Friday, July 14, 2006

The latest scoop on CBNSat

Get the latest news about CBNSat on Saturday 15th July 2006 on Rhythm of Life on TNL TV.

Sorry I forgot to enter the time. It is at 6PM.


Vanatha Fella said...

Admin, it would be ideal to mention the time of the programme, if it is available with you.

Anybody else, please if you know the time of the programme ?

samantha said...

It is a repeat programme,and what about the Kasippu Mudalali - Abeywardena,He will get his doze from the "Sunday Leader" this weekend,He realy looks a thug and a crrok and imagine him running CBNsat,we will loose ESPN and STAR quiker than we got it.

How about the double standards of the media ministry?They have issued a licence for Sri Lakvahini and wants three months to process CBNsat licence.

Sri Lakvahini will be a direct competitor to the KASIPPU mudalali and he is sure to bring up a issue on this.

samantha said...

Its at 6.00 PM

Rob said...

Seems with the temporary license rumor, we lost the momentum to fight. Just before this announcement many people were planning various type of protests either by letters , emails or even sms etc. But suddenly everybody lost interest as they were anticipating temporary license to be ready and CBN would open transmission within this week. Believe we should continue our protests until the green light on decoder is lit.

Rob said...

Below appreaed in Lanka Business Online website. They may be referring to 25,000 CBN sat customers ???

Island TV 6 Comment/s
13 July 2006 17:06:11
New Sri Lankan satellite channel takes off, beaming to the region

July 13, 2006 (LBO) – A new Sri Lankan satellite channel took wing Thursday, with plans to tap into a captive market of customers who lost out to the recent shut down of local cable operators.

Called Srilakvahini, holding company Future Satcom hopes to beam Sri Lankan programs in Sinhala, Tamil and English as well as regional content around the island and to other countries.

The new satellite television channel can broadcast its programs to Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe and African countries, targeting largely Sri Lankan expatriate communities abroad.

The first three months will run on largely Sinhala content like news, dramas, musicals and sports programming, produced locally.

Running on programming produced by its own production house, the company is also exploring tie ups with other content providers from Sri Lanka and the region.

“The main feature about this channel is that it is ‘free-to-air’, and so will not require any monthly subscription, but a one time investment for the necessary equipment by the users,” Rohan Welivita, Chairman of Future Satcom, told journalists on Thursday.

Future Satcom has tied up with Taiwan based tech company Data Video Corporation for equipment, costing between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees plus installation, for customers.

“This will facilitate complete coverage of Sri Lanka through a down link system via a satellite receiver disk,” Nalin Attygalle, Director Operations and International Marketing, said.

The company says it has all the necessary licence approvals from the Telecom Regulatory Commission, the Media Ministry and the Ministry of Defence.

About 1000 people have signed up for the new service already, but a ready market of potential customers could come from elsewhere.

“In the current context, there are a lot of people who have purchased equipment already and are now unable to use it. Market data shows that there are already about 25,000 customers who have this equipment, so there is a captive market already,” Attygalle said.

Three cable operators were recently shut down by the government over allegations of improper licensing, with the battle going through courts.

The first test transmission is to take place before the end of July, after which it will be rolled out to users.

Transmission is to be expanded in a second phase, about six months from now, to cover the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Future Satcom is the holding company for Srilakvahini as well as production house Fine Vision, SriLak Entertainment and trading and business arm Sattronic.

samantha said...

Rob is right,At least we should push with hard hitting letters to the authorities for the moment as they cant drag on this for ever when they issue licences to the new entrants.

This new channel will only be a competitor to the KASIPPU channel or TV LANKA (What kind of programmes do they broadcast)as they are targetting mainly the overseas market with their contents.

Lets start pushing the media ministry,TRC,BOI again with loads of letters.

Rob said...


Initially local programmes.

cbnsatcustomer said...

I received a sms from 9060 regarding the today's TNL program on CBNSat. This may be from CBNSat informing customers about the programme.