Monday, September 18, 2006

CBNsat Supreme Court hearing today (18th Sept)

The cycle continues today with CBNsat having a supreme court hearing. The MoD decision should be made known today if there are no more excuses being made. Sadly this is Sri Lanka and an excuse seems to be the best game plan.

The ever extending closing date for TRC applications for license for providing Cable television services has finally been closed from last friday and we have no reports of any more postponement.

We sincerely hope that CBNsat would get the green light from the MoD and necessary steps will be taken to restore the CBNsat transmissions taking into consideration the plight of its customers and employees.

Please keep us updated on the time of todays hearing as well as the result.


ROSHAN said...


matrix said...

Wishing you ALL THE BEST CBNsat.

Yuktiya said...

Today want be a positive day for the case. Now authorities are on a better footing to drag the issues. When it comes to National security that the key word to avoid any serious matter for the government. They have the license to kill on those particular issues. No need to elaborate on above but we as Srilankans knows very well about it. ( Api wenuwen api…). One thing for sure doesn’t trust Sarath N.Silva. I was told by a friend in any case CBK returns to the country; she could escape from MR. but not definitely with this guy. And last Friday BOI have signed up with another television company for a project its called SRILANLA NET WORKS. & for your information ART tv also in a big mess related to their transmission licenses

Alf said...

All the best!!

But i think MOD will not issue clearance for CBNSat. They(CBN) i think had something under their operations that linked with LTTE.

That's why they are so silent about this entire issue.

ROMESH said...

The case will be taken up at 10.30AM and i hear that the CJ is back in the country.

Hope the guys from subscriber unite will be at the hearing.

Yuktiya said...

'This is a real poncy government', Mahinda himself is fed up with Mahinda Chintana

(LeN-June 25, 6.00 pm) "As I am President everything is thrust upon me, I cannot do anything I want. This is a poncy government", President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said.
The President?s angry outburst has come at a meeting with Electricity Board officials, its trade unions and JVP representatives on the proposed Electricity Board Reforms Bill.

When the President made the above remark, JVP representatives and CEB officials had looked at each other. JVP trade union leader parliamentarian K.D.Lalkantha too was present at this meeting.

Furthermore the President has now started criticizing Mahinda Chintana too. When a reference was made to development programs initiated under Mahinda Chintana at a recent meeting held at Temple Trees with a group of loyalists Mr. Rajapaksa has quipped that "...people might be saying Mahinda's mother's Chintanaya when prices are mentioned of commodities". "Now they have started saying Mahinda Chintanaya, Mahinda Chintanaya for everything. Nothing is being done. I know what these people are doing". An angry President has said.

Alf said...

I am glad to hear that MR has understood his so called Chithanaya and his Chinthana pappas are not doing anything to the society.

Yuktiya said...


For your info,

UN rights body faces test over Sri Lanka, Darfur

Days after Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court declared that rulings by the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) in Geneva can be ignored if they go against the country’s constitution, international rights activists said the UN body needs to take action on crises in Sri Lanka and Darfur to secure its credibility and usher in a new era of rights monitoring.
International rights groups want the UN forum, launched this year to succeed the largely-discredited U.N. Commission on Human Rights, to confront a wide range of violations when it opens its second regular session on Monday.
"This is going to be the session which tell us whether the Council is serious. Now is the time for action," Reed Brody, legal counsel of the New York-based group Human Rights Watch, told Reuters in an interview.
"There are a number of areas like Sri Lanka and Darfur where it could take action to save lives," he said.
Brody said the Council should send fact-finding missions and support the deployment of human rights monitors in places where civilians are at risk, including Sri Lanka.
The Council was created to sidestep the bitter political acrimony and selectivity which plagued its 60-year-old predecessor, which was widely criticised for allowing rights abusers to block efforts to address atrocities.
This week’s three-week-long meeting is seen as a litmus test for the Council's 47 member states, who will have their first chance to examine and condemn atrocities after a mainly procedural initial meeting in June, Reuters reported.
But the new body is already showing worrying signs of slipping into old divisive patterns, activists warned.
"The Council's two special sessions were the old Commission at its worst. It got off on a bad foot," Peter Splinter, Amnesty International's representative in Geneva, told Reuters.
"We hope the Council will have something to say about the critical situations on the ground in Darfur and Sri Lanka which are getting much worse," he added.
Last week a five-member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice (CJ) Sarath Nanda Silva ruled that Sri Lanka’s judiciary is not bound to implement UNHRC recommendations against Sri Lanka’s constitution or the legal framework, the BBC reported.
Mr. Silva also observed that Sri Lanka’s leaders “should be more responsible in signing international treaties affecting the country’s sovereignty,” the BBC Sinhala service reported.

ROMESH said...

Thanks YUKTIYA,The proceedings are about to begin and there are some of our guys inside the chambers/

Alf said...

Pls keep this blog updated with the latest news.

Hope there would be good news or bad what ever but not another postponement.

NotBloodyFooled said...

We may have a president whose policy only benefits his henchmen and himself and a bunch of uneducated ignorant self serving politicos....But they are still our people. We don’t need any white UN shits coming in here and telling us how to run our country. The UN is made up of the countries that robbed and plundered our country leaving us dry and become developed nations today with the help of the resources they freely took from us. Do not forget they gave us this system of governance...and America is trying to force it down Iraqi throats... The UN, The IMF...are only interested in furthering the interest of the so-called developed nations. If the UN was so concerned about Human Rights what did they do in Rwanda allowing the Hutu to massacre hundreds of thousands of Tutsi men women and children. Where was the UN’s Human rights concerns when this Genocide happened….

Yuktiya said...


Your comment is appreciated. End of the day it’s our country & our people……in this scenario if CBN have any unidentified links with any organization (to be proven). Why don’t you think according to your logic this is our country & obey to the law. Until the authorities take a decision.

NotBloodyFooled said...

Dear mr. Yuktia,

I never anywhere said what was happening was correct. No where have i mentioned what has happened to CBN sat or its customers (in the absence of proof of any wrong doing by CBN)was just. We put this shitty politicos in power. It is our fault. We got the leaders we deserve. We appointed them in-to parliament. We deserve what we get.

We make the choice and You want the UN to come in and bail us out...Then what... You want the UN to run the country...

Our adult literacy is said to be one of the highest in the world.... Let us see if it true....let the people make their choices wisely in the future and not be fooled by lies, Bath packets and Arrack.

Yuktiya said...

Dear NBF,

I buy your point, well said. The issue related to the adult literacy is very complicating in our country; we were proud about 93% literacy level. But the point is every person could read but whether they understand the content is questionable. For an example our people read the news paper head lines & they are happy.

NotBloodyFooled said...

"Reading maketh a full man"....

it is I suppose because the majority in our country reads only the newspapers that "the majority", seem to be morons and not men.

By the way... any news on how they have posponed to CBN Sat issue...

cbnsatcustomer said...

Any news?

MANIL said...

Postponed to 06th November 2006 as the MOD wants to carry out more evaluation.

The media Secretary has informed that he has not got the application from CBN or Sonicnet.

CBNsat has requested to uplink through RUPVAHINI and CJ has informed then to enter in to a Commercial Agreement and inform court if Rupavahini is willig to do so?.

cableguy said...

Lets see now. What could be the excuse today?
1.HE is out of the country. The CJ cannot make any decisions without HE. Last time he did that(the first hearing by CJ on CBN) he was punsihed and warned by HE.

2.The Navy sunk a ship of LTTE arms off the coast of Trinco. Maybe the authorities will say that there were CBNSat dishes and decorders in that ship.

3. Its too hot today. The AC in the court may not be working well. So they could postpone.

4. One of the CBNSat lawyers may let out a fart by mistake. That would be a reason to postpone the case, for contamination (NOT CONTEMPT) of court.

5. The MOD representatives, 2nd cousins wifes uncle may be in hospital. Therefore the rep will not be able to attend court. Postponed.

ANy other smart reasons why the case will could be postponed?
Come on guys, keep your creativity and brain power flowing thru this blog. Post some fun ideas. At least we can have a hearty laugh at the end of the day.

cableguy said...

Thanks for the update Manil.
Actually not a surprise, except for the long postponement.

Can someone elaborate on this whole RUPAVAHINI uplink efforts for CBNSat?

Anyone know cheap places to buy DVDs?

Alf said...

Man that is about one and a half months time.

What the shit is media secretery speaking??

I really don't understand this shit.

What is this agreement with SLRC?? will it happen soon.?? I don't think so as it is a Government institute.

Yuktiya said...

Cable guy,

After November the authorities might request the Court to allows to get a NIB report on entire 20,00 customers & their financial issues, relations ect…..

cbnsatcustomer said...

What kind of gobernment is this?
I knew this type of things would heppen that's why I did'nt vote for these fools

cbnsatcustomer said...

Why? rajapassa and brothers inc. now want us to make kurakkan rotti with the cbnsat dish?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Well another postponement. I'm used to them now and they dont make me sad anymore :p

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This is nothing compared to CBNsat but hope it helps.

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hush said...

its no surprise, postponement was on the cards.thats the reality.

where can one go to even when SC is dragging the case.

why do you need 45 days to evaluate when LBN case was done much faster in a weeks use talking about it as we all know its a conspiracy.

now its time CBN exercise its options.

man seriously I have lost faith in the judiciary and what it used to stand for...

MANIL said...

The media secretary hs filed an affidavit and there seem to be lot of lies and flomsy issues like there are two names(Canagay and Canagasuriyam),Signature are differant,They withdrew one application etc,requesting National Georhaphic channel agreement.

Now the defence (MOD) issue has been fogotten and these are the new issues,CJ has wanted to give media ministry 2 months carry out this new investigations and the CBN lawyers have managed to ge Nov 6th after much deliberation.

Alf said...

They will never allow CBSat to operate. If they do their actions so far will be questionable. So they will some how stop CBNsat.

Only way out is to change the name and start off under a new brand name...or to take the operations out of Sri Lanka.

TataSky of India have started operations. Can't CBNSat sign a agreement with them and request them to uplink the data to the satellite from India like what Shitnet is doing. Maybe they can share the transponder space of PanAm sat with them. This will enhance TataSky operations and also serve CBNSat customers.

Why chose SLRC for this. They are(or were) part of this entire conspiracy. Going to them is like "Horage ammagen Pena ahuwa wage".

Alf said...

By the way TataSky is only charging Rs.200/- for their package.(Indian Rupees). That would be about Rs. 500/- SLR. So CBNSat can re-sell it with a profit margin. Maybe for the existing package prices.

cbnrep said...

This is a never ending story
I don’t know what the F*&% our lawyers are doing…I think their talking behalf of the government not behalf of the CBNsat management & customers.

cbnrep said...

Some sales Reps & customer care executives have left from CBNSAT. Mainly the employees who is working in Colombo 03 office.

cableguy said...

Thank You LST

Very nice instructions. I'll get on it right away. Can you then burn it to a DVD using a DVD ROM?

I am going broke paying for DVDs and this will keep me entertained at least thru Nov.

Anyone had any luck with any other sat connections other than Shitnet?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Very nice instructions. I'll get on it right away. Can you then burn it to a DVD using a DVD ROM?""

its possible to burn them into DVDs using a DVD writer. But this process may take some time as sometimes the burner software re codes the entire movie. If your computer has video out, you can simply plug it into the TV directly and play without having to burn. But the quality is perfect on the computer monitor too.

But beware there are camera copies around. The following torrent title names are used to describe the quallity of the file, usually.

CAM- Camera Copy (most releases of poor quality)

TS-TelySync (better than camera copy but less quality than DVDrip)

DVD R- Complete DVD. Usually around 4.5GB and not worth the download time.

DVDrip-Ripped from DVD and compressed. Around 700-800MB and DVD quality image/CD quality audio) -recommended

You may need the DivX codec to play some of the downloads.

Download DivX from here and use serial YVKVIRXXB8MYAX666GYA to register it to PRO verson :)

cableguy said...

Thank you LST.

This is sweet!!

Rob said...

Would like to thank Blog admin and others (especially LST) who tried their best to educate visitors here. In fact apart from getting updated with latest situation with regard to our main topic (CBNsat), this blog has enlightened us in many ways. In my case I have never heard of a BOLG before, then how to send an email hiding your identity, Special sites to originate petitions, PirateBay and various other things. Thank you again for people who tried their best to share their knowledge.