Friday, June 30, 2006

A Programme on the Cable TV problems

Here is a programme for all you cable TV viewers out there on Sunday 2nd July 2006 at 9:05PM on TNL TV. A weekly business magazine programme "Benchmark" is focusing on the present crisis in the cable tv industry. Let's just hope that they highlight not only the problems faced by the Cable TV industry but also the problems faced by the subscribers.

Information is also coming in that CBNSat is having a presentation on the technology used by them to the Media Minister. In addition it looks like they will also ask CBNSat to drop Fashion TV (or maybe even censor it) and also blank out the Sri Lankan news on channels such as BBC and CNN but we hope that they will not ask them to drop the two channels. If local news is to be blanked out on CBNSat then it should also be blanked out on other Cable Operators as well as the local TV channels. We wonder how censorship can be enforced since the government has not yet decided to censor the local news, or have they?

Well lets hope that something very positive happens at the CBNSat hearing on Monday July 3rd 2006.


Anonymous said...

CBNsat has sent their technical team for a representation on the technology used by them to the media minister today morning.

Hope everything is sorted out

Anonymous said...

you can not change the attitudes of these shmucks who created the issue. These punks neither learn a thing nor let others do. there will not be a "uprising Sri Lanka" as long as these type of people exist. Country is going backwards in every aspect....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Media Minister,

Please block out all local news fromm all channels.

We are not interested in some idiot opening a useless project/ talking crap at some conference/ Laying stones for buildings that never come up or will be used by cattle to graze eventually.

Please do block all local news from all channels including TV channels (especially rupavahini/itn/eye).

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that finally some one is going to seak about this matter in the TV.

I was surprised not to see such a thing earlier.

Anonymous said...

I realy agree with you guys and see the flimsy answers given by these ministers and the officials.

They are such uneducated fools that they cannot understand that a thief named Hulugalle has been appointed Director of MCNS, and the entire problem in the cable industry has errupted because this man has used his influence destroy CBNsat the NO - 01 in the industry.

Despite the court order satNET keeps selling their products freely by taking the law in to his own hands(CALL AND CHECK ON 2596800)

He has used all his influence to discriminate CBNsat through the government media(he is the Director of MCNS) without much sucess.

When a average man can understand this scenario the fools are giving in and supporting a crook a against 25000 subscribers,150000 individuals and over 400 emoloyees.

Do you think this donkeys ever will learn a lesson and its not worth talking about the attitude of these fools and where the country is heading.

Anonymous said...

What I say is that we should sue the goverment officials in turn for what they have done. As subscribers we have clearly suffered. I know it will be a worthless process cuz even the court will bend down to the creepy govt officials and give them head without any questioning. But jus to prove a point that there is still a set of people who looks up to the assistance of the law in the face of injustice we should all get together and sue them. That will atleast make other people in this cuntry realise that it is a mess and who know's good things might come out of it. (I know most of you who read this will think that all this is wishful thinking but hey! who knows- People do change na- Espicially people in SL)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you,cant we sue this guy Hulugalle as we see there is some possibility with the ruling on Daya Sandagiri(Who is on a 400 million arms deal probe) by the CJ yesterday

This man is no differant and with his past convictions how can he be appointed to a post like this and see what he has done to us.

Anonymous said...

We should ask the fool who appointed him as to the thinking behind the appointment

Anonymous said...

Can the blog highlight the unethical practices of SATnet,Despite the court odering the sale of new connections they are doing freely without any hinderance by taking the law in to their own hands.

Call and check on 2596800

bank_dude said...

I don't mind dropping FTV from the lineup. But have concerns about CNN & BBC. If this continues we will end up with zero channels. I wonder whether the minister will say to stop Star Sports & ESPN as and when SLRC obtains telecasting rights for sporting events. Then we have to watch cricket matches by loosing 1st ball and the last ball of an over.

Further I don't think minister will understand a shit about the technology.

cbnsat customer said...

We should not allow dropping of any single channel from CBNSat.

Remember "Labbata Thibba Atha Puhulatath Thiyanawa"

cbnsat customer said...

Sri Lanka to ban branded milk powder advertising

June 29 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will suspend advertising of branded, imported milk powder to allow space for generic products, top government officials said Thursday.

“It has been decided to suspend advertising of brand names of powdered milk and provide space only for generic advertising,” Cabinet spokesperson and media minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa told journalists on Thursday.

The Media and Information Ministry has been given the job of implementing the regulations, but has not yet worked out the fine print or any time frames.

The amount spent on advertising of milk powder exceeds 240 million rupees a year, Yapa said.

Can you see where this government is heading?

cbnsat customer said...

First they banned "Aksharaya", then "The Davinci Code".

Then closed down sattellite tv. And tried to ban tv after 10 p.m.

Sri Lanka = Fools Paradise

Jolly Lucifer said...

Never watch FTV, don't see the point. But if it gets banned, it's only setting a precedent. Just because no one care's about it doesn't mean it isn't important.

Anonymous said...

hey if there is a lawyer on board maybe we could file a rights petition against Hulugelle being at his ministerial post.

bank_dude said...

There is a saying "naduth hamuduruwange baduth hamuduruwange". Is we file a case against Hulla, some how he will manage to escape. Therefore no point of talking about that and lets focus on current proceedings with minister. Any news on that?

Anonymous said...

Still we should file a case against Hulla if the case against Daya Sandagiri was positive,This man is a real threat to any industry

Who the hell is he to destroy the basic rights of us.

We can clearly file a case against him for selling his product depite the court order.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah.......I wish to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate The President Of Sri Lanka the Ministers (especially the media Minster) and all bureaucrats for their efforts in running Sri lanka like a Brothel....YOU HAVE MONEY...WE GIVE YOU SERVICE... I also take the opportunity to extend my humblest gratitude to the Judiciary for there untiring efforts to stay impartial so that justice is for all but those running the brothel....May 2050 years of Buddhism be Celebrated every day this year so that the Dharmishta Samajaya that we live in will exist for another 2950 years until the next Buddha comes.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

Sorry for the long Pause.. I was away for some time. Looks like a lot of things have been happening. Any way looking at things looks like we will be going back to the “Stone age”.

Just when are these people going to get up from their slumber & realize that we are in the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

Thank you people of sri lanka.

thank you very much for shit you have put us in in november 2005

May you all suffer.

rabbithole said...

What .....??

Vanatha Fella said...

What the fuck are you talking about November 2005 ?

Anonymous said...

Must be the presidential election held in November 2005.

Anonymous said...

Any news of the Presentation done to Media minister??

Whats the outcome of it..cause the court decision on Monday would be based on that!!

Vanatha Fella said...

CBNSat customer service is not aware whether the presentation was done or not and they are not sure whether it will be done at the ministry or at courts. They very much sure that the management is preparing for it. (today is Friday)

Clearly if they do not do it fast, next Monday will be just another court hearing like last seven times.

I think it is high time that CBNSat keeps customers aware of what is going on really and assure them with their capability to come out of this shity situation.

As for SHITNet, they are very well selling their products without any difficulty imposed by the judiciary of this country. For 17,000.00 Rs they provide a large load of shit and with a lot of NO's (no Discovery, Reality TV, etc).

Now my patience is running out with this country and CBNSat.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think CBN came on for a sec

cbnsat customer said...

Sun DTH, Lankan TV to ride on Insat 4C

Madhumathi D.S.

First international client clinched in global bid

Vying for the slot Rupavahini has booked a small — but significant — slot on Insat 4C Sun TV has hogged most of the 4C capacity, taking seven of the 12 Ku-band transponders. Six of these are for DTH and one is meant for DSNG or digital satellite news gathering.

Bangalore , June 30

The upcoming Indian communications satellite has clinched its first international client in a global bid, marking Insat's toehold entry into the global commercial satellite space.

Sri Lanka's Government-owned broadcaster Rupavahini has booked a small — but significant — slot on Insat 4C, the satellite that ISRO is set to launch in early July, according to official sources.

The Sri Lankan ride on Insat-4C gives Antrix a foothold in a highly-competitive, multi-billion international satellite market, the sources said. Rupavahini has already been accommodated on a working Insat while 4C gets ready for an indigenous launch.

Domestic media major Sun TV has hogged most of the 4C capacity, taking seven of the 12 Ku-band transponders.

Six of these are for DTH and one is meant for DSNG or digital satellite news gathering.

With each leased Insat DTH transponder hovering at Rs 4.6 crore a year, this could mean a revenue of around Rs 35 crore for ISRO's commercial arm, Antrix Corporation.

Last year, Antrix tasted its first commercial success with DTH when the Star-Tata DTH alliance took all the 12 Ku band transponders aboard Insat-4A. The transponder business will generate Rs 40 crore every year for ISRO, as its Chairman, Mr G. Madhavan Nair, had earlier said. In the late 1990s, Intelsat had ordered Rs 100 crore worth of space on Insat-2E over 10 years.

Antrix bagged the Rupavahini order of an undisclosed value in a bid contested by established operators such as Panamsat, Thaicom and Singapore's ST1 a few months ago, the sources told Business Line.

More players book space

Many media players including CNBC, Times TV and Kairali have also booked space for DSNG operations on two of 4C transponders.

Rupavahini's is said to be part of this capacity and is meant for broadcast links across Sri Lanka with Colombo through local earth stations.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has leased three transponders on 4C while some capacity will be kept aside as spare or for migration of some clients from the older 3B Insat-3B, the sources said.


Anonymous said...

I got to know from somebody in the government that CBNSAT Management has made the presentation to the media ministry committee on Friday morning.

I do not know if they will understand the technology. As CBNSAT is the first Digital Video Broadcast Satellite Provider in Sri Lanka.

It is sad when a local company being the second company in the whole of south Asia is shut down overnight;

What is the ICTA and all other talking about eSriLanka; rural connectivity.

These politicians donot want poor people to gather more knowledge from the rural market.

I must say CBNSAT service is excellent all other companies must learn from CBNSAT customer service.

They create a trully world class customer care.

It is sad the governments decide to shut down great professional companies and let shit companies survive.

It as shame.

Anonymous said...

guys. . . i havent been wit da blog on last day n therefore this info may not flow vit current topic, n im using my frnd mobile 2 blog dis info so i codnt explain deep. . . since vit lankadeepa tomm not only ftv bt local channels like derana, sw etc will also going 2 b banged 2 beamed onto sat n hence v r not capable 4 watching dose. .

do someone pls clarify da matter. . .

cbn subscriber

"hoorah" for cbn sat said...

cbn sat has made the presentation and it had gone fine. only thing is what happens at presentations is good, but what happens at the courts is BAD! on the 28th some lawyer dude walks in claiming he is representing the media minister and barks loud not to give the permission for temporary transmission even coz it will be a threat to our dear old preseident!

i am sure on moday some jack ass lawyer will barge his big butt in and claim he is the presidents lawyer and fart out loud not to let cbn start transmission!!

Anonymous said...

i heard too... that the so called lawyer who walked in and spoilt the whole soup was actually not a rep of the media minister ( though he claimed!!). the truth is he was sent by some political brother ( of you know who) to ruin cbn sat just becoz he is a buddy of hulluballa!
also we hear from sources that this lawyer didnt actually want to work against cbn, as he knew there was nothing wrong with them.... poor guy had to work on orders given to him, or else he cannot survive in this country.

Anonymous said...

the only thing i know is these mutts who are called politicians have no bloody worry about what is actually happening in the country! fathers raping daughters! brothers killing each other! son murdering the mother! fuck it! i can keep writing a loooong looong list!
but they have to only worry about fashion tv, where there is noo violence shown at all!
bastards wish to watch mid night hot all day! have no baslls to step forward and raise their voice for a worthy call! spineless twits can only think of blocking us from watching the FIFA world cup! some thing as much as hyped is the only thing we wud have watched all month!PIGS!!! i hate this fuck heads and their suckers!
if they dont give us cbn sat back, i personally will do something they will regret for life!

Anonymous said...

CBNSat future Court Hearing Summary

20th court hearing -- CNN's new presenter Collien McEdwards shows too much cleavage! Judge appalled and asks Women’s Affairs Ministry to look in to the matter with CBNSat in order to ask the news presenter to wear more appropriate clothes.

38th court hearing --CBNSat lawyer Ameen is in contempt of the courts for farting during a court session. Case postponed till the said lawyer submits report from Dr.Doolittle,
confirming that he has no history of farting in public or any other common human physical traits.

51st court hearing -- Judge postponed the case till 2006 Dec 25th. He quotes "I love postponing".

60th court hearing -- Media minister alleges that CBNSat promotes unprotected sex in the country. He has given 10 examples of Lions,Beavers,Hyenas and Dungbeetles having unprotected sex within the month of April 2006 on Discovery and Animal Planet. Judge wants all the relevant parties to go for a session with Family planning unit. Also he orders the CBNSat director board to present used condoms for the previous months.

65th court hearing -- Case postponed due to Mahinda mama's wife having PMS.Daily News reports that CBNsat and LTTE are responsible for the pains she is having. It also reports that these pains have only come after 40 years and that this could be a conspiracy by the opposing party to ruin the Halloween party she was planning to have.

70th court hearing -- Case postponed due to more sex allegations by minister. This time its the "Underwater sex crimes" on National Geographic channel on 7th of November 2005. Court reports that a fresh water male crab has apparently raped another fresh water female crab in public view. CBNSat held responsible for showing this crime on TV. Defense argues that it is not responsible for the crimes that happened on Amazon River in Brazil. Court orders two crabs to appear in court.

95th court hearing -- Court was in recession when defense lawyers came for the hearing at 2.00 pm. Court security guards inform lawyers that this is the "National Regularize All The Irrelevant Shit Day". President orders to regularize the time people spent on shitting. According to the new rules children under 2 have no planned time to shit and they should
do it as and when they like it. Children between 2-18 needs to be accompanied by Govt. official when performing the bodily functions.Adults 18 and above cant shit anymore according to this new rule.

Meanwhile LTTE has attacked the Parliament and after destroying the main building, it is reported that they are having a six a side cricket tournament in the adjoining grounds. Prabhkaran so far has hit 100 runs off 20 balls and taken 20 wickets with his leg spin bowling.

105th court hearing -- Case postponed as SatNet owner dies of a meteora strike.

120th court hearing -- LTTE officially take over the SL government. Prabha orders the courts to grant necessary licenses to start CBNSat. He thanks CBNSat for the unending support that it has given to Tamil cause by getting previous government to spend
80 billion US Dollars on the court case. During the same period defense budget was 2 billion.

121st court hearing -- CBNSat starts broadcasting again. Judge dies of old age the same day. Of the 20000+ customers initially only 10 has survived till today as CBNSat spokesman said that all the others have died of frustration, civil war and lack of masturbation (Due to Fashion TV being offline).

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hehe you are damn right mate.. You should FAX this to the president.

cbnsat customer said...

There's a full page article on Sunday Leader "Cable TV fiasco"

Anonymous said...

I just saw the BENCHMARK on TNL. CBN CEO doesn't seem to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka in Stone Age crisis

thanks for all of you guys comments,but it seems like sri lanka is not going to the 3rd generation but 1st generation,as in where local channels been broadcasted are in vga quality,and whatsoever

Sri lanka doesnt even have 3G where the TRC has released the license at US$5 just for high bandwith services,sri lanka is not singapore,or any other country,investors of maybe forign origin,may have billions to invest on,but this should be considered to the local investors,

right now its a crisis,a long term crisis which the CBNsat subscriber is involved in,as a right towards the customer and as citizens of sri lanka there is certain rights we must come upon us,no matter wether its the fault of cbnsat or the cid or SLRC,or even TRC,as a consumer as a lankan we should stand up towards are rights,the judge doesnt seem to be concerned when it was upon a license at first,and now its a channel crisis,its a good thing if there correspondence is towards a terrorist supporting organisation but theres no proof,so let them on air and monitor them,this is totally ridiculous

anyway lets see a few more in tolerance is aquidate as all the relgions say as it is

Anonymous said...

CBN CEO doesn't seem to be concerned.

is this

GOOD? (CBN will soon be back online)
BAD? (That guy doesn't give a shit)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

anyone know the time of hearing? Is it at2pm like others?

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with what CBNSat CEO said yerteday in Benchmark. As customers we were applying pressure. Actually we wanted to pressurise more right from the start.

I called CBNSat several times regarding this and eben met a senior official and told him that we could form a customer group and pressurise revevant authorities not only verbally but in writing and legally too.

Right from day 1 CBNSat wanted to resolve the matter on their own ! So what can we do ? Now after 4 weeks CBNSat CEO is coming out and saying that customers have not done much. I really don't know he made this statement by knowing or not knowing the support that we were willing to give CBNSat from 6/6/6

I think out of other operators CBNSat has the largest customer base and we could have easily form a powerful customer forum to apply pressure on TRC, BOI, Rupavahini and Media ministry.

I beleive that CBNSat thinks this customer forum will sometimes be a boomerang to them in future. That's why they don't like it. Whenever we call them or meet them they just say nice words and ignoring out commitment to act on behalf of CBNSat to restore the services.

If the customers made a big shout on the 1st hearing we could have got our service back. I recall the ETV shutdown sometimes back by authorities for not having the rights to transmit Star TV content free to air. Because of viewver pressure on relevant authorities they had to open it in just 2 days !

bank_dude said...

I saw the program and I feel that CBN CEO is taking this matter lightly because customers doesn't have an alternative. It's really sad to0 see that.

Anonymous said...

Well you cant expect the poor soul to cry out loud or behave a total idiot like wival/tilvi cound we.

nevertheless lets hope a beauracratic approach will get it back.

but knowing this country only the sword works never words

Anonymous said...

I also watched the program and I am sure that he is doing the maximum from his end to sort this out because the company will sure be loosing lot of money from their end.

I also noticed that he wants our support as subscriber. Can some one let us know the exact things that we can do?