Friday, September 29, 2006

From CBNsat Subscribers Unite.....

Dear Fellow CBNSat Subscribers,

First of all sorry for not informing you of the actions we have taken during the past few weeks. This was actually to avoid our enemies getting the info they want regarding our actions through this open blog. They are the people who created this fiasco and they are also closely monitoring this blog and we didn’t want to get our action plan into their hands.

In the recent days there seems to a trend in the blog of accusing the Blog admin and the CBNSat Subscriber Unite of not doing anything for the subscribers. First of all we should thank the blog admin as he is the one who paved the path for us to get together and exchange our ideas otherwise we still do not have any media of communicating. Secondly from the positive responses we got this forum lead to form the “CBNSat Subscriber Unite” Which is a huge achievement. This Blog has become the sole place for information regarding the CBNSat issue as the other media is not giving coverage to this. And we do like to mention the people who just criticize the blog admin and the Subscribers Unite it is very much easy to just type out something in the blog but you have to come out of the blog to see the reality. During the last few weeks we have spent a lot of our time, money and energy over this issue. We even risk our lives as all the people behind this fiasco now know about us. In so many occasions they have stopped us from voicing out and meet the government officials including the president.

After forming CBNSat SU we have been actively involved in getting our infotainment service provider back to our lives. We have written to all the government authorities, called and even met to voice out our concerns as discriminated subscribers. Certain mass media institutions also gave coverage to our activities such as the Sunday Times, Nation and Rivira news papers. We also made our representations in the Supreme Court in the last 2 hearings.

We have thoroughly studied this whole scenario of shutting down of CBNSat and we can come to a conclusion of there is no reason proven with facts whatsoever to justify this act. The accusations made to CBNSat regarding links with the LTTE Terrorists, Technology issue, FTV issue and finally the National Security concern are now proven as baseless allegations made deliberately to delay the justice done to CBNSat and its Subscribers. And during the past months we saw these allegations came in a cycling process one after another and this cycle is being repeated over and over. Not a single of these allegations were proved in the courts of law.

Since they know that they have a risk of running out of these false allegations they came up with this “Security Clearance” from Ministry of Defense excuse. The people who created this fiasco is currently in the high ranking positions in the Ministry of Defence and they clearly know that this could be dragged on forever till CBNSat runs bankrupt and close down their operations.

If our CID is intelligent they should realize on the very first day of shutting down of CBNSat that the LTTE TV channel is not broadcasted through CBNSat platform. If it had happened so it should have stopped with the closure of CBNSat. But up to date it is operating without any disturbance. The CID has checked this later and even now they are confident that the LTTE TV Channel is not broadcasted through CBNSat platform. What did the government do to shut down the LTTE channel rather than closing CBNSat ? NOTHING ! Have they at least spoke to the PanAmSat ( owned by Intel SAT) or US government to not give satellite communication facilities to LTTE ?
NO !!!!!! And it was noted in this blog that the telephone used by LTTE TV is a Sri Lanka Telecom phone bearing number 021-2285879. So it is clear that the government do not have intentions to shut down the LTTE channel but to make it an excuse to run down a successful business to create space for their favorites.

With regards to FTV (Fashion TV) issue it’s funny that the government trying to stop a satellite channel which is free-to-air (FTA). Anyone with a normal satellite receiving system could receive FTV free of charge without linking up with CBNSat. And the government has no control to stop it as it is broadcasted from Hong Kong and India.

And we wonder what this national security issue is???? CBNSat is a public network and what the subscribers do is only receive the signal. There is nothing could be transmitted with the supplied equipment. The Dish, LNB and the receiver all are for receiving purposes only. On the other end the government has issued 3G licenses to the mobile operators and WiMAX licenses will also be issued in very near future. With these anyone could transmit high quality video to any location with a small hand held 3G devices such as a mobile phone. We are not telling the government not to issue licenses to these emerging technologies but to let them operate and monitor.

The majority of CBNSat subscribers are Singhalese. Are we all traitors to just watch the LTTE TV channel being broadcasted on CBNSat and to keep our mouths shut without complaining to authorities? And we wonder how much “National Security” we have by having people who are severely corrupt at the top to the Defense Ministry specially at the MCNS !

So it is evident to us that the government has clear intentions of closing down CBNSat permanently. This was openly stated to us when contacted government officials during the past few weeks. What they have stated is that to forget the money we paid to CBNSat. And even though the president has said he is a leader who is willing to listen to peoples problems, up to date he hasn’t even bothered to meet us or the CBNSat Management to discuss the issue.

We have consulted lawyers in this regard to proceed with legal action on behalf of the subscribers to get some relief. But what they said is that even the CBNSat lawyers have gone far in this case and since all this is controlled by an unseen force (now we all know who) it will not make any sense. All of us have already loosed our hard earned money on the equipment and entering into a never ending legal battle makes no sense.

This is the state as it is of today from the point of view of subscribers. We regret that we could not post any more details of our actions on an open blog like this but we would like to note that we have not given up. We will be closely monitoring the current situation and necessary action will be taken at the correct time. The people who have put us into this tragedy will have to face the consequences of the nature as we believe in our religions. If anyone think “OK, We have played them fool and won” they are utterly mistaken.

CBNSat Subscribers Unite


Markus said...

"Follow the money" is usually a good way to find the real reason behind events like this.

Who is earning money on this mess?

chami_tv said...

blog admin you have reply from me check your emails again, if you are offline in emails

sanju1975 said...

Srilakvahini will commence their operations from October 1st ! YES ! In 2 days time. They have 4 Packages to choose from. And they give Dish TV India FULL PACKAGE for Rs. 1400/= pre month. That's damn cheap it has everything which cbnsat had + Zee package + Star pakcage + Ten Sports ++++ 106 Pay channels + All the FTA Channels.

You can get it from :

Future Satcom Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
70, D.R. Wijewardana Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 114941735
Fax: +94112438343

silent_warrior said...

who is the owner of feture satcom?

dee.panadura said...

If its our doggy friend, lets see him fall . Only spineless, uneducated fools would go to him for sat services.

silent_warrior said...

i can conform that on NTT channel is showing that SLT number as their contact number. HE MR is your gove'mt doing such ?.what a joke?.is that a huluballas contract?.HE MR cheast out those from country.

kula said...

if this Srilakvahini's launch is on 01st October as posted by sanju 1975, then they may have some connection with Hulu or Balu.

Which may be a probable reason to postpone CBN & LBN cases beyond that date to attract the existing customers.

Rob said...

No Idea how Sanju1975 got information that SriLak would commence operations by 1 Oct and they would give Pay-Tv packages. Just while ago we visited their office. They have denied any plans to provide Pay-tv. However they would start up-linking local programs from Sri Lanka. We were taken to the site where they would install up-linking facilities, but did not see any equipments being installed there yet, therefore chances of any up-linking in the near future is remote.

Looser said...

Srilakvani will start their operation by 06/10/06 but don't about the paytv thing.

Satnet is the only authorized dealer for Dish TV so Hula will never let Srilakvahini to sell Dish TV. Or may be this Srilakvahini own by Hula or Balla.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Plz email what you know to
thanks :)

rajarata said...

Ideally SLT should be allowed to start a DTH and should be given atleast 3-5 years to operate alone before any other licenses are given out to any other DTH operator. CBNsat has sneaked in, using the 'No regulation' situation to grab the lions share of the cable TV market. In other countries DTH operation is highly regulated and the licensing process is quite lengthy because the DTH business is more profitable than even the telco business.

Meth said...

As per the info. even SLT has all the facilities and it can assure the countries security to MoD,TRC has not even given the license to SLT. Other wise even CBN SAT or any content provider can uplink their contents to subscriber through SLT. I belive that is the right move that Govt can take. I totaly agreed with you with "rajarata".That is the best thing that our country can take... So HE dont allow all who apply for Cable tv to uplink their own. Ask them to filter their contents through Rupavahi and uplink through SLT. Then contents does not harm our culture and uplink will look after by SLT for the security matters. "HE Mr Rajapakse Sir, I belive you are capable to take this decision to protect our country and culture and secure the rights of the "Cable TV Subscribers"

chami_tv said...


I communicated with blog admin just to make sure that i am a genuine CBN cutoemr. I am sorry not in a possition to do any communication regarding the good news until the final stage.

But its guranteed await.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


No worries. Hope it will be good news.

cbnsatcustomer said...


I don't want mahinda rajapaksa and his clan to choose what I should watch. I've got a brain to decide. do not talk nonsense here.

Meth said...

Belive this is SriLanka. U & me cannot decide policy matters.

Lisura said...

If the government thinks that CBNSat have violated any law in any aspect they should prove it and act legally rather than sticking into unethical means as of today.

We as subscribers have paid to a government approved operator and now we are in trouble. We can't be spending our money again even if a new operator comes. And what will happen if government shuts down that operator too without presenting any valid reason like in the case of CBNsat ???????

So we believe the government should intervene and safeguard the subscribers. A new operator could buy the CBNSat platform and operate into it's exsisting subscriber base. It will be a good start for any new investor as CBNSat is a fully setup business and has 20,000 active connections to start with.

These are the alternative solutions that the government should think of in protecting the subscribers.

The sadest part is our "peoples governement" is not bothered.

We are tax paying law abiding citizens of this country and for the same reason we are discriminated. Even from the CBNSat euipment we have paid the government Rs. 3000/= ++ in taxes and each month we have paid taxes from our monthly rentals.

If we've got illegal connections from India or Hong Kong the government couldn't do anything to us.

Is that what this government wants ?????????

dee.panadura said...

Lets face it.

Does the Govt. really know what it wants?

If they did, the country would not be in such a mess.

Sad Story!

Looser said...

As per LBO' comment by someone, CBNSat'transponder 11591 MHz is taken by someone else.

Is it true? What is going on?

Dude said...

I do not think that it is true. Please check the following link.

Someone is trying to mess around with us. Must be Hulla or Abey balla.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Check this link

11591 V has been taken by a european channel according to my knowledge

cbnsatcustomer said...

Earlier CBNSat had both 11591 V
tp 4 and 11673 V tp 6

dee.panadura said...

Right now all are in doubt when it comes to sat TV. even to lakvahini ad yesterday, the general reaction is 'lets be carefull'

So we should let the momentum going and discourage people from going for any sat connection.

Well we have a reason- who knows in 6 months time lakvahini might be closed. so will others. you know what i mean.....

good thing we live in a land full of donkeys.

cbnsatcustomer said...

The new channels are Discovery HD UK, Discovery Channel Europe, Animal Planet Europe and Discovery Science.

cbnsatcustomer said...

According to this link LTTE channel is now encrypted.

Dude said...

My friend the Discovery channels are on the transponders "Europe Beam". CBNsat is on the "India beam".

These logs are maintained by these sat tv enthusiasts and when they do not see a channel for a long time. They remove it from the list.

That is why the 11673 has been removed since they people who submit the channel updates have not seen the channel on air for a long time.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Can one transponder have two beams at the same time. I think the transponder has to be switched between 2 beams.

Looser said...

I god FTA receiver and don't get the LTTE channel now. May be encrypted or stopped.

Earlier it was there at it was useless. I don't any sinhalese would like to watch that bullshit. for 3 hours. But since Sampur battle there is no LTTE channel.

sanju1975 said...

It is still there ! You can get the frequencies from

But after revealing their SLT number on this blog they have removed the number.

It's absolute crap man !!!!!
But you got to see that !!!!!!!

cbnsatcustomer said...

Tthis is interesting

Sri Lanka's Dialog Telekom moves into television services

October 02, 2006 (LBO) – Dialog Telekom has picked up a radio and television frequency license, which gives them the edge to rollout a host of infotainment services ranging from television to mobile phone services.

A unit of Telekom Malaysia, Dialog picked up the frequency by acquiring a 90 percent stake in Asset Media (Pvt) Ltd for 325 million rupees, the telco said Monday.

Asset Media’s promoters – Nihal Seneviratne Epa and Lasantha Milroy Pieris – will retain a minority 10 percent stake. A greenfield operation, Asset Media also comes with its own broadcasting studio, a free-to-air and pay tv license.

The digital convergence, also known as quadruple play or four-play, allows Dialog to offer cable television, broadband, fixed-line and mobile telephone services.

The strategic diversification into the television broadcasting allows Dialog to move into digital terrestrial broadcasting, direct to home or DTH and mobile television services, its CEO Hans Wijayasuriya said.

The investment, he said, keeps pace with global dynamics of convergence where communication and media technologies merge with telecommunication services.

Ten months ago, Dialog moved into the broadband market by picking up a network operator MTT. The company also has a CDMA (code division multiple access) license, which allows Dialog to offer fixed line telephone services using cheaper mobile technologies.

Dialog's CDMA operation, through its fully owned subsidiary – Dialog Broadband Networks – is due to start next January.

In August, Dialog became the first in South Asia to commercially launch third generation mobile services or 3G, giving customers the facility for high speed web browsing, video streaming, online games, music and movie downloads.

Sri Lanka, which became the first South Asian nation to start mobile services, when Celltel Lanka began operations in 1989, now boasts over 4.28 million subscribers, according to Central Bank figures.

Dialog Telekom, dominates the industry with over 2.75 million subscribers, followed by Mobitel Lanka, Celltel Lanka Ltd, Hutchinson. The telecom regulator is in the process of selecting a fifth operator.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Dialog Telekom buys media firm

October 2 2006
Dialog Telekom Ltd, Sri Lanka's biggest mobile-phone operator, said it has bought a media company to expand its services after starting the South Asian island's first third-generation telecommunications network.
Dialog, a unit of Telekom Malaysia Bhd, has acquired a 90 per cent stake in Asset Media Pvt. Ltd, which has licences to operate television broadcasting and pay television services in Sri Lanka, for 325 million rupees (US$3.1 million), it said in a statement to the Colombo Stock Exchange.

"The acquisition is an important milestone in the group’s strategy of achieving a quadruple play -- mobile, fixed, broadband and television media, product proposition for Sri Lankan consumers," the Dialog statement said. - Bloomberg

Shivanka said...


I think if can protest against this matter we would be able to get the attention that is necessary. As long as we keep silent they would not notice. Paper article with subscribers comments etc..

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Hell i would go for Dialog DTH if they launch such thing. Hans know how to do the shit in this gadforsaken country

Anyways still hope (and wish) CBNsat will be back.

sanju1975 said...



Palitha Galappaththi said...

There is ample documented evidence that CBNSat was paying huge sums to LTTE, its time we all look for another provider. Sell the dish to a *parana yakada kade* . There is a reason for MR’s silence on the matter.

Dude said...

Hey Palitha Dude...

"Ample Documented Evidence". Hmmm.. Wonder why they could not produce those in courts. Probably the judges are illeterate.

MR is silent cos Hulla and Balla are shutting him up. If there is evidence they should have arrested the CEO on charges. Is MR scared??

Maybe the document was written by the 3 musketeers. MR, Hulla and Balla.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""There is ample documented evidence that CBNSat was paying huge sums to LTTE, its time we all look for another provider. Sell the dish to a *parana yakada kade* . There is a reason for MR’s silence on the matter.""

1.Where are the documents?
2.Why werent the documents provided in courts?
3.why is MR silent if there is solid evidence to support LTTE-CBN connection? He would be better off with proving the connection than hiding the facts.

another bullsh1t story.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

dude, what you say may be true, but wait and see what happens. I am also a CBNSat Customer, however, due to my job and connections i get info that are not in favor of cbn.

matrix said...

So MR. “Palitha Galappaththi”, why up to now those allegations against CBNsat was not produce to court by the relevant authorities as “Lightning_Struck_Tower” mentioned.

But as per the information we have.. I mean the public, CBNsat has not done any wrong doing….furthermore they do have all the necessary document in place to do their business.

dee.panadura said...

Dear PG, and all.

respects to your connections.

Infor from similar or bigger connections are that govt. does not have anything on CBN but have clearly stated that the case will be dragged on till they go bankrupt.

This moment its best they sell out to anyone other than the pals from the kennel(who won't have the sum to invest anyways)

as for MR's silence...... at lest he's lerning now, not to open a stupid mouth if you dont know what to say.(unquote)

cableguy said...

Palitha Galappathi seems to have been "converted". Eventually this will happen to everyone, it seems. Its the "Lord of the Flies" syndrome. We have cannibalistic, corrupt leaders. Its a matter of time before its citizens too will fall in line with their leaders ways.
So I am out to get me an illegal Sat connection by hook or by crook. I have been a very law abiding citizen all my life. But "When in Rome. Do what the Romans Do".

As for people like Srinimal, does he wake up every morning with hulla or ballas dick in his mouth? hey if thats what makes you happy, so be it. But dont try to infest your dirty, gay ways to others. Keep those to yourself.

Palitha Galappaththi said...

whether i am converted or not, thats the truth, CBN will not see the daylight again, you will not see the GREEN light on the decoder. Sometimes TRUTH really hurts, specially when we all have spent all our hard earned money on something.

sanju1975 said...

What Palitha says is true. See the article below :

TRC directed to issue cable licenses

Shirajiv Sirimane

COLOMBO: President Mahinda Rajapaksa has directed the Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) to issue licenses for existing cable television operators who have been cleared by the Ministry of Defence. This decision has been taken due to numerous requests by the public.

A TRC official said they would implement this directive with immediate effect.


MANIL said...

Palitha is right and there is right and CBNsat will never be issued with the licence,The government is well aware of what is behind CBNsat and the only problem is they dont have evidence to back it at the moment,and that is due to the greediness of Hulla backed by Balla who expedited the closure of CBNsat to gain business advantage during the football world cup and if not the CID would have cought them red handed.

The president wouldnt have gone this far if it was a petty business issue and the body language of the supreme court clearly shows what is behind this.

LBN was caught in the middle of this muddle and they will be issued with the licence very soon and sometime in future the defence ministry will come up with the evidence that will alarm the entire nation.

Palitha your sources are absolutely correct and the most prudent thing CBNsat could do is to sell it out to Dialog without any further dela.

rajarata said...

I found this contact information of CBNsat CEO Muhunthan on the internet. If anybody is interested can contact him directly.

Muhunthan Canagasooryam
248/127 Lotus Grove
Phone: 011 - 2720121

Muhunthan Canagasooryam
12 Palm Grove
Colombo 03
Phone: 011 - 2575592

Cell Phone: 0777-723310

Fax : 011 - 2372371

lil_birdy said...

Ok rajarata, now what the f@#$ is your point? Did someone ask you for the CEO's details? or are u sooo itchy and scratchy that you never got any popularity at any time?
Ask urself if u could achieve even a tiny part of what he has achieved? Could u have ever done something good for ur countrymen? All these false allegations cant keep the truth for long.... and oneday these bloody suckers will realise the loss of info/entertainment. Oh well i guess these mutts wont even realise it!