Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CBNSat Replies........

Given below is the reply from CBNsat for the email that we sent them. We would like to thank CBNSat for taking time to reply.

Dear Admin

With reference to your email, we are indeed aware of the blog and the continuing support, encouragement and suggestions given by the bloggers which have not gone unnoticed, and for which we are extremely grateful. We would also like to thank the CBNSat Subscriber Unite group for their initiative and efforts.

Prior to the advertisement being published in the newspapers, the Management of CBNSat had personally written to H.E. the President asking for his intervention. We are currently awaiting a response from H.E. the President. We have not yet received any official communication with regard to the MoD clearance, however, we shall keep the blog informed once we receive confirmation.

In order to explain our position fully, CBNSat did have a press conference initially and we also sent a Newsletter to our subscribers. CBNSat has filed cases at every level of court hierarchy in order to restore the services to our customers as soon as possible. In addition to that, the Management is exploring certain alternatives but at the same time we have to carefully assess these alternatives fully, taking into account all relevant factors. As you yourself have mentioned, “there are vested interests behind the closure as well as they being the reason that the legal proceedings are being dragged further”. Therefore it may not be prudent to disclose the plan of action the Company is going to take in the event of further delays in obtaining the MoD clearance.

Please rest assured that the Company will not at any instance be filing for bankruptcy and we will do our very best to protect the jobs of 300+ employees as far as possible. We appreciate the patience and understanding shown by the bloggers and our customers of our current predicament and we give you our assurance that we will continue to fight for our rights as well as the rights of our customers to have CBNSat back on air again.

Please feel free to publish the full email on the blog.

Best Regards

Dilani Nandasiri
Manager Legal

Communiq Broadband Network (Pvt) Ltd.,

83, George R. De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 13, Sri Lanka

Tel : +94 11 460 6000 Fax : +94 11 460 6099


Alf said...

Well finally a reply from CBNSat and it is encouraging to hear that the Management is looking for alternatives to this matter. I do not think this court cases will give any positive answer for this.

I also request CBNSat management to keep the Customers informed with the developments as i believe only their pressure can give a solution to this.

I wish all the best and looking forward till the 18th for MOD clearance.

Hope on the 18th it will be a YES or NO answer without dragging this any further.

dini said...

well i think what is likely to happen is that the president will appoint "a committee to look into the viability of satellite TV broadcast without imposing a threat to national security". that's one way to put some thing in the path to oblivion, which is proving to be a successfull route of escape in sri lanka today.

NotBloodyFooled said...

Dini seems to be right on the money....A presidential commission or committee would be the way the president might go this
may be not at this time but when he would not be able to ignore the issue any further....

lets take some bets

cableguy said...

Dear CBNSat Management

Thank you very much for your detailed update. Very much appreciate being honest and upfront about what you are doing. I understand that you are not able to divulge all the info related to your plan of action, and that is perfectly fine with me. All we need to know is that you are actively pursuing ways to fight this battle against all odds. You can count on our support all the way.
And thank you for taking care of your employees at these difficult and trying time. You are setting a very good example on how to properly take care of your employees and customers at difficult times, unlike the bloody authorities who dont seem to give a damn about the peaceful citizens of this country. They are too busy robbing the citizens of their money and freedom.

Once again Thank You and wish you the very best in all your efforts.

Whenever possible, please keep us informed of the progress, as we are a pretty well organized, concerned group. And we all have one thing in common:

ROSHAN said...

well done CBN sat Management we are with u

Max Payne said...


dee.panadura said...

We appreciate your stance,

As mentioned apart from the 'vested intrerests' who want to cash in on this market, there is a set who does not understand what this satelite TV is all about. They are people who bring down anything new in this place.

From talk that goes around these guys are also behind this(the fellows are all around us - beware)

They are against it(cbn,lbn he.he. they dont have a clue about comet's existance. blooming village farts) , but when asked why they cant give any answer either.

what a country, i feel really sorry for this place.

Anyway CBN all the best, and hope the service gets back soon

kula said...

If you are interersted in watching satallite TV on your PC please have look on this.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

Good to see CBNSat reply at last. Lets not loose HOPE. I suggest CBN Management post dates/time/location of upcoming judicial, and other hearing on this blog, so that someone from this group can be present (if permitted) to update this blog with the outcome, without getting distorted news from different media.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Government-controlled national broadcaster discontinues dramatic series

País/Tema: Sri Lanka
Fecha: 11 de septiembre de 2006
Fuente: Free Media Movement (FMM)
Victimas: estación(ones) de televisión
Tipos de violaciónes: censura
Urgencia: Amenaza

(FMM/IFEX) - The following is a 10 September 2006 FMM press release:

Another television drama banned

The government-controlled Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation (SLRC) has stopped broadcasting the television drama "Sudu Kapuru Pethi", without any official justification, after its tenth episode last week. This censorship marks another blow to freedom of expression and highlights the negative impact of government control over what should be an independent public broadcaster capable of reflecting the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan society.

"Sudu Kapuru Pethi" is based on the award-winning youth-themed novel published in 2003 and produced by Atula Peries, an award winning dramatist working with SLRC as a producer. The story is set amidst the country's ongoing ethnic conflict.

Unofficially, it is said that the tele-drama was banned because of its discussion of issues related to the Tamil people. The censoring, without informing the producer, of the dialogue "Jaffna Tears is cold as tears in Hambantota" in the last episode shown on SLRC, also reflects the degree to which censorship is considered acceptable by the national broadcaster.

Re-creating and promoting tolerance of diversity is a right and the responsibility of cultural productions. The banning of the seemingly harmless "Sudu Kapuru Pethi" indicates the continuing suppression of cultural production in Sri Lanka.

FMM condemns this cultural censorship and requests that the SLRC authorities allow "Sudu Kapuru Pethi" to be broadcast.

bank_dude said...

To CBN management,

I'm thanking you for the above statement. But blog is accessed by few individuals. As I mentioned in my previous comments, why don't you organize a press conference and inform the public about this. Sending newsletters will cost you more that a press conference. Consider about the financial situation of the company as well if you are looking at alternatives at this moment. My gratitude to you all for taking care of your employees because we can live without the connection but loosing a job is a serious issue.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

with all respect to the dedicated armed forces, obviously, thats why we are fighting with each other for the past 45 or so years. Politicians don't want to show the human sides of the story from both sides to their citizens.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

We are right behind you CBNsat.

I_Love_CBNSat said...

Dear CBNSat,

We are always with you in any circumstances. Let's fight together for this victory.

Looser said...

We are always with you don't give up.

If Sri Lankan Government doesn't allow you do it in another country with the same staff to teach a lesson to the government.

MANIL said...

We are with you whatever happens and its realy great to hear that CBNsat is going to take the fight to the tilt and it is realy encouraging to hear the alternative plans are afloat and we understand that they cannot be divulged.

How is our comady with SHITnet working? They must be having thousand inquiries and selling one,Damn good for them as Huluballa and Baluwardena are the dogs behind this whole issue.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

DishTV (Huluballa's) Indian Partner, if anyone want to write
Kundan Poddar.
Customer Info Desk
Tel: 0120-2511064-78
Ext: 2459
Fax: 0120-2511181
"The future of T.V. entertainment"

This guys is Head Of Sales/Marketing SHITNET

Dase said...

Thanks for the very positve approach and hope you are doing some strategic planing.As somebody mentioned do not except favourable answer from the government and please note that only less than 1%of your subccribers are viewving this blog and please put an add in the papers to collect all the contacs of others and to educate them on present position. If you can do this we may be able to arrange a large protest and it will be an eye opener to all other media personnel as well as these politicians who are presently not interested.Finally i will assure you that even if it is free i may not go for Shitnet .We must educate others on this and in that case this will boomerang on Shitnet.

I_Love_CBNSat said...

Yesterday I called ShitNet Customer Care.
They asked 'Are really want to buy a New connection?'

They have really had enough with kiddings now.

We have already done some damage to them. Let's keep up the good thing. Disterb as much as possible them.

Max Payne said...

hey guys, is there someway we can get contact info of 20,000+ CBNsat customers? email is enough I guess. So we'll also tell them to play with shitnet...

How's that? 20,000+ customers playing with shitnet.. ahaa haaa haaa hee heeeee hiiiiiiiiii

Mr hull, u r playing with people. Get ready for consequences. This is only a begining. more to come.
haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

kula said...

Tomorrow would the clsoing date for re-extended deadline for new applications. Hope TRC will not use dirty tricks to drag this any further.

So, will it be a question of MoD clearence on 18th at the SC?

hush said...

yes there is a glimmer of hope in the fact that CBN is trying out their options.

I also have doubts that their will be a finality on 18th at the SC, from the past track record it looks like it will be more frustration.

at least lets keep the hope alive on alternatives.

tks CBN for not giving up in front of so many obstacles.

matrix said...

I call SHITNet & ask for the package details, they informed me that they have almost 100+ channels. So I ask do you have;

HBO, National Geographic, Star Movies, Discovery,

Rep informed me that they don’t have any of those channel & they will get it soon

But in their web site they have tag those channels
then I informed them that you are giving wrong information to customers from the web site, you are not providing the channel listed in the web

then Rep informed me that web site was not up to date

MANIL said...

I think Hayleys have pulled out of the sales partnership with SHITnet,I inquired from Shri Sri Kandarjah and she said Hayleys is not selling their stuff now.

hush said...

Manil, hope you are right as even today I saw shit net disk on top of haleys showrooms.arent they suppose to remove if thats the case.

will be good news if haleys have pulled out casue it will make them that much harder to market it.

W32@bitrate.vbr said...

God Speed CBNsat

MANIL said...

Pretty sure Hush,Because i went to a Hayleys showroom pretending to buuy one and they said they dont sell any more.I further clarified with a usual call to SHITnet and they said you cannot get it any more from Hayleys.

cableguy said...

Actually Hayleys stopped selling ShitNet stuff soon after the crackdown on CBN and LBN. I called them to get info about two months ago and they said due to the ongoing cases against CBN and LBN, Hayleys did not want to sell any SATNet connections.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

SATnet is still banned along with LBN. Remember, a seizure notice on SATnet and equipment has been issued by the magistrate. Hulla just changed the name to StarTV lanka again and keeps selling connections. (imagine what would have happened if CBNSat changed name and sold)

Hats off to Hayles.

godaya said...

Did Call SATNET (better known as Shit net). They werent in a position to give the Star TV package at t5he moment (which costs 3000/- per month!)BUT they are still giving out DISHTV conections! (30,000/- + 750/=(conection in colombo) and 1300/- per month for 100 odd channels (out of which only some 18 are english- but most of them not the popular channels)
When asked how they continue to give conections when the courts have ordered their chairman to pay a fine- they gave some excuse which had no logic at all.