Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MoD clearance postponed to 18th September 2006?

The MoD clearance which should have been given yesterday has been postponed to 18th September 06 (the date of the Supreme Court hearing) according to information that we are receiving but we would like to state that we have not obtained any confirmation regarding this information. We are also receiving reports that CBNsat has sent an official communication to the President asking him intervene. But there has been no reply to the communication from the Presidents office. We like to request H.E. The President to take steps and intervene in this issue and sorts out things that have been thoroughly messed up.

On MinIT telecast over ETV yesterday there was a report saying that CBNsat and LBN have made official statements seperately saying that they will resume transmission once the MoD clearance is obtained and the license has been processed.

We would also like those who sent emails to News 1st and Live @ 8 to inform us whether you have received any replies from those esteemed organisations.

Please keep us updated on confirmed information regarding the MoD response to CBNsat as the days progress.


cableguy said...

Wrote to News first(MTV). Did not receive a reply.

This is the best time to catch and convince the PREZ about CBNSat. With the Sampur Victory Man "full choon ekey inney". He might even approve CBNSat in his delirious mood. We can not get his support when he is in his normal mood, as that normal mood is constantly poisoned by his "loyal friends".

So CBNSat! ACT SOON!! Find a way to get through to HE Soon!!!

Expat Subscriber said...

I emailed First News on 29th August and have not received anything back. Did they actually do anything with what anyone sent?

So, its 3 months tomorrow, whats everyones feelings? Will we get a positive answer on the 18th?

Alf said...

I don'nt think we will get a positive answere on the 18th. Just like the past, MOD will say they need more time...and SC will again postpone the case. Its simple as that.

It is very sad to see the poor response and action by CBNSat on this matter. I have almost given up hope on this.

bank_dude said...

I agree with Alf. I also feel that this will drag to next 2-3 years. By that time CBN will get bankrupt and all the suscribers will loose their money spent on those equipments. Further it's sad to see 300+ people loosing their jobs as well . As we all know it's hard to live these days even we have our jobs. Imagine the feeling of unemployed. It's a nightmare. CBN employees must do something now. Management might have said that they can survive for next couple of months but I doubt.

hush said...

more or less everyone is fed up of the situation.

if the postponement is true then it will be like the MC case where TRC and Media guys will come up that they have not got MOD clearance yet, they definitely will give the OK once the companies are closed down.

whats the use of justice when its not on time.

whats the use of executive powers if it cannot address the grievieances of the people.

whats the use of legislative power when they cant address the issue in parliament.

whats the purpose of media when they cant highlight a issue that effects people and can be prevented when all they will do is talk about it when its done and fate sealed.

whats the use of peoples power when it is silenced by all other powers be.

these are the many questions that has no answers or the answer is too bitter to digest.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

"horage ammagen pena ahapu kathawa" when Hulla is signing letters from MOD, does anyone can think in their right mind, there will be any response!!! One of the applications for new satellite service provider is MSAT. Anyone wonder why no coverage for CBN affair on MTV or Sirasa.

bank_dude said...

I can guess Palitha. MSAT belongs to Maharajas isn't it?