Friday, September 15, 2006

Monday (18th Sept) hearing......

Well we are heading into another weekend and the saga still continues. On monday (18th Sept) CBNsat is due to have their Supreme Court hearing.

We are receiving emails from bloggers in foreign countries regarding this cable tv shutdown which shows us that this news is now spreading internationally. This together with the present situation in sri lanka will cause a definite reduction in foreign investment.

We urge the authorities to take necessary measures to stabilize the cable tv industry and issue immediate resolutions to these problems. It is now three months and if these companies shutdown it will add to the ever increasing unemployment figures.

Please keep us updated on any news regarding CBNsat as the days progress.


hush said...

One just lose hope ,if expectations are held high on a postive and a final outcome on SC hearing on 18th.

even though I beleive in hope and miracle ,my faith in it has got diminished by the prolonged process that the judiciary has taken to resolve a simple issue.

nevetheless miracle is still a blink away.

MANIL said...

The Miracle depends on the instructions given by HE prior to taking off to Havana,Its totaly in the hands of his and we can see on Monday what his wishes are?.

We should pray and hope that he has learnt the truth and act on the future of the country and people than listining to HULUBALLA and BALUWARDENA.

ROMESH said...

We have not heard for a while from LISURA and he may be doing lot of ground work behind the screen.

cableguy said...

All signs leads to another postponement.
HE is not in the country.
Who knows if some of the MOD people are also travelling with him.
SC is not going to give a judgment independent of HE.
We got to remember in this country the Judiciary is happily married to the Executive Presidency.

So lets not expect too much to happen tomorrow. But our fight must go on.
Enjoy your weekend!

mevan said...

Interesting comment that the Executive and Judiciary, who are supposed to balance each other, are happily married. The problem is that they are also happily producing little bastards. Is this unique to this resplendent isle?

Dase said...

This is Sri Lanka .Although we are optimistic nothing will happen on 18th and expect another bullshit.

Alf said...

Today is the dealine for TRC new sattelite tv applications. Hope the dealine is not extended again.

I_Love_CBNSat said...

TRC has not extended deadlines. May be we can see some result in this bloody case.

Looser said...

Can some one tell a website to learn about this satellite technology. I tried but couldn't find any.

If you know please tell what is TP Frequency and how find out this.

I_Love_CBNSat said...

go to

cableguy said...

Dear looser
You can also refer to the CBNSat newsletter or check out their website for Satellite technology. Its basic stuff thats in their though. Try the link below too.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Free Sat Magazines

Sat Magazines

Sat forums

Sat tv info sites

Alf said...

Just found an email post in a yahoo group. (posted in July 24th)

tamil tigers 'National tv of tamileelam" in NSS6.

dear friends,

Mouthpiece of tamil tigers 'National tv of tamileelam" will extend their satellite transmissions soon.

Today,during their programmes a scroll flash ''we enhance our tv programmes soon with addition of another satellite'' without a hint of satellite name. At present, they use PAS12[45E]-11506MHZ-VERICAL 2894-FTA [7.30PM TO 9.15PM only] ksymb indian beam.Due to sudden demise of srilankan CBNSAT DTH[in PAS12],they are in the position to move another easy catch satellite to lure more srilankan listeners. According to tamilmedianet, they are negotiating with newskies sat company to get a birth in NSS6.

Also, they approached TVlanka to share 11132mhz TP with them.

They may announce details tomorrow programmes.

A new test2 channel in dishtv 12688mhz-V tp without audio and video.

yakuza said...

hope their will be a decision made on monday what so ever. hope justice for cbn sat. though chances are low to seperate politics and law inforcement in third world countrys like sri lanka,we should atleast fight for it

kula said...

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has decided to launch its international channel through local and international companies with DTH, IPTV and Mobile TV. It is interesting to see the key aspects required. (Such may have been tailor made to target players).

The advertisement on today daily news (Page 8) also referring to a closing date for such expression of interest on or before 30th September.

So if a local company is interested, they will most probably need the new TRC license before that. That means, TRC will have to issue the new licenses before that. Otherwise only international companies will qualify for the applications.

Looser said...

Many thanks guys for your information

Yuktiya said...

Today want be a positive day for the case. Now authorities are on a better footing to drag the issues. When it comes to National security that the key word to avoid any serious matter for the government. They have the license to kill on those particular issues. No need to elaborate on above but we as Srilankans knows very well about it. ( Api wenuwen api…). One thing for sure doesn’t trust Sarath N.Silva. I was told by a friend in any case CBK returns to the country; she could escape from MR. but not definitely with this guy. And last Friday BOI have signed up with another television company for a project its called SRILANLA NET WORKS. & for your information ART tv also in a big mess related to their transmission licenses.

ROMESH said...

Have they extended the licening procedure and i was going through the TRC web site and it seems to have been changed to the original date of 21.07.2009.

Some hanky panky seems to be going on?

ROMESH said...

There is nothing wrong with Sarath N Silva and he was on the right footing at the first hearing and any dick,tom or haryy knows that he was influenced by MR on the second hearing.

If the CEO of the country is getting directly involved in petty issues as this,What can the judiciary do?

Yuktiya said...


If you say that nothing wrong with Sarath N Silva. We could not argue on that matter. Because that’s your view, but the he is the one finally to deliver the judgment & not the president. (What is happening in side it’s a different). The President directly getting involved if I am not mistaken the TRC & MOD directly comes under him.