Thursday, July 13, 2006

Liar, Liar Abeywardena's Pants on Fire

Hey Abey how are you dog. Personally it is very good that we saw you on TV Lanka last night or else we would have thought you were the Clerk at TV Lanka if we visit the TV Lanka office.

Anyway it was an interesting case of a Dog praising it's own tail while sitting in it's own kennel.

He had some interesting comments about the massage advertisements been printed on The Sunday Leader (just in case he forgot even the other newspapers carry these advertisements). He must be a frequent reader of the classified ads on massage because he seems to know a lot about it.

His command of the English Language is nothing short of excellent, it was so excellent that the pronounciation of some of the words was far better than the British themselves.

Now to the core of the interview, here are some of the facts that he made

  • He kept saying at the interview that there are several things that he knows about CBNSat but says those are things that he cannot reveal to the public. If he has the guts he should have come out with them. Probably he knows nothing, Liar.
  • He alleges that CBNSat got BOI approval using his license and that he got a call from a FRIEND at the BOI congratulating him on the opening of a new TV station. He supposedly got confused and asked what it was and the FRIEND mentioned the name CBNSat and also told him that they forwarded his license for approval. Then he says that he forgot about the whole issue. Hey come on when someone says that another business is operating with your license how come you just forgot about the whole issue. Liar
  • He also says that he wants to show about Sri Lanka and it's capabilities to other countries but he does not think highly of people who show about the capabilities of foreigners to Sri Lankans. But he has sent a letter to the authorities offering to operate CBNSat and LBN under his license he will do anything for money. Liar
  • His Excellency the President is supposed to have asked him whether he can give a relief to the customers of CBNSat and LBN. I am sure the president will not do anything like that. Liar
  • He is crying over the fact that The Sunday Leader refers to our president as MR. Wake up man, our previous president was referred to as CBK and even former US President Kennedy is referred to as JFK.
  • He also said that LBN has no money and will eventually close down anyway. Liar

There are more dumb things that were spoken, and everyone who saw the interview will bear witness to that.

Everyone will agree that The Sunday Leader has done a marvelous thing by exposing corrupts like Abey. A big thank you to Mr. Lasantha and Dilrukshi for exposing this maniac who compared CBNSat to Kasippu sellers.

By the way Sunday Leader do not use big English words such as "Sudden", etc since this guy cannot understand what is on the papers, since he has a diffculty in comprehending sentences. The only thing he can read and understand is the classified massage advertisements.



dini said...

why doesn't he express himself in a proper professional manner by inviting both the CBNSat owner and LBN owner for a live debate? this is the problem in this country, there are too many cardboard warriors who are on the loose unquestioned.

Yuktiya said...

Look at the awards won by the Leader puplication. next time nominate Srinimal pathmakumara for KUMARA KUMARIO awards donkey.

July 11 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Editors Guild will honour print journalists Tuesday evening at its annual awards ceremony for journalistic excellence in 2005.

The winners are:

Dharisha Bastian – Daily Mirror
Denzil Peiris Young Reporter of the Year

Jeffrey Ansley Michael Kelaart de Silva – The Island
Cartoonist of the Year

Lakruwan Wanniarachchi - Lakbima
Photographer of the Year

Daily Virakesari
Best Designed Newspaper of the year

Lasantha Ruhunage - Ravaya
Upali Wijewardena Feature Writer of the Year – Sinhala

Jamila Najmuddin – The Sunday Leader
Upali Wijewardena Feature Writer of the Year – English

Arasaratnam Rajeevan - Thinakkural
Upali Wijewardena Feature Writer of the Year – Tamil

D B S Jeyaraj – Minor Matters - The Morning Leader
B A Siriwardena Columnist of the Year – English

P Mahendraraja – Thinakkural
B A Siriwardena Columnist of the Year – Tamil

Ifham Nizam – The Island
Best Environmental Reporter of the Year

D Charles Peters – Virakesari
Subramaniyam Chettiar Social Development Reporter of the Year

T M K Samat – The Sunday Leader
Sports Journalist of the Year

G L Ahamed Nifras – Virakesari
Business Journalist of the Year – Tamil

Ruwan Thilina Samarasingha – Ravaya
Business Journalist of the Year – Sinhala

Mandana Ismail Abeywickrama – The Sunday Leader
Business Journalist of the Year – English

Vincent Jeyam – Thinakaran
Prof. K Kailasapathy Award for reporting under special circumstances

Namini Wijedasa – The Island
D R Wijewardene Award for Earning the Appreciation of Peers and the Public

Dilrukshi Handunnetti – The Sunday Leader
D B Dhanapala Best Journalist of the Year –English

Krishni Ifham – Virakesari
D B Dhanapala Best Journalist of the Year – Tamil

Sonali Samarasingha – The Sunday Leader
Mervyn de Silva Journalist of the Year

Special Awards for the best students of the Sri Lanka College of Journalism

Best Sinhala Language student: - Ms Aruni Muthumali
Best Tamil Language student: - Mr Charles Peter
Best English Language student: - Mr Sanjeewa Chandrasekara

bottled-imp said...


If LBN is not allowed to operate because of they dosent have a licence for cableing. how comet have their sub agents to cable all over colombo, negambo. athurugiriya, ect....Since you the educated person in Srilanka ( according to you) why dont you take any action. To save the country from 'KASAIPPU mudalalies'

lil_birdy said...

I just wonder if there is any respect for the attorney general? after him requesting the media ministry to issue a temporary license, why arent the officials doing so?
also from the fact that today at the supreme court, the judge said she did not receive the full document which lawyer Romesh de silva handed over a few days back sounded really really fishy!!!
How can a particular volume go missing out of the lot? It had been handed over on acknowledgement! This surely indicates that there is something really wierd happening.... makes one wonder if these courts are for real? or just to save politicians and their favourites?
The only onething I believe is, there is a bigger judge above all, and he is watching everything whats going on.

ozman said...

hey guys i just need some advice,i am a cbnsat subscriber,and i am so dedicated with there service,and i am awaiting for there services to resume,but i am in deep trouble,i got mugged last week and the police recovered $700,and today i had a court session today,and totally i lost $1000,im loosing 300 but the matter is that im trying to get atleast the $700,but the court didnt release the money,i have another court date in 2 weeks and i really need you guys experience,and advice,it will be a big help.!thanks

dee.panadura said...


This is SL, go sit at the court entrance with placard saying "I need my money back"

Maybe you'd get it, who knows, passers by may even drop a few coins. (consider that as a bonus)

krandor said...

I have a feeling he may be right about LBN unfortunately. I've heard from a very good source that they're pretty close to going under due to lack of funds. Let's hope this is not true.

samantha said...

How is that SRI LAKVAHINI is issued with a sattelite TV licence when the media ministry has informed in court that there are no regulations for this type of facility and this in spite of CBNsat being closed down at present.

Why the double standards and on whose interest?

This like the Sri Lanka Cricket elections,when their guy is loosing you drag on,

Is this the chinthanaya.