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Very Important Information for Customers

There is some very important information for Cable TV customers in this so please read on till the end.

Last night marked the first month since CBNSat was shutdown and looks like we will have a second month too without CBNSat. The best thing would have been to carry out investigations while allowing CBNSat to resume transmissions and then barring them from selling anymore connections. We like to thank Mr. Vidarsha Dharmasena who has taken this matter to all authorities. A bit of advice to all of you who are appealing to the authorites, it is better to send them an official letter by postal services than email since the posted letter is more official than email. Since EMail is not taken as official communication at times. We hope someone can post the addresses of the following institutions.
  1. The Presidential Secretariat
  2. The Consumer Affairs Authority
  3. The Media Ministry
  4. The TRC
  5. The SLRC
Those of you who want the services restored back can request these authorities to allow CBNSat to restore services. Remember you as citizens of Sri Lanka have a right to appeal. If we do so then we will be backing those people who have already sent the authorities letters.

We also found an interesting comment in this blog by "Dude" about an Organization called "Consumers International" apparently they fight for the rights of Consumers. Looks like the kind of people who are needed at the moment by the Cable TV customers.

Web Address is :

We like to thank "Dude" for posting the comment about Consumers International. All their contact information is available on this site, if all of you are able to write to this organisation and request them for help, stating the situation in sri lanka regarding the cable tv scenario, there is a very good chance that they will help out. All CBN and LBN Customers should write to them.

Does anyone know what happened to the CBNSat and CID case yesterday, we hear that it has been postponed? If anyone knows further details please post them as comments. Well as we go into the weekend we would like all our fellow bloggers to keep updating this blog on any new developments and NEVER SAY DIE.

Please note that if any of you have sent letters to the authorities and you would like all our fellow bloggers to read them, please post them as comments in the blog. We did post some letters from individuals in the main blog page and as we get more letters it is becoming more difficult for us to post all the letters in the main blog page. Therefore we will choose certain letters and post them on the main blog page but please post all your letters as comments.


Dude said...

Please write to the TRC Customer Relations Unit since they have to respond when a customer complains

The Customer Relations Unit
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276, Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 08

Media Ministry address is as follows

Ministry of Mass Media & Information
163, Kirulapone Road,
Colombo 05

Can someone post the other address please and do not forget to visit

Dude said...

This and the above is for all CBNSat and LBN Customers.

Presidents Office
Presidential Secretariat, Colombo 01

This address was in

I have my letters to the TRC and the Media Ministry Ready and also hope to send a letter to the Consumer Affairs Authority and the President and also hope to send an email to Consumers International I hope many will back us up also by sending letters, I agree with Admin about the fact that posted mails are better and more official than emails, it is even better if registered post is used. The weekend will be full of drafting letters. Since no CBNSat to watch.

Hurry up folks please join in and lets request the authorities to put CBNSat back on line. I can ask for a refund and then buy what?? So lets try this alternative first.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

CBNsat has filed a case in the supreme court (ITN news @ 12 noon today) asking to remove the suspension of transmissions. They are not going to sit and wonder till govt mofos draft regulations. Let's hope they get a judge who hasnt become a lapdog of the government.


cbnrep said...

We will not give REFUNDS for customers!

Alf said...

so when is the Supreme court hearing..and will it be any good before 15th August??

Also to the Admins of this Blog; I gues with the registration the number of Posts per day have dropped drastically!!

Vanatha Fella said...

Admin, Still I think after having registration process enabled, we have some impurities. Well nothing is perfect.

I admire your unbiasedness in allowing my last (long) post being allowed in many blog threads.

I think cbnrep must be an impurity as I trust CBNSat is not going to make any of that kind silly statements on a blog. Get a life cbnrep.

As for the CBNSat's unrelenting efforts, GOOD LUCK CBNSAT at Supreme Courts!

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Yo CBNrep, you attepmt is pretty lame to be honest. That is like i register name Mahinda Rajapakse and start bloggin here. would all of you think i actually am the president? LOL

KeNzO said...

I worte letters to the president and TRC (thanks dude for addresses)We'll see how it goes

cbnsatcustomer said...
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cbnsatcustomer said...

CBN Sat case: Major security concern needs to be addressed - Hemantha Warnakulasuriya

COLOMBO: Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, President's Counsel representing the Minister of Mass Media and Information asked is it mere coincidence or a conspiracy that CBN Sat direct to home television operates from the same satellite used by the LTTE as 'Eelam Television' to down signals to Sri Lanka and other countries.

Or is it a coincidence or well thoughtout conspiracy that the same satellite has permitted CBN Sat to operate for six months without charging fees or is it a coincidence or a conspiracy that they are borrowing from unnamed persons almost two or three times of their capital equity."

Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya adjourned the proceedings, in the CBN Sat case and the other two cases, for the police to file a plaint against any company if necessary, till August 15.

The Magistrate in making that order said anyone of the parties affected could apply to the Minister and obtain his approval prior to that date. He said he would permit any party to re-open the case that date and he would then made a suitable order.

Senior State Counsel Gihan Kulatunga tendered to Court a report of the CID, wherein the CID had decided to obtain the assistance of Interpol for further investigations in the CBN Sat case.

At this stage M. L. M. Ameen, President's Counsel informed Court that the CID need not obtain the assistance of the Interpol or any other agency as his client would fully co-operate with the Government and the CID to unravel any matter that has not been resolved so far.

He pointed out that on the last occasion State Counsel Kulatunga had agreed to permit the broadcast by the channel until the matter is resolved by the Government.

The Senior State Counsel said that what was recorded was that, when the application is made and if the licence issuing authority, the Rupavahini Corporation or the TRC, is willing to consider issuing the licence, then they have no objection in permitting CBN Sat to broadcast.

Pilapitiya then pointed out that when the chairman of TRC Kanchana Ratwatte appeared in Court there was a suggestion that an amicable settlement could be reached.

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya President's Counsel appearing for the Minister of Mass Media and Information submitted to Court that as directed by the Court, he had arranged a meeting with the director and the technical staff of CBN Sat and the Ministry which was held last Friday.

He said at that meeting some important matters pertaining to various issues were discussed. There, a representative of the Defence Ministry had explained how their technicians had decoded the CBN Sat transmission and were able to view the LTTE broadcasts, to which representatives of CBN Sat had no answer.

Ameen at this stage intervened and said that the LTTE bogey is being spoken about to prevent his client from carrying on a legitimate business, whereas others, who are broadcasting the same from India, are permitted to do so.

Warnakulasuriya said that he was not for a moment accusing anyone of being used by the LTTE, but there are many matters that have to be considered before issuing a licence.

For instance, there are many questions that have been raised by the officials of the Ministry. Why has CBN Sat and the LTTE used the same satellite, Panamsat 12, to uplink and downlink signals?

According to the statement of accounts submitted with the proposal there are certain areas which needs a thorough investigation. 1. CBN Sat representatives have told the Ministry that total share equity is Rs. 59 million, but borrowings from non-banking related parties are Rs. 119 million. 2.

They have also revealed that Panamsat 12 has given them 6 months free air time and 3. They have also stated that they have decided to have transmissions to the Maldives and to the entire South Asian Region.

These projects will then be beyond the control of the Ministry and it is necessary to formulate rules and amend the Act to have rules governing this broadcast.

Magistrate: What about other television stations like Sat Net?

The same rules apply to all. We will not permit or issue a licence to anyone of them unless they come within the criteria adopted by the Government. Ameen then said, in spite of the order made by the Magistrate, Sat Net is still broadcasting from India. And, the accused in that case is committing Contempt of Court.

He requested the Magistrate to release the goods seized by the CID to enable them to resume broadcasting. At this stage, the Magistrate said that as the inquiries are not concluded he was compelled to give a long date.

Kuvera de Zoysa said that as far his client was concerned LBN cable television was local operation and that they have submitted their proposals to the Ministry and the Court should permit his channel to operate which the Government and the Rupavahini Corporation can supervise. They had been operating without any security concern for many years.

Anuja Premaratne on behalf of the SATNet said that as the television broadcast is from India they have not committed an offence.

Gihan Kulatunga said that SatNet had imported equipment on a vendor licence after the institution of this case and they had no vendor licence to operate before.

On that basis charges would be framed in due course. The company has changed its directors and further investigations are necessary to file a plaint against the accused.

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya said that the Minister is not in a position to issue a licence to anyone of these companies until the Act is amended.

As far as the Ministry is concerned the Minister has obtained Cabinet approval to amend the Rupavahini Act and put in place regulations to control any television broadcast and it will require at least three months to have the amendments legislated.

Gihan Kulatunga Senior State Counsel appeared for CID.

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya PC with Kavinda Pasqual instructed by Inoka Gamage appeared for the Minister of Mass Media.

M. L. M. Ameen PC with Ian Fernando and Mr. Riyad Ameen instructed by John Wilson appeared for the accused CBN Sat.

Kuvera de Zoysa appeared for LBN instructed by Sudath Perera Associated.

Anuja Premaratne appeared for Sat Net.


cbnsatcustomer said...
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cbnsatcustomer said...

IFJ Fears Press Freedom in Sri Lanka Heading Backwards


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is deeply concerned over recent events in Sri Lanka that indicate the press freedom situation is deteriorating.

“The recent closure of some satellite services by the government and a decision to bring back a state media regulatory body, as well as the continued accusations by members of government and the media against Tamil journalists and their supposed sympathisers are all worrying indications that press freedom in Sri Lanka is heading in a backwards direction,” IFJ President Christopher Warren said.

The Free Media Movement’s (FMM), an IFJ affiliate, submission to the Inaugural Session of the UN Human Rights Council is particularly alarming, documenting numerous instances of journalists being assaulted, harassed and threatened, and citing continued attacks on press freedom in Sri Lanka over the last six months.

“The IFJ strongly supports the efforts of the FMM and other media organisations and unions who continue to struggle to ensure journalists’ are able to report on the conflict in a fair and unbiased manner,” said Warren, “and we send a clear message to those who seek to intimidate, threaten or harm members of the media that the world journalistic community is watching.”

On June 6, the government stopped private satellite station CBN Sat. from broadcasting. A week later, another satellite server, LBN services, was closed down. These closures restrict Sri Lankans from accessing international news and entertainment, which provides an important viewpoint considering the political bias of state and privately owned media within Sri Lanka.

At the same time, the state is increasing its hold over the media, with the Minister for Information Mr. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa announcing, on June 22, the reintroduction of the Sri Lanka Press Council and with it, state controlled regulation of the media.

The Press Council Act prevents the media from publishing a range of information, such as cabinet documents, and its reintroduction jeopardises journalists’ right to freedom of expression and the public’s right of access to information.

“The IFJ calls on the Sri Lankan government to reconsider its decision to reintroduce the Press Council Act, and instead establish democratic and fair methods to strengthen independent media in Sri Lanka,” IFJ President Christopher Warren said.

Meanwhile, hate speech against Tamil journalists and so-called sympathisers to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) continues to grow.

“Journalists play a key role in creating dialogue between the LTTE and the government and, by doing so, help to bring about a negotiated peace settlement,” Warren said. “We urge all parties to ensure this crucial role is not compromised.”

For more information please contact IFJ Asia Pacific +61 2 9333 0919

The IFJ represents more than 500,000 journalists in over 110 countries


cbnsatcustomer said...

This news item posted on July 22, 2005. I think this regarding ITN on CBNSat.
Sri Lanka ITN launches satellite digital video broadcast

Sri Lanka Independent Television Network (ITN) has become Sri Lanka's first television channel to launch Satellite Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-S) Direct To Home ( DTH), Daily News reported Friday.

"When most of the countries transform its analog transmission system to digital technology, it is a pity that we haven't taken any significant step forward towards this direction," said ITN Chairman Newton Gooneratne.

"That is primarily due to non availability of required funds," he added.

Although there are nearly 10 TV channels, there is not a single TV channel which is having its entire transmission beamed to the north and east.

Not only north and east but there are shadow areas in other parts also which are not receiving strong signals due to geographic locations prevailing in the country.

"With the introduction of ITN programs it will remedy all such drawbacks and enhance viewing opportunity to the entire country," he said.

Source: Xinhua

cbnsatcustomer said...

This is another old news item.

Lanka powerless to block LTTE satellite link
Wednesday, 10 August 2005 - 4:02 AM SL Time

The Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) is incapable of blocking live LTTE propaganda broadcasts to Europe and South East Asia originating from a secret location in the Vanni.

It cannot jam broadcasts as the group has secured a direct link to Eurostar (satellite) facilities. `We have been bypassed,` an official said on the condition of anonymity.

The LTTE, despite being proscribed by the US, the British and topping the list of organizations facing UN sanctions over child conscription, had negotiated a deal with Eurostar, a major European satellite services provider.

Government regulations prohibit broadcasts without approval. The Telecommuni-cation Regulatory Commission (TRC) remains the sole licensing authority.

TRC Director General Anura Amarasekera yesterday said that they received a spate of complaints regarding the ongoing LTTE operation. The TRC brought this to the notice of the Criminal Investigation Department, he said.

Amarasekera has directed his engineering division to monitor programmes and submit a full report to relevant authorities for follow-up action.

Another official speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the LTTE operation got underway in late March this year with live broadcasts to Europe. Unfortunately the government did not act swiftly, the official said adding that by August their services had been expanded to South East Asia.

The so called National Television of Tamileelam and the Voice of Tigers are using Eurostar at 11.5GHz. Their broadcasts reach India, parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mayanmar and China for two hours between 13.30 - 15.30 GMT.

The LTTE is believed to have secured the equipment needed in the Vanni to mount the operation during the previous UNP administration with the help of Norwegian facilitators. During the ongoing Cease-Fire Agreement (CFA) the LTTE secured the State-run Rupavahini`s assistance to broadcast LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran`s annual policy speech made in late November.


cbnsatcustomer said...

Fashion TV, LTTE fears confront CBNsat as subscribers wait

By Chaturi Dissanayake

CBNsat subscribers will have a longer wait to get the transmission as company officials grapple with government authorities over issues ranging from the wrong licence, fears of LTTE programmes and transmission of Fashion TV.

CBNsat (Communiq Broadband Network (PVT) Ltd) has been trying to restore its license to resume the transmission since its equipment was sealed off on June 6, shutting out programmes for its 20,000-odd subscribers.

The company has taken the CID to court in an attempt to lift the seal imposed on them. However, officials say, the case has been dragging on as the authorities have been raising different issues against CBNsat. The initial allegation was that the company had brought in the equipment without proper approval or licenses and that the company did not have broadcasting licenses under the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act for which the company provided proper legal documents and the licenses obtained from the TRC (Telecommunications Regulatory Commission).

Further the company has also argued that the Act is not applicable, however they have applied for this license as well with the hope of resuming transmission as soon as possible.

Now the authorities have brought on another issue regarding the fact that the transmission includes Fashion TV whereas other cable companies who are still on air transmit this channel without any censorship. “Why have we been singled out,” asked Dilani Nandasiri, CBN’s Legal Manager. The authorities had not stated why they were objecting to Fashion TV but TV viewers said it’s possibly because often models could be seen scantily dressed, with more clothes off than on!

The authorities have also brought in a security issue saying that the LTTE could have access to CBNSat’s transmission and transmit their channel through CBNsat.

The government has also agued that the fact that the LTTE has bought capacity in the same satellite that CBNsat has bought space for their transmission purposes, is highly suspicious.

However Nandasiri told The Sunday Times FT that despite CBNsat offering to take Fashion TV off transmission and let any governmental authority monitor their transmission 24 hours-a-day the authorities have still refused to issue them even a temporary license to transmit.

The Media Ministry has told courts that the existing Act is outdated and that it does not cover current issues. Thus the ministry has said they will have to revise the Act first before issuing any licenses to the applicants which would take about three more months. However some other similar service providers are still in operation even though the ministry has refused to issue a temporary license to CBNsat till the act is revised.

The ban has cost the company huge financial losses not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of marketing. “We have incurred huge costs as we have invested hugely on our marketing and brand name and we do not want to penalize our staff so we are incurring overheads costs as well,” said Nandasiri, adding she also raised issues about the way they were treated regardless of the fact that they are a BOI company.

Nandasiri said that they appreciate the fact that their customers have stood by them and said that they will not shut down. “We will resume transmission but we cannot say when as it is completely out of our hands.”


cbnsatcustomer said...

There's a article on todays Sunday Leader titled "Hidden hand behind cable scam" - Investigations Desk by Dilrukshi Handunnetti.

Some parts of this article is given below.

"The controversy surrounding the sudden closure of both CBNSat and LBN continues with a competitor who allegedly triggered off the entire controversy challenging The Sunday Leader to come for a live debate on the matter, while refusing to answer
questions posed by the news paper.

"Managing Director, TV Lanka, B.A.C. Abeywardane is said to be a man with correct political connections. Having denied any involvement in aiding the closure of the two companies, Abeywardane had nevertheless written the most eye-opening letter on June 20 to the authorities offering to operate both the closed networks under his licence and under his management.

Days after the closure of the two networks, Abeywardane on June 20 had written to Secretary to the President, Secretaries of the Ministries of Defence and Information and Media and Chairman, TRC. He has also copied the letter to lawers of both CBNSat and LBN.


Taking moral high ground and running the other two comapanies down with his offer of assistance, Abeywardane 's letter states, "both CBN and LBN do not have any such licence for their operations and are therefore contravening the Telecom Act, and illegal. The decision of the magistrate and the CID in closing both network operations are totally correct even not paying any attention to national security."


"On July 27, 2005 it was Abeywardane who complained to Ministry of Media that CBNSat was operating an illegal private broadcasting station whereas complaining authority rightfully could have been either the TRC or the Ministry of Media."

Temporary Licences

The Attorny General on Friday had written to the Media Minister insructing the issue of temporary licences to both CBNSat and LBN.

Techno Hip said...

Hey you realised that their is another fish to the whole CBNSAT Scam.

The front line person is SATNET and the back end master operator seems to be Mr. B.A.C. Abeywardene.

He is a member of the Kitchen Cabinet. Table 1 of Temple Trees.

The whole story is on the July 9th 2006 Edition of the Sunday Leader.

Please have a look at the paper.

Page 15 - Hidden Hand behind cable scam.

He has the audcity to state that he will take over CBNSAT and run it under his management and his Licence.

We should never ever allow these type of jokers to ever control the subscribers.

This is crazy..

I was told by some of his customers in the Middle East where he transmit his Channel TV lanka to the Middle East that he is rude and dis-honest.

He collect payments and never provides the service.

Poor Sri Lanka's have suffered enough with him.

I was told that he is the biggest VOIP fraudulent Operator. He has betrayed SLT over 600 million Rupees.

Sunday Leader has the whole story.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Managing Director of TV Lanka, B.A.C. Abeywardane has telecasted a program on his tv channel TV Lanka accusing CBNSat and LBN.

cbnsatcustomer said...

The Nation Letters

Please let us have the CBN sat back

I write to you with utmost disgust. I know the people who are running CBN SAT and have known them for two generations now. They are people of dignity and honour.
I strongly believe they have no links with the LTTE in any manner, and also believe that you would have realised it by now.
The CID officials’ acts are no doubt illegal and high handed. If there is no justice served at the courts, then where does a common man go for justice? People in this country have voted for their leader in the hope that they will be looked after no matter what. But in the CBN SAT case I know for a fact that injustice has been done, and is still being done to the company and its officials.
See for instance the following:
The CID shut down operations at CBN SAT under no valid proof. When the case was taken to courts by CBN SAT, they mentioned about the Rupavahini license. Though the judge instructed Rupavahini to issue a license, it was not done. No action has been taken on Rupavahini.
Then they brought up the story of TRC license. This was a new license all together, and unheard of all these days. After the application was made, the TRC officials stated they will need a lot of time. Now they come up with this latest story of a technology threat and Fashion TV content. But it should be noted that all other cable operators have Fashion TV on their network. Though the judge issued search warrants for comet cable, they were not searched. Nor were there any reports of their license being proper.
Sat-net was searched, but the CID have said they cannot shut down, as the beaming is from India, and hence they had no control. Now isn’t that a greater threat to the country?
CBN SAT is being penalised for investing in Sri Lanka, and giving employment to fellow Sri Lankans. There is no threat to the country by a channel provider, who does not have a TV station of his own.
If CBN SAT is a threat, then Dialog, SLT, Suntel, Lankabell, TV Lanka, Sat net and all have become greater threats to our country.

Sudath Weerasinghe

KeNzO said...

Dear Sirs,

Closure of CBNsat Cable TV provider by the CID

I would like to bring to your notice that the cable TV provider CBNsat has been closed down well over a month now. I am a subscriber to their service. My account number is 11444 and I have had their service installed in my home since August 2005. They were closed down by the CID saying that they had links to terrorism.

I would like to bring to your notice that the welfare of the customers of CBNsat who are the consumers has been disregarded by all relevant parties to this issue. The CID clearly showed no interest in the consumer and sealed off transmission. And they were taken to court and later various other allegations were brought against CBNsat. Such allegations were that their service was illegal, they didn’t have relevant licensees to broadcast, they are a threat to national security etc. None of these allegations have been proven in court so far and the postponement of the case means that, the consumer, who are the customers of CBNsat have to suffer as a result. CBNsat has given us a very good service in the past and it has quite frankly brought a new dimension to our TV viewing process.

I would like to ask you what actions you have taken as the authority that is responsible for the welfare of the customer. CBNsat was by no means an underground operation. It had been around quite some time even before I purchased the connection. They did advertise heavily and even the heads of the TRC of Sri Lanka were there at their launch. Were you not looking at the interest of the consumer when they were advertising so heavily and running their services? Wasn’t it your duty to warn the customer of the service being illegal? These are questions not only on my mind. They are the questions on all minds of the people who purchased CBNsat connections.

I would also like to point out to you that certain other cable TV providers such as SATnet and Comet Cable are allowed to operate. Why is it that a certain set of consumers is discriminated like this? By no means am I asking you to close down those operators as well. If that would happen the consumers will feel the same way that us the CBNsat customers feel. And I personally don’t want that for them. Isn’t the plight of 25000 customers not worth it?

What I strongly feel is that the customer is the ultimate victim here. And no one seems to care about the customer. The court proceedings could take years to finish and should the customer suffer all that while. And you can’t sensor all things on the media these days. This is the information age. People have access to the internet and can get information even on their mobile phones. May be these will be banned in the future under the pretext of National Security. The relevant authorities could at least put CBNsat back on until the court proceedings are over. And then if they are proved guilty of the allegations put forth before them they should be shut down.

It has been reported that the LTTE channel is operational despite the sealing off of transmission of CBNsat. And further more this channel is reported to be a free to air channel. Any one who is in a right mind frame will not pay Rs. 17000 and monthly rental of Rs. 1500 to watch a free to air channel. And after all we are talking Digital Video Broadcasting through satellite (DVB-S), this is no rocket science.

It is said that in a court of law even the criminal charged with the hastiest offence is INNOCENT, UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. But in the case of CBNsat it shows that you are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

I am e mailing copies of this letters to the TRC Sri Lanka and to the Presidents office. I am hopeful that at least one of these parties will see the sorry state of affairs that the customers has to go through and one party al least will come through for the customer.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

those letter are well written! Let's hope they dont get thrown into dumpsters by the careless mofos at the govt officers.
anyone know the date of the supreme court hearing? and whats with this attorney general writing to minister about temporary licences? Is that a glimmer of hope for us? Anyone know the date of hearing please post it here.

Shenali Fernando said...

The sunday leader bears the entire story how a corrupted Abeywardena of TV lanka has carried out the acts with vested interest,can anyone publish the entire article.

There seeme to be a connection with SATnet too,with one Gamini Rajanayake who is a director of SATnet also involved with abeywardena

Shenali Fernando said...

What was this guy Abeywardena who wanted to run CBNsat and LBN under his ownership tell in the TVlanka programme.

We must thank the Sunday Leader and Dilrukshi Handunhetti for bearing the whole scandal without fear,

dee.panadura said...

Yes i guess i'd write too.

I hope they'd understand english because i'm not very good at words in sinhala.

dini said...

hey i read on the sunday leader that the atorney general has instructed the minister of media to issue CBNSat and LBN temporary licences so they could resume services and the minister is in agreement. it also said that (the article) the services will resume shortly. how accurate is this?

dee.panadura said...

My letter is drafted.

someone let me know of aa particular person to whom the letters should be sent, just sending to TRC will not do.

I need-
TCR,BOI,media ministry,consumer affairs ministry.

matrix said...

for "dee.panadura"

"Consumer Affairs Authority"

TEL: 2393496/2399146
FAX: 2399148

FAX: 2321696


dee.panadura said...

thankz matrix

i'll somehow lay my hands on others.

no use writing to cid, they might mistake my 'appeal' for a MAJOR SECURITY THREAT and i might end up getting lambaced.