counsel Sumathi Dharmawardene appeared for second to fourth respondents. Kuvara de Zoysa appeared for intervenient respondent. Chandana Jayasinghe appeared for the intervenient petitioner.


Komisiripala said...

To all of you ardent customers of satellite tv...

get a life. no, seriously. Get a life.

prmo said...

You are a real KOMIYA

dini said...

dear komisiripala
define life in your own words please.

Komisiripala said...

Life hopefully means more to you than vegetating/bemoaning the loss of/unable to survive without cable TV.